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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Monterey Shed Removal and Breakdown

One of the last drive-in movie theatres in the Monterey area was the old Skyview Drive-in. Like some many other of these institutions, the Skyview was bulldozed over to make way for a more profitable enterprise. That’s a shame because so many families will miss out on the opportunity to take their kid to a drive-in movie theatre. Of course, you could have your own version of that right in your backyard. There are many companies who will rent a backyard screen and movie projector for you to watch a flick under the stars. Many of those screens are inflatable. If you have a pool, you could set up the screen and float in the waters while watching a blockbuster. To insure that your movie night is done right, you might first have to clear out some of the clutter in your backyard. This could mean finally taking care of that old shed removal. For that type of job, you need only call Junk King.


Most of the professional junk hauling appointments covered by Junk King would fall into the “in and out” category. The crew shows up at the appointed hour, you tell them what you want removed and it gets loaded on the truck. They are in and out in ten minutes or less. With a shed removal assignment, the Junk King might have to slow their roll a bit. They’ll want to make sure that structure is safely taken apart and all the pieces gathered up for disposal. Even if that takes a few extra minutes, you’re not going to be charged any additional labor costs. You’re only going to pay an estimated flat fee that is determined by the amount of space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. Even if you’re estimated to take up one-third of the truck and your junk uses one-half, you’re still will pay that locked down estimate. This makes Junk King the fairest professional junk hauling company in Monterey.

Beyond the shed removal task, the Junk King crew can also help clear out the rest of rubbish taking up space on your property. If you’re having a backyard movie night, then you’ll want to get rid of the old patio furniture, planters, car parts and construction debris. Make way for those lawn chairs and blankets! With Junk King on the job, shed removal and total junk hauling is a thing of beauty.

Monterey Swing Set Removal

If there were one thing that is daily reminder of how great Monterey is it would be the sunsets. Depending on the location of your backyard, you could be treated to a wonderful show every day. Those sunsets are the perfect excuse to unwind from your day with a glass of California wine. All that could be standing in your way would be the backyard obstructions like an old swing set. If it has been years since the last kid took a swing, then clearly it is time for that playground to come down. Put Junk King on the assignment and watch how fast your swing set removal can be accomplished.


Taking stuff apart is a basic skill set that can be utilized when you apply the adage “lefty loosey, righty tighty.” Translation: turn screws to the left to get them undone. Just because you can do that with your swing set doesn’t mean you have to. Even if you were to take it apart, what are you going to do with those big pieces? They can’t go into the trash but they can certainly go onto the back of the Junk King truck. Another reason why you should turn your swing set removal over to the pros from Junk King.

As long as Junk King is taken away that old swing set, you can set them to task to take away anything else that is considered an eyesore in your backyard. That can include an old lawnmower, hammock, grill or patio furniture. Junk King can also handle the “organic” materials as well such as lawn clippings, palm fronds, shrubs and tree branches. Anything that came down during the last round of Santa Ana winds can be hauled off by Junk King.

After that crew has taken care of your backyard, point them in the direction of your garage, closets and spare rooms. That’s where you’re keeping the rest of your unwanted junk, right? Everything can go on the back of the Junk King truck in single removal appointment. It will only take a matter of minutes for the Junk King crew to load everything up. You can get back to your day while the Junk King crew heads off to the nearest recycling facility. Yes, they’ll be recycling as much of your junk as possible. Don’t let another sunset be blocked by yard clutter. Use Junk King for safe swing set removal and fast junk hauling.

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