Pittsburgh Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

Pittsburgh e waste recyclingOver at the St. Ferdinand Parish they recently held a combination rummage sale and e-waste drop off for the community. The rummage sale was to raise money for the church through all kinds of donated items. The e-waste drop off was to help businesses and residents finally get rid of all their old computers, monitors and other electronic gear. Apparently, a lot of money was raised and a good time was had by all. If you missed it you might have to wait until next year to drop off your e-waste at a similar event. Or you could call up Junk King and have all your e-waste picked up and properly disposed off.

A new law prevents dumping electronic waste in a landfill. Yes, there is the occasional laptop or cell phone that slips by but the vast majority of e-waste has to be broken down and recycled. That’s because there are too many potentially hazardous compounds in some of those elements. It’s perfectly safe when they are running. But if those elements are tossed in a heap and allowed to degrade those toxins could slip into the environment and cause serious health concerns. Isn’t it better to let a company like Junk King North Pittsburgh handle that kind of work? Of course it is and they are just a phone call away waiting to help.

As the name of their company implies, Junk King handles all kind of junk not just e-waste. That means you can use them to move out an entire house full of furniture, carpets, drapes and kitchen appliances as many customers have. Yes, Junk King North Pittsburgh will clean up any space whether it’s a storefront or abandoned home. They also come in very handy after a storm to help take away any debris or damaged furnishings. You could wait forever for the city workers to pick up that rubbish from your curb. Instead, turn it over to Junk King for fast removal.

Just like with your e-waste, Junk King will also strive to recycle the rest of whatever you’re throwing out. You don’t have to decide what can be recycled and what can’t be. The Junk King crew will know just how to sort through your stuff. They’ll also know right where to take it. In some cases that might mean a few extra stops before their day is done but you won’t be charged for any of that. You’ll only be charged a flat fee that is determined by how much space your junk takes up on the Junk King truck. Nothing beats a clean house. Let Junk King North Pittsburgh help you get there!