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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Improve Your Camping Game With These Terrific Hacks

Going on a camping vacation takes a bit more preparation then heading to a beach resort. The fun with camping is that you get to do a lot more with regard to cooking and setting up a shelter. Plus, there’s all that amazing nature to taking. Here in Monterey there are many terrific places to camp in the woods or on the beach. No matter where you pitch your tent, using these camping hacks will definitely improve your game.


Use Microfiber Towels

Paper towels are nice around the kitchen but not very practical when camping. You constantly have to be replacing them. Instead, use microfiber towels. Not only are they more absorbent than paper towels but there also reusable. It would only take a few minutes on a rock or branch to dry them out after each use.

Bring a Tarp Or Two

Hopefully, you picked a time for your camping vacation when it won’t be raining but there’s no guarantee that a storm won’t roll in. Having a tarp handy will go a long way towards keeping all your stuff dry. Tarps are easy to string up either with rope or clips. They can also act as an awning for your campsite or cook area.

Freeze Gallon Jugs Of Water

The night before your go camping, freeze a couple of gallon jugs of water. These make perfect ice blocks for your cooler. When the ice melts, you’ve got water to drink.

Utilize chips as fire starter

Believe it or not, Doritos, Fritos and Cheetos make excellent fire starters. They are full of hydrocarbons that are soaked in fat and catch fire easily. Much better than birch bark. Best recommendation: one bag for snacking and one bag for the fire.

Use a Head Lamp and Jug of Water for a Light

A headlamp is a great gadget to bring along on your camping trip. It provides plenty of illumination while freeing up your hands. In between your night trips outdoors, you can wrap your headlamp around a jug of water and create a lantern that can light up a very large area.

Bring Coffee Cans

Plastic coffee cans with lids make great storage for perishable food items. Just make sure you rinse them out well before use so everything doesn’t taste like coffee. A metal coffee can is a great device for baking bread on a campfire. Just put your dough inside the can, place on the fire and watch it bake.

Check Your Gear

A camping trip can quickly be ruined if your gear isn’t up to the task. Inspect all your tents, tarps, blankets, sleeping bags and other camping gear at least a week before you’re ready to leave. That way you have plenty of time to replace anything that needs replacing. As for the old camping gear, you can turn that over to Junk King Monterey. These are the junk removal professionals that can quickly remove all that unwanted clutter from your garage or basement. You’ll feel a lot better about coming home from your vacation without any junk in your house.

Super Cool Summer Backyard Party Hacks

If there’s one thing summer was made for it is backyard parties. Whether you’re hosting a big family reunion or just having a few friends over from work, your backyard is the perfect cool spot to entertain. Once you worked out the guest list and the menu you might want to put some of these cool summer backyard party hacks to work. It sure to have your friends and family buzzing.


Mason Jar Cocktails

What’s a good party without a tasty cocktail? Once you mixed up party cocktail, pour into mason jars, screw on the lid and dunk the whole thing into an ice bucket. This will is a fun treat for your adult guests to go dunking for.

Pre-scoop Ice Cream For The Freezer

If ice cream is going to be on the menu (and it better!), then try to pre-scoop it in the morning and keep in the freezer until it’s time to share. Scoop out ice cream balls into cupcake liners and use the muffin tin to keep them all sorted. Add some sprinkles and chocolate syrup before serving and you’re good to go.

Try A Water Balloon Pinata

Take several water balloons and tie them on a clothesline. Wrap a blindfold around the kiddies and hand them a whiffle bat. Then step back and watch the fun. Speaking of water balloons, frozen water balloons in a bucket are great to keep drinks cool. When the ice melts, the splashing begins.

Set up a S’mores Bar

Place a few Sterno cans in pan or chafing dish. This is what you’ll be roasting your marshmallows over. It’s a lot better than trying to set up a bonfire in the backyard. Add plates of Graham crackers, chocolate and other goodies and you’ve got the one area where no one will ever leave.

Cook Your Corn on the Cob in a Cooler

Cooking corn on a cob in a cooler will save you stove top space and let you boil up a lot more ears. Just put the shucked corn in the cooler and pour on a kettle of boiling water. Close the lid, wait a few minutes and you’ve got perfected cooked corn in a cooler.

Set Up a Sunscreen an Bug Spray Station

Gather up all your bug sprays and sunscreens and put them in a bucket off to the side. Post a sign declaring “Bug Spray and Sunscreen” and you’re guests will be covered, literally and figuratively.

As you start to plan your party you want to make sure the backyard is ready. This is a job for junk King Monterey. These junk removal experts can sweep into your yard and leave with all unwanted clutter. They can take down an old swing set and load up left over construction waste. Junk King can take away any eyesore item.

Are you ready to throw your next backyard party?


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