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Garage Clean Out Tips





Is your garage no longer a garage because you have too much junk? Junk King Houston North specialized in garage cleanups, appliance removal, furniture removal and more. We can get your garage cleaned out in Houston in no time. Even better, we specialize in donating and recycling all that extra junk in your garage so you can feel even better knowing as little as possible goes to a landfill!

Before you start your garage clean out with Junk King Houston North there are a few time saving steps you can take to make the process even better:

1. Mark large items you no longer need ahead of time. This will give you a chance to think about which large items need to be removed and which need to stay. Do you want to remove obsolete appliances? Go ahead and mark them! When the Junk King Houston North team arrives they will be able to quickly free up space for sorting your smaller items.

2. Decide how you want to process smaller items. It’s common for boxes of small junk to need to be removed from your garage. Sometimes we recommend setting up a sorting station where members of your household can go through old boxes of junk you need hauled off. If you are sure you don’t want those old boxes of books, mark them and Junk King Houston North can remove them for you. We’ll even work to donate and reuse the small items from your garage!

3. Think about a new organization system for your garage. Obviously there’s a lot of stuff you need to keep after you clean out your garage. There’s no better time than after we’ve emptied your garage out to install new shelving, storage, and racks. Best of all, Junk King Houston North can help you move the items you wish to keep back in to your garage!

4. Identify old paints, chemicals, solvents and other liquids you no longer need. These types of items not only take up room but they are also very dangerous. We can’t haul these items for you but we can direct you to local city and county resources where you can safely dispose of them.

5. Make some rules. You’d be surprised how even the simplest of rules can help keep your garage cleaned out and free of junk! Resolve to keep everything on a shelf or always have room for both cars to keep your garage neat and orderly going forward.

Garages are the hardest part of the house to keep free of junk. Call Junk King Houston North today at 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK) to clean out your unwanted garage junk and start fresh!

JunK King Houston North Garage Cleanout Tips

The best Houston North – Garage Cleanout is only a click or call away. We’ll come and take everything away for you. This department is just another way that we show our 100% dedication to client satisfaction. There’s a very good reason Junk King has the most loyal clientele and the highest ratings as far as North American junk removal services go.

Along with our unflinching credibility and other professional ways our well-trained teams conduct themselves, we also available supply information that you can use.

Old Newspapers

Here are a few Houston North – Garage Cleanout tips on the things that you don’t want to keep in that space. We know it’s tempting to leave some old newspapers in the garage, but paper of all kinds should be stored inside the house. Not only do newspapers pose a threat of fire, there are other types of documents and photographs should be kept inside. We have seen instances where moisture in the garage can cause important documents to get moldy and even warp.

Constantly Changing Temperatures
Our Houston North – Garage Cleanout services also caution against keeping refrigerators outside. The reason is simple if you stop and think about it. There are a series of constantly changing temperatures in a garage. That means one of these appliances will need to work harder in the summer. What’s more, it will need to work overtime in the winter as well.

While we are very proud of our garage cleaning services, that’s not the only removal department that we have here at Junk King. Take a few minutes to check out our yard waste and appliance removal. You’ll find that everything we do is under the role of 100% dedication to every project we take on.

An Old Television
Keep in mind that even if you’ve got an old television that’s been taking up a corner of your garage, we can get rid of it for you. There are a few things that you need to think about when you’re getting rid of this type of electronic waste. Every state has different regulations and we can help abide by those in Texas when that television needs to go.

No Paint
There are other things that you shouldn’t store in the garage. Paint is another item that can become volatile in the temperature swings in that part of your house. Remember that any kind of food doesn’t do well in your garage either. Finally, our Houston North – Garage Cleanout professionals warn against storing cardboard boxes out there.

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