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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Junk King Nashville can be your Recycling Partner in 2013

Nothing says, “Welcome to Nashville” like clean rest stops. At least that’s the philosophy behind the new move from the Department of Environment and Conservation, the Department of Transportation and the Tourist Development agency of Tennessee. They’ve all gotten together and implemented a new program which is putting recycling bins at the many visitor welcome centers located along the state’s highways leading into Nashville.

Nashville is just one of those places you just have to visit at least once in your life if for no other reason than to see all the good stuff folks have been talking about. While there are plenty of terrific hotels and cozy bed and breakfast inns nothing beats staying with family or friends. That puts your home on the top of the list for Nashville destinations. Are you ready for all the potential visitors heading your way in the coming year? Sorting out your own recyclables might not be enough to get the job done. For a total home cleanup with an eco-friendly spin you should consider bringing in the pros from Junk King Nashville.

Junk King is all about helping Nashville residents clean out the clutter of their lives. It’s amazing what we collect and hang onto over the years. Quite often we have no clue where something came from. When an item has reached “unknown” status then it’s clear it should be tossed out. Too often that is easier said than done. While it’s true that SUVs and pickups are the popular vehicles of choice in Nashville that doesn’t mean those autos can accommodate all the bulky items you want to get rid of. But supposed you can fit everything onto the truck bed would you know what to do with it then? You just can’t dump it by the side of the road. You need to drop it off at a certified landfill. Depending on where you live that could mean several hours of driving.

Plus there would be the dumping fee to contend with. Suppose you drive all the way out to the dump and don’t agree with how much they’re going to charge you for the privilege of taking your trash. Are you going to turn around and bring your junk back home? Aside from all the time this cleanup project is going to take up there is the labor concerns. Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself?

Add it all up and it just makes sense to hire Junk King Nashville to clear out your home. They have the truck and the manpower which means you won’t be driving or lifting. And they’re only going to charge you based on the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. No dump fees. No labor costs. No travel time. Get ready to welcome your out of state friends with a little help from Junk King.

Nashville Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

What to do with your Christmas tree might depend on what kind of backyard you have. There is a growing eco-friendly movement that puts forth the idea if you are going to take from the earth you should give back to the earth. How does that apply to an old Christmas tree? Well, you could drag it out to your backyard and leave it out for a kind of bird sanctuary. The little feathered ones could find it to provide decent shelter. If you’ve got a garden, the tree could spend the winter decomposing. Going that route would mean stripping off the branches for a more even distribution of the newly formed mulch.

Another unique idea for Christmas tree use would be to drag them out to a frozen lake or river to mark the spot where it’s safe to skate or snowmobile. When the ice melts and the tree falls through to the water it becomes a nice habitat for the fishes. Of course, if you should happen to hear a neighbor running a wood chipper you could be well served to carry your tree in the direction of that buzzing.

Most of us are left with the choice of dragging the tree out to the curb in front of our homes in the hopes that a municipal worker will come by to pick it up. They just might but then again they might not. Even if you’ve been told there would be a pickup there is no guarantee that your Christmas tree won’t be spending several days drying up on your curb. That’s not a good thing. If you want to get rid of a Christmas tree the right way then calling Junk King Nashville is your easiest option.

Junk King is the Nashville business who spends most of the year helping folks cart off all kinds of junk items. However, during the holidays, Junk King really steps up its game to make sure residents can not only get rid of their Christmas trees but all the other holiday trash that has been gathered up ever since Christmas morning. Besides the trash there might also be a lot of replacement items you’ll be eager to get rid of. Things like old TVs, computers and appliances are all perfect examples of what can be loaded on the back of the Junk King truck and taken away for good. When you get right down to it there is no reason to bring all that junk into the New Year. Make your first resolution to live clutter free. You’ll be able to make that happen thanks to Junk King Nashville.

Nashville Debris Removal

A train derailment is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Recently, a Paducah & Louisville Railway train containing gallons of hazardous chemicals jumped the rails in the early morning hours just outside the Dixie Highway. While Emergency Management Agency teams were responding to the accident, a fire broke out further delaying the cleanup effort. Several workers were injured and taken to local hospitals. The fire was put under control and the work continued to get those train cars back on the rails.

A major accident like this certainly sheds new light on your own type of cleanup projects, doesn’t it? While it is true that you might think your kid’s room could be declared a hazardous waste site, the truth is all you really need to get your house in order is to clear out the clutter. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. But when you hire Junk King Nashville, it’s actually easy all the way around. That’s because Junk King is a certified company which specializes in all kinds of junk removal for the homeowner or the business owner.

Being certified in the state of Tennessee means that Junk King is a serious business. This isn’t a day laborer wandering around neighborhoods with a pickup truck looking for scrap metal. That is not someone you want to bring onto your property. The Junk King workers are all licensed and insured. This is their “9 to 5” gig and they take great pride in their work. That’s exactly how Junk King Nashville has become so successful by building a solid reputation one customer at a time.

Before hiring Junk King you need to figure out exactly what you want them to take away. This doesn’t mean you have to pull all of these items out of your home and drag them down to the curb. The Junk King crew will take care of that. If you’ve got some furniture down in the basement or a busted bed frame in the attic, the JK crew is going to do the climbing up and down the stairs. The same goes for anything out in your garage or backyard. Where ever your junk is just leave it there and let the crew handle it.

After deciding what you want tossed out, give Junk King Nashville a call. They’ll send out a supervisor to provide you with an estimate for the services. They’re going to base that estimate on the amount of space all your junk will take up in their truck. That’s the only charge. You won’t be paying for labor costs or dumping fees. Best of all, if your junk ends up taking up less space on the truck, then you’ll be entitled to a discount off the estimate! That’s a great deal from any angle. Give Junk King a call today and get ready to be clutter free.

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