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Best Junk Removal Company is Junk King

Tips for Hiring the Best Junk Removal Company in Covington

When you’re ready to get rid of a lot of junk, what do you do? Whether you’re emptying out a storage unit, cleaning out a rental property, or helping a relative handle their overflowing home, you are facing a large amount of work.

While you could spend several weekends moving it all yourself, there’s a much easier solution: hire a junk removal company in Covington. These professionals will quickly and effectively remove any junk in your home. The problem, though, is finding the best junk removal company in the area. You don’t want to hire the first name you come across in an online search. You want to be sure you hire a team you can trust.

Before you reach out to a junk hauler, here are a few tips that will help you narrow down your options and pick the best junk removal company in Northern Kentucky.


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What Jobs Can They Take On?


Some junk hauling companies can remove a few bags of trash or pieces of furniture, but they can’t take an entire house’s worth of junk at once. If you hire a junk crew to come to your property, you want to know that they can take care of the job quickly and on budget. A crew that has to make multiple trips is not meeting either goal. They may also charge you per trip, increasing your costs.

When you call to talk about your job, be certain to ask what items the junk crew takes and mention anything you have questions about. You don’t want the crew to show up on your property only to learn that you have something they can’t handle.


Junk King Northern Kentucky Has You Covered

Here at Junk King Northern Kentucky, we handle almost everything. Our team will not handle hazardous waste, but we do haul away appliances, furniture, old electronics, yard waste, and even some construction waste. Here’s a list of some of the items we will remove:

Bagged garbage

– Furniture

– Yard waste

– Appliances

Hot tubs

– Televisions

– Electronic waste (computers, phones, etc.)

– Mattresses

– Refrigerators

Construction waste

If you have your garbage set aside and ready to go, that’s great. If you need us to clean out an entire home, we can do that, too. Just let us know what you need when you call or do an online request so we can give you an accurate quote.


Do They Have the Right Equipment?

One of the ways to learn whether a junk removal company can take on your job is to ask them about their equipment, specifically their vehicles. If they only have a few trucks, they may not be able to complete your job in a day if you have a lot of junk. If the company has to empty the truck several times, it’s going to take more time to finish your job and can cost you more.


Do They Offer Insurance?

While the items you’re having removed are junk, the rest of your property is not. You don’t want your walls, doors, cabinets, or anything else getting damaged during the junk removal process. If an accident were to occur and your home or other property is damaged during the removal process, the company should have a commercial insurance policy to cover said damage. This policy should also cover any injuries that occur during the job, including injuries to the workers, to you, and to any third party who happens to be nearby.

A junk hauler who does not have insurance is not a junk hauler you want to work with. This lack of insurance not only leaves you open to paying for repairs to your damaged property, but it could also open you up to a lawsuit if someone is injured on your property while junk is being removed.

Junk King is fully bonded and insured. When you call on us, you can do so knowing that we have the proper insurance to cover any accidents or damage.


Did They Offer to Give you a Free Estimate?

When you call a junk removal company, they should offer to give you a free, no-obligation estimate that includes all of the fees you will be charged. This estimate should take into account everything you are having removed from the property.

The company should ask you about any large pieces of furniture or appliances when preparing the estimate. They should also ask you to estimate how many cubic yards of garbage they will be removing. If they don’t, it can be a sign that they are going to quote you more once they are at your home. While it is true that the cost can go up once the junk hauler is able to evaluate the property in person, they should always ask you for as much information as possible so they can give you a good-faith estimate.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Do They Have Good Customer Service?

When you call to ask about an estimate, you will get an idea of the company’s customer service. Was the person you talked with professional and pleasant? Did they provide all of the information you need and answer all of your questions? Can they meet your schedule and all of your needs?

You should also take the time to look at their website and other online profiles. Check to see if their website provides updated, helpful information. Look at their social media to see if past customers have left reviews or comments on posts. This will give you an idea of the reputation this company has and how trustworthy others see them.


Do They Have References?

This leads to the next tip: check their references, or at least read some online reviews of the company. What do previous clients have to say about the company? You want to look at positive and negative reviews. Take note of reviews that seem too positive or too negative. It is possible to manipulate online reviews, and there are some unscrupulous companies out there that do this.

Junk removal companies may have testimonials on their websites, too. While these are typically positive reviews, they can still help you get an idea of what the company excels at. If a website doesn’t have any testimonials on it, it may be a sign that the company doesn’t have any reviews they are comfortable posting. Check their social media pages or review sites like Yelp to see if there’s a reason their website lacks testimonials.

In addition to references from past clients, look to see if the company is part of a local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s List, or other organization. Companies that are part of these organizations have been vetted and can be trusted.


Do They Recycle?

Protecting the environment is vital. While you may have a lot of junk that needs hauled away, it’s not all garbage. Much of it can likely be recycled. Today’s junk haulers will sort out the recyclable scrap metal, plastic, paper, and other items and take them to a local recycling center. This decreases the amount of garbage that goes into the landfill while also reducing the number of new materials that go into making products.

Junk King is dedicated to recycling as much as we can. We are dedicated to helping the environment in any way possible. We will take all materials that are immediately recyclable to their respective recycle centers. For items that cannot easily be recycled, such as electronics, we work with e-waste recycling companies to ensure that these old televisions, computers, phones, and other items are safely dismantled and recycled.


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In addition to recycling, we also donate any items that are still in good condition to local shelters and charity groups. If you have furniture that has been gently used, we will take it to one of these organizations instead of the dump. This way, you not only avoid adding to the landfill, you also help those in need.

Here are some of the things Junk King of Northern Kentucky can take to donation centers:







Again, these items do need to be in good condition and functional in order to be donated. For items that are not, we will recycle them if possible.


Call Junk King Northern Kentucky Today to Have Your Junk Removed

Ready to have some junk hauled away? Whether it’s few things in the garage or your entire home, Junk King is here for you. We can quickly and efficiently remove junk from your home in Campbell, Kenton, Boone, and other nearby counties.

Junk King is dedicated to being professional. When you call on us, we will give you an accurate estimate, arrive on time, and treat you and your home with respect. Previous clients have repeatedly said our team is “polite, organized, and efficient.” Others state that “I could not have asked for a better experience.”

When you need us, we’re here for you. Reach out to Junk King Northern Kentucky online, via text at 737-888-5865, or via phone at 1-888-888-JUNK to get an estimate or learn more about our services. We’re ready to haul away any junk you have.


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