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Monthly Archives: January 2013

North County San Diego Junk Hauling

By the time you read this article we may have a new Super Bowl Champion.  Even though the Chargers are out of the running this year, many folks around the San Diego area will be hosting Super Bowl parties.   Between the action on the field and the fun commercials there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Given the nature of the event it is almost inevitable that some kind of spill is going to go down. You can say the same for almost any gather of folks. For your next party, whether a football game is involved on not, you should consider some insightful cleanup tips.

For those spills, keep a spray spot remover handy for a quick spritz. You should also have a big garbage can and recycling bin standing by for easy access. As the party goes on, try applying the “clean as you go” philosophy. This is where you’ll do a circuit through the rooms every hour or so just to stay on top of any empty glasses or plates piling up. This doesn’t mean you’re cleaning up so folks will go home but just so you won’t have so much to do when the party does end.

Naturally, before any party can get under way you’ll want to make sure your home is free from clutter. Instead of taking hours out of your party prep why not hire Junk King North San Diego to do all the heavy lifting both figuratively and literally. Junk King is the junk removal specialist now proud to be operating out of North San Diego County. As the leading junk hauler for the community, Junk King takes a lot of pride in getting the job done right every time. When a Junk King crew shows up for the scheduled removal appointment don’t hesitate for one minute to put them to work. You can direct them to move any object from your home, garage or yard. If that item is extremely heavy don’t worry; the JK crew will handle that. If the item has to be taken apart the crew will take care of that as well.

Whatever you’re tossing out will then be loaded up on the truck and dispatched to its final destination. How Junk King gets rid of your junk is equally important as the pickup job itself. That’s because Junk King is going to do everything in their power to make sure your junk ends where it should whether that’s a certified recycling center or approved landfill. When it comes to junk hauling the only way to go is with Junk King San Diego.

For the best in San Diego Junk Hauling, call 1-800 -995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

North County San Diego Junk Removal

If you’re noticing a little more brightness around the San Diego Estuary you have 200 volunteers to thank for that. Recently that group of dedicated residents joined together for an annual clean-up event. It wasn’t all backbreaking work. Many of those volunteers paddled along in kayaks to scoop up floating debris while skateboarders took to the San Diego River Trail for the cleanup effort. In just four hours this group managed to collect over 2,700 pounds of trash and 500 pounds of recyclable material. Not bad for a Saturday morning!

Imagine what you could do if you have 200 hundred people show up at your home with the single mission of cleaning up things. Obviously, 200 hundred people might actually be a hindrance to getting that project done but what could you do with a team of two able bodied movers? That’s just what you would be getting when you hire Junk King and the possibilities for cleaning up are unlimited.

Junk King North County San Diego is part of a national franchise of professional junk removers. This is a certified and insured business not a day laborer in a beat up pick-up truck. Because they are part of a national franchise, Junk King of North County has certain standards they must adhere to. Top of the list is making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. That’s easily accomplished when Junk King does all the work of lifting, loading and dumping your unwanted items. We all have junk we’d like to get rid of but some of that is just too bulky for the trash. Enter the Junk King crew and their truck. They’ll be able to fill that truck with any item you want. Best of all, they’ll be doing all the climbing up and down of any stairs. They’ll also go out to the garage and backyard to remove what you want taken away.

Hiring Junk King is the perfect opportunity to make a clean sweep of your property. You’ll finally be able to toss out eyesores like old furniture, appliances, e-waste, yard debris and anything else that taking up valuable space in your home. Once Junk King has collected all of that junk they’ll take every effort to insure it is properly disposed of. An overwhelming majority of all the junk collected by Junk King ends up at a recycling center. That means you can rightly claim you’re doing your part for the environment by hiring Junk King! And talk about fast! The Junk King North San Diego’s crew knows how valuable your time is. That’s why they will honor your appointment time by showing up when scheduled and making quick work of all the removal. Call Junk King at 1-800-995-5865 and put them to work for you!

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