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San Marcos Junk Removal

The City of San Marcos asks, “Are you good to your mother?” They are referring to “Mother Earth.” As they proclaim on their recycling site, “We only have one Mother Earth, so be good to her. She likes it when you recycle as much as possible because it reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills. When you properly dispose of your trash, hazardous and universal waste, it keeps the community looking beautiful and liter-free.”

By now, your household recycling is a matter of routine. You know how to separate your plastics, papers, and bottles to make sure they get into the blue bin. What happens if you’ve got some things that are too big for the blue bin? To recycle the big stuff, you need to call Junk King of San Diego.

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Carlsbad Junk Removal

There might be some new recreational facilities coming to Carlsbad and that’s good news for anyone who enjoys the warm California weather. Last year, the Carlsbad City Council conducted an extensive study asking the local residents what they’d like to see developed in the area. The two big ideas that came out of this study was the development of a “multiuse, multigenerational recreation center” and an outdoor adventure park. That adventure park could be the place for all kinds of fun things like mountain biking, rock walls, zips lines, obstacle courses, and summer camps for kids. This is all further proof that the Carlsbad residents care about keeping their community a great place to live.

Another partner in that effort is Junk King North San Diego. This is a company dedicated to providing professional junk hauling services that helps Carlsbad residents clear the clutter from their homes and businesses. Although “junk” is in their name, there is a lot more that Junk King collects. This includes any kind of eyesore rubbish that has accumulated in your yard. Items like construction material left over from a remodeling job, roofing shingles, bricks, chunks of concrete, fencing, lumber scraps or dirt can all be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck.

When that Junk King crew is finished cleaning up your yards, they can get busy on the inside of your home. They will be able to haul out any kind of old furniture, kitchen appliances, boxes of unwanted stuff or e-waste. Think about all the space you can reclaim if you have all of that junk removed from your home.

Once everything is loaded up on the Junk King N. San Diego truck, it will be headed out to one of three places: a recycling center, a charity, or a certified landfill. The first two options are part of Junk King’s overall eco-friendly policies. They will do all that is within their power to keep trash out of the area landfills. The last garbage that goes these, the better off all of Carlsbad will be.

How does Junk King rate with customer service? Take a look at these comments:

“Polite and courteous. Reasonably priced. They took great care to make sure the walls were not damaged when they removed my furniture.”

“Very convenient, fast service and your employees are wonderful. Reasonable prices.”

“The guys were friendly and professional, and completed the job so fast! They also cleaned up after themselves (dirt, dust, debris). I love that Junk King donates usable items and recycles so much. That is very important to us. Thank you!”

Add it all up and you can clearly see that when it comes to removing junk the right way, Junk King is the only call you need to make.

San Diego Grill Disposal and Recycling

get rid of grill Just because the weather is turning cold doesn’t mean you have to pack up the grill especially here in San Diego. Grilling in southern California is a yearlong event. The only thing that could stand in your way is if your current grill isn’t performing like it should. Perhaps you’ve discovered the need for more grilling space. Maybe you want to have additional burners or a rotisserie attachment. Whatever the reason, if you’re ready to upgrade to the next level of grilling then you’re going to first need to get rid of the old grill. This is where Junk King North San Diego can be a true ally.

Junk King are the San Diego junk removal specialists. Yes, you can be a specialist when it comes to removing junk especially if you care about your reputation like Junk King does. The best way for any business to grow is by positive word of mouth. One look at the glowing reviews on the Junk King San Diego Facebook page and you can see that “positive word of mouth” isn’t a problem for Junk King. They’ve managed to soar to the number one professional junk hauler because of their attention to detail and in this business details matter.

Junk King makes sure that every appointment will include two very capable movers who know the right way to lift. You won’t have to take apart your old grill because it can simply be lifted right onto the back of the truck. However, there might be some things that you’re throwing out that need to be disassembled. The Junk King San Diego crew won’t have a problem as they’ve taken about everything from dining room tables to hot tubs.

Details also matter when it comes to having the right truck to do the hauling. You don’t ever want to call a junk hauler to make two trips. With Junk King you’ll get rid of everything you want thrown out in a single appointment. When they are done loading up, the Junk King crew will even sweep up to leave everything looking like it did when you first move into your home.

When it comes to pricing, the only detail you’ll need to know is how much space all of your junk will be taking up on the back of the truck. Whether it is one third, one quarter, one half or a full truck you’ll be charged accordingly and it’s an extremely affordable rate. Make way for that new grill by hiring Junk King to cart off the old one.

San Diego Hoarding Clean Up Help

A new phenomenon is cropping up with retirees that has medical professionals on alert. This is called “late life hoarding” and it is on the rise as the number of baby boomers hit their golden years. Upon retirement there are some folks who don’t know how to enjoy time off. Too much of their lives were dedicated to work. Without that they are looking for other ways to fill up their daily routines. This is where hoarding comes into play. What might have started out as a harmless collection soon becomes piles of junk that make living conditions unbearable.

Of course, that is an extreme scenario. Most of us hold onto things simply because we have no way of getting rid of certain items. The major difference between a diagnosed hoarder and everyone else is that willingness to throw something away. Before you cross over into the “red zone” of hoarding, let Junk King San Diego help clean up your home.

Every time Junk King shows up for an appointment they arrive with at least a two man crew. If the job warrants it, there might be even more team members. That has certainly happened here in San Diego with a few foreclosure clean out jobs where entire homes full of garbage and furnishes were cleaned out in a matter of hours. Most Junk King removal calls for those two person crews. They are extremely capable of lifting even the heaviest of objects like couches, stoves and fridges.

All of the junk that is removed from your home will fit neatly onto the back of the Junk King truck. This is another huge “plus” for hiring Junk King San Diego. You’ll have a truck to fill up that you don’t have to rent or drive to a landfill. That’s going to save you a whole lot of time and money.

There is no limit to what you can throw out. Since setting up operation here in San Diego, Junk King has already removed tons of unwanted rubbish from homes and businesses. Most of that junk ends up getting recycled. That’s good news for you if you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint. You don’t have to decide what gets recycled or not. The Junk King crew knows how to sort through all your stuff.

When you ready to get rid of your junk, give Junk King a call. You can prove you won’t turn into a hoarder by keeping your home free of clutter. It’s very easy when you’ve got Junk King on your side.

Home Downsizing Tips in San Diego

If you’ve made the smart decision to downsize your home then you’re in for a treat. That’s because you’ll have so much less to contend with in terms of home maintenance. You’ll also have a lot less clutter which is going to give your new environment a totally positive energy. Since you’re not the first to downsize, you have the benefit of all the practical experiences that have come before you.

For instance, you might want to rethink your furniture as multi-function. This could mean a bed with built-in drawers underneath the mattress/box spring. You could find an appropriate piece of furniture for your hallway that can contain shoes, coats, keys and backpacks. In others words, create a focused “drop-off” point. Downsizing is the time to focus on your closets. You’re not going to have the space you’ve been used to in the past. However, there are probably a lot of clothes which you never wear that can finally be donated.

Downsizing is also the time to shrink your various collections. There are many things you’ll want to keep but there are probably just as many that you can either put in storage or sell on eBay. For everything else, think plastic bins. These containers can be easily stacked in a closet. Label what’s on the inside and you shouldn’t have any problem finding what you’re looking for in the future.

As for anything else you’re not going to take with you, that’s just junk to get rid of. You can get all the help you need for that task by hiring Junk King of North San Diego. These are the professional haulers who have made getting rid of junk a thing of beauty. First of all, you’ll have at least to workers assigned to your removal appointment. These are the guys who will be doing the actual lifting and loading of whatever you’re tossing out. If you want to lend a hand and carry some things out to the truck you’re more than welcome but it’s not required. The Junk King crews have this down to a science and that includes packing your stuff into as small a space as possible on their truck. You’ll appreciate that because it’s also how you’re going to be charge by how much space your junk will take up on the truck. The tighter that can pack the less it will cost you. Of course, you’ll know what that estimate cost is before they pick up one piece of junk. And they price is not going to change. Give Junk King San Diego a call today to find out how they can help you downsize your world.

E Waste Recycling in Escondido

Do you know about AB 341? That would be California’s New Commercial and Multi-Family Recycling Mandate. According to the law, “AB 341 requires that, effective July 1, 2012, all commercial businesses generating four-cubic yards or more of solid waste per week or multifamily residential dwellings of five units or more, must provide recycling services at their establishments.”

You can trace this mandate back to 1989 when the state of California passed AB 939. That was the law which required every municipality in the state to divert up to 50% of their waste away from a landfill. They managed to hit 64% by 2011 and now they’re shooting for 75% by 2020 which is where AB 341 comes in. This means that business owners and apartment landlords are on notice to provide recycling opportunities for their tenants. What does this mean to you? If you’re living in a building that doesn’t provide recycling you should contact the city. If you’re on your own in a home you can still do your part starting with all your collected e-waste.

Unlike an old sofa or mattress, it’s not hard to hide an outdate computer or laptop. You can tuck it into the back of your closet or under your bed. Over the years, you might be swapping out those computers and printers and soon storage space is at a premium. Add in the monitors, TVs and fax machines and pretty soon you can find yourself overrun with e-waste. It doesn’t have to be that way. One call to Junk King North San Diego will have your home free of e-waste in a snap.

In terms of recycling, Junk King is on board with the program. They’ll make sure your e-waste is dropped off at the right recycling center. The same can be said for the majority of everything else that Junk King will remove from your home. Even the big-ticket items like old stoves or dishwashers can be recycled and Junk King San Diego will see that the job is done right.

It might seem a bit over the top to have Junk King roll up in their big truck just to take away your single desktop computer but what is the alternative? You would have to drive to some drop-off center and take up your time. Plus it doesn’t just have to be that computer that you can get rid of. Keep looking around your home and yard and you’re sure to find plenty that can be hauled away. Who knows? You might end up filling the truck to the brim! Your home will certainly be junk free after that!

North San Diego Moving and Junk Hauling

Moving day is a day often filled with stress. You’re anxious about leaving behind friends and neighbors and heading into uncharted territory. You’re worried about movers who are moving slow and costing you a fortune. You’re also concerned that something might break. Then there is the inevitable “buyer’s remorse” and yes, that applies to renting too! Moving day doesn’t have to be so stressful especially if you follow these helpful guidelines.

When it comes to packing, it if it not furniture put it in a box. Yes, you can cart some of your important things like a computer or stereo in your own car but anything else should be boxed up. Those boxes should also be packed up well in advance of move day. You might think you can put off the last few items while the movers are doing their thing. The truth is movers can go fast and you don’t want to keep them waiting. Also, if you happen to run out of moving material like boxes, tape or packing stuff the movers can provide but it will cost you. All you should be doing on moving day is watching your stuff get loaded up. This holds especially true for your refrigerator. Even if you’re not bringing it with you, you want to make sure it is cleaned out and unplugged long before the movers show up.

Labeling your boxes is crucial. You should definitely designate which room a box belongs in but when you pack up special items like a toaster or coffeemaker you’ll want to know what box those items are in. You should also set aside an “overnight box.” This would be all the things you’ll need for bed like pillows and sheets.

As you get your appliances ready for transport, make sure to tape up the power cords so they aren’t dangling and causing a potential accident. If you have pets or kids they should be watched over somewhere else during the moving process. The temptation is to keep them in sight but things will go a lot smoother if you don’t have to keep an eye on them.

One of the most helpful tips would be to hire a company like Junk King North San Diego to take care of the move before the move. This would be moving out all your junk. You certainly don’t want to start live in a new place by carrying over all the stuff you were going to toss out anyway. Do you really want to pack up junk and take up valuable room on that moving truck? Hiring Junk King lets you get rid of piles of stuff. You can either leave it all behind for Junk King to pick up the day after your move or schedule the removal the week of the move. Either way, being junk free is going to make a huge difference as you settle into your new place.

North County San Diego Junk Hauling

By the time you read this article we may have a new Super Bowl Champion.  Even though the Chargers are out of the running this year, many folks around the San Diego area will be hosting Super Bowl parties.   Between the action on the field and the fun commercials there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Given the nature of the event it is almost inevitable that some kind of spill is going to go down. You can say the same for almost any gather of folks. For your next party, whether a football game is involved on not, you should consider some insightful cleanup tips.

For those spills, keep a spray spot remover handy for a quick spritz. You should also have a big garbage can and recycling bin standing by for easy access. As the party goes on, try applying the “clean as you go” philosophy. This is where you’ll do a circuit through the rooms every hour or so just to stay on top of any empty glasses or plates piling up. This doesn’t mean you’re cleaning up so folks will go home but just so you won’t have so much to do when the party does end.

Naturally, before any party can get under way you’ll want to make sure your home is free from clutter. Instead of taking hours out of your party prep why not hire Junk King North San Diego to do all the heavy lifting both figuratively and literally. Junk King is the junk removal specialist now proud to be operating out of North San Diego County. As the leading junk hauler for the community, Junk King takes a lot of pride in getting the job done right every time. When a Junk King crew shows up for the scheduled removal appointment don’t hesitate for one minute to put them to work. You can direct them to move any object from your home, garage or yard. If that item is extremely heavy don’t worry; the JK crew will handle that. If the item has to be taken apart the crew will take care of that as well.

Whatever you’re tossing out will then be loaded up on the truck and dispatched to its final destination. How Junk King gets rid of your junk is equally important as the pickup job itself. That’s because Junk King is going to do everything in their power to make sure your junk ends where it should whether that’s a certified recycling center or approved landfill. When it comes to junk hauling the only way to go is with Junk King San Diego.

For the best in San Diego Junk Hauling, call 1-800 -995 JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

North County San Diego Junk Removal

If you’re noticing a little more brightness around the San Diego Estuary you have 200 volunteers to thank for that. Recently that group of dedicated residents joined together for an annual clean-up event. It wasn’t all backbreaking work. Many of those volunteers paddled along in kayaks to scoop up floating debris while skateboarders took to the San Diego River Trail for the cleanup effort. In just four hours this group managed to collect over 2,700 pounds of trash and 500 pounds of recyclable material. Not bad for a Saturday morning!

Imagine what you could do if you have 200 hundred people show up at your home with the single mission of cleaning up things. Obviously, 200 hundred people might actually be a hindrance to getting that project done but what could you do with a team of two able bodied movers? That’s just what you would be getting when you hire Junk King and the possibilities for cleaning up are unlimited.

Junk King North County San Diego is part of a national franchise of professional junk removers. This is a certified and insured business not a day laborer in a beat up pick-up truck. Because they are part of a national franchise, Junk King of North County has certain standards they must adhere to. Top of the list is making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. That’s easily accomplished when Junk King does all the work of lifting, loading and dumping your unwanted items. We all have junk we’d like to get rid of but some of that is just too bulky for the trash. Enter the Junk King crew and their truck. They’ll be able to fill that truck with any item you want. Best of all, they’ll be doing all the climbing up and down of any stairs. They’ll also go out to the garage and backyard to remove what you want taken away.

Hiring Junk King is the perfect opportunity to make a clean sweep of your property. You’ll finally be able to toss out eyesores like old furniture, appliances, e-waste, yard debris and anything else that taking up valuable space in your home. Once Junk King has collected all of that junk they’ll take every effort to insure it is properly disposed of. An overwhelming majority of all the junk collected by Junk King ends up at a recycling center. That means you can rightly claim you’re doing your part for the environment by hiring Junk King! And talk about fast! The Junk King North San Diego’s crew knows how valuable your time is. That’s why they will honor your appointment time by showing up when scheduled and making quick work of all the removal. Call Junk King at 1-800-995-5865 and put them to work for you!

San Diego Junk Removal

After this winter, as the days start to turn warmer its safe bet that your list of household projects will grow.  Call it “spring cleaning” or “getting ready for summer.” Either way there is a strong possibility that part of getting ready for the warmer months is going to mean getting rid of a lot of old junk. This might mean clearing out the garage or attic. Or it could mean a remodeling job in the kitchen or bathroom. Any one of those projects is going to generate a lot of garbage. You can try cramming it into trash cans every week but those cans can only hold so much. However, if you live in the San Diego area then best method for getting rid of all that trash would be to hire a professional junk removal company, like Junk King San Diego.

Typically, you wouldn’t hire a San Diego junk removal company to merely pick up your weekly recyclables. These companies come in handy when you’ve got large items like kitchen appliances to get rid of. There’s no way you’ll be able to fit a broken down washing machine or refrigerator into the back of your SUV. You can easily schedule a pick up time for Junk King San Diego to drop by, pick up and get rid of those unwanted appliances.

What about your old, saggy mattress. Did you know that after about five years, a mattress increases in weight by about ten pounds? That would be ten pounds of nastiness in the form of dead skin cells, dirt, dust and bug carcasses. Do you really want to be sleeping in all that? When you buy a new mattress, you’ll want to certainly get rid of the old one. That’s why you might need a San Diego junk removal company to drag out that old mattress.

Keep in mind also that hiring a San Diego junk removal service isn’t just about the household trash.  They can also haul away rotting tree limbs that might have fallen in a storm.  You might have a new gardening project in mind that could mean tearing up plots in your backyard. Do you want all that dirt in your car? Of course not! Let a San Diego junk removal company do the dirty work of getting rid of your yard waste.

If you’re like a lot of folks, then you care about where you junk is going to end up.  Junk King San Diego has adopted an eco-friendly policy. This means we work directly with recycling centers that can break down and recycle all your junk.   Everything from the kitchen appliances to the mattresses to the furniture can be included in our recycling program.  In general, when contacting a junk removal service, don’t hesitate to ask where you’re junk is going to end up.

Junk King San Diego is open for business – if you live in the San Diego area feel free to go online and schedule an estimate or call 1-800-995 (JUNK) to speak with a Junk King representative.