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Junk King North Houston Dispose of Paint in Houston

Safe Ways to Dispose of Paint in Houston

Are you looking for ways to dispose of paint in Houston? If your paint is already hardened, then we can help here at Junk King North Houston! For those who still have liquid paint, then read below for ways of using or treating your paint so we can safely dispose of your paint for you!

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With many household waste products, disposal is simple: just throw it in the trash. The city’s weekly trash pickup will take almost all common trash and waste. However, there are some things that the city won’t take, including anything hazardous. Paint falls into this category. What can you do with any old paint you have? Some people leave it in the garage for years, letting it take up room. Others do a search for “paint disposal near me,” but even then, they may not find a lot of options. If you’re in need of paint disposal services in North Houston, Junk King is here for you.

The question of how to dispose of paint is a little more complicated than throwing it out. Before you call us to get rid of old paint, though, you will want to make certain that you’ve prepared it for disposal. You should never try to dispose of liquid paint. Instead, there are a few methods you can use to make it safe to handle and dispose of.


How to Store Paint Before Disposing of It

Most people don’t look into paint disposal as soon as they’re doing painting a room or other home improvement project. Instead, they store the paint for a short period of time to make certain they don’t need to do any small touchups. If you’re going to do this, you need to make certain you’ve sealed up the paint can. First, wipe off the top of the can if any paint has gotten on it. Next, place the lid firmly onto the can and tap it down with a rubber mallet. Tap all around the lid so it’s locked into place on all sides.

If you don’t have a rubber mallet, you may be tempted to use a standard hammer. However, this can dent and damage the lid. It may no longer fit correctly if you do that. Instead, put something over the lid such as a piece of wood and then hit it with the hammer. The force will transfer through the wood into the lid, tapping it down without damaging it.

Next, be sure you store the paint correctly. Many people put it in their garage or in a shed, but these areas can get too hot during the summer. This can dry out latex paint and, if the temperature is high enough, actually cause oil-based paints to combust. Instead, you always want to keep paint in a cool location. If you have a basement, that’s the ideal place for paint because it’s both cool and dark. Always put paint cans on a shelf instead of on the floor to help keep moisture away from them. If your cans regularly come into contact with water, they can rust and the paint can leak out.


How Long Does Paint Last?

If you are going to save paint for use later, it’s important you know how long it will last so you can dispose of it when it’s no longer useable. If it’s subjected to hot or cold temperatures, it’s going to go bad very quickly. If stored correctly, though, paint can last for up to ten years if it’s water-based or latex. Oil paints can last a little longer, with most going bad around the 15 year mark.

How can you tell if your paint is still good or if it’s time to get rid of it? If it’s water-based or latex paint, smell it. If it’s rancid, it’s time to look at your options for paint disposal in Houston. Also, look to see if it’s separated or if there’s any hard paint on the sides or bottom of the can. If you’re able to mix it up and create a smooth paint that’s the correct color, it’s still good. You may want to test it on something first, though, to make sure it spreads evenly and smoothly without lumps.

If you’ve stored your oil-based paint correctly, it’s likely to be usable. Just stir it up and test it on some newspaper or other piece of scrap first to make certain it’s still good.


Junk King North Houston Paint Disposal


Finding Use for Left Over Paint

Before you begin looking into paint disposal options, make sure you don’t need the paint any longer. Make any touchups you need to make, and be sure you know the specific paint color name or color code so you can purchase more if you need it later. If you only have a little bit of paint left, you may not care to keep it. However, if you have half a can or more, you might want to look at other projects so you don’t waste money.

If you painted the exterior of your home, you may find other outdoor things to paint to match. For example, you could paint your doghouse or child’s playhouse. You could paint your mailbox or planters.

Inside, you can use leftover paint for just about anything. If you just painted your kitchen, you could paint a set of living room end tables to match and draw the color throughout the house. You could paint bookshelves or a bench. While you don’t want to paint everything the same color as the walls, you may find ways of using the same color here and there to make your home’s color scheme feel more cohesive.

Another option is to give the paint to someone who has a use for it. If you have friends or family who are painters, do woodworking, or do a lot of DIY projects, they may have use for it. Schools or local community centers may also take it for projects.


How to Dispose of Paint in Houston

If you have no need for the paint and can’t find anyone who will take it, it’s time to start looking for “paint disposal near me.” However, as mentioned earlier, you do have to make certain you’ve properly prepared the paint first so you don’t cause any harm to the environment by throwing it out.

Latex paint can be dealt with in a few ways. First, many people use the kitty litter paint disposal method. This is simple and very easy to do. Just add an equal amount of kitty litter to the can of paint. The litter will absorb the liquid, solidifying it into a single clump in the can. You can then get rid of the can. Do not put the lid back on the can.

If you have a lot of paint left and can’t mix in an equal amount of litter, find a trash can or a box and line it with a trash bag. Pour the paint into the bag, then add in the litter. Once it’s solidified, tie up the bag and throw it away. Typically, it takes about an hour for the mixture to solidify.

Another option is to purchase a commercial paint hardener. These products are designed to quickly harden the paint so it can be disposed of. You can purchase a paint hardener at most hardware or home improvement stores that sell paint.

Paint disposal for oil-based paints isn’t quite as easy. There is no paint hardener or trick with kitty litter here. Instead, oil-based paint is classified as a hazardous substance, so you can’t just throw it away. Instead, you have to take it to a specific drop-off location or disposal facility. The city of Houston has several Environmental Service Centers that will accept old oil-based paints, including any paint that contains alkyd or is listed as combustible or flammable.


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Junk King Can Haul Off Hardened Paint

If you have multiple cans of paint that need to be disposed of, there’s no need to wonder about throwing it away. Can you throw away paint? Yes, but if you’re having Junk King come to pick up other stuff, go ahead and put your old paint with it. We do ask that you add cat litter or a hardener to it to protect our team. If you’ve done that, we’ll take as much paint as you need us to. For oil-based paints, you’ll need to take them to the appropriate center. We cannot take any liquid paint.


Other Items We Handle

In addition to handling the proper disposal of paint that has been prepared, we also haul off much more. We take furniture, appliances, electronic waste, hot tubs, mattresses, and even things like yard debris and DIY project waste. As long as it isn’t hazardous, our team can haul it away for you. If you do have hazardous materials, we may be able to recommend the proper way to dispose of them or refer you to experts who specialize in disposal of such materials.


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Call Junk King to Help You Dispose of Paint in Houston Today

Now that you know more about the proper disposal of paint, it’s time to give Junk King a call and get rid of those old cans taking up space in your garage or basement. Scheduling an appointment with us is simple. Just give us a call, text us, or make an appointment online. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote in many cases. If we can’t do a quote over the phone, we will come in person with our truck. If you approve the quote, we’ll start work right away.

To get the process started, call Junk King of North Houston at 1-888-888-JUNK or send a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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Junk King North Houston Scrap Pickup

10 Types of Houston Businesses That Should Partner with Junk King

Are you a Houston business looking to partner with a junk removal company in North Houston? Then call us here at Junk King North Houston. We will gladly work out an arrangement where we can come out and pick up your junk on a consistent basis. Let us know how we can help! Want to learn more about the types of companies we love working with? Then read our full blog below!

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Many businesses are in need of junk hauling services. Junk King works with companies in many different industries and neighborhoods in North Houston. Some businesses need to call upon us once or twice a year, while others may need us monthly or even every couple of weeks. Here are ten types of businesses we often work with, why they need us, and how we help them cut down on costs and continue to grow. If you’re a business owner and aren’t sure if a partnership with Junk King is right for you, learning how other businesses benefit from our services may help you see what we could do for you.


commercial junk removal services


Property Management Companies

We work with many property management companies to clean out apartments and other rental homes after tenants leave. While most tenants do take everything with them or hire us to get rid of things they don’t want, that’s not always the case. Tenants who are evicted may leave behind a lot of trash. Those who have to move quickly may also decide to abandon some of their property instead of putting it in storage or hiring a moving company. Even those who have a planned move may decide to leave garbage behind.

Most property management companies simply don’t have the time to deal with getting rid of all of this junk. They may not have the personnel to handle large furniture removal or the right vehicle to get it all to the city dump or other location. In the case of an estate cleanout, Junk King will bring our large truck and empty out the entire apartment or house. We work quickly, so property management companies can get the property back on the market as soon as possible.


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Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are very similar to apartment complexes in many ways. They do tend to generate a large amount of waste, especially larger facilities with a hundred or more units. When someone moves into assisted living, they may actually need our residential services because they may be downsizing. If they later have to move into a full care facility, they may have even smaller spaces or may have to share a space. In that case, if no one is available to take their furniture, the assisted living facility may call on us to take it away.

This is one instance where we know the furniture and other items we’re removing are likely to be in good shape. These items are typically set aside to be donated to local North Houston charities and other organizations that help those in need. Those living in assisted living may also call us when they get new furniture or a new mattress. With our full-service junk hauling, there’s no need for residents to move anything. We will take furniture, appliances, and anything else regardless of where it is in the home. For those who aren’t able to move furniture on their own, there’s no need. We’ll take care of it.


North Houston Real Estate Agents

Likewise, real estate agents may have to deal with properties that are full of junk. A landlord may decide to sell a home that their last tenant abandoned, but they don’t want to deal with cleaning it out first. They just want to sell it as-is and make a little money.

Some real estate agents also recommend us to clients who have stuff to get rid of. They know that Junk King is dedicated to providing high-quality furniture removal to everyone we work with. They also know that we will donate anything in good condition, which many of our residential customers want.

Real estate agents also often call upon us to haul away yard waste and other junk left outdoors. We assist with foreclosure and estate cleanout, too, and again donate as much as we possibly can from these jobs. For our commercial clients, we can help with office cleanouts and will haul away older furniture and other items you no longer need.


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HVAC & Plumbing Companies

HVAC and plumbing companies have a lot of waste to get rid of. They typically remove old furnaces, plumbing, and other items from their client’s homes when they have to do repairs, but then the company has to do something with this garbage. They often turn to Junk King because they know we partner with recycling companies. HVAC units contain a good amount of metal, while many pipes are made out of recyclable plastics. While used piping is typically not recyclable, anything clean can be.

We make sure as much of these materials as possible get recycled. Our HVAC and plumbing clients don’t have to worry about handling that themselves, nor do they have to worry about transporting large amounts of recyclables or dealing with getting trash to the landfill.


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Manufacturers also often generate a large amount of waste and are in need of junk removal in Houston. Creating products typically leaves leftover material that has to be disposed of. Raw resource packaging is also an issue for many manufacturers. Junk King helps these clients by removing all of this junk, recycling what we can. We often pick up waste from these clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis due to how much they produce.


Repair Shops

Vehicle repair shops, likewise, do often have packaging, leftover materials, and old items that need to be hauled away and recycled. Things like broken windshields need to be safely disposed of. Our team will carefully handle anything dangerous like broken glass, metal with sharp edges, and other items. While we cannot deal with anything hazardous, we can deal with most vehicle salvage and damaged parts.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


Woodworking Shops

Woodworking shops typically have a lot of small bits of wood and bags full of sawdust that needs to be disposed of. They may have old nails, screws, and boards if they do repairs on antiques that need to be safely handled, too. We’re able to take much of this waste to a recycler. Like manufacturers, our woodworking clients may need us to pick up waste regularly to help them keep their shops clean.

While we can take sawdust, there are actually many different ways woodworkers can make use of sawdust. They can use in gardens as a type of mulch to kill weeks. It can also be mixed into plant supplements, help provide traction in the snow, and even be used to clean up spills.


Welders in Houston

Welders, like woodworking shops, generate a large amount of waste that can be recycled. In this case, it’s mostly metal. We’re able to send a large amount of this metal waste to a local recycling facility. Welding also creates wastewater, which is not something we typically handle. However, we are able to take slag and other solid waste produced by welding.


junk removal service recycling


Medical Facilities for Non-Bio Waste

We also work with medical facilities in North Houston. However, if these facilities handle bio waste, we’re unable to dispose of it. Any hazardous materials can be dangerous to our crews and need to be disposed of in accordance with specific regulations. That said, we do work with medical facilities for all of their non-hazardous wastes. We handle office cleanouts, bulk waste, and furniture removal for these clients.


North Houston Storage Facilities

Storage facilities look to junk removal in Houston when someone abandons their storage unit. Some people simply stop paying the monthly rental and tell the facility to keep whatever they had stored there. Others may simply disappear, leaving the unit and its contents fully abandoned. While storage facilities will take all of the proper steps to reach the individual and find out what they want done with their property, sometimes that’s not possible. In that case, we come in and empty out the unit.

Again, our goal here is to donate or recycle as much as possible. Some items left in storage facilities may be in great condition. Others may not be as useful and may ultimately need to be recycled or dumped. Either way, we will take our time going through these units and separating out what can be used or recycled.


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Why Junk King North Houston?

Why do people turn to us for junk removal in Houston? Junk King is known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy junk hauling services in the country. We always offer free, no-obligation quotes that are fully transparent. There are never any hidden fees or other costs. You can get a quote over the phone or via text by sending us images of what you need hauled away. We also do in-person quotes, and we bring the truck when we do. If you accept our bid, we’ll haul everything away right then and there.

Our commercial clients have a wide range of junk hauling needs. Whether it’s something basic such as office cleanouts or more specialized such as getting rid of manufacturing wastes, our team is here for you. We haul off furniture, appliances, yard waste, and much more. As long as it’s not hazardous, we can take it. If you’re looking for a junk hauling partner, reach out to Junk King of North Houston today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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