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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Nashville Appliance Disposal & Kitchen Remodeling

A popular choice for many folks to add value to their home is to remodel the kitchen. This is also the perfect time of year to get a kitchen remodel project going with the hopes of completing it before the holidays. If you’ve got a kitchen remodel on your calendar then you’re probably also looking at replacing some of your older appliances with newer models. Here’s what you might want to think about:
Refrigerators: This probably the most used appliance in the home. Can you imagine any day when you haven’t poked your head into the fridge to see what’s in there? This is exactly what you need to be thinking of when it comes time to buy a new fridge: How many people will be using this? If you’ve got a lot of folks living under one roof then you’re obviously going to need a large capacity model. Depending on the age range and mobility of those folks, you could base your decision based on things like whether or not you want a freezer on the top of the model or on the side. Having a door that can fit a gallon jug of milk or juice might be very important for families. You’ll also want to look for energy efficiency when it comes to picking out your new ice box.
Ovens/Stoves: Second to the fridge in terms of usage would be the stove and oven. Here you need to make the choice as to how serious you’ve going to get with your cooking. It might be that you’re already an accomplished cook. That could mean you are looking for a more professional model like a convection oven that distributes the heat evenly through the food. You might need more burners that the traditional four. There are also purists who will stick with gas flames as opposed to newer electric models which can get a pot of water boiling in 90 seconds.
Ventilation system: Along with the new stuff might be the need for an overhaul of your ventilation system. While it is true that a “hole in the wall is just a hole in the wall” how you choose to cover that hole can make all the difference in terms of your kitchen’s style. You’ll find that there are many choices for range hoods to pick from that can compliment a variety of décor options.
Dishwasher: Like the refrigerator, the size of your dishwasher should be determined by the size of your family. If there are a lot of folks sitting around the table for every meal then it will pay to have a large capacity dishwasher to help with the clean up.
As part of the kitchen remodel, you’re going to be pulling out those old appliances and cabinetry. To help with that cleanup, you should call upon the services of an experienced junk hauling team like Junk King Nashville to get rid of all that clutter. They will have the manpower and truck space to handle any Nashville appliance removal job. The quicker you can get rid of the old appliances the quicker the new appliances can be installed.

Haul Junk Out of Your Nashville Home, Make it Pet Friendly

There is a very simple way to bring an abundance of joy into your Nashville home: Welcome a new pet. While it is true that this requires some careful preparation and due diligence on your part, the rewards of unconditional love will be well worth the effort. For the most part, pets fall into two categories: passive or active. The passive varieties are those critters which are contained in cages, tanks or aquariums. Sure, they might seem busy in their own space but these are the kind of pets you can take out and toss the ball with. On the other hand, a cat or a dog would certainly fall into the active variety of pets.
In order to welcome a new dog or cat you first have to make sure your home is ready. The following are a list of steps to take to get the place ready for your new family member.
Gather the Supplies
You’re going to need the basics: water bowls, food bowls, treats and food. With a dog, you’ll have to add a leash and collar and with a cat a litter box. If you are rescuing a pet from a shelter (and you absolutely should!) try to find out what type of food they are eating there. That should be the same food you buy. You can ultimately make a switch but it should be a gradual transition. You might also want to consider setting up a sleeping spot for the pet with a small bed. You can entice them into the spot with those treats and they’ll take it from there. And don’t forget the toys!

Establish Boundaries
This is especially important if you’ll be sharing the responsibilities of the pet with other family members or a roommate. Who is going to do the walking? Who is in charge of changing the litter box? Whenever possible these should be shared responsibilities. Additionally, you should also establish the rules of the house. Will the pet be allowed on the sofa? In your bed? Will they be allowed to eat “people food?” Be clear and don’t stray from these boundaries.
Set Up Training
You might luck out and get a dog that is house broken but that doesn’t mean they will be completely trained. Every dog should learn the basics of “sit, stay and come.”  It’s best to work with a professional trainer to help you develop the proper skills but you can also use books or training DVDs to help out. As for training a cat, good luck with that!
Clean Out the Clutter
It won’t take long for you to discover whether or not your new pet is going to be a “chewer.”  Often a pet will chew on furniture or shoes or other household items because they are anxious when you’re not around or because “it’s there.” Bringing home a pet is great excuse to clean out the clutter of your home by calling on a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to assist you. Gather up all your junk and let the pros haul it away in one trip. You’ll have plenty of room then for your new pooch or feline to roam around in without the temptation of chewing! Leaving a bone behind wouldn’t hurt either!

Reorganize Your Office Space in Nashville

While it has been said that “no man is an island” you could make the argument that if you work in an office your desk is indeed your own kind of island. This is where you’ll launch all of your work from and it’s also the first place that shows exactly what kind of organizational skills you might possess. If your desk is in a constant state of mess wouldn’t that call into question your own work skills? Any reorganizing task for your office space should begin with your desk.
First of all, consolidate your pens and pencils. This might seem silly but you probably only have one favorite type of pen that you use; is there a reason to have any other pens at your desk? This comes down to a question of clutter. Any chance you get to reduce that clutter the better off you’ll be. You should also have a designated area for all your carry items such as your keys, wallet, Bluetooth or cell phone. Don’t just toss them everywhere but put them in a special slot in a drawer.
Arranging your desk should be a matter of function over form. In other words keep within arm’s length those items you use the most often. This could also include special folders or an inbox that you need to sort through throughout the day. There shouldn’t be any loose items on your desk. Every file, folder, binder or mail should have its proper place in a designated tray.
In terms of aesthetics you might also want to consolidate all your electronic gear and tuck it out of sight. If possible your modem, PC, surge protector or remote wireless router could live under your desk and out of view of any visitors.
You can also reduce the amount of paperwork you’re shuffling about by scanning any important documents and convert them into a PDF file that you can store on your computer. Not only will this help things stay organized but it’s also good on the environment to cut down on paper use.
Once your desk has been given an organizing overall you’ll want to expand your cleaning circle. This might mean bringing in the big guns of professional junk haulers like Junk King Nashville to take away all the unused junk that is collecting dust around the office. Are there long abandoned pieces of furniture? What about old fax machines or printers? How many boxes of out dated files waiting to be destroyed are there? Many times these types of large bulky items are kept in an office due to this simple reason that nobody can move them.
That’s why you need professional help in the form of a professional team like Junk King Nashvilles’. You can easily schedule an appointment to show up at the office to remove all the designated clutter. Once this is been accomplished you’ll be able to reclaim some much needed storage space. Even if the task of office cleanup falls to the administration there’s nothing wrong with you making the suggestion.. After all this is your office too!
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