Get Hoarder Cleanup Help From Junk King North San Diego

Sometimes it takes concerned neighbors to bring about change at a hoarder home. That is what recently happened with the residents over on MacArthur Avenue. There is one particular homeowner who has property overrun with junk. It’s not just on his front lawn but also spilling out onto the sidewalk and the parkway before the street begins. That is just what can be seen from the exterior. There is no telling what is happening on the inside house. Because of the potential health hazard to the rest of the neighborhood city officials have given the homeowner until October to clean things up.

Because he is an elderly resident, he might not have the means to take care of this kind clean. That is where a company like Junk King North San Diego can make a big difference. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with hoarder cleanups. When called into this type of job, Junk King will do whatever it takes to get it cleaned once and for all.

Everybody Works

A clean up at a hoarder property will often mean that more than the standard two-man junk King moving crew is required. This is a special project that might have Junk King dispatching the entire workforce to the property. Along with those teams will be several trucks to facilitate the load in of all the debris and rubbish that needs to be cleared out. Junk King is happy to take on that kind of cleanup without charging extra.

The fees for Junk King’s cleanup remain the same whether it’s a two-man team and one truck or six crew members and three trucks. That price will always be based on the volume. It all comes down to how the crew was going to pack up the truck. Of course, with a hoarding level cleanup it is a safe bet that those trucks will be full to the rim. Even then Junk King will be happy to work out a price that is affordable for everyone.

Whether you’re helping facilitate a total hoarder cleanup of a property or just need to clear all the clutter from your garage, Junk King North San Diego is the company to put on the job.