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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Make This Mother’s Day Count With Junk Removal

If you haven’t made your reservations for Mother’s Day brunch yet then you might find yourself being shut out of your favorite eatery. The last thing you want to do is be stuck waiting in line or scrambling to find a place to take out mom on her special day. Of course, you could bypass the crowds but still give mom a very special gift. That would be a junk removal session with Junk King Monterey. This is one Mother’s Day present that can make a huge difference around your mom’s house and would probably be remembered a lot longer than a brunch!

Your mom has had a lifetime to gather up a lot of stuff. That doesn’t always mean everything she’s keeping in storage is a precious memento. It could be that she’s got a lot of things that could be thrown out if only she had help and a big truck. That’s exactly what she’ll be getting with her junk removal session from Junk King Monterey. They’ll provide a two-man moving crew and truck big enough to haul away whatever mom wants to toss out. Knowing that she’ll have expert movers at her disposal could have a positive impact on that final list of items to be tossed out. She doesn’t have to worry about anything being too heavy or bulky. The Junk King crews can make it all disappear!


In addition to all the decluttering help, Junk King can provide to your mom around the inside of her home they can also work magic out in the yard. Having Junk King clear away yard waste and other debris will make a huge difference to how your mom enjoys her backyard. It will also mean you don’t have to give up your Saturday to do that chore.

Mom will also appreciate the fact that junk King is dedicated to keeping the environment around Monterey as clean and green as possible. That means dropping junk off at recycling centers or charities as opposed to landfills. This is been junk King’s operating philosophy from the beginning and it’s one they’re very proud of. Your mom is sure to love a Mother’s Day junk removal session from Junk King Monterey. It only takes one call to make it happen!

Reclaim Valuable Office Space

Ask any local and they’ll tell you that Monterey is a great place to live. As with many prime spots in California, it can also be a bit costly to own a home or rent office space. That is what you want to make sure you get the most out of what you’re paying for. That is especially true for an office space where storage is often at a premium. Do you really want to be paying for rental on a cubicle that is crammed with unused office furniture? That space can certainly be put to better use. One call to Junk King Monterey and you’ll be able to reclaim all that valuable office space. When that happens, just watch how productivity goes up!


Junk King Monterey is going to dispatch a very friendly and capable two-man moving crew to assist you with your junk removal. This is the team who knows their way around a freight elevator. They also have taken apart their fair share of desks, shelves and partitions. You won’t have to waste your time with that kind of dismantling. Instead, just tell the Junk King crew what you want gone and they’ll take care of the rest.

Getting rid of all office equipment can often be a challenge if you were to take on that task yourself. These are things that can’t be put into a dumpster. Instead, they are considered e-waste and need to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. Junk King can make that happen at no extra cost. In fact, they’ll strive to recycle or donate the majority of what they collect from your office. That will certainly allow you to maintain your friendly “green” status.

As for the cost, you’ll be happy to know that Junk King Monterey offers an extremely affordable pricing structure. Those fees are all based on how much space your discarded items will occupy on the back of the truck. It is one fee that covers all the labor and transportation. Don’t hesitate to shop around. Junk King is confident you’ll find they’ve got the best deal for this type of service in Monterey. Are you ready to reclaim your office space from all the clutter? Then Junk King Monterey is ready for you.

Clean Out the Clutter For Spring

Spring is a time for renewal. That holds true with all the plant life and with your living space. The plants pretty much take care of themselves. You’ll see proof in the buds and new leaves. As for your living space, you can take a proactive approach to welcoming spring by engaging in a floor-to-ceiling cleanup of your home. Along with the usual mopping and dusting, you might want to bring in the junk removal experts from Junk King Monterey. They can truly transform your home for the season.


Although Junk King Monterey will provide all the manpower and truck space, you’ll need to clear out the clutter, only you can decide what can go. It might be time to finally let go of that kayak hung in the garage rafters that you’ll never use. The same can be said for all those clothes in the closet that you’ll never wear. What about all those tinkering projects you have going on in the garage? Are you ever going to finish those things? Time to let it all go by turning it over to Junk King.

It might be true that you spent money on the things you’re now getting rid of but that doesn’t mean that stuff will be going to waste. Keeping within the renewal theme of spring, Junk King Monterey will help you reduce your carbon footprint with zero effort on your part. Part of Junk King’s weekly routines, involve drop offs of collected stuff to local charities. Many of these organizations will take in a piece of furniture or appliance that is worn down or broken. They can then refurbish and fix it up to give it a new lease on life. When that happens, that item will be spared a trip to the landfill and the environment around Monterey will be that much better.

Taking care of all this clutter removal is a lot easier than you think. Yes, you might have to dedicate some time to pre-sorting of the things you want taken away. But once you make the call to Junk King, your clutter can be removed by the next day. Visualize your home full of junk. Now visualize it empty of that junk. Which is a better view? Take your spring clean up a notch with a junk removal session from Junk King Monterey.

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