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Category Archives: Northern Kentucky Dumpster Rental

Best Junk Removal Company is Junk King

Junk King Northern Kentucky Helps with Dumpster Rentals Across the Area

Dealing with a few old pieces of furniture, a broken appliance, or several boxes of old stuff that you have stored in your garage typically isn’t too bad. There are options for getting rid of these things, including calling Junk King to come haul them away. However, you may need something a little more industrial when it comes to doing a major clean-out, DIY renovation, or large outdoor projects. You may need to consider dumpster rental options if you’re doing a major remodel or tearing down an old shed.

This is also true for business owners in Hebron and the surrounding areas. Remodeling a store or office building is typically a larger job than simply redoing your kitchen or bathroom. There’s a lot of debris that’s going to come from that, and it’s going to have to go somewhere. Even if you’re not remodeling your business, you may still need the additional space a dumpster provides when doing a major purge.

Regardless of why you need to rent a dumpster, you do need to make certain you’re renting it from a company that will provide outstanding service. For those in Northern Kentucky, that company is Junk King. Here are a few ways we can help you with your northern dumpster rental needs.


Renting a Dumpster Gives You a Place for Your Remodel Debris

Remodeling your home, even if it’s just a room or two, is going to create a lot of trash. You may have old flooring, cabinets, counters, drywall, and much more to get rid of. You can’t just leave this type of debris lying around. If someone steps on it, they could get a nail or screw through their foot. They could also trip and fall over loose boards or other trash. It’s a danger, and having it simply piled up in your house, garage, or yard is not a good idea.

With a dumpster, you have someplace to keep this debris contained. All of the trash goes right into it, so you don’t need to spend time moving trash from one place to another. There’s no reason to do that, especially when you can simply rent a dumpster in Florence, KY, instead. As your project continues and you create more and more trash from packaging, cutting materials to fit, and other actions, that garbage joins the rest of the debris in the trash.


You’re Not Limited to Interior DebrisYou’re Not Limited to Interior Debris

With some dumpster rentals in Erlanger, KY, you’re very limited with what you can put in the dumpster. That’s not the case with a Junk King dumpster. Just like with our junk removal services, we can take nearly everything as long as it isn’t hazardous waste. This includes yard debris. If you need to do some major landscaping, one of our dumpsters can help. You can remove bushes and put them straight into the dumpsters. Cut tree limbs and even entire trees can be added, too, though you may need to cut long branches and thick trunks into pieces so they fit.

You can also put demolished decks, sheds, greenhouses, playhouses, and other outdoor structures in one of our dumpsters. This is perfect if you have kids or pets because there’s no need to keep them out of the yard once the project is done. All of the dangerous debris is locked away in the dumpster, so no one will get hurt. It also means you won’t have to clean up your yard later.


It’s Great for Cleaning Out the Garage, Basement, or Other Room

Another good use of a dumpster rental is cleaning out all the junk and other garbage slowly stacked up in your home. While you may never intend to have a basement full of junk, it often happens over the years. You might put an old chair down there just to get it out of the way only to forget about it. Old boxes of stuff can sit for years, slowly decaying, until you find them and realize they’re not anything you ever needed to keep.

This can happen in the garage, the basement, the attic, and even your shed or spare room. Anywhere you store items or even leave something “temporarily” can become a space where junk collects. When that stuff is old, broken, or simply no longer needed, it’s time to toss it all in a dumpster.

Why use a dumpster for this instead of our junk hauling service? The biggest benefit of having a dumpster here is that it allows you to take time to sort through things. You can sort out what you want to keep from what you don’t, and what you don’t want goes in the dumpster. With junk hauling, you would have to sit the stuff you don’t want off to the side. It could pile up, leaving you with little space to sort through everything else. You likely won’t need a dumpster if you know what you want to get rid of and know where it is, but if you’ve got years of stuff to sort through, a dumpster is the way to go.

Sort Through a Hoarder Home or Inherited House

If you have a loved one who is struggling with hoarding or have inherited a home in Newport with a lot of stuff, having a dumpster on-site can greatly help. Again, it gives you space for the trash that’s outside of the home, so you have room to sort items you want to keep and create piles of things to save or give to others. Helping someone handle their hoarding can be stressful because the house will be so full you may not even be able to walk into some rooms. A dumpster is almost a necessity in that situation.

If you have inherited your parents’ home or are helping them transition to an assisted living facility, you may have decades’ worth of clutter to sort through. Some of this stuff may be cherished family heirlooms that need to be uncovered and saved, but other stuff may no longer be usable or even anything you want to keep. Many older people who grew up during hard times fell into the habit of keeping anything remotely usable. You may find a basement or attic full of this type of stuff that really just needs to go in the garbage now. Arranging for dumpster rental in Northern KY makes dealing with this type of stuff much easier.


What About Business Owners in Oakbrook, Covington, and Fort Thomas?What About Business Owners in Oakbrook, Covington, and Fort Thomas?

How can business owners make use of our dumpsters? First, any sort of renovation or reworking of a commercial or industrial space often creates debris. Replacing the flooring, repairing and painting walls, and changing up the décor and signage around a store all lead to a large amount of trash. Having a dumpster on-site will help you deal with all of that.

Maybe you’re not putting down new carpet or removing walls, but bringing in new furniture, shelving, and displays means you’ve got to get rid of the old stuff. Old desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, shelves, displays, and anything else that you no longer have a use for needs to go. You may want to store a few extra shelving units or tables in case you want to use them later, but you likely won’t need to keep most of these old pieces of furniture. Tossing them in the dumpster, especially if they’re old and broken, is the fastest way of clearing them out.

Finally, many businesses (and homeowners, too) look into dumpster rental in Kentucky when they move. Having a dumpster makes getting rid of anything you don’t want to take with you very easy. You won’t need to move junk to your new space or make a pile of junk to deal with later. It all goes in the dumpster.


Contact Junk King for Dumpster Rental in Kentucky

Whether it’s to help clean out your basement or to deal with the debris from remodeling your retail space, Junk King Northern Kentucky can help. Our dumpsters are large enough to hold 12 cubic yards of trash, yet they’re also designed to be compact enough to fit in a standard driveway. You won’t have to worry about them cracking the concrete, damaging your yard, or parking on the street, either. We’ve done everything we can to make these dumpsters as convenient as possible.

In fact, everything we’ve done is with convenience in mind. That includes what can go into one of our dumpsters. Furniture, appliances, yard waste, construction waste, and even e-waste and old hot tubs can go into a Junk King dumpster. You just can’t put hazardous waste in them. Everything else is fair game.

Pricing is also convenient. You only pay for the amount of space you use. This means if you only fill up about half of the dumpster, you’ll pay less than if you filled it to the top. Everything is based on volume, which often makes our prices much lower than our competitors.

Want to learn more? Contact Junk King Northern Kentucky today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865.


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Best Items to Fill Your Northern Kentucky Dumpster Rental

Renting a dumpster is one of the best ways of dealing with a large amount of debris at once. It gives you a space to put trash that keeps it separated from things you want to keep, plus it keeps children, animals, and other people from accidentally getting hurt. There are many things you can put in a dumpster, but some items are better suited for it than others. If you’re looking into Northern Kentucky dumpster rental, here are some of the best items you can put into the dumpster.


Do You Need a Dumpster?


First, though, it’s important to determine if you actually need a dumpster or if Junk King’s junk hauling services are a better fit for you. If you just have a few items you need to get rid of, and you have them ready to go at the same time, calling us to come pick them up is your best option. We will bring one of our large trucks and a crew to haul them out of your house and into the truck. You don’t even have to move them out of the house or even out of the room they’re in. Just take everything off or out of them that you want to keep, and we will handle the rest.

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On the other hand, if you know you’ll be pulling out more trash or creating additional debris as you work through a project, renting a dumpster may be the better option. For example, if you need to sort through everything in your basement, attic, or even an entire house, you may want a dumpster since you’ll need to separate what you want to keep from what you want to trash. It could take you several days to go through everything and having a dumpster to hold all the trash is very useful.


Another time when a dumpster might be better than junk hauling is when you’re doing a remodel. You’ll make a lot of debris early on when you’re demolishing the old flooring, walls, cabinets, and other stuff, but you’ll also make more trash as you go. You’ll have the remnants of tile, wood, and other materials that you have to cut to fit. You may also have the packaging that some of those materials came in and things like plastic drop cloths that you’ll use to protect things. If you called us to haul away stuff, you might have to have us out several times or pile up all the garbage somewhere until you’re done. It’s easier to have a dumpster to put everything in.

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Dumpsters Are Great for Furniture


Once you’ve decided that you need a dumpster, what can you put in it. At Junk King, you can put just about anything in the dumpster as long as it isn’t hazardous. One of the items we often get in our dumpsters is furniture. Whether it’s a large sofa, an occasional chair, a table, a dresser, or any other piece of furniture, it can go in the dumpster. Large pieces of furniture are often difficult to get rid of. You may only be able to put them out for city bulk trash pickup at specific times of the month, and if you miss that date, you often have to wait weeks before you get another chance. Without a truck, you can’t haul them to the landfill on your own, either.


When you do put furniture in a dumpster, try to load the large, heavy pieces first. Put them on the bottom, and do your best to put the really heavy stuff in the middle. You want to balance out the load of the dumpster so it doesn’t tip or slide when we pick it up. It’s possible for dumpsters that are very unbalanced to fall off the truck during pickup, and that can be very dangerous.


Appliances Also Go in the Dumpster


Just like furniture, appliances are also often difficult to get rid of. They’re heavy and bulky, plus some of them can be dangerous if you leave them in the garage or at the curb for too long. Animals and even children can get trapped inside refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. That’s why if you are going to store broken appliances, either remove the doors or make certain they are taped shut. 


These items can go directly into the dumpster. Again, be sure to keep the load balanced. Also, to avoid leaving any empty spaces in the dumpster, put bags of trash and other small debris inside appliances whenever possible. It gives you more room in the dumpster for other trash.

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DIY Remodel Debris


If you’re doing some remodeling on your home, you’re going to have a lot of debris and other junk that you need to get rid of. This may include things such as old cabinets and counters from the kitchen, old toilets and tubs from the bathroom, and old flooring, doors, and windows from other parts of the home. All of this debris can be put in the dumpster. In fact, it should be. People can get hurt if there are old nails, rough boards, and broken glass left lying around. By putting all of this in a dumpster, you’re containing the hazards and reducing the risk of someone hurting themselves. 


As the project continues, you’ll have trash you can add to the dumpster. Leftovers from cutting materials, packaging, additional debris you didn’t remove during the demolition process, and other items can all go in your dumpster. 


You might also have some debris from outside your home to put in the dumpster. If you’re taking down an old deck, removing a patio, or demolishing a shed, all of that debris has to go somewhere. You can put yard debris in our dumpsters, too, so don’t be afraid to take out bushes or cut down trees if you need to. 

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What Else Can Go into a Junk King Dumpster?


In addition to furniture, appliances, DIY construction debris, and yard waste, what else can you put into a Junk King dumpster? Just about anything! We accept everything except hazardous waste. This includes electronics, mattresses, trash, and even things like hot tubs. If you have any questions about what can and what cannot go into one of our dumpsters, all you have to do is call or send us a text. Toss in bags of garbage, old clothing, and anything else you need to get rid of. Anything that can go into one of our dumpsters can also be collected by our junk hauling teams.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

The Junk King Pricing Structure


When you call to reserve a dumpster, we’ll give you three different prices. That’s because we use a unique tiered pricing structure based on how much of the dumpster you use. The first price is our lowest, and it’s what you’ll pay if you don’t use much of the dumpster. The second price is for filling the dumpster about half full. Finally, the most you’ll pay is if you fill up the entire dumpster. This is why it’s a good idea to pack your dumpster as tightly as possible. The less empty space, the cheaper it will be. You don’t have to worry about anything extra being added to the costs, either. Our pricing is fully transparent, and there are no hidden fees or extra charges. 


Our standard rental period is for three days. If you need to have the dumpster for longer, just let us know and we will provide you with quotes for additional days. We can add on extra days in the middle of your rental period, too, so if you realize your project isn’t on schedule, just give us a call.

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We’ll Recycle or Donate Items in Your Dumpster


You may think the best items to put in your dumpster would be things that are broken or aren’t in good condition, but that’s not the case with our dumpsters. You can put anything in them, but it doesn’t all end up in the landfill. Instead, before we go to the dump, we take our dumpsters to our warehouse. Here, we sort through them and create three piles. The first is of items in good condition that can be donated. If you have furniture that is still usable, appliances that work, and other items that someone may need, we send them to a local Northern Kentucky charity that will get them to those in need. 


The second pile is for items that can be recycled. We believe in recycling as much as we can, so we send all the plastic, wood, glass, metal, and other items to our partner recycling facilities. We will even dismantle furniture and other items and recycle their base components when possible. 


Finally, whatever is left does go to the landfill. However, after removing anything that can be donated or recycled, the amount is typically much, much less than what you put in your dumpster. By choosing Junk King, you’re helping reduce your impact on the environment.

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