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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Nashville Dirt Removal and Hauling

Among the many special treasures to be found in Nashville area are the Cheekwood botanical gardens and art museum. Cheekwood began as a home for the developer of Maxwell coffee. The limestone mansion built on the property would become home for Christopher Cheek and his wife Mabel Wood. This exquisite home was built on a plot of land surrounded by hundred acres of lush greenery. Members of this family lived on this land up through the 1950s when it was offered for sale as a botanical garden and art museum. The development of the property was spearheaded by the Exchange Club of Nashville, the Horticulture Society of middle Tennessee and many other prominent civic groups. The Nashville Museum of Art got in on the arrangement by donating some of its permanent collections to Cheekwood.

Since it opened to the public in 1960, Cheekwood has delighted thousands of visitors who spend countless hours strolling through the lush gardens. Now Cheekwood is reopening this season after a $1 million renovation of the Howe Garden. This is a special area that is named for Harry and Cora Howe of East Nashville. This couple grew their own woodland wild flower garden known as “Wildings” and had it opened to the public while they lived there between 1920 and 1960. When the couple died garden clubs around Nashville bonded together to transplant the entire “Wildings” gardens over to Cheekwood where they could remain and flourish.

Any mention of a garden renovation is going to mean digging up lots of dirt. This holds true whether you’re a major botanical garden or if you are simply invigorating your own backyard. If a landscape overhaul is on your to-do list this spring season then you’ll want to also make sure you’ve got Junk King Nashville on standby.

Junk King is the Nashville based business that dispatches experienced junk haulers to your home to remove all your unwanted clutter. Part of their business is also focused on dirt removal and hauling. The Junk King crews had been keeping especially busy cleaning up after the storms that have recently swept through Nashville. Once they got all that storm debris cleared out folks got busy with the task of fixing up their gardens. A Junk King crew will show up with the right tools an empty truck space in order to that clear out any amount of dirt you want to get rid of.

Once they have piled all that dirt onto their truck you could point them in the direction of your garage or basement and let them take away even more unnecessary stuff. This would be the perfect excuse to finally get rid of all those furniture pieces, appliances, car parts and lumber scraps that you have been keeping for no good reason. If you need inspiration to whip your garden into shape then maybe it’s time to spend the afternoon at Cheekwood. Pack a picnic, take some pictures then come home and call Junk King Nashville to get started in your garden!

Recycling News in Nashville

Recycling in Nashville takes on many forms. There is the homeowners program that includes weekly pick up of recyclable materials but the concept of recycling extends far beyond the home. Many businesses are also proud to institute their own recycling programs with an emphasis on sustainability.

Over at the Nissan plant, they’re already contributing to the big picture with their assembly of the Leaf electronic car. The more electric cars that make it onto the highways, the better off we’ll all be in terms of reducing carbon emissions. But the Smyrna factory does more. For instance, they turn old soap drums into rain barrels used for decorative landscape accents. There are recycling bins all throughout the factory parking lot where employees can drop off their own recyclable trash like paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and electronics from home. Along the assembly line, other bins have been set up to sort and separate everything from pieces of scrap metal to ear plugs. Even the seats in the Leaf are made from recycled plastic bottles. At a 2010 company picnic, employees were given Frisbees to first use as plates for food and then for a toy.

“We’ve got to walk the walk,” said Mike Stender, a plant supervisor. “We need to look like a plant and be a plant that is environmentally conscious.”

It has been estimated that one assemble line job actually creates nine other support jobs. Everything from making parts to serving lunch from a food truck is part of making a car. That’s why the Nissan recycling program can touch so many lives. Another way Nashville residents have contributed to a more eco-friendly environment is to hire a company like Junk King Nashville to handle all their bulky item pickups. When you call up Junk King to schedule a junk pickup appointment you’re automatically getting a company who is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices.

Whenever possible, Junk King will drop off your junk items to one of the many recycling centers located in the Nashville area. There are different centers for each type of recyclable material but you don’t have to worry about looking for them on Google maps. Junk King already has those centers plugged into their daily drop-off routes. This makes Junk King a true “green” partner.

Junk King Nashville is also staying on top of any changing news with regard to Nashville’s recycling program. If a new facility opens up you can bet that Junk King will be first in line to drop off trash. Junk King works best with the big items you want to get rid of. You might not think that your sofa can actually be recycled but it can. This doesn’t mean selling it as is to some other family. Instead, the right recycle center will break down the sofa and separate the wood from the metal frame and the cloth from the foam cushioning. All of that can be reused as raw material for new furniture. Bottom line: when you hire Junk King Nashville you’re doing your part to keep Nashville clean!

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