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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Use Junk King North San Diego For Full-Service Storm Debris Removal In Bonsall

San Diego was “punched” by some very powerful December storms. The result was a lot of flooding and damage throughout the area. These are the kinds of storms that are expected at this time of year but the intensity of these storms caught a lot of folks off guard. Fortunately, emergency services were standing by to provide assistance when needed. The brief respite in between storms is a good time to assess the level of damage and take care of any significant cleanup. That is where a company like Junk King North San Diego can be of assistance. They are standing by to offer full-service storm debris removal in Bonsall and the surrounding areas. It’s a smart choice to take charge of your own cleanup in these kinds of situations.

Swift Action

After every major storm municipal workers are stretched thin. They may be dealing with a lot of flood damage control and aren’t able to get back to a regular service schedule with regard to trash pickup. Even when the garbage collectors get back on track, they are not able to handle major overflows with regard to storm debris. An independent contractor like Junk King can help you clear your yards of any amount of debris. They will dispatch a two-man moving crew and a big truck capable of holding nearly 6 pickup trucks worth of debris. That is probably all you need to clean out the fallen palm fronds, tree branches and other flotsam that made its way into your yards.

Junk King always provides swift action with its pick up appointments. They often have same day pickups available and strive to make 24-hour turnarounds happen. You don’t have to worry about gathering all of your debris into a pile for the Junk King crew. You can leave it scattered as it landed and the team from Junk King will pick it all up right on the spot.

For fast and affordable full-service storm debris removal in Bonsall you can always count on the team from Junk King North San Diego to get the job done.

Bring In Junk King For Your Vista Post-Holiday Clean Up

Did you have any out of town guests visiting Vista this holiday season? It’s always nice when you can catch up with family and friends whom you haven’t seen for a while. After they head back to their homes, it might be time for you to engage in a thorough post-holiday clean up. Along with taking out the trash and cleaning the kitchen, you could benefit from bringing in Junk King North San Diego. This is a sure way to guarantee that your Vista home will be totally clear of rubbish. In other words, make your post-holiday clean up count!

The Big Things

When you hire Junk King you are hiring a company that does all the work start to finish. It doesn’t matter to Junk King whether you want them to haul away a lot of little things or just one big thing. It also doesn’t matter to them how heavy something might be. Obviously, they are going to assess every moving situation in order to ensure that they will get that object out of the home safely without causing damage to themselves or your property. But the weight it doesn’t become a factor when determining the price. Junk King will never put something on a scale!

Their price is always based on how the truck gets packed up with all of the things you are getting rid of. The Junk King crews are all great when it comes to spatial logistics. They can look over any number of objects and determine just how to pack everything onto the truck. Once they have made the determination, they will be able to provide you with an estimate the costs. When you sign off on the cost the work will begin and you’ll be amazed at just how quickly the Junk King will clear out all your unwanted items.

Don’t forget when you hire Junk King to clean out the inside of your house they can also work on the outside. Any type of yard waste or structure that you want removed can also be added to the junk on the truck.

A post-holiday clean up session with Junk King North San Diego will have a very positive impact on your Vista home. Call to set it up today.

The Best Junk Haulers In Rancho Santa Fe

What do you need taken from your Rancho Santa Fe home? Nearly every house has that one particular item that requires a little bit of lifting power and the truck big enough to hold it in order to finally have it removed from the home. That item can be as varied as a pool table or the remains of a torn-up backyard deck. If the thing that you want to get rid of falls into the junk category, then you need professional junk hauling. That is the kind of work provided by Junk King San Diego North San Diego.

Quality Help

The help provided by Junk King comes from the two movers who will be assigned to your appointment. This is a team that has been licensed and insured. That is the exact time to work on that you want to invite want your property. You also want to have someone show up with a friendly attitude. You also want the crew to be exceptional problem solvers. Certain pieces bulky items require strategic planning with regard to the best approach on how to get them out of the house. Sometimes that involves a lot of twisting and turning. It could also involve taking that item apart piece by piece. Whatever the best option is you can count on the team from Junk King to provide it. This is where their extensive moving experience comes into play. It’s they bring that experienced every job.

The Right Price

The junk hauling service is provided by Junk King also comes at the right price. That price is based on how the truck gets backed up. Measuring of weight. That can make a big difference especially if you are getting rid of construction or landscaping debris. Before the crew starts packing up the items that you are getting rid of they will be able to provide you with a written estimate of the charges. This flat fee covers all aspects of the job from start to finish and there are never any hidden charges at the end of the appointment.

When you need junk hauling services for your Rancho Santa Fe home the only call to make is to Junk King North San Diego.

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