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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nashville Cabinet Removal and Disposal

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? You’re not alone. Giving a kitchen a makeover is one of the most popular remodeling projects that homeowners undertake. It’s also a perfect way to increase the value of the home many times over. Thanks to many helpful YouTube videos and stores like Home Depot, a kitchen remodel has also become a very popular DIY type of project. Whether you’ll be hiring a contractor or doing the work for yourself you should consider some important options in your planning stage.

For your countertops you can go for a full slab or tiles of granite. Dark granite tiles with dark grout can give the same kind of look and feel of that full slab for a fraction of the cost. They are also easier to repair. Swapping out a single cracked tile as oppose to an entire cracked slab is a no brainer! For back splashes on your counters, look into vinyl or sheet metal for a sleek and modern look. This might be a better choice especially if you’re going to have stainless steel appliances. Speaking of stainless steel appliances, when you head out to the appliance store consider picking up a floor model or one that is slightly damaged. Suppose you find a beautiful stainless steel fridge with a dent on its left side. Is that the same side that will be forever hidden by your cabinets? If so, then doesn’t making a deal for a price that is several hundred dollars cheaper than the retail price sound good? This approach also holds true for washer and dryers. Will a little scratch or dent matter when it can mean some serious savings?

Another popular kitchen-remodeling tip is to update your light fixtures. Get rid of those glaring fluorescent lights and instead opt for warm track lighting. Most track lighting can be installed with a kit and dimmer that allows you to adjust the light settings depending on your mood. It can make a huge difference in the kitchen.

Then there are your cabinets to contend with. Here again you can find a simple approach to swapping out the doors and using existing hardware. If you take this approach then you’ll definitely want to set up a clean up appointment with Junk King Nashville. With their hard working crew and huge truck, Junk King will be able to remove those cabinet doors in the same day that you plan to take them down. If you’re replacing countertops, then let the JK crew remove that construction debris as well. Junk King works best when removing bulky objects that won’t fit into your trashcan. It might seem like an extra step but it is one well worth taking.

Nashville Concrete Disposal and Recycling

There’s a new elementary school rising up from the ruble of a vacant lot near the Northshore Town Center. If all goes according to plan the construction will be complete for the coming school year. The total cost for the new school will be $20 million. The campus will be 127,000 square feet and will have the space for 1,200 students. There are already over 900 young minds enrolled for the opening this coming August. Because this is a new school it will feature the latest advances in educational construction including wireless technology, interactive boards, a media center, and a security system.

As with any type of construction job this one is sure to generate a lot of waste. Before beginning the work on the project there was some demolition that had to occur to clear the space. This is common with any type of building project whether that’s a new school, new home or new patio for your backyard. It’s exciting to give your home a makeover but one of the common overlooked items is what to do with all that concrete you might be breaking up. Did you know that your garbage can has a weight limit? Its 200 pounds. That means it would only take a few chunks of concrete before you reach your limit. The only way to get rid of concrete the right way is to haul it off yourself or hire Junk King Nashville.

There are many DIY projects you should take on but hauling concrete isn’t one of them. It’s extremely hard work. Then there is the issue of what all that concrete would do to the back of your SUV or pickup. Do you want to run the risk of scratching that up? You could rent a truck but you might be faced with the same concern over scratches. Would you even know where to dump concrete without it costing an arm and a leg? When you hire Junk King you won’t have to worry about any of those hassles.

The Junk King Nashville crew will be doing all the lifting and this is something they are very experienced at. They’ll also have a truck they won’t mind getting scratched. And Junk King does all the dumping but it’s not just piling your concrete in a landfill. Whenever possible Junk King will deposit that concrete to a recycling center. There it will be ground up and repurposed. Chances are the new concrete you’re pouring for your project was once in someone else’s backyard. Consider this the “Circle of Concrete” brought to you by Junk King Nashville.

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