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Category Archives: Commercial Junk Removal

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Junk Removal for Businesses: How to Keep Your Workspace Clutter-Free

Commercial Junk Removal Tips From Our Experts

A cluttered workspace can be a major source of stress and can negatively impact productivity in the workplace. If you own a business, it’s important to prioritize junk removal and keep your workspace clutter-free. Here are a few tips on how to make junk removal a priority in your business.

Identify the Problem Areas

Take a walk around your workspace and identify the areas that are cluttered or in need of junk removal. This could be anything from old files and paperwork to outdated equipment or furniture. Once you have identified the problem areas, you can prioritize which areas need to be addressed first.

Set a Schedule

Junk removal should be a regular part of your business operations. Set a schedule for junk removal and stick to it. This will help prevent clutter from accumulating and keep your workspace organized and efficient. You can also consider hiring a professional junk removal company like Junk King Houston North to handle the task for you on a regular basis.

Donate or Recycle

When you’re getting rid of old equipment or furniture, consider donating it to a local charity or recycling it. This will not only keep your workspace clutter-free but will also help reduce your environmental impact. Many professional junk removal companies offer donation and recycling services as well, so you can rest assured that your items are being handled responsibly.

Encourage Employee Participation

Junk removal is not just the responsibility of the business owner or manager. Encourage your employees to take an active role in keeping the workspace clutter-free. Provide bins or boxes for recyclables and make it easy for employees to dispose of items that are no longer needed. This will help create a culture of cleanliness and organization in the workplace.

Contact Us

At Junk King Houston North, we understand the importance of junk removal for businesses. Our team of professionals can help you identify problem areas and create a schedule for regular junk removal. We also offer donation and recycling services, so you can rest assured that your items are being handled responsibly.

Don’t let clutter take over your workspace. Call Junk King Houston North today and let us help you create a clutter-free and organized workspace that promotes productivity and success.

Junk King North Houston Junk Removal North Houston

How Houston Junk Removal Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Has junk taken over your life? If it has, you need to take back your life. You shouldn’t be inconvenienced by junk. Unfortunately, many people are. They have an old refrigerator, sagging couch, or other items that they want to get rid of but never quite get around to actually tossing them. Sometimes this is a matter of timing—city bulk trash services only come around once a month or so. If you don’t remember to put your old furniture and other large items out the day before, you’ll have to store them somewhere for another month.


If you plan on hauling the items to the city landfill yourself, time is an issue. You have to load the items up in a truck and drive them to the landfill, and if you’re really busy, finding time to do that can be difficult. You’ve got to arrange that trip during the landfill’s hours of operation, too, which only makes it more difficult. 


There’s another solution: call Junk King of North Houston. Our team will get rid of all that junk quickly, and you don’t even have to get it out of your house. If you’ve got junk you haven’t been able to get rid of for months, give us a call. It’s time to get your life back.

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Junk Takes Up Valuable Space


One of the biggest reasons to get rid of junk is because it takes up a lot of space. How much of your garage is dedicated to storing stuff you’ll never use again? What about your basement or attic? Maybe you’ve even shoved an old chair into your guest room or other space just to put it somewhere out of the way. Once it’s there, it’s often out of sight, out of mind. When you do remember that you need to arrange to get rid of it, you may not be in a position to actually take care of that task right away. This can go on for months or even years. If it’s something you’ve put in the corner of the basement, you may not even see it again until you move.


No matter where the item is, it’s taking up space that you could use for something else. If you can’t park a car in your garage because of all the stuff you have in there, take a good look at what you’re actually storing. How much of it is useful? If the answer is not much, then you have to ask yourself why you’re keeping it and what you could use that space for. 


By getting rid of the junk you’re storing and organizing what’s left, you may have space to park your car in the garage. You might be able to move some things out of your house, freeing up more room in a closet or guest room. Having space tied up by junk can have more of an impact on your home than you might think, especially once you stop and add up just how much room you’ve lost to things you don’t ever plan on using again.


Get Rid of Safety Hazards


Old appliances and furniture can do more than just take up space—they can also be a safety hazard. Children, pets, and other animals can get trapped inside of old refrigerators or dryers if the doors aren’t removed or taped shut. Even then, these appliances can be dangerous because they look like great places to play. 


Old furniture and other items may have sharp places on them that people could get cut on. Wooden furniture that has a broken section could cause someone to get a splinter under their skin, too. Depending on where and how you’ve placed the junk, it’s possible it could tip over and fall on someone. If you have to store old items before they can be hauled away, always think about safety concerns and do your best to ensure that your kids, pets, animals, and even other adults can’t easily get hurt.


Another hazard old furniture presents is that it makes a great home for pests and rodents. If you put an old chair in the garage, it could become home for mice or rats. Insects may also enjoy living under furniture where it’s dark and safe. 

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Junk Can Ruin Your Vision for Your Home


When we think about junk, we often think about furniture, appliances, and other items. However, Junk King Houston North also deals with structures that need to be removed. This type of junk, including old sheds, playhouses, decks, and patios, can affect your overall vision of your home. You may be very tired of looking out the window at what should be a serene, gorgeous backyard. Instead, all you see is the deck off your back door that’s slowly falling apart. 


We take DIY construction debris and even yard trash, so you can take down all those old structures and give us a call to haul them away. Like with storing old appliances and furniture, these old structures can present a safety hazard. You don’t want anyone getting hurt, and with something like an old deck, it’s very possible. They could lean on the railing and fall when it breaks or even step on a rotting board and fall through. Animals may also make their homes in old sheds and playhouses or go under the deck. These animals could hurt your own pets or kids if startled. 


Aesthetics also play a part here. You don’t want to see rotting and ugly wood when you look out your windows. If you’ve carefully curated your flowerbeds, trimmed your trees, and made your yard look amazing, you don’t want it ruined by an ugly building. If you have any structure that is unsafe, you need to take it down right away.


We Haul Off More than Just Junk


What do you do if you have some old furniture or an appliance that is still in good condition or works but you don’t need? Maybe you’ve replaced it with something nicer or have decided that there’s just no place for that old sleeper sofa or recliner? It’s not junk, but it has no place in your home. 


There are some charities and other organizations you can call that will come pick up these items. Often, though, they are limited in what they can take. They may not have any space for additional furniture or simply not need what you have. In some cases, they may not have a vehicle large enough to pick up the items you’re offering. Some may also take weeks or even months to schedule the pickup. 


Junk King may focus on hauling away junk, but that doesn’t mean we take it all to the landfill. We actually sort through everything we take and donate what we can. If you have items that are still in good condition, we’ll take them. You can let us know that you think they could be donated, but you don’t have to. We’ll check through everything once we get it back to our warehouse. We work with multiple organizations, too, so even if one doesn’t need anymore kitchen tables or sofas, another might.


In addition to donating usable items, we will also go through everything and pull out recyclable materials. We send these items off to local recycling centers. We’ll even take apart furniture and other items to recycle as many of the base materials as possible. Our donation and recycling services are included in every job we do at no extra cost to you.

Bigger Trucks

What Junk King Can Haul Away


Junk King can haul away just about everything. We cannot take anything that is classified as hazardous waste in order to protect our team members. While we often take furniture and appliances, we can also haul away mattresses, electronic wastes, and even old hot tubs. We remove these items from your home, so you don’t need to worry about getting them outside. Just leave all the heavy lifting to us.


We Provide Free, No-Obligation Quotes for Every Job


When you’re ready to reclaim your space and get that junk out of your home, all you have to do is reach out to Junk King for a free quote. All of our quotes are fully transparent, so you won’t be hit with any surprise charges or hidden fees at the end. The easiest way to get a quote is to call us at 1-888-888-JUNK. In most cases, we can provide you with a quote over the phone, but in some instances, we will need to schedule an in-person evaluation. You can also text us pictures of what you need hauled away to 1-737-888-5865 or use our online price estimation tool. You can book online, too.

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Stop letting old furniture, appliances, and other junk take up valuable space in your home that you could use for something else. Contact Junk King today to learn more about our junk hauling services or to schedule a pickup.

Junk King North Houston Construction Company Junk Removal

Turn to Junk King North Houston when Your Construction Company has Junk!

As an owner of a construction company, you know building is only a part of your job. The opposite—demolition—is also often a major task you have to undertake. Even if you aren’t demolishing old buildings to make way for new ones, you also generate a good amount of rubbish during any project. You have to do something with this trash. One great way is to work with a junk hauling and dumpster rental company like Junk King North Houston. We can help you get rid of any garbage you have on-site, allowing your team to focus on the project instead of the trash.

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Construction Sites and Garbage

What junk will you have to deal with as a construction company owner? There’s a good amount of different types of debris. The first type comes with preparing the land for building upon. If there’s an existing structure that you’re getting rid of, the demolition part of the process is going to generate a large amount of debris. You’ll need to have all of this junk removed before you can do anything. Often, that means using large machinery to knock the building down, then placing it in dumpsters or on large trucks. Even if you’re just demolishing a small shed or other building, you’re still going to have some debris to remove.

Even if you start with untouched land, there’s still going to be some debris. You may have to remove trees or get rid of out-of-control landscaping. The land may not be level enough to build on, either, so some dirt may need to be removed. All of that must be removed from the site before you can bring in all of your equipment and begin the build.

Once you start construction, there’s still more debris that has to be hauled away. You’ll be cutting wood, metal, and other materials to fit the blueprints, leaving behind small pieces that can’t be used for anything else. This trash has to go somewhere. It may not seem like much when you only have a few inches of leftover wood, but these small remnants add up over time. You may also have packaging and other materials used to transport your supplies that will need to be thrown away. If you let any of this garbage pile up, it can quickly get out of hand.

Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.

Dumpster or Junk Hauling?

This leads to the question: do you need to rent a dumpster for your next construction job or should you use a junk hauling service? It depends, and in some cases, you may want to use both. You may want to make use of junk hauling after you tear down any existing structures. You need that junk to get cleared out of the space quickly, so you may not have time to wait for dumpster pickup. There may also be so much debris that a single dumpster won’t be enough. Having a few trucks that can haul off all the debris at once can be helpful.

However, once that’s done, you’ll definitely want to have a dumpster on site for the amount of trash you generate on a daily basis. All that packaging and leftover material has to go somewhere. Garbage cans aren’t going to be enough. You’ll need to have a good-sized dumpster to hold all of it. You’ll probably need to have that dumpster emptied regularly, too. If you use junk hauling for this, you’ll still have to have some place to put all the trash. Why not simply have a dumpster to throw it all in? This will keep the trash contained and make it much easier to haul it away.

If you don’t have much to clear away from the site before work can commence, you may simply need to have a dumpster brought in. During the project, if you notice that your dumpster is filling up often or that you suddenly have too much trash for it to hold, you may need to have Junk King bring in a large truck and empty your dumpster. We can then change your dumpster pickup schedule so that it is emptied more often.


Why It’s Important to Remove Debris from the Work Site

Why should you be so concerned about the amount of trash that accumulates at your work site? Why not wait until the end to get rid of it all? There are a few different reasons. Many construction sites generate a lot of debris. If you’re working on a large project, you’re going to have a lot of materials coming in and out. You’ll have packaging to deal with along with the small ends and other remainders of materials to throw away. You may have to do additional leveling in some areas, so you may have some additional grass and landscaping to remove. If something is done wrong and the material can’t be reused, you’ll have those materials to throw away, too.

All of this trash adds up. When it does, it can take up vital room that you need for parking, storage, or working. Your team’s workspace may continue to get smaller and smaller as the trash adds up. It can become harder and harder to find space to get work done.

This also opens up a number of safety concerns. A lack of space can lead to accidents, especially if your crew doesn’t have the space to move around safely. Trash all over can result in trips, too. Someone could easily fall over small pieces of debris since they make the walkway uneven. It’s even possible someone could cut themselves on the sharp corners of leftover material. Putting it all in a dumpster gets it out of the way and keeps all the trash contained to one area. It’s much safer than piling it up somewhere.

Learn More About Items We Take

What Junk King Offers

Junk King North Houston offers both junk hauling and dumpster rental for residents and businesses in the area. We can come haul off any debris you have, plus our dumpsters are designed to fit in small areas while still providing a good amount of space. We will work with you to determine the right option for you and your budget as well as your schedule.

Unlike some junk hauling or dumpster rental companies, Junk King hauls away a large amount of stuff. We can take just about anything as long as it isn’t hazardous waste. If you’re demolishing a structure that still contains furniture or appliances, we can take those out for you. We also handle electronic waste, yard waste, construction waste, and much more. We can even dispose of paint as long as it’s mixed with a solidifying agent such as sawdust or cat litter.


We Recycle and Donate What We Can

Unlike some companies, we don’t simply haul everything straight to the landfill. Instead, we go through the truck or dumpster and sort it into three piles. If anything can be donated, such as furniture that’s still in good condition or an appliance that still works, we will pass it along to one of our North Houston partner agencies. These organizations see to it that the items get to those in need. While this may not be something that happens too often with construction, we will make sure anything you do have that can be used is donated.

It’s much more likely that you will have leftover materials that can be recycled. Wood, metal, and other types of materials that are untreated, which is typically the case with scraps left over from construction, can be recycled. We work closely with different recycling companies to take these scraps or old materials and recycle them. Our goal is to limit what goes to the landfill, and by donating and recycling, we have greatly cut down our impact on the environment.

That’s not to say that we don’t still take things to the dump. Unfortunately, there are a number of items and materials that still cannot be recycled or reused. In some cases, we do still have to use a landfill. However, what ends up there from one of our trucks or dumpsters is only a fraction of what we pick up.

junk removal service recycling

Our Pricing Structure

We charge by how much space your trash uses in our dumpster. This means when you have a full dumpster, you’ll pay the maximum price. However, if you have a period where you don’t create that much trash, you’ll pay less. This means that towards the end of the project when most of the major construction is done, you won’t be charged as much. This helps keep your costs down. All of our rental fees are fully transparent, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

For our junk hauling service, we’ll give you a transparent, free estimate before we start. There’s no obligation to use our services even after you get a quote, so you can compare pricing with our competitors if you like. In the end, though, we truly believe you’ll find that Junk King North Houston offers the most comprehensive services at the best prices.

Want to know more? Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 737-888-8565.

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Junk King North Houston Scrap Pickup

10 Types of North Houston Businesses That Should Partner with Junk King

Are you a Houston business looking to partner with a junk removal company in North Houston? Then call us here at Junk King North Houston. We will gladly work out an arrangement where we can come out and pick up your junk on a consistent basis. Let us know how we can help! Want to learn more about the types of companies we love working with? Then read our full blog below!

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Many businesses are in need of junk hauling services. Junk King works with companies in many different industries and neighborhoods in North Houston. Some businesses need to call upon us once or twice a year, while others may need us monthly or even every couple of weeks. Here are ten types of businesses we often work with, why they need us, and how we help them cut down on costs and continue to grow. If you’re a business owner and aren’t sure if a partnership with Junk King is right for you, learning how other businesses benefit from our services may help you see what we could do for you.


commercial junk removal services


Property Management Companies

We work with many property management companies to clean out apartments and other rental homes after tenants leave. While most tenants do take everything with them or hire us to get rid of things they don’t want, that’s not always the case. Tenants who are evicted may leave behind a lot of trash. Those who have to move quickly may also decide to abandon some of their property instead of putting it in storage or hiring a moving company. Even those who have a planned move may decide to leave garbage behind.

Most property management companies simply don’t have the time to deal with getting rid of all of this junk. They may not have the personnel to handle large furniture removal or the right vehicle to get it all to the city dump or other location. In the case of an estate cleanout, Junk King will bring our large truck and empty out the entire apartment or house. We work quickly, so property management companies can get the property back on the market as soon as possible.


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Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are very similar to apartment complexes in many ways. They do tend to generate a large amount of waste, especially larger facilities with a hundred or more units. When someone moves into assisted living, they may actually need our residential services because they may be downsizing. If they later have to move into a full care facility, they may have even smaller spaces or may have to share a space. In that case, if no one is available to take their furniture, the assisted living facility may call on us to take it away.

This is one instance where we know the furniture and other items we’re removing are likely to be in good shape. These items are typically set aside to be donated to local North Houston charities and other organizations that help those in need. Those living in assisted living may also call us when they get new furniture or a new mattress. With our full-service junk hauling, there’s no need for residents to move anything. We will take furniture, appliances, and anything else regardless of where it is in the home. For those who aren’t able to move furniture on their own, there’s no need. We’ll take care of it.


North Houston Real Estate Agents

Likewise, real estate agents may have to deal with properties that are full of junk. A landlord may decide to sell a home that their last tenant abandoned, but they don’t want to deal with cleaning it out first. They just want to sell it as-is and make a little money.

Some real estate agents also recommend us to clients who have stuff to get rid of. They know that Junk King is dedicated to providing high-quality furniture removal to everyone we work with. They also know that we will donate anything in good condition, which many of our residential customers want.

Real estate agents also often call upon us to haul away yard waste and other junk left outdoors. We assist with foreclosure and estate cleanout, too, and again donate as much as we possibly can from these jobs. For our commercial clients, we can help with office cleanouts and will haul away older furniture and other items you no longer need.


Free Real Estate Junk Removal Services Guide


HVAC & Plumbing Companies

HVAC and plumbing companies have a lot of waste to get rid of. They typically remove old furnaces, plumbing, and other items from their client’s homes when they have to do repairs, but then the company has to do something with this garbage. They often turn to Junk King because they know we partner with recycling companies. HVAC units contain a good amount of metal, while many pipes are made out of recyclable plastics. While used piping is typically not recyclable, anything clean can be.

We make sure as much of these materials as possible get recycled. Our HVAC and plumbing clients don’t have to worry about handling that themselves, nor do they have to worry about transporting large amounts of recyclables or dealing with getting trash to the landfill.


Learn More About Items We Take



Manufacturers also often generate a large amount of waste and are in need of junk removal in Houston. Creating products typically leaves leftover material that has to be disposed of. Raw resource packaging is also an issue for many manufacturers. Junk King helps these clients by removing all of this junk, recycling what we can. We often pick up waste from these clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis due to how much they produce.


Repair Shops

Vehicle repair shops, likewise, do often have packaging, leftover materials, and old items that need to be hauled away and recycled. Things like broken windshields need to be safely disposed of. Our team will carefully handle anything dangerous like broken glass, metal with sharp edges, and other items. While we cannot deal with anything hazardous, we can deal with most vehicle salvage and damaged parts.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


Woodworking Shops

Woodworking shops typically have a lot of small bits of wood and bags full of sawdust that needs to be disposed of. They may have old nails, screws, and boards if they do repairs on antiques that need to be safely handled, too. We’re able to take much of this waste to a recycler. Like manufacturers, our woodworking clients may need us to pick up waste regularly to help them keep their shops clean.

While we can take sawdust, there are actually many different ways woodworkers can make use of sawdust. They can use in gardens as a type of mulch to kill weeks. It can also be mixed into plant supplements, help provide traction in the snow, and even be used to clean up spills.


Welders in Houston

Welders, like woodworking shops, generate a large amount of waste that can be recycled. In this case, it’s mostly metal. We’re able to send a large amount of this metal waste to a local recycling facility. Welding also creates wastewater, which is not something we typically handle. However, we are able to take slag and other solid waste produced by welding.


junk removal service recycling


Medical Facilities for Non-Bio Waste

We also work with medical facilities in North Houston. However, if these facilities handle bio waste, we’re unable to dispose of it. Any hazardous materials can be dangerous to our crews and need to be disposed of in accordance with specific regulations. That said, we do work with medical facilities for all of their non-hazardous wastes. We handle office cleanouts, bulk waste, and furniture removal for these clients.


North Houston Storage Facilities

Storage facilities look to junk removal in Houston when someone abandons their storage unit. Some people simply stop paying the monthly rental and tell the facility to keep whatever they had stored there. Others may simply disappear, leaving the unit and its contents fully abandoned. While storage facilities will take all of the proper steps to reach the individual and find out what they want done with their property, sometimes that’s not possible. In that case, we come in and empty out the unit.

Again, our goal here is to donate or recycle as much as possible. Some items left in storage facilities may be in great condition. Others may not be as useful and may ultimately need to be recycled or dumped. Either way, we will take our time going through these units and separating out what can be used or recycled.


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Why Junk King North Houston?

Why do people turn to us for junk removal in Houston? Junk King is known as one of the most reliable and trustworthy junk hauling services in the country. We always offer free, no-obligation quotes that are fully transparent. There are never any hidden fees or other costs. You can get a quote over the phone or via text by sending us images of what you need hauled away. We also do in-person quotes, and we bring the truck when we do. If you accept our bid, we’ll haul everything away right then and there.

Our commercial clients have a wide range of junk hauling needs. Whether it’s something basic such as office cleanouts or more specialized such as getting rid of manufacturing wastes, our team is here for you. We haul off furniture, appliances, yard waste, and much more. As long as it’s not hazardous, we can take it. If you’re looking for a junk hauling partner, reach out to Junk King of North Houston today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Junk King North Houston Commercial Dumpster Rental Office Relocation

Make the Most of Your Commercial Dumpster Rental

There are many reasons why your business may need to rent a dumpster. When you do need to get rid of a lot of junk quickly, it’s often the best option. However, you are also likely very aware of your budget as a business owner. You’ll want to make the most of your commercial dumpster when you have it, so you don’t have to extend your rental period or do anything else that will cost you more. That’s why if you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Houston, you’ll want to talk to Junk King. Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your dumpster and why Junk King should be your go-to partner for dumpsters and other junk removal needs.


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Do You Need a Commercial Dumpster?

The first step in getting the most out of your dumpster is to make certain that you need one. Most businesses will have arranged some form of weekly bulk garbage pick-up. However, there may be times when you need to throw away a lot more than what that dumpster will hold. When that’s the case, it’s time to rent a commercial dumpster. Here are a few of the instances when you may need to look into dumpster rental.


You’re Starting a New Business

When you start a new business, you likely don’t have any garbage collection contracts in place. This means you don’t have any dumpster on-site, so renting a commercial dumpster is really your only option. Depending on the condition of the office space you’ve purchased or are renting, you may need to do some major renovations. There may be some junk to get rid of, and you may need to have some walls taken down or put up. All of this generates debris that you have to get rid of, and a commercial dumpster is the easiest solution for that. You can put the debris straight into the dumpster instead of piling it up somewhere.


You’re Moving to a New Location

Similarly, when moving to a new location, you may not have your weekly trash collection service set up at the new office. However, you may need to clean out or remodel the space to make it work for your needs. Bringing in a junk removal service or hiring a commercial dumpster is often the best option. Hiring Junk King to haul away the stuff you don’t need works well if all you’re doing is a clean-out. We will come pick up those left-behind desks, old shelving units, or whatever else you have.

However, if you’re doing a remodel, you may want a dumpster. This way, you have a space to throw the old cabinets, doors, flooring, and other debris, and it doesn’t have to pile up somewhere. Whether you need us to haul junk away or decide a dumpster is the way to go, be sure to include some plan for getting rid of trash and debris when planning your commercial renovation.


You’re Doing a Major Remodel

If you’re remodeling, you may already have garbage service at your location. However, a major remodel will likely create more debris than your standard trash service can take in a week. You will likely need to get an additional dumpster just to hold all of the trash the remodel generates. You may also be getting rid of old desks, shelves, and other items. You’ll need a large commercial dumpster to hold all of that. You may need a dumpster even if you’re doing a major clean-out. Even if you’re not moving walls, you may find that you have so much old junk that you need a dumpster or a junk removal company to handle it all.


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What’s the Right Dumpster Size?

Now that you’ve decided you need a dumpster, it’s time to figure out what size you need. Some commercial dumpsters are huge. These dumpsters may seem like the perfect option, but you may find that they have a few drawbacks. First, they may actually be too big. You don’t get a good return on your dumpster rental if you only use a small amount of its space. Before renting your dumpster, take a good look at how much trash and debris you will have. You may realize that you don’t need the largest one out of the different dumpster sizes available. Your contractor can help estimate how much debris will come from the remodel itself. Then consider what else you’re getting rid of.

Second, where are you going to put your dumpster? A large dumpster is very heavy even when it’s empty, and it can easily make deep impressions in the yard or even crack a driveway as it fills up. Be sure you take this into consideration. You don’t want to damage your parking lot or landscaping with a huge dumpster, especially if a smaller option will work just as well.


Know What You Can Dispose of

What can you put in your dumpster? If you don’t know, you run the risk of additional fees being added to your cost. Here at Junk King, we can take just about anything, but we cannot handle anything hazardous. If you put hazardous waste in a dumpster, it can harm our crews and could potentially damage the dumpster itself. For anything that we can’t take, you’ll need to contact a hazardous waste disposal service.


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle


Here are some of the things you can place in our commercial dumpsters:

Furniture, including desks, shelves, chairs, and tables.
Appliances, including refrigerators and microwaves.
Electronic waste such as computers, televisions, and cell phones.
Construction waste from remodeling projects.
–  Garbage and trash.

Our junk removal team can take anything you can put in one of our dumpsters. If you ever have any questions about what we can take, just ask.

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Keep Your Budget in Mind

Budgeting is vital if you want to keep your business in the black. Even budgeting for trash is vital to getting the best return on your investment. While renting a dumpster for a remodel or clean-out is something you’ll only do every now and then, you still need to budget for it. You want to make certain you find an affordable dumpster rental service, especially if you’re already spending a lot of money to remodel your office, warehouse, or other commercial space. It may be a small line item, but it’s still important that you shop around.

This is where Junk King’s unique pricing structure works in your favor. Instead of paying a flat fee for the dumpster, we charge by how much you use. Our cost is based on a few factors—first, the length of time. You can rent our dumpsters for three, five, or seven days. Next, we have a minimum cost. This is the least amount you’ll pay. If you only use a little bit of the dumpster, you’ll be charged this amount.

What if you fill the entire dumpster? Then you’ll pay the full cost. There’s also a rate for filling the dumpster about halfway, which is about 30% off the cost of a full dumpster. There are no other charges or fees added to the cost. You’ll pay based on how long you have the dumpster and how full it is at the end. That’s it. This means if you’re just cleaning out your retail location, you may find that you don’t use half of the space. Why pay for space you don’t use? We don’t think you should, so we make use of our unique tier system to help you save money.


At Junk King North Houston, We Commit to the Schedule

Your entire schedule can be thrown off if your dumpster isn’t delivered on time. When you make an appointment with Junk King, we stick to that schedule. We’ll pull up with your roll off dumpster trailer on the day, and at the time we agreed to. You can get to work filling the dumpster right away, and we’ll be back at the scheduled time to pick it up. If you need to have the dumpster picked up early, just give us a call, and we will do our best to work you into our schedule.


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We Provide Business Accounts

If you often need trash removal services or think you’ll need a dumpster several times a year, a business account may be the best option. This can help fit the costs into your budget. Plus, your account is good for every Junk King across the US and Canada. This means if you expand your business outside of North Houston, there may be a Junk King near this second location.

Instead of searching “dumpster rental near me,” just give Junk King a call. We will help you determine if a dumpster or our junk removal services fit your needs better and schedule whichever option is right for you. We offer no-obligation, free estimates with every job, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or text us at 1-737-888-5865 to learn more about Junk King or schedule an appointment.


Junk King North Houston Helps Houston Realtors

Realtors Need Junk King of North Houston as the Ace Up Their Sleeve

As a real estate agent, you have many things on your plate. This is especially true if you deal with foreclosed homes or homes being sold as-is. These homes as well as those that have been inherited or that were rental properties the owner is now attempting to sell off may not be in the best shape. They may also have some junk or abandoned property inside that needs to be removed before repairs can be made or the property shown. If you regularly deal with properties like this, you need a reliable partner to handle the trash. Junk King of North Houston is your ace in the hole for these properties.


Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Junk King?

There are many reasons why you may want to partner with a junk removal service. You may not have the time or resources to clean out these properties yourself. Some may be so bad that you don’t even know where to start. The previous owners or tenants may have simply walked away, especially if they were not current on their mortgage or rent.

No one else is going to clean out the junk left behind, especially on a foreclosed home. In this case, the bank or lender simply wants to offload the property as soon as they can to make back a little bit of the money they’ve lost. If you’re an agent who often works with these lenders, you know you’re not going to get the same amount of cooperation from these organizations as you would from a private seller.

You could leave it for the new buyers, but few people want to buy a house full of garbage. Those who do are often flippers looking to pay as little as possible for a property. The less they pay, the lower your commission is. Let’s look at these reasons more in-depth so you can have a better idea of how exactly Junk King of Houston North can help your real estate business.

 Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

Junk King Saves You Time and Money

As a real estate office, you and your team are focused on promoting houses and closing deals. You work tirelessly to ensure your clients get the best deal for their home, whether they’re buying it or selling it. You don’t have the time to clean out properties, nor do you have the expertise to do so quickly and effectively.

Junk King does. Our crew has cleaned out homes full of garbage. We’ve worked on some of the worst hoarder houses you can imagine, so your properties won’t shock us. We will come in and get to work right away. Our employees are trained to understand how to safely remove heavy, bulky, and awkwardly shaped items. Where others may injure themselves or damage the walls or doorframes trying to get these things out, we won’t. We also have the proper safety equipment and other tools needed to move even the heaviest items.

Because we quickly clean out properties, you don’t have to wait as long to photograph them or show potential buyers the space. If the seller is going to renovate, they can also get to work right away. This cuts down the amount of time the property sits empty. The faster you can get it on the market, the less time the seller has to continue paying the mortgage on the property or handling the upkeep.

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Empty Properties Sell Faster

Another reason to have Junk King come in and empty out a home is to sell it faster and easier. While staged properties do sell very quickly, that’s not always an option if the seller doesn’t want to pay for staging or if it’s a foreclosure property. In these cases, the seller often simply wants to offload the property as quickly as they can.

If the home is full of garbage, it can be very difficult for potential buyers to get past what they’re seeing. Instead of imagining a cozy home full of their own furniture, they see broken appliances, piles of trash, and other junk. They also see that they’re going to have to do a lot of work cleaning out the property before they can even think about transforming it into a home someone would want to live in. Even flippers may have reservations about taking on a junk house, especially if they haven’t been flipping homes very long.

Homes that are full of old furniture and other garbage also look smaller. Large items draw the eye and make it harder to get a feel for how big a room actually is. The same is true if you have a lot of small items or bags of trash in a room. The more clutter there is, the smaller and more claustrophobic the space will feel. By emptying it out, a property will look and feel much larger than it actually is, helping it sell faster.


Let Us Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal

Real estate experts know that often, potential buyers have already made up their minds about a home before they even walk in the door. They judge it from how it looks from the curb. If a home has low curb appeal, it often doesn’t matter how great the house looks inside. The potential buyers may decide to not even bother because of how the house looks from the outside.

While we don’t help with peeling paint or broken windows, Junk King can help remove junk and other debris from the property. We will even deal with yard debris. You can send in your landscapers and tree trimmers to give the yard an overhaul, then call us to haul away all the limbs, dead bushes, and other garbage. We can clean out sheds, garages, and other outbuildings, too. If you’ve demolished an old shed, we will even haul it away. When we’re done, the property will look so much better.

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What We Haul Away Here at Junk King of North Houston

We will haul away just about everything you have on hand. While other junk removal companies may have some limits on what they will take, Junk King doesn’t. The only thing we won’t take is hazardous waste. We handle everything else, including furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, yard debris, and construction waste

To hire Junk King North Houston to take care of your junk, all you have to do is call, text, or send us an online message. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We will even come to the property to do a full walk-through if you have a lot of junk. Often, we can give you a quote right then and there. We may even bring one of our large trucks with us. If you accept the quote, we can go to work right away. This means it’s possible we will be able to clean out the property on the same day you call us. You can then immediately go to work selling it.

Anything that is truly trash will be disposed of, but we do try to recycle or donate as much as we can. We believe in protecting the environment by reducing how much goes into landfills. We will sort out any recyclable materials from the junk we collect and take them to a local recycling center. We also take gently used furniture or appliances that still work to a local charity or other organization that helps those in need. In the end, we typically recycle or donate over 90 percent of everything we collect.


Junk King Also Offers Dumpster Rental

If you have a home the seller needs to do some work on, we can also help by bringing one of our dumpsters. We rent dumpsters on a three-, five-, or seven-day schedule. Once the dumpster is full or your project is finished, just give us a call and we will come pick it up. This often works better for homes that need some remodeling. The renovation team can fill up the dumpster as they complete demo. This way, you don’t have debris piling up or need us to come every day.


Need additional information? Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Don’t Let Junk Keep You from Closing a Sale—Call Junk King of Houston North Today

Having a property full of junk puts the whole selling process on pause until it’s cleaned out. Even if you could sell the home without removing the garbage, you’re likely to have a harder time doing so. You may also get lower offers, leaving both you and your clients with less money than what the property is truly worth.

Junk King will quickly and efficiently remove junk from the home, outbuildings, and even the yard, improving the overall appeal of the property. Whether you then sell it as-is or wait on the seller to make some repairs and improvements, the home will already look better to potential buyers. If you’re a real estate agent with junk-filled properties, give Junk King a call today at 1-888-888-JUNK for your free, no-obligation quote. You can also text us photos of the junk to 1-737-888-5865 or fill out our online form.

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