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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Home Dumpsters in Cleveland

Living in Cleveland can be a dream come true, but even dreams can be messy from time to time. If you’ve recently found yourself struggling to deal with a mess that your local garbage collectors can’t (or won’t) touch, then you might need to find a solution of your own. Should you take the unwanted material to the dump in your own vehicle, organize a yard sale, or hire a full-service cleanup crew? There’s actually a much better way to handle your junk: rent home dumpsters.

Renting home dumpsters in Cleveland allows homeowners to rid themselves of unwanted items and materials in a quick, convenient, and stress-free way. It also gives them the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly than other methods usually allow. What gives home dumpster rental these advantages? Just keep reading, and we’ll show you.

The Unforeseen Hazards of Using Other Methods Over Home Dumpsters

Home DumpstersA lot of people don’t realize that the other strategies listed above can have major drawbacks. For example, have you ever tried to stuff a load of old building materials or yard waste into the back of your vehicle? It can be a difficult task, and there’s always the risk that you could spoil the interior — so while you might not have to pay for a container, you could find yourself having to pay for new leather seats (ouch!).

That’s just one of the potential issues that arise when using a vehicle of your own to lug junk from your house to the nearest landfill. Many landfills charge dumping fees, so even though it might seem like the cheapest option at first, it probably isn’t. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of gas money if the landfill is far away from where you live, and time is money too — isn’t yours too valuable to spend wrestling stuff you don’t need into the back of a car or truck and chauffeuring it around for miles?

Using your own vehicle to take the material to a dump is — let’s be honest — impractical. That leaves two other alternatives to dumpster rental that are more viable (if only slightly). If you’re dealing with old furniture or other items, you could try selling them at a garage sale; after all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You could also try hiring a full-service cleanup crew. Here are the pros and cons to each approach.

Yard Sale Pros

  • The potential to make a little bit of money off your items

  • A terrific excuse for socializing with your neighbors

Yard Sale Cons

  • Requires you to stand outside for hours at a time

  • Requires a lot of time and work to prepare

  • No guarantee that you will sell all (or any) of the items

  • If your neighbors are awful or you don’t like small-talk (or both), this is probably not for you

Full-Service Cleanup Crew Pros

  • You don’t have to touch the junk at all! Let other people handle it.

  • Gives you the opportunity to effectively clean your entire property without lifting a finger, assuming you want to pay for that.

Full Service Cleanup Crew Cons

  • Generally more expensive than other options

  • Requires you to be on the property when the cleanup crew arrives so that you can let them in and make sure they don’t miss anything

Either of the two strategies outlined above can be useful, but only under specific circumstances. Do you have lots of valuable old items that you don’t want any longer for some reason? If you do, a yard sale could be viable — but if you don’t, it’s unlikely to provide you with a total solution. Likewise, a full-service cleanup crew can be excellent if you have lots of time (and money) to spare. If you’re looking for something more conducive to your schedule and your budget though, dumpster rentals are probably going to be a much better bet.

How Renting Home Dumpsters Solves the Challenges Posed by Other Methods

When you rent a dumpster, you can avoid many of the issues that other waste disposal methods can cause. The concept behind home dumpsters is simple: you contact a dumpster company, which in turn sends a container over to your location. You fill the container at your leisure, but make sure to put everything you want to dispose of inside it before your pre-determined rental period has elapsed. When the rental period is over, the company will send their team to pick up the unit. If you choose an environmentally-friendly company, they’ll even go out of their way to make sure the contents are properly sorted and processed so that your environmental impact is minimized.
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Considerations for Dumpster Rentals in Cleveland

If you do decide to rent a dumpster in Cleveland, you’ll want to think about the following factors. After all, not all dumpster rental companies offer the same terms.

    • What size is the container you’re renting? Many companies offer dumpster rental options in numerous sizes, but you probably don’t need anything larger than a debris box with about 12 cubic yards of volume. Anything larger is going to be difficult to keep on your property for the duration of the rental — and before you think about placing the container off your property, remember that you’ll need a permit to keep any rental dumpster on a public right of way (which includes roads, paths, sidewalks, and public green spaces).

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  • How long will your rental period be? Some rental companies simply give you the container and charge you based on how long you keep it, claiming that this approach provides renters with additional flexibility. It also ensures that procrastinators will end up paying more for their rentals by forgetting about the container and racking up a hefty bill. It’s normally best to go with a company that offers rentals for set periods of time — a few days should be enough for most projects around the house.

  • What kind of materials can you put in your container? You might think that because you rented the container, you can put items in it that the city normally wouldn’t take. However, you would be wrong: certain items should never be placed in a container, whether it is public or private. No fireworks or other explosives, no oils, paints, or other liquids that could stain the inside of the container — and nothing that could be toxic or dangerous to someone passing by. Common sense prevails when you rent a container; stick to items that won’t be hazardous for others in the neighborhood.

  • How does your company handle pricing? Different dumpster rental companies price their services differently. Some charge by container type, whereas others charge based on the weight of the items. However, the most renter-friendly option is probably to charge based on the amount of space they use within the container itself. You can’t change the weight of your items, but you can pack them more efficiently (effectively netting yourself a discount in the process).

  • Is your company dedicated to eco-friendly practices? As stated earlier, the best dumpster rental companies in Cleveland will go out of their way to sort and process the materials in your dumpster in an environmentally responsible way. Make sure you consider this when selecting your rental company.

Home Dumpsters in Cleveland Make Cleaning Up Easy

Keeping your Cleveland home nice and neat can seem difficult at times, but home dumpsters make it a much easier task. Use what you’ve learned above to choose a dumpster rental company that can meet your needs adequately and provide support for you as you declutter your property.


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Make Your Junk Trash Go Away Today

There is a saying that goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” This usually applies to an artist who finds some type of discarded material that they can turn into a new piece of sculpture or a painting. In fact, there are all kinds of artists dedicated to making “trash art.” That would be a nice way to get rid of your junk trash if it were consistent. But unless you live next to an art institute, you’re going to want to bring in some outside help if you’re serious about getting rid of your junk. That help can come from Junk King Cleveland.


How do you determine if something you posses would fall into the category of junk trash? Like that artist, it is a matter of perspective. Junk trash would be anything you want to get rid of that is either broken, worn out or simply has been replaced. That can apply to a lot of furniture, appliances and electronic gear. It can also apply to a lot of items from your closet. All of these things can be turned over to the Junk King crew. Yes, it will be a crew that will be working with you to remove all your junk trash. At a minimum, that crew will consist of two dedicated and hardworking movers. This is the squad that is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to carry anything up or down stairs to turn it over to Junk King. The only effort you’ll exert is pointing to the things you want to get rid of.

What if some of the things you’re calling junk trash would still be useful? The Junk King crews have all been trained to spot those items that can be pulled out and put back into circulation. That can happen either as a donation to a charity or a drop off to a recycling facility. The goal is to make sure as much of what is collected is kept out of local landfills. The best approach to getting rid of all your junk trash in a single session is to give that job to Junk King Cleveland today.

Tips For Antique Furniture Care

Antiques are one of those items that are supposed to increase in value with age. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if the piece becomes damaged. A broken or faded antique won’t hold much value. That is why it is important to take care of the antiques in your home. Here’s some tips on how to make that happen:


Avoid Heat & Sunlight

Where you put your antique piece can make a world of difference with regard to its care. It should never be placed too close to a heating vent or radiator. The blasts of hot air can cause veneers to lift off or joints to dry out and crack. Remember, these pieces are made from wood and when exposed to a dry atmosphere the moisture in the wood is going to shrink and crack. If you’ve ever seen a piece of wood that hasn’t been treated that has been sitting outside, then you’ll know what this looks like. Having a decent humidifier in the room can help prevent this drying process.

This also means keeping your antique away from direct sunlight. You should know how the sun tracks over your house. If there is a room that gets blasted at a particular time of day, then perhaps you keep the shades closed for those few hours. As a rule, you should always close the curtains if you’re going out for the day.

Don’t Over Polish

Dusting is the best way to clean antique furniture. But that means just doesn’t. You shouldn’t use a spray or polish every time you clean your antiques. In fact, you should only polish your furniture with a high grade wax once a year. Always try to rub in the direction of the grain and then buff with a lint-free cloth. If you’re using an antique dining room table frequently, then a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water is a good cleaner.

The best part of collecting antiques is bringing that new piece home. That might require clearing space. That’s when to call in Junk King Cleveland. These are the expert junk haulers who can open up all kinds of space in your home. Even if you want to put that antique in storage down in the basement or attic, Junk King can first make room by carting off the stuff that doesn’t matter anymore. Make room for your antiques by having Junk King Cleveland clear away the unwanted stuff first. Smart move.

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