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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Junk Removal for Monterey and Santa Cruz Realtors

You know there is good news in the real estate market when agents are getting big prizes. Recently, American Dream Realty held a drawing for a brand new Mercedes SLK convertible. Here’s how they explained the rules of the contest: “American Dream Realty believes that this contest will continue to encourage a positive and energetic working environment. Agents who are taking part in the contest will accumulate a certain number of points based on the sales, recruiting, continued education, positive feedback they receive from client surveys and team building activities. Any agents joining American Dream Realty during the promotion will also be entered into the final drawing.”

Even though the Santa Cruz real estate market isn’t “out of the woods” quite yet there are some very positive signs of growth and of prices heading in the right direction. All of this points out the need for real estate agents to be on the top of their game and seize any opportunity that comes their way. Often this would mean thinking outside of the box when it comes to finding new listings. Nowhere is there a better source of viable home listings then within the foreclosure market. The hitch with acquiring a foreclosure listing is getting that property ready for sale and that could be as simple as contracting Junk King.

Junk King is the junk removal specialists who have been helping homeowners in the Santa Cruz area clear out the clutter in their lives. A foreclosed property is often an abandoned property. There could be all manner of furniture, rugs and appliances left behind by the previous occupant. Then there are also the bags of garbage strewn about the property. A prospective homeowner doesn’t need to see any of this and that’s where the Junk King Monterey crew can be a big help. You can set up a foreclosure cleanout with Junk King that will have all of that abandoned stuff gathered up and carted off within a few hours.

On many levels it’s easier for Junk King Monterey to clean out a foreclosed home than one that is currently occupied. That’s because all you have to do is tell the JK crew to “clear it all” and they’ll take it from there! Junk King will also make a clean sweep of the front and back yards. If there are neglected shrubs, piles of dirt, rusty swing sets or dilapidated sheds they can all be removed. Once the property is clear from junk it can be staged however appropriate to make the sale. Don’t let a little garbage stand in the way of a commission. Partner up with Junk King Monterey to get those properties ready to move.

Santa Cruz Treadmill and Exercise Machine Removal

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get into shape? Did you finally fire up that treadmill you’ve got in the garage? Did you bust out the dumbbells? If not, don’t feel guilty. We all have made an exercise equipment purchase at some point in our lives. We thought we would be doing a lot more workouts if we did them at home. What happened? Life got in the way in the form of phone calls, kids, pets, making dinner and all the other daily distractions found around your home. This is why it’s never too late to join a gym.

When you join a gym you’re practically tricking yourself into getting into shape. After all, you’re paying for a membership why wouldn’t you use it? Joining a gym has many other advantages beyond just helping your shed those extra pounds. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to join a like-minded community. Everybody in the gym has the same goals; they’re just going about them in a different way and are at different levels. You’re sure to find someone to share your interests with whether that is through seeing the same people during your workout time or bonding during a class. There is nothing like a shared hatred of a spin class instructor to forge a new friendship.

After you’ve signed up for the gym, you’re not going to want any reminders of your failed attempts at working out around your home. That’s when you should schedule an appointment with Junk King Monterey to get rid of the unused treadmill or stationary bike or other equipment. Imagine all the space you’ll be getting after you get rid of that stuff. The same could probably be said of a lot of other junk in your home: You can get back a lot of space. In some cases, folks have managed to take back entire rooms and convert them into home offices or spare bedrooms. That’s a much better use for those rooms.

When Junk King is on the job, they’ll be doing all the work. You remember how hard it was to get that treadmill into your house. The Junk King workout consists of pulling that heavy item out and loading it onto the truck and the JK crew is happy to comply. You’ll only be paying a fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the truck. And if there is one thing the JK crew likes to do is pack junk into a tight space! Here’s your new to-do list: Join a gym and call Junk King Monterey today.

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