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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Got Guests Coming to Nashville? Get Rid of that Old Furniture!

There’s no getting around the simple fact that Nashville is one friendly city. You couldn’t walk a block in downtown without getting a warm greeting and a cheerful, “how ya’ll doing?” It’s one of the reasons that Nashville has also become such a popular tourist destination. Between all that good music and amazing food, folks who drive through for a day visit often end up staying for a week! And don’t think for a minute it’s just country music and bar-b-que. Nashville also has its own symphony and Broadway style theatre. There’s even a zoo! Of course if you live in Nashville you probably already know how popular your town is based on the amount of family and friends from out of state who are hankering to come and visit.
One of the great things about inviting guests from out of town is you get to play tour guide. Most of the time, Nashville residents take for granted all the amazing opportunities to have fun around town. But if you’ve got to show somebody the sites, you get to enjoy it all over again. If you’re opening up your house this summer for a vacation stay, you might be thinking about freshening things up a bit. This could mean repainting some rooms. That might seem like a big deal, but depending on the size of a room it’s really something that could probably be accomplished in a couple of hours. Most of the work in painting is in the prep work. Making sure you’ve got the floors covered and the windows taped up with painters tape. Then it’s just a matter of rolling out the paint. You might end up spending more time deciding on which color to paint then the actual job itself.
Then there is the matter of furniture. Having guests over is a perfect excuse to think about swapping out your old furniture for some new pieces. How much living have you gotten out of that sofa or loveseat? Is that coffee table covered with drink rings? Maybe you also need to bring in a sofa bed for your company. If you start shopping for some new furniture you might be surprised to find out how many bargains there are to be had around town.
Of course, you’ve got to get rid of that old furniture to make room for the new stuff. Now, even though there was a time when this furniture was new, you have to admit it has seen better days. If not, you’d still hang on to it. Your local Nashville furniture pickup crew, Junk King, can  show up and take away all the stuff you’re getting rid of. These are the same folks who are experienced with hauling away big items like kitchen appliances or piles of construction waste so they can certainly handle your sofa! As soon as you’ve got the new pieces in place you’re feel a whole lot better about opening up your house for visitors.

Nashville Junk Recycling – Recycle for Rewards

We all know we should be recycling. It’s good for the planet and helps save our natural resources. That should be enough to motivate folks, but for added incentive a new recycling reward program was just announced for Nashville residents with the goal of “catching you in the act of recycling.” The companies behind the fun are Coca-Cola Consolidated, Kroger, Metro Public Works, and the Metro Beautification and Environment. The program sets out to award Nashville residents a $50 Kroger gift card if they are “caught” recycling the right way. This program is going to run for most of the rest of the year and any single-family households in Metro’s Urban Services District will be eligible.
A mailer will be going out to those eligible residents explaining all the rules and providing a “Give it Back” sticker. To win the prize, you’ve got to stick that sticker onto your Curby recycling bin. The Coca-Cola Company is taking the lead with this program by sending out a specially designed Coca-Cola Prize Patrol Vehicle to inspect the contents of all those curbside green Curby carts to make sure that folks are tossing out the right recyclables are currently accepted in Metro’s curbside program. The prize patrol plans to award ten $50 Kroger Gift Cards each and every week until they give out 260 prizes. Right now, voluntary curbside recycling is available to up to 125,000 Nashville homes. There are also several drop-off centers all throughout Davidson County where you can take you recyclable materials.
Ever since the recycling program began in Nashville, many families have gotten into the spirit by getting the kids involved in the sorting of plastics and papers.  But what about those big things you might have sitting around your home, backyard or garage? If a metal can be recycled then so can an old metal washing machine. If bundles of newspaper can be ground up and made into new paper products then so can stacks of unused lumber. Obviously, the major difference is that with those bigger items you won’t be able to stuff them into the Curby can for a weekly pickup. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recycle them.
Calling on a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Nashville who is experienced in handle recyclable materials is your best option. There are actually several recycling facilities located throughout the Nashville area which are designated drop zones for all kinds of materials. You can feel good about yourself if you managed to take your big bulky items to those centers. However, will you still be feeling good if the back of your pickup or SUV got all scratched up? Will you feel good if you throw your back out while moving those heavy items? Do yourself a favor and do Nashville a favor: let the pros handle the recycling. And good luck with the contest!
For those larger items, and for the best in professional Nashville Junk Recycling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online
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