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Monthly Archives: December 2020

Junk Removal For North San Diego

If you live in the North San Diego area you will most likely need to get rid of some large unwanted items at some point. Like right after Christmas!

Of course, if your junk items are small enough to fit into your home’s recycling bin, then you’re covered. But it’s the large stuff that can be challenging when trying to figure out the best way to dispose of it. 

The Challenge of DIY Junk Removal

The first issue most people have is that their vehicle isn’t large enough to put all the junk in.

And, even if you do have a truck to load it all into, taking it to the dump may not be all that simple. Across the state, landfills are rapidly filling up and disappearing, not to mention expensive to use. As of recently, San Diego County only had four active landfills available, along with eight transfer stations. 

And this is for a County with a population of over 3,000,000 people!

When your junk items are large and heavy, like old appliances, remodeling construction debris, or large furniture, just getting it out to the sidewalk or driveway can be strenuous and even a bit hazardous. 

Even if you have someone helping you move these large junk items, you will still need a suitable vehicle to haul it all off to dispose of it. Even if your junk items are accepted at a landfill or transfer station (and not everything is!) taking your junk to a landfill isn’t your only option nor is it even your best option.

The bottom line is that you may find that doing your own junk removal in the North San Diego area can be very challenging.

The good news is that you have other options!

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Junk Removal Services for All of North San Diego

Smart homeowners and business owners realize that hiring someone else to do a job for them requires budgeting. And that includes hauling off household junk or even old office equipment. That’s because hauling unneeded or unwanted exercise equipment, old furniture, yard waste, and construction debris involves an expense.

But, too often, the thinking is that doing the hauling and disposal themselves will be the least expensive option.

However, it’s often far more cost-effective and efficient to outsource it to a local professional firm, like Junk King North San Diego. Whether you have to pay your own employees to do it or you do it yourself, that’s time taken away from other work. And, if you’re a homeowner, your time is valuable, as well.

Depending on where you live or work in the North San Diego region, there may be County restrictions regarding what you can haul or dispose of.

When you factor in the need for a suitable vehicle, fuel costs, dump fees, and any other items you need to have like tarps and tie-downs, the best approach is to outsource this work to a professional firm like Junk King North San Diego.

Ultimately, the benefits of using us for your business junk far outweighs any possible benefits of a “DIY” approach.

full service junk removal

Proper Junk Removal is a Thing!

The majority of everything we throw into the garbage each day can actually be reused in some manner. Whether that’s reuse, repurposing, or simply recycling. This is true for most household and office waste that’s generated, and it’s especially true of what we tend to call “junk.”

Here are a few “trash facts” to consider:

  • Almost 75 percent of the garbage in America that goes into what is known as the “municipal waste stream,” or MWS, can be recycled. 
  • But the United States averages a recycling rate of only about 30 percent of it.
  • About 45 percent of what could be recycled is landfilled or incinerated.
  • According to the EPA, the U.S. generates close to 270 million tons of waste every year, or about four and half pounds per person each day.
  • Almost 75 percent of that could be recycled, but only 30 percent is, which means we add about 100,000,000 tons of recyclable trash into landfills.

The good news is that the waste that we usually refer to as “junk” can often be reused “as is” or with minor repairs. And if they can’t be reused or repurposed, most of the materials on practically all junk items are recyclable.  That simply means most junk items can be kept out of the landfills or incineration plants with just a little processing.

Unfortunately, most people just throw away what they no longer want or need in the trash.

With over a million residents living in the North San Diego area alone, it really is important to keep as much waste and junk out of our landfills as possible.

So, if simply “dumping” your junk isn’t a good option – for you or the environment – what can you do with it?

Not Just “Junk Removal” – Green and Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

Being green is an integral part of the Junk King corporate mission and, for Junk King North San Diego, that means that we are committed to keeping as much junk and debris out of our local landfills as possible.

When Junk King started back in 2005, we pioneered recycling-based junk removal and we’ve been going green ever since. We are proud to be the greenest junk removal service in North America.

How do we do it?

With every junk removal job, whether it’s a small residential junk pickup or a major commercial property cleanout, we sort through the various types of materials for metals, plastics, wood, glass, textiles, and even reusable items – all in our recycling warehouses.

And we do all this because Junk King’s environmentally friendly mission is to make sure as much of your junk as possible gets recycled or donated.

In fact, Junk King is the only national company to operate with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every job using local sorting facilities.

So, when you call on Junk King North San Diego for your junk removal needs, you can know that most of your junk items will be recycled or reused.

junk removal service recycling

Affordable Junk Removal for North San Diego

Along with being the Number One junk removal service in the industry and environmentally friendly, Junk King has the best pricing in the region for a company like ours.

We are so confident that our prices are better that we guarantee to beat any written estimate from any comparable junk removal operator. And a “comparable” junk removal company is one that is licensed, insured, and runs a recycling-based operation, just like we do!

In fact, one of the hallmarks of our company is that we work hard to keep our pricing the lowest in our service area. That’s because we really do believe in providing fair and transparent pricing

One way we do this is by giving you four different ways to get an estimate. That’s because we want you to know upfront what our service will cost before you book with us:

On-Site Pricing: The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.

Phone or Chat: Call us at 888-888-JUNK or live chat with our highly trained customer service representatives.

Text Message: Simply take a photo of your items and text it to us at 737-888-5865.

Online: Just click the “Pricing” tab in the navigation above, scroll to pricing estimator, enter your zip code, and choose estimate “By List Item” or “By Truckload.”

Keep in mind that, while our free estimates are a part of our service, an estimate is not a firm price. However, when our expert junk removal team shows up at your home or business site, they will give you a firm, no-obligation price on-site.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Your Junk Removal Team in the North San Diego Area

If you have a large amount of old furniture, yard waste, and debris, or even garbage or trash that you need to dispose of then give us a call. 

Junk King North San Diego always delivers efficient, safe, and eco-friendly junk removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of your old, unwanted items or piles of junk. And our experienced team will carefully remove and haul away all types of junk items without damaging walls or doorways! 

Ready to clean out your old junk?

Our professional and insured junk removal will come to your home or workplace, and we call 15 minutes before we get there. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

You simply point and we load it all into our junk removal trucks and haul it away – all without any hidden fees.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just make an appointment with us by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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