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Monthly Archives: April 2013

San Diego Refrigerator Disposal

Just how cold does your food have to be to keep it safe? That’s a very good question that every restaurant has to deal with on a daily basis. On some level, it might be good for you to follow the restaurant standards. Here’s what the U.S. Department of Agriculture says about basic refrigeration: “Refrigerators must have a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature bacteria may still reproduce, but very slowly, therefore food can only be stored in a refrigerator for a couple of days before it must be thrown away. Meat products should be kept on the bottom shelf to prevent juices dripping onto other items.”

What about freezing foods? The USDA says, “Bacteria is dormant in frozen foods. However, the longer food is kept in the freezer the more likely it is to develop freezer burn, which means the quality deteriorates. Food should be stored on shelves at least 6 inches away from the floor so that it can be mopped easily without touching the food. Keep all cleaning agents separate from food.”

Would you even know what temperature your fridge is operating at? It might be helpful to check. When your refrigerator can no longer keep ice cream frozen or veggies crisp then it might be time to replace that unit. Thanks to all the amazing consumer reviews available online, shopping for a refrigerator won’t be that complicated. Find the brand that you like and see how it stacks up with the others based on what actual customers have to say. Once the selection has been made you have to contend with getting rid of the old fridge. That’s where Junk King San Diego comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who have been in business since 2006. They might not be an “old” company but they are certainly a company who has won rave reviews.

“These guys are top notch! I needed a huge pile of mixed garbage (old furniture, construction waste, scrap metal, etc.) hauled off of a residential remodel job in Oceanside,” writes a satisfied customer. “They came out to estimate the load, gave me a price on the spot and hauled my junk away in minutes. Excellent service and speed!”

Michele from San Mateo had another positive experience with Junk King. “Wow! These guys are great. They showed up at the office with three guys and loaded the truck (which was a half load) in about 15 minutes. They even swept the area and took the excess trash with them. I’ve worked here 7 years and that’s the cleanest I’ve seen it! They were quick, professional and did an excellent job.”

Are you ready to add your review after clearing out your clutter? Call Junk King San Diego today and get them over to your place ASAP!

San Diego Yard Waste Removal

When it comes to yard waste there is some stuff you might want to keep around. We’re talking about making compost. Kitchen scraps like eggshells, coffee grinds and other organic items can be tossed into a pile of dirt and allowed to “simmer.” Worms will work through the leftovers and turn it into compost. Don’t ask how, just accept that it works. That compost then becomes a wonderful soil additive for your garden. It’s totally organic and safe.

You might also want to think about planting flowers that are classified as “self-seeders.” These are the blooming flowers that drop seeds as they grow through their cycles and create even more plants. The more seeds that drop, the less chance of weeds cropping up. Look for self-seeders like marigolds, California poppies, black eye Susans and hollyhock. Plants like iris, daffodils and hostas grow better in clumps that can easily be divided and replanted anywhere else in your garden.

For anything that won’t be going into the compost pile, you might need to bring in the “big boys.” That would be Junk King San Diego. These are the junk hauling experts who know how to clean up a yard. Not only will they arrive with any tools like wheelbarrow, rakes or shovels they’ll also be showing up in a big truck. Unlike your own SUV you won’t have to worry about getting the Junk King truck dirty. In fact, if the truck doesn’t get dirty then the bosses know the job isn’t done yet!

Along with any of that yard waste, the same Junk King crew can assist in removing all the bulky items you’ve been stuck with. These are the things that are taking up valuable space in your garage or attic that need a truck to be taken away. The list of possible junk items is endless. Everything from a couch to a crib, from a pool table to a hot tub, from a grill to a fender can be hauled away by Junk King San Diego. This is really the best way to kick off the summer season. Once your yard waste is gone you can plan out your garden. Once the junk is gone from your home, you can take back that valuable space and put it to use as a home office or gym. Isn’t that better than having a mattress hanging around collecting mold and mildew? Give Junk King a call today and find out how fast they can help turn your home into a junk free zone.

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