E-Waste Recycling In Anaheim

Here are some facts that might have you rethinking what you do with your old computers. Up to 85% of all electronic products that end up in a landfill have the potential to release some form of toxins into the environment. There is close to 50 tons of e-waste tossed out every year However, only 12.5% of e-waste is actually recycled. To clarify, e-waste is essentially any type of product that you have to plug into power up. The big toxin offenders are desktop monitors, laptops, LCD televisions, plasma televisions and portable DVD players with LCD screens. Do you have any of those items in your home destined for the trash heap? Before you toss them out, consider proper e-waste recycling handled by the pros at Junk King.


Since they began their national chain of junk haulers, Junk King has been dedicated to eco-friendly policies. That is a philosophy passed down to every branch of the business including here in Anaheim. When you hire Junk King for your e-waste recycling, you can depend on prompt service and responsible disposal. These items need to be dropped off at a certified facility that can disassemble them and break down the components. Only then can those pieces be discarded the right way. Hiring Junk King means your e-waste recycling is handled automatically and there is a lot more that Junk King can offer.

It might seem counter intuitive to hire a two-man crew and large moving truck just to take way a single desktop computer and monitor. That’s why you should wait until you’ve pick out more junk to toss out. As long as you’ve got the crew, why not put them to work? You can get rid of old furniture, rusted tools, auto parts and useless household goods. Everything can go on a single Junk King pick up trip. That is really the most efficient way to handle e-waste recycling.

In terms of pricing, there Junk King can’t be beat either. Before the work starts, you’ll be given an estimate of a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. That is a price that won’t change. It’s also a price you’re going to be extremely happy with! Bottom line: you can start with responsible e-waste recycling and end with a home that is 100% junk free. Junk King can show you the way.