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Hire Junk King For Reliable Storm Damage Cleanup

How prepared are you for the next power outage? It is not uncommon for a severe storm to topple a tree into a power line. In fact, it seems to happen with every storm. The number of people who lose their power depends on just where that powerline might be located. In any event, you always need to have the flashlights handy. It also helps to keep your phone and other devices fully charged especially when the weather forecasters say a storm is eminent. Once power is restored cleanup can begin around the property. That is where you can always count on Junk King Cleveland to provide reliable help.

Branches and More

The extent of your storm damage cleanup might just involve removing some random branches that have fallen into your yard. The hope is that none of those branches caused any damage to your home or other property. They can easily be cleared away from the Junk King crew. If a branch did happen to fall on a toolshed or playground set and damage the structures, then those can be efficiently dismantled by the Junk King team. This is the kind of work they do on a regular basis. However, after storm there is a bit more urgency. Any debris that’s in your yard could be a hazard to kids and that’s why you want to clear it out as quickly as possible.

You might also occasionally suffer from water damage. That can happen in a power outage if a sump pump sales and water rises in your neighborhood. That might mean several items in your basement will become waterlogged and damaged beyond repair. Those things have to be swiftly removed from the inside of your house. The Junk King crew can do that even when they’re still water in the basement!

Storm damage cleanup will cost the same as a regular junk removal session. It will all come down to how much space all of your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. You’ll know that cost is before the work begins so that will be surprised at the end of the job.

Junk King Cleveland always offers reliable storm damage cleanup. Keep our number handy just in case.

How Junk King Makes Rubbish Removal Easy

Making life easy is everyone’s goal. The way that can happen depends on the tasks at hand. Getting dinner ready is easy when you’ve already gone to the grocery store and you know exactly what you’re cooking. Getting the kids ready to go to school might not be so easy! Taking care of things around the house also should be easy. Many repairs can be handled as a DIY fix. After all, you don’t need to hire an electrician to change light bulbs! However, there are some tasks that do require that kind of outside help but the goal is to make that process easy as well. When it comes to junk removal there is one company who embraces the concept of “doing all the work.” That company would be Junk King Cleveland and there is nothing easier than hiring them for your rubbish removal needs.

Pick A Little Or A Lot

What you want to get rid of in terms of rubbish is all up to you. What you don’t have to consider is how big or heavy a particular object might be. Yes, a futon that has been down in the basement collecting dust could be considered a piece of rubbish if no one in the family is going to use it. The same could be said for a lot of items that you might pull out of dressers and closets. All of those things can be turned over to the team from Junk King for fast removal in a single pickup session. The Junk King crew will be showing up as a pair of movers. This team will be arriving in a truck big enough to hold several pickup truck loads of stuff. All of that can help you focus on what you would like to get rid of. In other words, anything and everything can go from your home.

Keep in mind, that the work that Junk King to provide was rubbish removal extends to the backyard. Any storm debris or other clutter like patio furniture or swing sets can also be hauled away by the Junk King team.

One call to Junk King Cleveland today will prove just how easy it is to get rid of your rubbish.

More Satisfied Customers Post Reviews For Junk King Cleveland

A single review can tell you a lot about how a company operates. When the majority of reviews are positive then it is clear that company is doing right by their customers. For junk removal, Junk King Cleveland demonstrates this principle clearly. The vast majority of our customers are extremely satisfied and are happy to share their experiences with the company. Take a look:

“What a great company. This was the second time that we used Junk King. The first time we went with them because they had the best price out of all the other junk removal companies that we contacted. So, this time we didn’t even bother calling for pricing. The quote was quick and easy and reasonable. I e-mailed photos of what needed to be removed and got a response within minutes. The appointment was scheduled for the very next day, within 24 hours of the initial call. The guys that removed the furniture called 20 minutes before arriving. They were actually early by 1/2 hour before the 2-hour window they stated. They were polite, professional and fast. I am very satisfied with their service and pricing.” Pixie, Brunswick

As long as you are flexible, you will find that Junk King can be extremely prompt for rubbish removal. In this case, “prompt” means early!

“I am posting reviews of this business anywhere I can; they are that good. I have used Junk King of northeast Ohio a couple of times. Both times these guys came and hauled large amounts of junk at a very good price. They are friendly, detail-orientated, and efficient. I am partially handicapped so I can’t do this on my own. With a quick link on their website, I basically scheduled an appointment and they did all the rest. All within a matter of days. Definitely give Junk King a try; it is nice to be able to trust a company to come into your home and do business with.” R B, Olmsted Falls

“I had a huge pile of junk that family members would put their unwanted items- old beds-old couch -broken furniture etc.  I couldn’t stand the pile any longer it’s not going to take care of itself. Called for an estimate and they took it the same day. My junk pile is gone yay!!!!! Prompt, fast, friendly, efficient, strong guys and reasonably priced.
Thank you, Junk King.” – Mimi, Solon

You will never have to wait long to get your junk removed by Junk King Cleveland.

Junk King Cleveland Makes Guarantees For Junk Hauling

When hiring an independent company for any type of service for the first time, you are taking a risk. If you’ve never worked with them before, then you don’t know how they will perform. That is why you want to find a company who guarantees their work. That means they stand behind what they promise. That should be true for any type of service profession including junk hauling. In that category, Junk King Cleveland stands far and above the other so-called professionals and they have the guarantees to prove it.

In Writing

Price is always a consideration with a service call. That is the first thing that Junk King guarantees. The price that Junk King provides is based on how the crew will pack up the truck. They will only make that determination after they’ve had a chance to look over all the things that you’re getting rid of. That can happen in two ways: In person or with a text photo. Once the determination has been made, that price will be provided in a written estimate. That’s the guarantee but the guarantee doesn’t stop there.

If you have a written estimate from another junk hauler for the same amount of stuff, then Junk King will guarantee a better price. It is always smart to get another estimate for any job. You just have to make sure you’re getting the best price and that is what Junk King guarantees.

The final guarantee from Junk King is to provide the best service. Based on the rave reviews submitted by satisfied Junk King customers, it is clear they are making this happen with all their pickup appointments.

The only thing left to do is to decide just what you want to get rid of. Junk King will continue to utilize safety guidelines to make sure our customers and our crews are safe. When you’re ready to get rid of your rubbish, utilize the guarantee of exceptional service and price from Junk King Cleveland.

Put Junk King’s Decluttering Checklist To Work

Spending more time at home allows you the chance to “take stock” of your living environment. This is a terrific opportunity to finally get around to having your home decluttered from top to bottom. Junk King Cleveland can help with the removal of that clutter with a safe touchless approach. All items placed on the curb can be removed by the Junk King team at a scheduled appointment time. It might help to utilize a decluttering checklist to help you sort through all the things you can get rid of.

Bedrooms and Closets

Start with the bedrooms and closets. If you haven’t done so already, then now is the time to swap out your winter outfits for your summer clothes. As you make that switch, you might determine that there are some old sweaters and other jackets that no longer fit anyone in your family. That same approach can be taken with your shoes and any other outfits in your closets. You should also check underneath your bed. This is a popular area for storage but there could be some things under there that you would never consider using again.


Down the basement you might find some outdated electronics like old computer monitors, televisions, keyboards and desktops computers. All of that electronic gear needs to be dropped off at a certified e-waste recycling center. That is something that the team from Junk King will be able to take care of for you as part of their removal service. If there are any furniture items or large appliances that you want removed from your basement, then talk to Junk King to see if that can be arranged safely.


You probably have a lot of items in storage out in your garage that could also benefit from some scrutiny. Take the time to sort through all the boxes and pull out those items that you know aren’t going to be used again. That includes any broken tools, appliances or sporting equipment.

Once you’ve completed all your decluttering you could be left with several piles and boxes of unwanted rubbish. That is exactly what Junk King can remove in a very timely fashion.

Decluttering your home is easy when you have Junk King Cleveland standing by to pick up all the rubbish. Schedule a session today.

Tips For A Productive Work From Home Day

A vast majority of workers across Cleveland have made the switch to remote work as they shelter in place. You might have already set up a small work zone to take on the occasional email from the office but now that work zone is your office. That will require some adjustments but you’ll be able to achieve a lot of productivity working from home. These tips can help with that goal:

Take Regular Computer Breaks

You might not notice it, but at your office you probably take a lot of breaks. These come from the occasional phone call or visit from a coworker. At home, you won’t have as many interruptions. That is good for the work but you should still factor in those regular breaks even if it means simply standing up from your computer every 25 minutes for a good stretch.

Schedule at One Call/Meeting Per Day

When you’re hunkered down at home, you can lose track of time when working. You can also start to feel isolated. That is why you want to try to set up at least one call or video meeting a day. Even if there are no work issues to deal with, it is important to stay connected with your coworkers. That will help you all to avoid those feelings of isolation.

Set Your Priorities

As you start each work day, you need to set your priorities for the day just as you would at the office. In fact, you can finish your remote work day by planning out the next day. That way you can jump in in the morning for a good start of the day.

Keep Up With Housework

Working from home lets you be a lot more “casual” but you don’t want to drop everything when it comes to keeping up with the housework. This might actually be the best time to tackle those big organization and decluttering projects on the weekend. The more clutter you can get rid of, the better your living and remote work environment will be. If you create a big pile of unwanted items, then you can always count on Junk King Cleveland to help clear them out. We’ve established new pick up procedures to make sure we can continue to serve our customers and keep everyone safe. Junk King Cleveland wants to help keep your home clutter free.

Swap Out Your Old Lawnmower With Help From Junk King

Everything that you bring into your home will either stay there for a very long time (as in forever!) Or at some point be swapped out. That swapping process definitely happens with electronics as you upgrade your television and computers to the latest models. But that swapping can also happen with tools like a lawnmower. How old is your current lawnmower? Has it reached the point where it is time for a new model? You might find that investing in a new lawnmower can actually help improve your grass cutting chore. When you need to swap out your old lawnmower you need to get help from Junk King Cleveland.

Fast Work

Once you have made the decision to replace your old lawnmower you want to free up space in your garage as quickly as possible. After all, you certainly don’t want the new lawnmower spending time outdoors in the rain! When you hire Junk King you can always depend on them getting the job done fast. That starts with the scheduling. When you call in to set up your appointment you may be asked if you are available on that same day for a pickup. If that works for you, then your junk could be gone within a matter of hours. In most cases, Junk King likes to complete those assignments with the next day turnaround.

When the crew shows up for your appointment, they won’t waste any time. You will show them all of the things that you want to get rid of in order for them to provide you with an estimate. If all you are tossing out would be the old lawnmower, then it won’t take up much space on the back of the truck. That means you will be paying the low end of the price. There is nothing wrong with adding more things to that truck. Take full advantage of the crew to get rid of all your bulky items in a single session.

The best way to swap out your old lawnmower is to get Junk King Cleveland involved in the process from the start.

Use Junk King For A Home Office Set Up

How productive do you think you could be if you worked from home? Many companies are providing this option for their employees and it has proven to be a success. You might think that between pets, kids, neighbors and access to the TV that you might be more distracted. In truth, you’ll find that you can actually focus better in a home office without the other distractions of coworker interruptions and constant phone calls. It is good to have that option and that means setting up a home office. To make that happen, you want to bring in Junk King Cleveland for some thorough rubbish clearing.

Empty Room

Setting up a home office starts with an empty room. You need the space to move in a desk, chair and other office equipment. That means moving out the old stuff that’s currently occupying that room. This is where Junk King can make a big difference. That will happen because Junk King is going to provide a crew that is going to do all the work for you. These moves will swiftly lift and load any object from your room including large pieces of furniture. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience carrying heavy objects down narrow hallways and flights of stairs. This is the kind of work they do every day. And based on the rave reviews posted by their customers, Junk King is getting that job done right!

The other items that you can turn over to Junk King would be any old electronics like computer monitors, printers or fax machines. You’ll want upgraded models for your home office. That old e-waste needs to be disposed of in a responsible manner and that means dropping it off at a certified e-waste recycling centers. Junk King will be happy to make that drop off as part of their complete junk removal package.

The sooner you get Junk King Cleveland to clear out the rubbish in your home, the sooner you’ll be able to set up your home office. Get started today.

Hire Junk King To Take Out Your Old Living Room Furniture

Did you host any parties over the holidays? That would mean getting the home ready. It also can mean discovering all the things you wish you could replace like carpeting and living room furniture. There is a lot you can do with throw pillows and professional upholstery cleaning to spruce up that living room furniture but sooner or later it might be time to get it replaced. That might be on your mind especially if you are planning to throw another big part this year. Picking up new furniture can be a fun shopping expedition. Once you have decided on a new sofa, coffee table and chairs it will be time to focus on removing the old living room furniture. That is easily taken care of with one call to Junk King Cleveland.

Taking It Out

The Junk King crew who will be taking out your furniture are experienced movers. There also licensed and insured. That puts them at a level of professionalism that you will always appreciate. They also have a positive attitude and terrific problem-solving skills. Some of the furniture that you are getting rid of might need to be taken apart before it goes out the door. This is to ensure that your walls and floors will be damaged. The Junk King crew knows the best removal path to take with these types of objects.

They are also going to take great care when it comes to packing up the truck. Their goal is to provide you with a great deal for the service. That would mean getting as much of your old living room furniture into as little space as possible. The less room all of that stuff uses on the truck, the less you will be paying. You will find that hiring Junk King is a much more affordable option than attempting to do this on your own. Plus, you will be saving a lot of time.

To take out your old living room furniture all you need to do is hire Junk King Cleveland. They’ll handle everything from start to finish.

Make A Valentine’s Day Impression With Junk King

Whenever someone gives a gift it is often the “thought” that is appreciated more than the gift. That is not to say that whatever you wrap up at the present won’t be appreciated but there are some things that might feel a bit “familiar.” That is especially true on Valentine’s Day if the gifts that you are giving of roses or chocolates. Those are the most popular gifts to give on this holiday but they could feel overused. That is why this year you might consider making a different kind of Valentine’s Day impression with a unique gift. You could set up a junk removal session with Junk King Cleveland. That might not seem romantic on the surface but if you are clearing out the home of unwanted rubbish as a thoughtful gift then it will certainly be appreciated for a long time to come.

What Needs to Go

You probably already know what needs to go from your home. In fact, there might be a lot of items that are on that list that have been “stuck” in your house for quite some time. It is not because you don’t have the desire to get rid of those things it is just that you don’t have the required manpower and truck space to accommodate that kind of task. With Junk King Cleveland on the job you have all the manpower and truck space that you need to get rid of just about anything in your home. This is a terrific opportunity to have old furniture and appliances removed without you lifting a finger.

Once the big objects have been loaded onto the truck, the Junk King crew can also load up a lot of little things. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out your closets, dressers and other storage areas of all the unwanted clothing, tools, books, toys and other household goods. Just think of what that kind of rubbish removal can do for your home.

Junk King Cleveland is standing by to provide a junk removal session for Valentine’s Day that is sure to please. Book that appointment today.

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