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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Junk King For Furniture Recycling In Escondido


Old furniture outside beside a trash dumpster ready to be recycled


Do you have old furniture that needs to be recycled? Click here to book and appointment!


Escondido is one of the oldest cities in the San Diego County region and, while certainly not the biggest city, it is still a community of a respectable size with over 150,00 people.


And, like, other cities and towns in the United States, the folks there tend to move around quite a bit. 


It could be a cross-country move or simply a “cross County” move to one of the nearby cities such as San Marcos, Poway, Valley Center, and San Pasqual Valley. And, since Escondido is located just about 35 miles northwest of San Diego, that city is often a destination move, as well.


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But regardless of where people choose to go, one of the by-products of any move is the disposal of older, unwanted, or unneeded furniture. 


Of course, old furniture disposal can happen for a variety of other reasons, but the problem remains the same: what do you do with it?


Which is why Junk King North San Diego specializes in furniture removal and disposal.


Junk King: Escondido’s Furniture Recycling Service


No matter where you live in Escondido – maybe in Felicita, South Boulevard, Midway, Eureka, or even East Grove – if you need to get rid of some old furniture, that can be a challenging task. 


One of the problems with disposing of “junk” items such as old furniture pieces is figuring out where to take or what to do with them. For decades, the default option has been to take bulky junk items that can’t be reused to the local landfill.


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These “dump runs” have resulted in a history of landfills across the country being filled to capacity while the number of operable landfills today is shrinking rapidly. In fact, the EPA has estimated that there are more than 10,000 old – and filled – municipal dump site in the US. 


As for today, according to the Infrastructure Report Card, last year in 2021, there were around 1,250 landfills. 


There is no real consensus, however, on how long these will last or if we will create new facilities. One report predicted that we were on pace to run out of room in our landfills before 2036. On the other hand, some experts argue that landfills are only in short supply in certain regions so those areas must transport garbage and solid waste to other areas for landfilling.


The answer for old furniture disposal is to pursue furniture recycling.


The truth is that almost all pieces of household and office furniture can be recycled completely or in part. And the beauty of this approach is that when it comes to finding a reliable furniture recycling service, Escondido has Junk King North San Diego.


And that’s because Junk King is much more than merely a great junk removal service – we’re committed to being “green” and environmentally friendly.


Furniture Recycling: Why It’s Good for the Environment


For people living in and around Escondido, disposing of old, unwanted, and unusable furniture can be a simple task with Junk King furniture recycling


We are strong proponents of recycling in general and of used furniture recycling in particular. 


Although it is understandable to want to know how to recycle furniture for free, about the only way to do that is to load and transport the furniture to a proper recycling facility yourself. Short of that, unless your old furniture can be reused, it’s not likely you’ll find an organization or service that will pick it up and remove it for free.


Regardless of how you have your old furniture removed from your property, the more important thing is to make sure it will be recycled if at all possible.


Why is that?


According to one furniture retailer,


“Recycling of old furniture saves much energy as they do not require any processing. It saves natural resources and reduces the level of harmful substances that are released in air.”


And, as the website Green Hospitality points out,


“Recycling furniture has benefits for both the earth and others around you. The first and most obvious benefit is helping the environment by saving resources and not adding pressure to landfills. Furniture recycling can help us to convert used materials into new products, reducing the need to extract new, raw materials. Both metal extraction and deforestation are detrimental to our natural environment. Furniture recycling is one of the great ways to conserve our limited raw materials and protect natural habitats for the future.”


What You Can Expect from Junk King’s Furniture Pickup Service


One of the first things you will notice when working with Junk King North San Diego is that we are good at what we do. Whether it’s old furniture pick up or knowing best how to donate goods like old but useable furniture, Junk King has this furniture recycling thing dialed in!


What you can also expect from our furniture pickup service is prompt and courteous customer service from a professional team that shows up on time, as promised. 


You do NOT need to expect added fees or hidden charges. You CAN, however, expect fair and transparent pricing and a price that is based solely on how much room your old furniture takes up in our truck – not by weight or simply a flat fee. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Another thing you should expect is to not have to do anything after you call and book an appointment. Simply be there when our friendly and expert team arrives and just point. You can expect Junk King to do all the heavy lifting!


Oh! And you can expect us to clean up after ourselves once we’re done and to leave you house or apartment undamaged.


How Many Items are the Most They Can Pick Up at Once?


The answer to that question is: It depends!


If your furniture pieces are relatively small and consist of items such as side tables, dining room chairs, and small bookcases, then we can probably fit an entire house-full into one empty truck. 


However, if you are getting rid of six-piece sectional sofas, floor-to-ceiling bookcases or hutches, and other relatively large pieces, then not as much, of course. This is why our teams will want to provide you with a free estimate before loading your unwanted furniture items. We want to know how much room your pieces will take up in our trucks, as well. 


As it turns out, our trucks are especially large for our industry with boxes that measure 8 feet wide by 12 feet long and 5 feet tall. That means we can manage up to 480 cubic feet, or almost 18 cubic yards of furniture items in one truck.


And weight really isn’t an issue, which is important when you consider what is the max weight of a pickup truck: between 1,000 to 4,000 pounds depending on the size of the truck. And the max volume in a full-size pickup truck bed filled to top of cab is only 4.44 cubic yards. 


So, it’s pretty clear that used furniture disposal from Junk King is a far better deal.


Why You Should Hire Junk King North San Diego to Dispose of Your Furniture


Junk Removal North San Diego


You will always get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly junk recycling and removal service when you call Junk King North San Diego.


The best part is that you don’t have to figure it all out yourself. Which is a good thing since even though most junk items and materials are recyclable, not everything can go to a recycler. But letting the pros at Junk King take care of the sorting and proper disposal of your junk items is a smart move.


In addition, by calling Junk King North San Diego you’re helping keep Escondido green.


As your local Junk King professionals, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around Escondido. It was a lack of reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient junk removal services that inspired owner John Bonavita to go into business here.


Part of his mission with Junk King is make sure that residents in Escondido and throughout the North County resources to get the job done.


And, today, Junk King North San Diego is your partner in Escondido for making it happen!


Our professional and insured furniture removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your old furniture and any other junk you have will take up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your old furniture and other junk items and haul them away – and we do it all without any hidden fees!


So, ready to get rid of your old furniture for recycling? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Just book an appointment online above or give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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