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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Perfect Parents Day Gift Monterey Junk Removal

For Parent’s Day, why not take mom and dad to the beach? It turns out that the beaches around Monterey just had a cleanup. A bunch of volunteers for Save Our Shores turned out and picked up 113 pounds of garbage, 15 pounds of recyclables and 2,200 cigarette butts. The hope is that one day they’ll show up and not have anything to pick up. Until then, these folks will keep doing their part to maintain the beaches. That’s great news for any family that wants to spend the day relaxing along the shores. To help mom and dad truly embrace the sun and sand, you can help them have a day off from taking care of the house. Just as those beach crews are dedicated to the shores, mom and dad are dedicated to making your home livable. Often that means taking out the trash. What happens when the trash is too heavy? That’s when you bring in the pros from Junk King. One junk removal session with Junk King will have your home clutter free and that spells beach time!


Although Parent’s Day is a good reason to treat mom and dad to a clean home, you can hire Junk King all year round. First, you have to decide what you want to throw out. With Junk King on the assignment, that can be pretty much anything. Take a tour of your garage, spare room or closet. Surely, there is plenty in those spaces that can be hauled away by the Junk King crew. That’s the big plus with hiring Junk King: you don’t have to lift anything. If the sheer weight of an object has kept you from getting rid of it, then you’re in luck. Junk King never met a piece of junk they couldn’t haul away.

Once you’ve decided what you want thrown out, call up Junk King to set up your junk removal appointment. You could even get it scheduled online. Junk King works around your schedule. In many cases, you can also snag a same-day appointment. You won’t be kept waiting long with Junk King. As soon as they arrive to your home, the two-man crew will spring into action. You’re junk will be loaded up and headed for the nearest recycling center, charity or landfill.

The Future Of Junk Hauling In Monterey

Could the day come when getting rid of your junk will be as easy as beaming it up? Everyone knows that on Star Trek, the crew gets from ship to planet by using the transporter. Instead of being a forward thinking creative part of the show, it was really done to avoid costly special effects of space ships landing on planets. So much easier to “beam” actors from one location to the next. Of all the Star Trek technology, it would seem that the transporter is the one we’re all eagerly awaiting for the most. As it happens, there are at least two teams of scientists working on this idea. So far, they’ve been successful in early forms of quantum teleportation of information. This could ultimately lead to the development of secure data exchange using quantum computers. We might be light years from the actual transporter but we’re heading in that direction. In the meantime, if you want to “beam out” your junk, then your best bet is still hiring Junk King for the task.


Junk King is the leading professional junk hauling company operating in Monterey. Professionalism matters in this type of service industry because there is a value to your time and property that should be respected. You can depend on Junk King showing up when they say they will and getting the job done without any damage to your home. It’s easy to haul things out of your garage but when it comes to taking heavy furniture from your home, then you want your movers to be cautious. Even though the Junk King crew will move fast, they’re not going to rush as the expense of your walls or floors.

You’ll not only be provided with that capable two-man moving crew but Junk King is also going to dispatch a truck big enough to haul whatever you want gone from your home. You want all your junk hauling to be done in a single trip and that’s what Junk King will strive to accomplish. This is your opportunity to clear out your closets and make room for more valuable items. You can also finally toss out old computers, printers and other office equipment that has to be handled as e-waste. The future of your junk hauling looks a lot like having Junk King handle the task.

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