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Monthly Archives: July 2022

Junk King North Houston Junk Removal North Houston

How Houston Junk Removal Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Has junk taken over your life? If it has, you need to take back your life. You shouldn’t be inconvenienced by junk. Unfortunately, many people are. They have an old refrigerator, sagging couch, or other items that they want to get rid of but never quite get around to actually tossing them. Sometimes this is a matter of timing—city bulk trash services only come around once a month or so. If you don’t remember to put your old furniture and other large items out the day before, you’ll have to store them somewhere for another month.


If you plan on hauling the items to the city landfill yourself, time is an issue. You have to load the items up in a truck and drive them to the landfill, and if you’re really busy, finding time to do that can be difficult. You’ve got to arrange that trip during the landfill’s hours of operation, too, which only makes it more difficult. 


There’s another solution: call Junk King of North Houston. Our team will get rid of all that junk quickly, and you don’t even have to get it out of your house. If you’ve got junk you haven’t been able to get rid of for months, give us a call. It’s time to get your life back.

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Junk Takes Up Valuable Space


One of the biggest reasons to get rid of junk is because it takes up a lot of space. How much of your garage is dedicated to storing stuff you’ll never use again? What about your basement or attic? Maybe you’ve even shoved an old chair into your guest room or other space just to put it somewhere out of the way. Once it’s there, it’s often out of sight, out of mind. When you do remember that you need to arrange to get rid of it, you may not be in a position to actually take care of that task right away. This can go on for months or even years. If it’s something you’ve put in the corner of the basement, you may not even see it again until you move.


No matter where the item is, it’s taking up space that you could use for something else. If you can’t park a car in your garage because of all the stuff you have in there, take a good look at what you’re actually storing. How much of it is useful? If the answer is not much, then you have to ask yourself why you’re keeping it and what you could use that space for. 


By getting rid of the junk you’re storing and organizing what’s left, you may have space to park your car in the garage. You might be able to move some things out of your house, freeing up more room in a closet or guest room. Having space tied up by junk can have more of an impact on your home than you might think, especially once you stop and add up just how much room you’ve lost to things you don’t ever plan on using again.


Get Rid of Safety Hazards


Old appliances and furniture can do more than just take up space—they can also be a safety hazard. Children, pets, and other animals can get trapped inside of old refrigerators or dryers if the doors aren’t removed or taped shut. Even then, these appliances can be dangerous because they look like great places to play. 


Old furniture and other items may have sharp places on them that people could get cut on. Wooden furniture that has a broken section could cause someone to get a splinter under their skin, too. Depending on where and how you’ve placed the junk, it’s possible it could tip over and fall on someone. If you have to store old items before they can be hauled away, always think about safety concerns and do your best to ensure that your kids, pets, animals, and even other adults can’t easily get hurt.


Another hazard old furniture presents is that it makes a great home for pests and rodents. If you put an old chair in the garage, it could become home for mice or rats. Insects may also enjoy living under furniture where it’s dark and safe. 

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Junk Can Ruin Your Vision for Your Home


When we think about junk, we often think about furniture, appliances, and other items. However, Junk King Houston North also deals with structures that need to be removed. This type of junk, including old sheds, playhouses, decks, and patios, can affect your overall vision of your home. You may be very tired of looking out the window at what should be a serene, gorgeous backyard. Instead, all you see is the deck off your back door that’s slowly falling apart. 


We take DIY construction debris and even yard trash, so you can take down all those old structures and give us a call to haul them away. Like with storing old appliances and furniture, these old structures can present a safety hazard. You don’t want anyone getting hurt, and with something like an old deck, it’s very possible. They could lean on the railing and fall when it breaks or even step on a rotting board and fall through. Animals may also make their homes in old sheds and playhouses or go under the deck. These animals could hurt your own pets or kids if startled. 


Aesthetics also play a part here. You don’t want to see rotting and ugly wood when you look out your windows. If you’ve carefully curated your flowerbeds, trimmed your trees, and made your yard look amazing, you don’t want it ruined by an ugly building. If you have any structure that is unsafe, you need to take it down right away.


We Haul Off More than Just Junk


What do you do if you have some old furniture or an appliance that is still in good condition or works but you don’t need? Maybe you’ve replaced it with something nicer or have decided that there’s just no place for that old sleeper sofa or recliner? It’s not junk, but it has no place in your home. 


There are some charities and other organizations you can call that will come pick up these items. Often, though, they are limited in what they can take. They may not have any space for additional furniture or simply not need what you have. In some cases, they may not have a vehicle large enough to pick up the items you’re offering. Some may also take weeks or even months to schedule the pickup. 


Junk King may focus on hauling away junk, but that doesn’t mean we take it all to the landfill. We actually sort through everything we take and donate what we can. If you have items that are still in good condition, we’ll take them. You can let us know that you think they could be donated, but you don’t have to. We’ll check through everything once we get it back to our warehouse. We work with multiple organizations, too, so even if one doesn’t need anymore kitchen tables or sofas, another might.


In addition to donating usable items, we will also go through everything and pull out recyclable materials. We send these items off to local recycling centers. We’ll even take apart furniture and other items to recycle as many of the base materials as possible. Our donation and recycling services are included in every job we do at no extra cost to you.

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What Junk King Can Haul Away


Junk King can haul away just about everything. We cannot take anything that is classified as hazardous waste in order to protect our team members. While we often take furniture and appliances, we can also haul away mattresses, electronic wastes, and even old hot tubs. We remove these items from your home, so you don’t need to worry about getting them outside. Just leave all the heavy lifting to us.


We Provide Free, No-Obligation Quotes for Every Job


When you’re ready to reclaim your space and get that junk out of your home, all you have to do is reach out to Junk King for a free quote. All of our quotes are fully transparent, so you won’t be hit with any surprise charges or hidden fees at the end. The easiest way to get a quote is to call us at 1-888-888-JUNK. In most cases, we can provide you with a quote over the phone, but in some instances, we will need to schedule an in-person evaluation. You can also text us pictures of what you need hauled away to 1-737-888-5865 or use our online price estimation tool. You can book online, too.

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Stop letting old furniture, appliances, and other junk take up valuable space in your home that you could use for something else. Contact Junk King today to learn more about our junk hauling services or to schedule a pickup.


Tips for Making the Most of Your Dumpster Rental in Houston

Renting a dumpster can be one of the best ways of dealing with a lot of junk. Dumpsters give you tons of room for trash, making them ideal for cleaning out your home or doing a DIY renovation. Many people are tempted to simply order up a dumpster and start chucking stuff in it. However, this isn’t the most effective way of using a dumpster and, in some cases, may end up costing you more money. 


If you’ve rented a dumpster, you want to be sure you use it as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here are a few tips for making the most of your dumpster rental in Houston. 

Have a Plan

Before you even order your dumpster rental, you need to have a plan. When do you need the dumpster? How long will you need it? Where will it go? You need to have all of these questions answered because the rental company will need to know this information. You may need to arrange days off of work or line up other people’s schedules before you can determine when you actually need the dumpster delivered. You need to have the project’s schedule in place before you arrange to have a dumpster delivered. Otherwise, you may find that you have to extend your rental period or even send the dumpster back empty. 


Scheduling the Dumpster

Many people schedule the dumpster to arrive on the first day of their project. Sometimes that’s perfect, but other times, it may not be. How much will you use the dumpster on the first day? If you’re doing a DIY kitchen renovation, you may use it a lot since the first day is likely going to be demolition. However, if you’re sorting through a basement, attic, or even an entire house, you may find that you don’t add much to the dumpster on day one. Instead, it might be better to have some items ready to go when the dumpster arrives. Having delivery scheduled on the second day, then, might make more sense. 


Knowing when you want the dumpster delivered will also help you plan out how long you’ll need it. While you can typically add on extra days if you need to, it’s always best to avoid that when possible so you can stick to your planned budget. 

Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.

Determining its Location

Where will you have the dumpster placed? Many people put it in their driveway simply because putting it on the street can cause some issues with the city. You also don’t want to put it on the yard because it will leave indentions and can kill the grass. However, you do want to be sure it’s positioned on the driveway in such a way that you can still access your garage and park your car alongside the dumpster. 


This is one of the reasons why Junk King offers the MINI, a small dumpster that holds up to twelve cubic yards. That’s a lot of space, but the dumpster is also compact enough to fit in a driveway without taking up too much space. If your drive is wide enough, we may be able to put the dumpster off to the side and still leave you plenty of space to get your car into the garage.


Preparing for the Dumpster’s Arrival


Before the dumpster arrives, you’ll want to make certain the area where it’s to be placed is clear. You also need to be sure the truck has enough space to offload the dumpster. If you live on a fairly narrow street and your neighbors across from you typically park cars on the street or have cars at the end of their drive, you might need to talk to them. They may need to move their cars so the truck can pull into their drive before backing up to yours. On narrow streets, if there are cars on either side, it can be a very tight fit for large trucks. 


If you’re going to have the dumpster delivered on the second day of your project, you’ll need a space to set junk aside for the dumpster. This may be in your garage or even on your back porch. Remember if you put anything on your driveway, it may need to be moved so the dumpster can be delivered. Also keep in mind that your neighbors may not like seeing a lot of junk out on your yard. They could report you to the city, so be sure you know what the laws are. In most places, as long as items aren’t visible from the street, you can’t be fined. 


If you plan on parking your car in the garage, make sure the dumpster is placed so that you can drive in without hitting anything you have stored in the garage. If you have shelving, a workbench, or items stored on one side of the garage, you may want the dumpster placed on that side. Otherwise, you may have to move things in the garage to get your car in.


Break the Project Down into Small Pieces


What are you planning to do that you need a dumpster? You likely have a general idea, but if you break everything down into small steps, you’ll be able to get to work and continue working efficiently without too many breaks to figure out what to do next. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, for example, you should plan out what you’ll do on day one, day two, etc. Day one may be demolition, while day two is to put in new drywall and flooring. 


If you’re cleaning out some or all of a house, know what room you’re starting with. Have an idea of what you want to move out first. For example, if you have a few large pieces of furniture that you know you won’t keep, plan on getting those out first if you can. By putting them in the dumpster, you’ll clear up space inside to work. You’ll also load the dumpster the right way—large, heavy items should always go on the bottom. 

Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.

Know How to Load a Dumpster


Speaking of putting large items on the bottom, it helps to learn how to load a dumpster before you start. You always want to put heavy items on the bottom in layers. The goal is to balance the weight so the dumpster won’t shift unexpectedly when it’s being lifted onto the truck. If you don’t have enough heavy items to make a layer, put them all in the center of the dumpster. Don’t overfill the dumpster, either. Nothing should stick up over the sides. 


Another tip is to leave as few empty pockets as possible. Try to fill every space with bags of trash or some small items. Empty spaces allow things to shift during pickup, which again can knock the dumpster off-balance. With Junk King dumpsters, filling every space can also actually save you money. That’s because your final cost depends on how much of the dumpster you’ve used. If you can keep it down to about half, you’ll save money.

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Understand What You Can Put in a Dumpster


Do you know what you can put in the dumpster and what you can’t? Some dumpster rental companies have very strict rules about what you can put in their dumpsters, and they will charge you if you put any of these forbidden items in. Here at Junk King, our only rule is that we cannot take anything that is hazardous. We do take appliances, furniture, electronics, yard waste, construction DIY, and other trash. If you have any questions about what may or may not be considered hazardous, all you have to do is call and ask. If it can’t go in our dumpster, we may know where you can take it. Anything you can put in a Junk King dumpster can also be hauled off by our junk hauling crews.


Why Rent a Dumpster from Junk King?


There are many dumpster rental companies out there, so what makes Junk King North Houston the right option for you? Besides the fact that we take just about everything, there’s also our unique pricing structure. As mentioned earlier, we charge by how much of the dumpster you use. If you end up not needing it for much, you’ll pay the base rental price. If you fill it halfway up, you’ll pay a little more, but you’ll only pay the maximum if you fill the entire dumpster. All of our dumpster quotes include all applicable fees and other charges. We are fully committed to transparent, upfront pricing on all of our services.


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Items We Take – Junk Pick Up & Hauling | Junk King


Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to schedule your dumpster rental. Doing so is easy—all you have to do is give Junk King Houston North a call at 1-888-888-JUNK. We will schedule your delivery and pickup date. Remember, if you decide you may need the dumpster for an extra day, we can add on to your rental for a small per-day fee. We can also pick up the dumpster early if you wrap up your project sooner than expected. 

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