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Junk Removal Blog

Junk King North Houston Commercial Dumpster Rental Office Relocation

Make the Most of Your Commercial Dumpster Rental

There are many reasons why your business may need to rent a dumpster. When you do need to get rid of a lot of junk quickly, it’s often the best option. However, you are also likely very aware of your budget as a business owner. You’ll want to make the most of your commercial dumpster when you have it, so you don’t have to extend your rental period or do anything else that will cost you more. That’s why if you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Houston, you’ll want to talk to Junk King. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your dumpster and why Junk King should be your go-to partner for dumpsters and other junk removal needs.


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Do You Need a Commercial Dumpster?

The first step in getting the most out of your dumpster is to make certain that you need one. Most businesses will have arranged some form of weekly bulk garbage pick-up. However, there may be times when you need to throw away a lot more than what that dumpster will hold. When that’s the case, it’s time to rent a commercial dumpster. Here are a few of the instances when you may need to look into dumpster rental.


You’re Starting a New Business

When you start a new business, you likely don’t have any garbage collection contracts in place. This means you don’t have any dumpster on-site, so renting a commercial dumpster is really your only option. Depending on the condition of the office space you’ve purchased or are renting, you may need to do some major renovations. There may be some junk to get rid of, and you may need to have some walls taken down or put up. All of this generates debris that you have to get rid of, and a commercial dumpster is the easiest solution for that. You can put the debris straight into the dumpster instead of piling it up somewhere.


You’re Moving to a New Location

Similarly, when moving to a new location, you may not have your weekly trash collection service set up at the new office. However, you may need to clean out or remodel the space to make it work for your needs. Bringing in a junk removal service or hiring a commercial dumpster is often the best option. Hiring Junk King to haul away the stuff you don’t need works well if all you’re doing is a clean-out. We will come pick up those left-behind desks, old shelving units, or whatever else you have.

However, if you’re doing a remodel, you may want a dumpster. This way, you have a space to throw the old cabinets, doors, flooring, and other debris, and it doesn’t have to pile up somewhere. Whether you need us to haul junk away or decide a dumpster is the way to go, be sure to include some plan for getting rid of trash and debris when planning your commercial renovation.


You’re Doing a Major Remodel

If you’re remodeling, you may already have garbage service at your location. However, a major remodel will likely create more debris than your standard trash service can take in a week. You will likely need to get an additional dumpster just to hold all of the trash the remodel generates. You may also be getting rid of old desks, shelves, and other items. You’ll need a large commercial dumpster to hold all of that. You may need a dumpster even if you’re doing a major clean-out. Even if you’re not moving walls, you may find that you have so much old junk that you need a dumpster or a junk removal company to handle it all.


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What’s the Right Dumpster Size?

Now that you’ve decided you need a dumpster, it’s time to figure out what size you need. Some commercial dumpsters are huge. These dumpsters may seem like the perfect option, but you may find that they have a few drawbacks. First, they may actually be too big. You don’t get a good return on your dumpster rental if you only use a small amount of its space. Before renting your dumpster, take a good look at how much trash and debris you will have. You may realize that you don’t need the largest one out of the different dumpster sizes available. Your contractor can help estimate how much debris will come from the remodel itself. Then consider what else you’re getting rid of.

Second, where are you going to put your dumpster? A large dumpster is very heavy even when it’s empty, and it can easily make deep impressions in the yard or even crack a driveway as it fills up. Be sure you take this into consideration. You don’t want to damage your parking lot or landscaping with a huge dumpster, especially if a smaller option will work just as well.


Know What You Can Dispose of

What can you put in your dumpster? If you don’t know, you run the risk of additional fees being added to your cost. Here at Junk King, we can take just about anything, but we cannot handle anything hazardous. If you put hazardous waste in a dumpster, it can harm our crews and could potentially damage the dumpster itself. For anything that we can’t take, you’ll need to contact a hazardous waste disposal service.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


Here are some of the things you can place in our commercial dumpsters:

Furniture, including desks, shelves, chairs, and tables.
Appliances, including refrigerators and microwaves.
Electronic waste such as computers, televisions, and cell phones.
Construction waste from remodeling projects.
–  Garbage and trash.

Our junk removal team can take anything you can put in one of our dumpsters. If you ever have any questions about what we can take, just ask.

furniture disposal guide


Keep Your Budget in Mind

Budgeting is vital if you want to keep your business in the black. Even budgeting for trash is vital to getting the best return on your investment. While renting a dumpster for a remodel or clean-out is something you’ll only do every now and then, you still need to budget for it. You want to make certain you find an affordable dumpster rental service, especially if you’re already spending a lot of money to remodel your office, warehouse, or other commercial space. It may be a small line item, but it’s still important that you shop around.

This is where Junk King’s unique pricing structure works in your favor. Instead of paying a flat fee for the dumpster, we charge by how much you use. Our cost is based on a few factors—first, the length of time. You can rent our dumpsters for three, five, or seven days. Next, we have a minimum cost. This is the least amount you’ll pay. If you only use a little bit of the dumpster, you’ll be charged this amount.

What if you fill the entire dumpster? Then you’ll pay the full cost. There’s also a rate for filling the dumpster about halfway, which is about 30% off the cost of a full dumpster. There are no other charges or fees added to the cost. You’ll pay based on how long you have the dumpster and how full it is at the end. That’s it. This means if you’re just cleaning out your retail location, you may find that you don’t use half of the space. Why pay for space you don’t use? We don’t think you should, so we make use of our unique tier system to help you save money.


At Junk King North Houston, We Commit to the Schedule

Your entire schedule can be thrown off if your dumpster isn’t delivered on time. When you make an appointment with Junk King, we stick to that schedule. We’ll pull up with your roll off dumpster trailer on the day, and at the time we agreed to. You can get to work filling the dumpster right away, and we’ll be back at the scheduled time to pick it up. If you need to have the dumpster picked up early, just give us a call, and we will do our best to work you into our schedule.


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We Provide Business Accounts

If you often need trash removal services or think you’ll need a dumpster several times a year, a business account may be the best option. This can help fit the costs into your budget. Plus, your account is good for every Junk King across the US and Canada. This means if you expand your business outside of North Houston, there may be a Junk King near this second location.

Instead of searching “dumpster rental near me,” just give Junk King a call. We will help you determine if a dumpster or our junk removal services fit your needs better and schedule whichever option is right for you. We offer no-obligation, free estimates with every job, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865 to learn more about Junk King or schedule an appointment.


Junk King North Houston Foreclosure Resources

Foreclosure Resources to Have as a Landlord

Suppose you’re a real estate investor, a lender, or another professional who is involved in real estate transactions. In that case, you may have to deal with one of the most unpleasant parts of this industry: foreclosure. Foreclosing on properties essentially means repossessing someone’s home. It’s not something you want to do, but if the borrower is too far behind on payments or has simply abandoned the property, it may be a process you have to take in order to protect your own income and investment. As a landlord or lender, it’s essential that you understand the process and that you follow the law when evicting and foreclosing on someone. You also need to understand what foreclosure resources are available to help you and your borrowers.


What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosing on a property is a last resort lenders, and landlords have when the borrower or tenant fails to make their loan payments. Several laws and regulations govern it, and it’s typically never the first option. Borrowers usually have to miss several payments in a row for lenders to foreclose on them.

In order to begin the eviction and foreclosure process, you may need to go to court. A judicial foreclosure is one ordered by the court after presenting your case to the judge. If it’s clear the borrowers have missed several payments and are unlikely to be able to catch up or even start making payments again, the judge is likely to grant the foreclosure. In some states, it’s possible to get a nonjudicial foreclosure. This option doesn’t require going through the courts, but it’s not available in all states. One such nonjudicial foreclosure is called a power of sale foreclosure and is included as a mortgage contract clause.


foreclosure cleanup guide


The Foreclosure Process

Foreclosures, even those that don’t go through the courts, take time. In fact, it often takes more than a year to fully complete the foreclosure process. This is because you must give borrowers a chance to become current on their payments. They also have to miss at least three months of payments before they can be considered in default. In some cases, you may have to wait as long as six months before you can begin the foreclosure process.

Once the required amount of time has passed, and the borrowers have made no move to make a payment, you have to file what is called a Notice of Default. You send this notice via certified mail to the borrower and file a copy with the recorder’s office. This notice includes how much the borrower owes in principle, interest, and late fees.

The borrower now has the chance to pay the amount listed, work with you to find a resolution, or even sell the home in a short sale in order to pay you what they owe. This pre-foreclosure period lasts for a specified time (usually outlined by local foreclosure laws). Once it’s over, you can file the Notice of Sale paperwork. This notice states your intent to sell the property and recoup whatever money you can on the loan.

The final step is to serve the borrowers with an eviction notice following the sale of the property. They now have to move out of the property. If they do not, you can contact law enforcement for assistance.


The COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government passed the CARES Act. This act went into effect at the end of March 2020. It included an eviction and foreclosure moratorium section. This meant that landlords could no longer evict tenants or begin the foreclosure process, even if borrowers were months behind on payments. In addition to the moratorium, borrowers could also ask lenders for a mortgage forbearance, and this paused their payments or allowed them to pay less for up to 180 days.

While foreclosures were initially set to resume on August 31, 2020, the moratorium was extended several times. Currently, however, the moratorium has expired. Borrowers were able to enroll for additional forbearance for several months after this, but that period has also ended.


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Foreclosure Resources

While the moratorium may be over, there are still a number of foreclosure resources out there for you and your borrowers to take advantage of. For example, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 made 10 billion dollars available to qualified homeowners to help them catch up on back payments.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has also added additional protections for homeowners who were affected by the pandemic. It provides them with additional assistance plans and means to avoid foreclosure. There are also some specific state and local resources you and your borrowers can look into.


Forbearance Can Be a Great Option

Some lenders are hesitant to offer forbearance, seeing it as a way for borrowers who are behind to simply keep living in a property without paying for it for longer. However, forbearance can be a good tool for both of you. For borrowers, it gives them time to get their finances together. If someone lost their job during the pandemic, for example, it’s very likely they fell behind on their payments. If they have found a new job, they have a steady income, but they may not be able to catch up on their mortgage right away. A few months in forbearance can help. Typically, borrowers don’t incur any extra interest or fees while in forbearance, further helping them.

On your side, avoiding foreclosure is the best option. It takes time and money to go through the steps of a foreclosure, and you likely won’t recoup all the money you lent. You avoid taking that loss and then further trying to sell the home to a new buyer.


What to Do if You Do Foreclose

If you do have to foreclose on a property, you want to make certain you follow all relevant laws and regulations. Even if you’ve gone through a foreclosure before, it’s best to check with a local legal expert to make certain you follow any recent changes. As the pandemic continues, it’s also possible another foreclosure moratorium or other regulations will go into effect. Be sure you understand these changes and follow them.

After you have finalized the foreclosure, the borrowers may want to move out before the sale of the property. In this case, you may need to clean out the home before you sell it. An empty house typically sells for more, so it’s a good idea to hire a junk removal service to take care of any furniture, appliances, or other garbage left in the home. Make certain that the borrowers do not want it or that you’ve followed the laws regarding abandoned property before doing so.


Bigger Trucks


Junk King North Houston is Here to Help with Junk Removal

Junk King offers full-service junk removal in North Houston. We work with both homeowners and commercial businesses, including landlords, banks, mortgage companies, and other lenders. Our team has years of experience in cleaning out homes. Whether the foreclosed-on property just has a few old pieces of furniture in it or has just about every room full of stuff, we can handle it.

We understand you don’t have the time to handle cleaning out these homes yourself. You likely also don’t have the manpower or the large vehicles needed to move all the furniture and appliances out. Our team will handle all of that. Just point out what you want us to take, and we will. You don’t need to move it out of the house or even to the garage. We will handle getting the items out of the home (carefully avoiding damaging anything) and into our truck.


Our No-Obligation Quote

As a full trash removal service, we’re able to take just about anything. As long as it doesn’t contain hazardous waste, Junk King can haul it away for you. We take furniture, appliances, electronics, hot tubs, and even yard waste and construction debris. Just let us know what you have, and we’ll give you a quote. Our estimates have no hidden fees—what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay. There is no obligation, either.

Often, when you call on us for a quote for trash, appliance, and furniture removal, we will bring one of our large trucks. If you agree to the quote, we will be able to take the items right then and there. Everything is done in one trip. For larger projects, including foreclosures where the tenants left a large amount of stuff, we may need to come back with an empty truck or even make a couple of trips.


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Give Junk King North Houston a Call Today

Getting a property into good shape so it can be resold is vital to your business. Every day the property is empty or isn’t on the market, you lose money. Making use of our clean out services is a great way of reducing this period and getting the house sold to someone new. If you’re in need of a junk removal company, give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK.


Junk King North Houston Houston recycling programs

Top 6 Houston Recycling Programs You Should Know About

As the world’s population has increased, our dependence on non-renewable resources also increased. Today, some of these resources are getting scarce. While some synthetic replacements have become available, there are some materials that we have yet to duplicate. This larger population has also resulted in an increase in waste. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the country generated nearly 300 million tons of garbage in 2018. That’s just a little under five pounds per person every single day. Much of this garbage ends up in landfills.

This is why recycling is so important. It addresses both of these issues. Materials are reused or remade into other materials, keeping them out of landfills while also alleviating some of our dependence on non-renewable resources.

If you live in North Houston, there are a few different Houston recycling programs you can take advantage of. By taking part in these programs, you can reduce the amount of trash your household contributes to landfills and do your part to help save the environment.


Make Use of the Houston Recycles Program

Houston Recycles is the term for the city’s recycling program. In order to participate, you simply place your green recycling bin at the curb on the designated day. Most homes should already have one of these carts. However, if you have just moved in and don’t have one, you can call the city’s Solid Waste Management Department and ask for one to be delivered. You can also call them and ask for a replacement bin if yours is damaged.

This Houston recycling program is included with your water and waste bill, and you pay for it whether you use it or not. You don’t need to sign up for the program—simply place your green bin out on the designated day and it will be collected.

The city does have some restrictions on what you can put in the bin. While you don’t have to sort your recycling in any way, you also should not bag it. Place the cans, cartons, cardboard, plastic, paper, and other items directly in the bin. These items need to be clean or they can contaminate the rest of the recycling. Greasy pizza boxes, for example, should be placed in the garbage instead of the recycling bin. You also cannot place any electronics, shredded paper, scrap metal, scrap wood, or non-recyclable items in the green bin.

You can visit the city’s website to find the Houston recycling schedule and learn more about the city’s plan to reduce how much trash goes into the local landfills. This website also has a comprehensive list of what is not acceptable for recycling.

Junk King North Houston

Houston Recycling for Tree and Yard Waste

While wood and other tree limbs and clippings are not recyclable through the curbside bin pickup program, the city does offer a tree waste collection service. The city will collect tree waste on a specific day during the odd months of the year. You will need to check to see when your scheduled pickup day is.

On this day, simply place your tree waste at the curb. Branches, limbs, and stumps will be collected. Note that lumber, treated wood, and wooden furniture are not acceptable. This program only collects natural wood waste from tree trimming or downed tree limbs from a storm. Small branches can be bundled together if they’re less than four feet long and smaller than 18 inches in diameter.

What does the city do with this waste? They take it to a mulching facility. This tree mulch is then bagged and made available to the public at specific stores. Proceeds from purchasing the mulch are one of the sources of funding for this and other recycling programs.

You can also recycle yard waste. While the city does encourage people to use cut grass as mulch or in compositing, you can still put it out for pickup. However, instead of placing it in your bin, you will need to bag the grass up in a compostable bag. These bags need to weigh less than 50 pounds each. Note that yard trimmings should not be mixed with any other type of recyclable.


Take Large Items to the City Recycling Centers

If you live in an apartment or dorm, you may not have your own recycling bin. If you still want to participate in recycling through the city, you can collect your recyclables and take them to one of the six neighborhood recycling centers. This does require you to keep your recycling in bags or boxes until you can haul it to the center. However, if you’re near one of these depositories, it may not be that much of a chore.

What can you recycle in Houston recycling centers? Unlike the bi-weekly pickup service, you can actually recycle more by taking it to a center. They accept furniture, tree waste, refrigerators, car tires, and much more. They don’t take commercial construction debris, concrete, or some other items, though. If you have some broken furniture, you may want to contact the closest recycling center to find out if they can recycle it.


Take Electronics and other Hazardous Waste to the Environmental Service Center

While the previous three recycling programs don’t handle electronics, the Environmental Services Centers do. These two centers deal with electronics recycling in Houston along with recycling hazardous materials. You can take batteries, aerosol cans, brake fluid, drain cleaner, pool chemicals, solvents, and much more to these centers for recycling or disposal. They accept monitors, computer equipment, televisions, VCR players, DVD players, stereo equipment, and other electronics.

There are some limits to how much recycling you can take to the Environmental Services Center at a time. You can learn more about this program on the ESC website.

Junk King North Houston Glass recycling

Drop Glass in Glass-Only Bins Across North Houston

Houston does have a specific glass recycling initiative. The city has partnered with a large glass recycler to provide glass drop-off boxes. These boxes are located across the city. All you have to do is drop your glass recycling off at one of these bins. You do need to rinse the jars out, and you should remove the lids, corks, and other caps before placing them in the recycling box.


Call Junk King of North Houston

Have too much recycling to put in your bin? Don’t have time or a vehicle large enough to take it to a recycling center? No problem—Junk King of North Houston has its own contribution to these Houston recycling programs, and is ready to help with all of your Houston recycling needs. We provide everything from paper recycling and metal recycling in Houston to junk collection and donation. Our goal is to recycle or donate as much as possible.

When you hire Junk King North Houston, we’re not simply loading up our truck and taking it right to the landfill. Instead, we sort through everything. We pull out anything that can be recycled and take it to one of our local recycling partners. We’re not just shredding this and salvaging some of it, either. We bail up all of the raw materials that can easily be recycled and send it to the experts who can recycle or reuse 100% of it. When you work with us, you truly are helping the planet.

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We Also Donate Items

In addition to recycling as much as we can, we also separate out any furniture, appliances, and anything else that is in good condition. We have several donation streams we can send these items through so that they get in the hands of those who need them. We even have our own warehouse where we can store items that there isn’t a need for currently. We’re that serious about keeping items out of the landfill.


How to Recycle with Junk King

What do you have to do to recycle materials with us? Give us a call and schedule a pickup time. We handle everything else. You don’t need to sort out recyclables, donatable items, and trash, either. We take care of that. Just let us know that you need items picked up and how much stuff you have. We will ask you a few questions to get an idea of the scope of the job and give you a quote. When we do in-person quotes, we often bring the truck with us. This means if you agree to the quote, we can start loading up right away.

junk removal service recycling

What Does Junk King Take?

We can handle just about anything as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous waste. We can take furniture, appliances, trash, mattresses, yard waste, construction waste, and much more. We can even handle your computer recycling in Houston. When you call or text us for a quote, we will let you know if there’s anything we cannot take.

While Houston’s recycling programs can deal with regular recycling, they may not be able to help you if you’re cleaning out your home or doing some other project that creates a large amount of recyclables. That’s where we come in. Give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865 to discuss how we can help you with your recycling project.

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Junk King North Houston

What to Expect When You Hire Junk King North Houston

When junk starts to pile up, you have two choices: let it take up space in your home, garage, or shed, or get rid of it. The second option is the most logical, but a lot of people let junk slowly build up. At first it’s easy to ignore that one little box or old appliance. Then you add an old chair or another box of stuff you plan on getting rid of eventually. Before long, though, you’ve lost half of your garage to this junk.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to hire Junk King of North Houston. Our team is here to get rid of any junk that has piled up. This junk doesn’t do anything for you—all it does is sit there. You could make much better use of that space, so why leave it to the garbage?

We often get questions from first-time clients about what they can expect from Junk King. We aren’t exactly the same as other companies that offer junk removal in Houston. We’d like to provide you with a basic idea of what a typical Junk King experience is like so you know what to expect.


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Why Call Junk King of North Houston?

The first question many people have, even those who call us, is why should they use a junk removal service at all? After all, the City of Houston picks up garbage weekly and has a junk waste program. They come by one day every other week to pick up bulk trash. Why not use these services?

There are a few reasons working with the city’s program may not be the right option for you. First, your trash bins may simply not be large enough to hold all of the trash you have. You may end up storing extra garbage for weeks, adding a bag or two to your regular weekly trash. It may take months for you to get rid of everything.

Second, bulky trash day for appliances, furniture, and other items only happens every other month. If you miss that day, you’re stuck with the stuff for two more months. Why wait? It’s just sitting there taking up space. This trash can even be a hazard to your home. For example, old furniture in the garage may become a home for mice or other pests. When you hire Junk King North Houston, we can remove it within a few days. We may even be able to do a same-day pickup. We’re quick and dependable, so you can take back your space right away.

Third, the city will only let you put out so much without being charged extra. You can’t fill up your entire front yard with trash for them to pick up. We don’t have any type of limit like that. We will take everything out of the house if you want. That’s why people often call us to clean out inherited homes, hoarder houses, and abandoned properties, such as after an eviction. We take just about anything.

Keeping trash doesn’t do you any good. Even if you plan on putting it out for the next city bulk waste collection day, you still have to deal with it. With Junk King, you don’t even have to move the old stuff. We’ll handle that, too.


Calling Junk King North Houston

The first step in preparing for junk removal in Houston TX is to call Junk King. Our team will ask you some questions about the junk you need hauled away. In some cases, we may be able to give you a quote over the phone. For example, if you have a standard sofa and two recliners, we know about the size and weight of those items.


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However, in some cases, we may need to actually come to your home and see what you need us to deal with. When we do this, we may actually bring our truck and crew with us if it’s available. This means once we give you the estimate and you approve it, we can get to work right away. If we can give you an estimate over the phone that you accept, we will schedule your pickup as soon as possible. Again, we may be able to send our crew out right away, if they are available.


Text Junk King of North Houston

Another option is to text us to schedule junk waste pickup in Houston. Take some pictures of the junk you need removed and send them to us at 1-737-888-5865. We will take a look and provide you with an estimate via text. We may need additional pictures or more information, but we can typically provide an accurate estimate this way.

In addition to texting and calling us, you can also book online. Our website has a very easy to use scheduling system. We will reply as quickly as possible with any questions we have about your job.


What About the Cost?

Our estimates contain all charges and fees, so there are never any hidden costs. The reason why we need to know what you have to haul away is because our costs are based on what junk we’re removing and how much of it you have. This is why having an on-site estimate is often necessary. We want to be able to give you an accurate estimate, and that often means seeing what you have in person. All of our estimates are free, and there is never any obligation attached.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


What Will Junk King Haul Away?

Junk King of Houston and North Houston TX will haul away anything that isn’t hazardous. We do have to protect our team and our equipment, so we can’t take any hazardous waste or chemicals. However, we do take just about everything else, including appliances, furniture, and trash. We even handle things other junk hauling services refuse to deal with, including hot tubs and construction waste.

You don’t need to do anything with the furniture or appliances you have us pick up, either. While you can certainly move it to the garage or into another space to get it out of your way, you don’t have to. This includes items such as your hot tub. We know how to disassemble these large items and will handle all of the heavy lifting. We know how to safely lift heavy items and how to maneuver awkwardly shaped pieces to get them out of your home without doing any damage. Just leave it to the professionals. We know how to move these large, heavy items without hurting ourselves or damaging anything.


Don’t Expect All of Your Garbage to Go to the Landfill

Many people expect junk hauling services to take everything straight to the dump, but Junk King doesn’t do that. We are dedicated to recycling or donating as much as possible. We work hard to keep junk out of the landfill. When we pick up your stuff, we will take it to our warehouse and sort it. We pull out any furniture and other items that are still in good condition. We take these items to donation centers and other organizations that will get them to people in need.

Then we sort through items to determine what can go to one of our partner Houston recycling centers. Anything that can be recycled will be. This even includes items such as mattresses and furniture that must be disassembled first. When you hire Junk King of Houston North to pick up your items, you can feel great knowing we recycle more than 90% of what we pick up.


junk removal service recycling


What to Expect on the Day of Your Scheduled Pick Up

When the day of your scheduled pick up arrives, you can expect a text from us when we’re about 15-20 minutes away from your home. Once we arrive, we will get right to work. If we’re there to get an estimate, we will take notes on the junk you need removed and give you an estimate. Again, we can often load up the junk right then and there if you agree to the quote.

If you already have a quote and are ready for us to go to work, we’ll get started right away. Just point us to what you need removed. We’ll handle everything else. Our teams work quickly and efficiently, so we’ll have everything loaded up as fast as we can. That’s all there is to it!


Hire Junk King North Houston Today!

We’re ready to start hauling away any junk you might have. Whether it’s a few old pieces of furniture or a whole house full, Junk King can handle it. When you hire Junk King North Houston, you can expect professional junk removal services done at a fair price. We treat all of our customers with the respect they are due, no matter how big or small the job is.

If you’re ready to get rid of that junk you’ve had sitting around for years, give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and schedule your pickup as soon as we can.

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Preparing for Junk Removal in North Houston, Texas

Do you have old appliances taking up space in your garage? Got some broken or worn-out furniture you “temporarily” moved into the spare bedroom for a few days until you could get rid of it, but it’s sat there for years? No matter what junk you’ve got taking up space, it needs to go. Junk King can get rid of old furniture, busted appliances, and much more. We’re here for all of your junk hauling needs in North Houston, Texas.


Don’t Put Off Junk Removal in North Houston

Does it really matter that you have an old refrigerator in the garage or a stained chair in the back room? It may not seem like it costs you anything to keep this junk, but it does. You could use that space for something else. Why keep something you can’t use or that you’re not happy with? Think of what you could do with that extra space in the garage or in your home.

Other junk may be ruining your home’s appeal. If you have yard debris or a shed that’s falling down, people notice. It makes your street and your overall neighborhood look bad. In some areas, you may even be subject to fines if you have junk sitting out for too long. Don’t put off getting rid of this garbage. It will improve your home’s curb appeal and could help you avoid a city fine.

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How to Get Rid of Junk

There are a few ways you could get rid of your junk. The first is to haul it away yourself. This can be fine if the junk you have is fairly small, lightweight, or easy to move. It’s also an option if you have a truck or other vehicle you can use to haul the junk to the landfill. If you don’t, or if you’re dealing with a large amount of garbage, hauling it away yourself can be a pain. You may have to try to find a truck to borrow, and you may need to get several family members or friends involved. It can also be a lot of work and could potentially take up an entire day or a weekend.

Another option is to use Houston’s bulk junk waste removal. This is a free service that is a part of your standard garbage fee. However, there are some downsides to using this service. The city will only take specific items. For example, they will not take any contractor-created debris, which means junk from remodeling projects cannot be put out for collection. You also must have a licensed technician remove refrigerant from appliances and give you a tag to place on the item. Finally, you’re restricted to eight cubic yards of waste. The city also only picks up bulk waste during specific months. If you miss the once-per-period pickup, you may have to wait two months before you can put the junk out again.

The third option is to give us a call. Let Junk King come collect all of your garbage, debris, and other junk. Our teams have the necessary vehicles and equipment to do so quickly and safely. We will take almost anything as long as it doesn’t contain hazardous materials. We will take refrigerators and other appliances that contain refrigerant. Finally, we will come out when you need us and haul away as much junk as you have. There’s no limit on how much we will take, and you can call us as often as you need.


How to Prepare for Junk Removal in North Houston

Ready to get rid of some junk? There are a few ways to prepare for our visit. The first is to determine what it is you need to get rid of. In some cases, this is easy. If you have a sofa with a ripped back or a broken support, it needs to go. The same is true of a washing machine that doesn’t work and cannot be easily repaired.

In some cases, though, you may need to sort through stuff to determine what’s junk and what isn’t. If you’ve inherited your parent’s home, for example, you may know that you need to get rid of some stuff, but you may also want to keep some items. You’ll need to go through everything and set aside what you need us to pick up so we know exactly what you want gone.

While sorting through old clothing, papers, and other items is helpful to us if you know you want to keep some of it, you don’t necessarily have to move all the junk into one place. For example, you can leave furniture and appliances where they are. Just point out what you want us to remove, and we will handle it. This includes items in your yard such as tree limbs and other debris. Another option is to tag items with a sticky note or other indicator so we know what you want us to remove.

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Complete Projects if Possible

If you’re working on a home DIY or other project that is creating waste and garbage, try to wait until you have all of the debris before calling us. This will help us give you a more accurate estimate and ensure we only have to come collect debris once. In some cases, this is simple. For example, if you’re doing a yard renovation, you may be able to stack up all the trimmed tree branches and other waste in one section of your yard. However, if you’re doing a larger renovation, it could take several days or even a week to complete all of the demo. What do you do with that garbage? 

You can stack it in the garage or other area. If you don’t have that space, though, one option is to rent a dumpster. Junk King offers dumpster rentals ranging from several days to a week or more. You only pay for the amount of space in the dumpster that you use, too. If you only fill it up halfway, you will pay less than if you used the entire dumpster. This is a good option if you know you’ll need time to gather your junk but don’t have a space to store it. When you’re done with the dumpster, call us and we will collect it.

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Is Your Junk Ready for Pickup?

After you’ve sorted through your possessions and know what you want us to pick up, it’s time to give us a call. We offer free estimates for every job, and there’s no obligation to use our services. We try to make everything as easy for you as we possibly can. To that end, we offer several ways of reaching out to us. You can give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK and talk to one of our expert customer service representatives. They will ask you several questions about what you need hauled away and provide you with a quote. Another option is to text pictures of the junk to 1-737-888-5865. We will look over the images and ask any follow-up questions we may have.

If you have a lot of junk, you can also call us and ask us to send someone over to give you an in-person quote. We often bring one of our large junk trucks with us. After we take a look at what you have and give you a quote, we can get to work right away if you accept the estimate. This means you can get rid of all of that junk immediately, and there’s no need for a second appointment.


Why Junk King?

Why hire Junk King of North Houston? We’re consistently ranked as one of the top junk removal services in the area and the nation. Our previous customers have reviewed us as being “reasonably priced and efficient” and that we are “on time, quick, and know what they’re doing.” Our pricing structure is unique in that you only pay for the amount of space in our truck that your junk takes up. You won’t be paying for a huge truck when you only have an old chair or refrigerator to get rid of.

Another benefit to working with Junk King is that we recycle or donate as much as we can. We believe in keeping the earth safe, and one way of doing so is to reduce the amount of stuff that goes into landfills. We donate gently used furniture and appliances to local charities, and we sort out the recyclable materials to send to recycling centers.

Got some garbage and other junk you need to get rid of? Why wait? All you’re doing is letting that junk take up some of your valuable space that you could use for something else. Whether it’s a few old pieces of furniture or a large amount of old stuff you’ve just never gotten around to getting rid of, don’t wait any longer. Contact Junk King of North Houston today to arrange for a free estimate and to make an appointment to have that junk hauled off.

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Junk King North Houston Helps Houston Realtors

Realtors Need Junk King of North Houston as the Ace Up Their Sleeve

As a real estate agent, you have many things on your plate. This is especially true if you deal with foreclosed homes or homes being sold as-is. These homes as well as those that have been inherited or that were rental properties the owner is now attempting to sell off may not be in the best shape. They may also have some junk or abandoned property inside that needs to be removed before repairs can be made or the property shown. If you regularly deal with properties like this, you need a reliable partner to handle the trash. Junk King of North Houston is your ace in the hole for these properties.


Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Junk King?

There are many reasons why you may want to partner with a junk removal service. You may not have the time or resources to clean out these properties yourself. Some may be so bad that you don’t even know where to start. The previous owners or tenants may have simply walked away, especially if they were not current on their mortgage or rent.

No one else is going to clean out the junk left behind, especially on a foreclosed home. In this case, the bank or lender simply wants to offload the property as soon as they can to make back a little bit of the money they’ve lost. If you’re an agent who often works with these lenders, you know you’re not going to get the same amount of cooperation from these organizations as you would from a private seller.

You could leave it for the new buyers, but few people want to buy a house full of garbage. Those who do are often flippers looking to pay as little as possible for a property. The less they pay, the lower your commission is. Let’s look at these reasons more in-depth so you can have a better idea of how exactly Junk King of Houston North can help your real estate business.

 Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

Junk King Saves You Time and Money

As a real estate office, you and your team are focused on promoting houses and closing deals. You work tirelessly to ensure your clients get the best deal for their home, whether they’re buying it or selling it. You don’t have the time to clean out properties, nor do you have the expertise to do so quickly and effectively.

Junk King does. Our crew has cleaned out homes full of garbage. We’ve worked on some of the worst hoarder houses you can imagine, so your properties won’t shock us. We will come in and get to work right away. Our employees are trained to understand how to safely remove heavy, bulky, and awkwardly shaped items. Where others may injure themselves or damage the walls or doorframes trying to get these things out, we won’t. We also have the proper safety equipment and other tools needed to move even the heaviest items.

Because we quickly clean out properties, you don’t have to wait as long to photograph them or show potential buyers the space. If the seller is going to renovate, they can also get to work right away. This cuts down the amount of time the property sits empty. The faster you can get it on the market, the less time the seller has to continue paying the mortgage on the property or handling the upkeep.

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Empty Properties Sell Faster

Another reason to have Junk King come in and empty out a home is to sell it faster and easier. While staged properties do sell very quickly, that’s not always an option if the seller doesn’t want to pay for staging or if it’s a foreclosure property. In these cases, the seller often simply wants to offload the property as quickly as they can.

If the home is full of garbage, it can be very difficult for potential buyers to get past what they’re seeing. Instead of imagining a cozy home full of their own furniture, they see broken appliances, piles of trash, and other junk. They also see that they’re going to have to do a lot of work cleaning out the property before they can even think about transforming it into a home someone would want to live in. Even flippers may have reservations about taking on a junk house, especially if they haven’t been flipping homes very long.

Homes that are full of old furniture and other garbage also look smaller. Large items draw the eye and make it harder to get a feel for how big a room actually is. The same is true if you have a lot of small items or bags of trash in a room. The more clutter there is, the smaller and more claustrophobic the space will feel. By emptying it out, a property will look and feel much larger than it actually is, helping it sell faster.


Let Us Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal

Real estate experts know that often, potential buyers have already made up their minds about a home before they even walk in the door. They judge it from how it looks from the curb. If a home has low curb appeal, it often doesn’t matter how great the house looks inside. The potential buyers may decide to not even bother because of how the house looks from the outside.

While we don’t help with peeling paint or broken windows, Junk King can help remove junk and other debris from the property. We will even deal with yard debris. You can send in your landscapers and tree trimmers to give the yard an overhaul, then call us to haul away all the limbs, dead bushes, and other garbage. We can clean out sheds, garages, and other outbuildings, too. If you’ve demolished an old shed, we will even haul it away. When we’re done, the property will look so much better.

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What We Haul Away Here at Junk King of North Houston

We will haul away just about everything you have on hand. While other junk removal companies may have some limits on what they will take, Junk King doesn’t. The only thing we won’t take is hazardous waste. We handle everything else, including furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, yard debris, and construction waste

To hire Junk King North Houston to take care of your junk, all you have to do is call, text, or send us an online message. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will even come to the property to do a full walk-through if you have a lot of junk. Often, we can give you a quote right then and there. We may even bring one of our large trucks with us. If you accept the quote, we can go to work right away. This means it’s possible we will be able to clean out the property on the same day you call us. You can then immediately go to work selling it.

Anything that is truly trash will be disposed of, but we do try to recycle or donate as much as we can. We believe in protecting the environment by reducing how much goes into landfills. We will sort out any recyclable materials from the junk we collect and take them to a local recycling center. We also take gently used furniture or appliances that still work to a local charity or other organization that helps those in need. In the end, we typically recycle or donate over 90 percent of everything we collect.


Junk King Also Offers Dumpster Rental

If you have a home the seller needs to do some work on, we can also help by bringing one of our dumpsters. We rent dumpsters on a three-, five-, or seven-day schedule. Once the dumpster is full or your project is finished, just give us a call and we will come pick it up. This often works better for homes that need some remodeling. The renovation team can fill up the dumpster as they complete demo. This way, you don’t have debris piling up or need us to come every day.


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Don’t Let Junk Keep You from Closing a Sale—Call Junk King of Houston North Today

Having a property full of junk puts the whole selling process on pause until it’s cleaned out. Even if you could sell the home without removing the garbage, you’re likely to have a harder time doing so. You may also get lower offers, leaving both you and your clients with less money than what the property is truly worth.

Junk King will quickly and efficiently remove junk from the home, outbuildings, and even the yard, improving the overall appeal of the property. Whether you then sell it as-is or wait on the seller to make some repairs and improvements, the home will already look better to potential buyers. If you’re a real estate agent with junk-filled properties, give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK for your free, no-obligation quote. You can also text us photos of the junk to 1-737-888-5865 or fill out our online form.

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Declutter Your Home as You Pack for Your Move: Five Key Steps

When people think of a company like Junk King Houston North they think of us removing big things: appliances, house clean outs, old furniture removal, yard clean ups, etc. You might be surprised to know a big part of our business is just helping people declutter – and you’d be even more surprised to see how much extra stuff you have when you start decluttering. A great time to declutter is when you are about to move. You have to pack and unpack all your stuff anyway, right? Why not get rid of the items you don’t need and let us reuse and recycle as much as possible now? Here are our tips for decluttering before you move:

Your moving day is coming up. That must mean it’s time to start packing boxes, but wait. Everything you pack you’ll pay to move. Then, you’ll need to unpack all those things and deal with them at your new place. Why not use your move as a natural opportunity to declutter your house?

Declutter while you pack to keep your new home clean and fresh
Imagine yourself unpacking in your new home. Each box you open contains only the things you want and need. No clutter and no junk. If you declutter as you pack for your move, this can be you.

Decluttering also improves your health
Besides saving you money, there are health benefits to decluttering. Research shows that having a less cluttered home can help your memory function better, and it reduces stress responses in your body. So while you’re packing for your move, you can improve your health by leaving behind piles of stuff you don’t need.

Step 1: Start with clearing a space for your packed boxes.

Your packing and decluttering will be easier if you have a clear space to store your packed boxes as you prepare to move. If you have a garage, this is a great place to start. If you don’t, then use a storage room, spare room or large closet. If you’re tight for space, section off an area of your home that you’ll use for this purpose.

Starting in this space, label four boxes or bins: 1) keep; 2) discard (and then can mean having Junk King Houston North donate, recycle, or dispose of your items) . This will be your sorting system as you go through each of the items in this area. Make your “keep” box one of your moving boxes. This will save you time. You’ll only need to handle your “keep” items once. Once you select the items to keep, pack them straight into a moving box.

As you go through the items in this space, try to touch an item only once and decide what to do with it. Remember that each thing you put in a box you’re welcoming into your new home. If you don’t want it there, don’t pack it. If you have sentimental items in this space, place them in another room to deal with later.

Step 2: Bathrooms are a great place to begin decluttering.

Once you’ve cleared the space where you’ll store your packed boxes, you’re ready to move onto decluttering a small area. We have emotional ties to many of our items, so it’s more difficult to make decisions about them. Leave these decisions for later when you’ve built momentum from decluttering other things in your home.

The bathroom is an easy place to start. Grab two boxes or bins and label them as we discussed earlier. You’re ready to start sorting. You’ll usually find several beauty products that haven’t been used or maybe partial bottles of products that you didn’t like. Now is the time to clear out all these items. Unused products can be useful to others, so place them in the give away box. Remember to check the expiry dates on items like makeup, hair products, etc. Most of these products have a shelf life.

For bathrooms, there are some items you’ll need before you move. You can keep these aside in a small bin, so they are easy to grab when the time comes. For things like toilet paper, estimate what you’ll need until you move and pack the rest. You can do the same with towels. Keep out a few and pack the rest.

Step 3: Use your momentum to tackle decluttering paperwork.

As much as we use computers and smartphones, we all seem to accumulate paperwork over time. Chances are you have boxes of old paperwork, and you don’t want to pay to move paperwork you haven’t looked at in years.

For paper sorting, label four boxes or bins: 1) keep; 2) recycle; 3) shred; and 4) garbage. If you have a lot of old papers, sorting might take a while, so be sure to take breaks as you sort. Here are a few things to consider as you’re decluttering:
Check with your country’s regulations on tax records to find out how long you’re required to keep these records.
If you’re concerned about financial papers, you can box them up and take them to a professional shredding service, or shed them yourself before you move.
Sort the papers you’re keeping into simple categories as you go (home, car, insurance, warranties, etc.). They’ll be easy to deal with when you unpack.
Get rid of old schoolwork or college/university papers. It’s unlikely you’re going to need term papers you wrote years ago. If they’re sentimental, either take a picture of the cover or keep just one example. For children’s schoolwork, select some meaningful pieces and let the rest go. Having a few important pieces is more manageable than keeping boxes that will just go into storage in your new place.

Step 4: Kitchens are often full of clutter. Keep only what you regularly use.

If you’re like most people, you probably have kitchen gadgets or appliances that were gifts or bought with good intentions, but they are items you rarely use. It’s better to sell or give these items away than have them take up space in your new kitchen.

Another source of kitchen clutter are plastic storage containers (so many with missing lids!). You likely don’t use most of the containers you have, and the ones with missing lids are just frustrating. Keep a few and give away or recycle the rest. The fewer kitchen items you have, the clearer your countertops will be in your new space. Everything will fit away neatly in the cupboards.

Step 5: Dealing with sentimental items: find ways to keep the memories without the clutter.

It’s hard to let go of items that are tied to memories. That’s why it’s best to leave these decisions to the end (once you’ve seen the success of your other decluttering). Really stop to think about what these items are doing for you. For example, maybe you’ve had a sports jersey in a box for ten years. What good is it doing packed away in a box? Give yourself permission to let go of things that you don’t use or want to display.

For special clothes, you can have old t-shirts or baby clothes, made into a patchwork quilt or you can frame a few of them to display. Another idea for special clothes is to just keep a few important items, such as items you’d like to pass on to your children, rather than a full box.

Keep the vision of your new, clean space in your mind as you pack
You can use the sorting process to declutter all the areas of your home as your pack. As you go through the process, keep a vision of your new place in your mind. Focus on the relief you’ll feel when you’re moving in with fewer items that are all truly useful and meaningful to you.

You’ll be surprised how many items you might end up with after you declutter as you pack. And now you might find some of those bigger items Junk King Houston North is known for: appliances you need removed, old furniture you’d like donated, a mattress that’s past its prime and needs mattress disposal. Junk King Houston North can help you tackle any clutter removal – big or small!

Attack of the Crates


Is your garage no longer a garage because you have too much junk? Junk King Houston North specialized in garage cleanups, appliance removal, furniture removal and more. We can get your garage cleaned out in Houston in no time. Even better, we specialize in donating and recycling all that extra junk in your garage so you can feel even better knowing as little as possible goes to a landfill!

Before you start your garage clean out with Junk King Houston North there are a few time saving steps you can take to make the process even better:

  1. Mark large items you no longer need ahead of time. This will give you a chance to think about which large items need to be removed and which need to stay. Do you want to remove obsolete appliances? Go ahead and mark them! When the Junk King Houston North team arrives they will be able to quickly free up space for sorting your smaller items.
  2. Decide how you want to process smaller items. It’s common for boxes of small junk to need to be removed from your garage. Sometimes we recommend setting up a sorting station where members of your household can go through old boxes of junk you need hauled off. If you are sure you don’t want those old boxes of books, mark them and Junk King Houston North can remove them for you. We’ll even work to donate and reuse the small items from your garage!
  3. Think about a new organization system for your garage. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff you need to keep after you clean out your garage. There’s no better time than after we’ve emptied your garage out to install new shelving, storage, and racks. Best of all, Junk King Houston North can help you move the items you wish to keep back in to your garage!
  4. Identify old paints, chemicals, solvents and other liquids you no longer need. These types of items not only take up room but they are also very dangerous. We can’t haul these items for you but we can direct you to local city and county resources where you can safely dispose of them.
  5. Make some rules. You’d be surprised how even the simplest of rules can help keep your garage cleaned out and free of junk! Resolve to keep everything on a shelf or always have room for both cars to keep your garage neat and orderly going forward.

Garages are the hardest part of the house to keep free of junk. Call Junk King Houston North today to clean out your unwanted garage junk and start fresh!

Garage Clean Out Tips





Is your garage no longer a garage because you have too much junk? Junk King Houston North specialized in garage cleanups, appliance removal, furniture removal and more. We can get your garage cleaned out in Houston in no time. Even better, we specialize in donating and recycling all that extra junk in your garage so you can feel even better knowing as little as possible goes to a landfill!

Before you start your garage clean out with Junk King Houston North there are a few time saving steps you can take to make the process even better:

1. Mark large items you no longer need ahead of time. This will give you a chance to think about which large items need to be removed and which need to stay. Do you want to remove obsolete appliances? Go ahead and mark them! When the Junk King Houston North team arrives they will be able to quickly free up space for sorting your smaller items.

2. Decide how you want to process smaller items. It’s common for boxes of small junk to need to be removed from your garage. Sometimes we recommend setting up a sorting station where members of your household can go through old boxes of junk you need hauled off. If you are sure you don’t want those old boxes of books, mark them and Junk King Houston North can remove them for you. We’ll even work to donate and reuse the small items from your garage!

3. Think about a new organization system for your garage. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff you need to keep after you clean out your garage. There’s no better time than after we’ve emptied your garage out to install new shelving, storage, and racks. Best of all, Junk King Houston North can help you move the items you wish to keep back in to your garage!

4. Identify old paints, chemicals, solvents and other liquids you no longer need. These types of items not only take up room but they are also very dangerous. We can’t haul these items for you but we can direct you to local city and county resources where you can safely dispose of them.

5. Make some rules. You’d be surprised how even the simplest of rules can help keep your garage cleaned out and free of junk! Resolve to keep everything on a shelf or always have room for both cars to keep your garage neat and orderly going forward.

Garages are the hardest part of the house to keep free of junk. Call Junk King Houston North today at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) to clean out your unwanted garage junk and start fresh!

JunK King Houston North Garage Cleanout Tips

The best Houston North – Garage Cleanout is only a click or call away. We’ll come and take everything away for you. This department is just another way that we show our 100% dedication to client satisfaction. There’s a very good reason Junk King has the most loyal clientele and the highest ratings as far as North American junk removal services go.

Along with our unflinching credibility and other professional ways our well-trained teams conduct themselves, we also available supply information that you can use.

Old Newspapers

Here are a few Houston North – Garage Cleanout tips on the things that you don’t want to keep in that space. We know it’s tempting to leave some old newspapers in the garage, but paper of all kinds should be stored inside the house. Not only do newspapers pose a threat of fire, there are other types of documents and photographs should be kept inside. We have seen instances where moisture in the garage can cause important documents to get moldy and even warp.

Constantly Changing Temperatures
Our Houston North – Garage Cleanout services also caution against keeping refrigerators outside. The reason is simple if you stop and think about it. There are a series of constantly changing temperatures in a garage. That means one of these appliances will need to work harder in the summer. What’s more, it will need to work overtime in the winter as well.

While we are very proud of our garage cleaning services, that’s not the only removal department that we have here at Junk King. Take a few minutes to check out our yard waste and appliance removal. You’ll find that everything we do is under the role of 100% dedication to every project we take on.

An Old Television
Keep in mind that even if you’ve got an old television that’s been taking up a corner of your garage, we can get rid of it for you. There are a few things that you need to think about when you’re getting rid of this type of electronic waste. Every state has different regulations and we can help abide by those in Texas when that television needs to go.

No Paint
There are other things that you shouldn’t store in the garage. Paint is another item that can become volatile in the temperature swings in that part of your house. Remember that any kind of food doesn’t do well in your garage either. Finally, our Houston North – Garage Cleanout professionals warn against storing cardboard boxes out there.

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