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Junk Removal FAQs In San Diego

Want to get rid of all your unwanted junk? One call or one mouse click to Junk King can get the job done. Here are some FAQs and answers to help you decide: Will I have to pull all my junk into a pile? Not unless you want to! Your junk removal appointment with Junk King will be staffed by two strong movers who know how to lift and load. They'll be putting everything you want tossed out onto the back of a big Junk King truck. You don't have to move anything. The Junk King crew will go through your home, garage and attic to get at what you want hauled away. That same crew will also go around your yard to remove any eyesore items from there. All you have to do is point and say, "Take it away!" Hauling-300x182 What is this going to cost? In your research for professional junk removal services, you might come across a company that charges by the pound. You should avoid them! Junk King's pricing policy is based on volume not weight. You'll be charged a set amount determined by how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. This estimated will be provided to you once the Junk King crew has been able to take a look at all your junk. Keep in mind, that just because they are coming out to your property to provide an estimate doesn't mean you have to use our service. We're happy to give you a free estimate and take it from there. One thing is for sure... that estimate is not going to change after the work is done! Can you recycle? We can recycle and we do recycle! In fact, the majority of everything we collect ends up getting recycled. That includes when we drop things off at a charity that specializes in refurbishing furniture or appliances. Junk King would love to keep everything they collect out of local landfill. So far, we've done a pretty good job at that! When can I schedule an appointment? Our crews hit the streets early in the morning Monday through Saturday. We like to work around your schedule and only ask that you set aside two-hours for the appointment. Of course, it will only take a few minutes to remove what you're tossing out, but the two-hour window gives us the time to get from customer to customers? Don't let another day go by surrounded by clutter. Hire Junk King for complete junk removal.
Junk Removal FAQs In San Diego


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