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Spring Cleaning Is A Good Excuse To Get Rid Of Junk

When you get right down to it, you don’t need a good excuse to get rid of junk. You only need a little help. Of course, the fact that you are about to tackle your big spring cleaning project is the kind of opportunity for you to go through every room in the house and assess just what you need and what you can get rid of. Once the determination has been made as to what you can remove from your home, it will be time to hire Junk King North San Diego. These are the junk hauling pros that can help you take your spring cleaning to a whole other level.

Deciding whether something can be classified as a junk item relates a lot to its potential use. For instance, if you replaced an old television with a new HDTV and that old television is now wrapped in a blanket out in the garage, then it could be considered junk. Would you ever plug it in again? Would anybody want to buy it? The issue then becomes, why are you holding onto it? Another example would be a piece of furniture in a bedroom or living room. Maybe it is still being used but it is something that you want to get rid of and replaced simply because it’s worn out. Should you spend the time vacuuming that piece for your spring cleaning? Instead, turn it over to Junk King.

The moving crew who will be assigned to your session will be showing up with a very positive attitude. Even though you might think bringing down a piece of furniture from upstairs is a challenge, it is something that the Junk King crew does every single day. Regardless of the size or weight, don’t hesitate to ask the Junk King crew to remove the things that you want to get rid of.

You can set up your junk removal session with Junk King North San Diego before you start spring cleaning or after you are finished. Either way, your home is going to look great without any junk.

Count On Junk King For Fast Storm Debris Cleanup

Whenever there is a heavy rainstorm, the National Weather Service kicks into overdrive with their monitoring. They have a standard to determine if a flash flood is imminent and they do a good job of putting out those alerts. Of course, those alerts are really meant for homes in designated flood zones. Recently, one of those heavy rainstorms swept through Oceanside and the flash flood warnings were issued. Do you live in a designated flood zone? Has your home ever been damaged by the rains? Hopefully, you’ll never need a storm debris cleanup but if you do, then it is good to know that a company like Junk King North San Diego is standing by to help.

Junk King prides itself with providing a rapid response for all of their appointments. Most sessions are completed with a 24-hour turnaround. However, when there is storm debris that needs to be cleaned up, Junk King strives to make those calls a priority. Getting water-damaged items out of a home is vital to prevent the spread of mold. It also helps with the drying out of everything else. Junk King will provide the moving crew and truck big enough to accommodate any level of storm debris removal.

Outside of the storm debris cleanup, Junk King is always ready to help with any kind of junk removal from your home or business. What bulky items do you need hauled away? Those two movers can do a lot of great work loading up furniture and appliances. They can also help take apart backyard playground sets and even a hot tub.

The costs for Junk King’s service is extremely fair. They charge a flat fee based on how much space your stuff is going to take up on the truck. That fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That disposal might include dropping off items at a charity or recycling center. You don’t have to sort your items. The Junk King crews can handle that. It is all part of the service.

Whether you need fast storm debris cleanup or general rubbish removal from your Oceanside home, Junk King San Diego remains the best call to make.

Mini Dumpster Rental Services in San Diego, California

How Junk King’s Dumpster Rental Services Contribute to a Greener Tomorrow

Known for its almost always perfect weather, miles of clean, sandy beaches and bountiful recreation, San Diego, California is recognized around the world as a premier vacation spot to travelers and as an oasis to its residents. “The birthplace of California”, as it is often called, San Diego was the first place in the great state to be settled by Europeans. From a small village to a booming tourist destination, San Diego’s growth first came in 1880 when several military stations set up shop and it then saw rapid, continuous growth after WWII.

Junk King San Diego Uses New Mini Dumpster to Help Make Way for a Cleaner and Greener Tomorrow

Dumpster RentalThis stunning city by the sea boasts a wealth of attractions, recreation and sights for residents and vacationers alike. The world-famous Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo, the USS Midway Museum, and La Jolla Cove are all stunning destinations and reminders of what makes San Diego such a desirable place to live, visit, and play.

The City of San Diego is also rich in culture and athletic entertainment. Home to nine art districts, there is so much to explore and learn. Sports is another major draw to San Diego as the city proudly houses the MLB team the San Diego Padres and was home to the San Diego Chargers from 1961 until 2017 when the team returned to its original home in Los Angeles.


San Diego lends way to diverse economy. According to Sandiegobusiness.org, its long-standing military roots and miles of waterfront property has led the city of San Diego to become home to the largest concentration of military in the world and homeport to more than 60 percent of the ships in the U.S. Pacific Fleet and more than one-third of the combat power of the U.S. Marine Corps.

San Diego is also a major player in technology and innovation. Ranked in the top 10 for both business and leisure destinations, San Diego’s convention and visitor industry is the third largest industry in San Diego, citing more than 34 million people visiting the city each year.

Green Living in San Diego

San Diego is widely known for its efforts in protecting our environment and for creating a cleaner future. In April of 2017, the city set a new record by becoming the number one ranked city in the nation for solar installation.

 According to a news release found on Sandiego.gov, “in recent years, the City’s Development Services Department has focused on easing the permitting process for solar projects. Streamlining measures include:

·      Moving solar permitting program functions to the City Operations Building to centralize review disciplines and increase customer convenience

·      Reducing turnaround time for permitting of single family residential roof mounted solar projects to 3-5 days, compared to the previous 10-day wait period

·      Increasing the hours for solar appointments and drop-off service

·      Dedicating additional staff to the solar permitting program

·      Creating a professional certification program to eliminate the plan review process, allowing staff to issue permits without a plan review

·      Encouraging electronic submittal and review to eliminate need to make trips to City offices

·      Allowing minor changes to plans to be approved in the field by an inspector”

“San Diego is setting the standard for other cities across the country when it comes to protecting our environment and creating a cleaner future,” Mayor Kevin Falconer said. “This new ranking is a testament to the many San Diego residents and businesses harnessing our natural resources as we march toward our goal of using 100 percent renewable energy throughout the city.”

Recycling and Waste Reduction in San Diego

In a city aimed at going green and creating long-lasting sustainability, the city government created its Zero Waste Plan which was approved and adopted unanimously by City Council on July 13, 2015. The Zero Waste Plan lays out strategies to divert 75 percent of all trash by 2020, 90 percent diversion by 2035 and an ultimate goal of zero waste by 2040, according to the city’s website.

The San Diego Union-Tribune credits the “Bottle Bill”, a 30-year-old statewide recycling incentive, has, for the better part of the last decade, led to more than 80 percent of beverage packaging has been recycled.

While recycling rates in San Diego seem to be dropping, the city is still doing fairly well in comparison to other cities across the country and government officials are still placing high priority on recycling, reuse and sustainability efforts.

San Diego Landfill Solutions

According to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, by 2040, elected officials want to divert 90 percent of everything that currently goes into landfills to recycling and composting facilities. The city most heavily relies on the Miramar Landfill which is said to be running out of space and its height has had to be increased, even though the city is essentially producing less garbage. Solutions and fixes range from those fighting for more landfill space and increasing landfill capacity to those pushing for a zero-waste community.

How Junk King Fits into San Diego’s Sustainability Plan

Junk King San Diego is a perfect fit for sustainability be it through commercial or residential cleanouts. Like-minded in its goals for recycling and sustainability, Junk King is fully equipped to help the city of San Diego in establishing its goals of being a zero-waste city. All items tossed into a Junk King roll away dumpster are taken to a recycling warehouse where employees take the time to sort each and every dumpster rental collection for metals, e-waste, paper, household goods, textiles, furniture and appliances before simply tossing more trash into the landfills. But “going green” also means Junk King is able to donate, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothing, toys, baby cribs and strollers to office furniture and supplies. Many of the Junk King trucks run on biodiesel, a domestically produced fuel made from more environmentally safe non-petroleum, renewable resources. Junk King is committed to continuing to lead the way to help keep the planet clean, green and beautiful for the generations to come. Just as San Diego is striving for, Junk King is also committed to finding ways to reduce waste and encourage recycling and reuse of any qualifying products.

How to Rent a Junk King MINI Dumpster

If you are looking for convenience and affordability to remove your trash, debris and junk from your home or business, Junk King is is the answer. San Diego offers various opportunities to dispose of your junk as well as ample opportunity for recycling, but why go through the hassle when Junk King San Diego provides quick and easy access to free quotes by phone or an online estimator and fast, affordable service? All you have to do is choose a date and time to schedule your dumpster rental and contact Junk King for a quick estimate. Once your project is complete, your junk will be rolled away. With the Junk King MINI Dumpster, you are given three days to fill it on your own timetable before it is hauled away. With the Junk King MINI Dumpster — think easy, fast and purposeful!.

Junk King San Diego is the committed to top rated customer service and to furthering its mission of recycle-based junk removal through its dumpster rentals. With a city and government leadership so focused on sustainability, Junk King provides a necessary service to help reduce the growth of waste and increase reuse, recycling and donations of what we consider junk.

FAQ on Dumpster Rentals in San Diego:

1)    What size dumpster do you supply?

a.     Junk King San Diego will drop off a Junk King MINI, a 12-cubic yard, driveway friendly debris box. Most household remodels and clean outs can be fit with a Junk King MINI.

2)    What can be hauled away by Junk King?

a.     If it isn’t hazardous waste — we will take it!  Furniture, appliances, textiles, construction debris, yard debris and more are all able to hauled away by a Junk King MINI dumpster and taken in for recycling, reuse or donation.

3)     Is it expensive?

a.     Junk King San Diego allows customers to only pay for the space they use. We are able to offer up-front, accurate pricing estimates with a simple phone call or online pricing estimator.

4)     What if my clean-out lasts longer than a day?

a.     Junk King offers MINI Dumpsters for drop off for three days. We will call with a drop off time and will deliver a 12-cubic yard, driveway friendly debris box for you to fill on your own time table. We will then pick up your box three days later.

Recent Reviews of Junk King San Diego

Just as the City of San Diego is committed to creating a life of sustainability and promoting a greener tomorrow, as is Junk King San Diego. We are committed to these same goals and are ready to partner with the city of San Diego and its businesses, institutions and residents in those efforts. Junk King San Diego takes great pride in the reviews we receive. Our customers serve as a reminder of the difference we make in people’s lives and in the community, as well as how we can better improve our services.

 July 20, 2017 by R.H.

Lemon Grove, California

“I can’t say enough praise for Junk King San Diego. We hired Junk King after receiving several estimates to haul a staggering amount of junk from a hoarder’s house. Every junk removal company that quoted the job needed five days to get it done–not Junk King! In two days, they transformed a property with their fleet of trucks and their very hard working crew. Not only were they efficient, but their bid came in lower than all of their competition and thousands less than several. On top of that, Junk King left our property perfectly broom swept and as cleaned out as can be. Plus, they are super nice people! What a great company!”

 July 19, 2017 by K.D.

Lakeside, California

“Very friendly and professional drivers.”

 July 12, 2017 by D.L.

San Diego, California

“It was easy to schedule a pick up quickly. Service was excellent. I was called 20 minutes before arrival. Customer service was great as well.”

July 9, 2017 by C.M.

San Diego

“I had an 11 AM – 1 PM arrival window. I received a courtesy call at 10:30 AM letting me know they’d be arriving closer to the 1 PM time, which was very much appreciated. I had a huge mess to clean up, but Anthony and John were very polite and friendly about the task at hand. It was very hot outside, yet they worked efficiently through the heat to complete the job. I appreciate the hard work they did, and the great customer service they provided!”

Is recycling, reuse and waste reduction on your priority list? Junk King San Diego shares the same goals and ambitions as the city of San Diego and its residents when it comes responsible junk removal and moving towards a zero-waste process. If you are ready to experience top-rated customer service please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal. Call today  (619) 376-2477 or visit Junk King online to get a quick and easy quote for dumpster rentals or for more information on what size dumpster would best suit your needs.




Better Have a Permit for That San Diego Dumpster! Right?

In most US cities, it’s a requirement to obtain a permit to park a dumpster on the side of the road, and San Diego is no exception. More accurately, you need to pay for the right to obstruct pedestrian and drivers’ right of way, and the laws to prevent congestion and accidents vary from city to city. It’s crucial to be familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding a San Diego dumpster before having it placed at the roadside, but fortunately, the permit usually costs less than $100, and it isn’t actually required in many situations.

If you have enough space on your driveway for a dumpster, you can rent a mini dumpster from a junk removal company that operates in your area, and you don’t need to get a permit. You can keep a 12-yard dumpster on your driveway without a permit for as long as you need, and leading companies only charge for the amount of dumpster space you use. However, if you need to park a dumpster on the road for any reason, read this article, learn the requirements, and avoid getting a penalty.

Why Do I Need a San Diego Dumpster Permit?San Diego Dumpster

A dumpster permit allows you take up road space that’s reserved for pedestrians and vehicles. However, you need to follow strict rules set out by the City of San Diego to avoid causing too much of an obstruction, and failure to do so usually results in a fine. Fortunately for San Diego residents, the dumpster permit cost is more than fair, especially when compared to other major US cities.

Depending on why you need a dumpster, you might have to pay for a few more permits than just the right of way permit detailed above. You require a construction permit if building an extension or demolishing a structure, and the penalties for failing to comply with those laws are usually harsher than with the right of way permit.

It’s worth applying for your permit as far in advance as possible because you must have it before your dumpster arrives. Provided your street is long and wide enough, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting your permit on time, but it’s worth checking if you can actually place one on your street before bothering with the application.

Make Sure You Can Rent a Dumpster Legally

Most dumpster rental companies will be able to tell you whether you can place a dumpster on your street, but you may want to check for yourself to eliminate the risk of incurring a fine. Here are some of the most important rules you need to know:

  • You can’t place a dumpster next to a painted curb, such as passenger loading or disabled parking areas.

  • You can only occupy street space that’s directly in front of your premises. Your dumpster can’t take up any room in front of another residence or business.

  • You need to place compliant ‘No Parking’ signs around the area where you’ll put your dumpster 24 hours before it arrives.

  • You should put a barricade with a flashing light on either side of the dumpster when it arrives.

  • There must be a clear space of at least 10 feet between the dumpster and the next nearest obstruction and 25 feet between the next curb return or alley.

  • You also need to check your street is wide enough to accommodate a dumpster without causing congestion. The minimum width is 32 feet if cars can park on just one side and 36 feet if vehicles can park on either side.

Again, most companies that offer dumpster rental in San Diego will be able to tell you whether you can have a dumpster on the road, and the permit fee is $73. Make sure to get the permit before the dumpster arrives and check that it can be placed on the street legally to avoid receiving a fine.

You Don’t Need a Dumpster for Most DIY Jobs and Home Cleanouts

If you have a driveway that’s large enough to accommodate a mini dumpster, you don’t need to concern yourself with permits or understanding and following rules. If you’re spring cleaning the house from top to bottom, clearing out the garage, removing the debris from a residential revamp, or landscaping, a 12-yard dumpster likely has ample space to accommodate the resulting waste.

The best junk removal and dumpster rental companies provide dumpsters designed for a typical driveway, and they make minor adjustments to ensure they won’t cause any damage. However, it’s important to remember that you can’t fill the dumpster higher than its sides because the rental company can’t transport overfilled dumpsters legally.

If you’re replacing an entire roof’s worth of shingles or demolishing a structure such as a freestanding garage, you’ll probably need a dumpster with a capacity larger than 12 cubic yards, which likely also means having to buy a permit and place it on the street. Unfortunately, if you only need a mini dumpster but have nowhere on your property to place it, you’ll also need to pay the same permit price to park it in front of your home if it causes a public obstruction.

You might not necessarily need a San Diego dumpster if you’re trying to get rid of a relatively small amount of stuff. You could contact a junk removal company if you only have 12 cubic yards’ worth (or less) of waste, and that would mean you could avoid doing any of the hauling. Of course, dumpsters give you the flexibility to gradually dispose of waste over a few days, but a junk removal company can retrieve waste in the space of a few hours if you’ve no need to keep a dumpster for an extended period.

What to Look for in a Dumpster Rental Company

A city the size of San Diego offers plenty of choice regarding dumpster rental companies, but it’s best to find one that prioritizes the environment and safe disposal, guarantees to deliver and retrieve the dumpster on time, avoids damaging the roadside or driveway surface, and offers a fair price. Junk King is the nation’s number one junk removal and dumpster rental surface because it ticks all the boxes.

The professionals at Junk King can often deliver mini dumpsters the same day you place an order, and they’ll call you 15 minutes before setting off to check that everything is ok and you’re ready to receive the dumpster. Just as importantly, they’ll retrieve the dumpster three days later, so it doesn’t steal your driveway for any longer than necessary.

In addition to our excellent time keeping skills, we also guarantee a fair price. Unlike most companies, we only charge for the amount of dumpster space you use instead of charging a flat rate, and we take preventative measures to ensure our dumpsters don’t damage your driveway. Better still, we aim to recycle at least 60 percent of what we collect – a target we usually beat – and we achieve that by having on-site sorting facilities and dedicated employees.

San Diego dumpster rental, fortunately, only requires a permit if you need a receptacle that takes up street space primarily reserved for public use. If you need a mini dumpster placed on your driveway, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law or spending your hard-earned cash on a permit. Plus, as the nation’s number one waste retrieval service, we’ll make the process as easy as possible for you. Drop us a line today to see how easy dumpster rental in San Diego is.

What We Do in San Diego When We Pick Up A Rented Dumpster

Rented DumpsterWhen people think of San Diego, the beautiful weather and beaches are the first things they mention. That’s why San Diegans take so much pride in maintaining the community with smart, green junk disposal methods. A rented dumpster from Junk King San Diego fits the bill perfectly!

Big projects like home remodeling or property cleanouts can create tons of trash, so it’s critical that you find a simple solution for debris removal. Here in San Diego, Junk King offers both full-service junk removal or a rented dumpster if you need a self-service junk removal.

Our MINI rented dumpster is driveway-friendly, easy to use, and affordable. Junk King gives you the options you want, including flexible scheduling as well as eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

Wondering what to expect from a San Diego dumpster rental? We drop off the container, you fill it with junk at your own pace over the course of 3 or more days. Then we arrive at your chosen appointment time to pick it up and take care of the rest.

Need a rented dumpster now? Call 1-888-888-JUNK or book online now!

We Show Up On Time

Let us know when to haul away the MINI, and we’ll be there! Junk King San Diego has flexible scheduling for 3 or more days of rental. We do everything we can to show up at the exact time you have pre-selected for pick-up. To be sure, our team will give you a phone call about 15 minutes before we arrive to confirm that you are home and ready to have the rented dumpster taken away.

Pay Per Use Rented Dumpster

Why pay for space you don’t use? Toss your household junk into the MINI dumpster and pay based on the volume! We have a minimum price, a 1/2 full price, and a full dumpster price.

Junk King was the first in the industry to offer pay-per-use dumpster rental pricing like this. Our competitors charge a standard price even if you don’t use half the space. If you need a rented dumpster in San Diego for a smaller cleaning project, you can pay less and get the service you need with Junk King.

Remove Any Overflow Junk

Our truck can’t drive away with junk sticking out of the top of the container. Make sure you pack everything into the rented dumpster. If there are bulky or long items sticking out, please try to break them down before we arrive!

We Haul It Away

You’ve been busy. Now comes the best part — Junk King takes care of hauling away the rented dumpster so you can use your newly clutter-free space. Our team makes sure everything has been finished up with your San Diego rented dumpster process, and then we load the container back onto the truck and say goodbye.

We Sort the Junk for Recycling

Sending your stuff away with Junk King means you can feel good about using green methods of waste disposal. Junk King San Diego sorts the junk we take into various recyclable materials like metal, wood, and plastic, as well as items that can be broken down and recycled like televisions, hot tubs, and mattresses.

The beauty of San Diego and our environmental health are important to us at Junk King. We take recycling and green disposal very seriously. The items in your rented dumpster will not go to landfill if we can find any other option!

Book a Rented Dumpster in San Diego

Using a rented dumpster can be easy and convenient with great customer service from Junk King. With our affordable rates and pay per use pricing, you can get the job done for a low price, too.

Call 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or book online and save $30 on your next rented dumpster in San Diego from Junk King, the eco-friendly leaders in professional junk removal.

How To Optimize Your Dumpster Rental In San Diego

Junk King makes the dumpster rental process as straightforward and simple as possible for our San Diego customers. If this is your first time using a roll-off container, you may not know what to expect. Think about how you can fill the dumpster efficiently and safely so that you’re ready to use it when the project kicks off.

If you have any questions about the Junk King MINI dumpster or how to fill a dumpster efficiently, feel free to contact us for help from our San Diego dumpster rental experts!

What Size Do You Need?Dumpster Rental

Being over-prepared can have its advantages. However, a dumpster rental that is significantly larger than you need will also cost a lot more. If you rent an extra large industrial container for a small home improvement project, you will pay the same price as if you filled the entire box.

Watch for Hidden Fees

Some other San Diego dumpster rental companies advertise low rates, but those prices do not include delivery, pick-up, and other necessary services. Junk King makes things easy to understand with simple pricing and terms written in plain language.

Choose a Good Location

Minimize the number of steps between your work area and the dumpster location and you can save yourself a ton of time and effort!

Break Things Down to Fit More Inside

Dumpster rental may cost a bit more if you have objects sitting above the top of the box. Break down boxes, furniture, or other junk if possible so you can get more in the container without unnecessary overflow.

How to Load a Dumpster

Here are some quick tips for filling your dumpster rental evenly and efficiently:

  • Get a dumpster with a side door. This way you can walk in and set down bulky items rather than tossing them in haphazardly.

  • In general, bulkier items go on bottom. However, anything that crushes easily can go on bottom.

  • It’s okay to be messy! Use a sledge hammer or other tools to break down junk.

  • Renovating? Leave room for scraps and trash. Pack the dumpster efficiently while loading it up with demolition debris. Home improvement and construction projects produce more trash in the form of leftover materials and other debris.

  • Load carefully so you don’t have to re-organize. Depending on the type of junk you’re getting rid of, you may not want to climb in the dumpster after it’s been loaded. Take your time and figure out how to fit things in tightly.

What Else Can You Throw Away?

When you get a dumpster rental for a cleaning or remodeling project, use the opportunity to get rid of an old appliance, a broken recliner, or other junk you have sitting around. Our San Diego dumpster service can recycle or dispose of everything except hazardous waste.

Don’t Overdo It

You also want to avoid overloading your dumpster with too much weight. Any dumpster rental service has a weight limit before you’ll be charged an overfill fee. Loading up heavy items like bricks or stone? Talk to the Junk King experts for help estimating the potential weight.

Safe for the Driveway

Another thing to watch for would be a dumpster that damages your lawn, sidewalk, or driveway. We made sure the MINI dumpster is driveway-friendly for residential use in Southern California. With a footprint of about 8 feet wide by 12 feet long, it fits easily in a standard driveway.

When Do You Need It?

You’ll want to have your dumpster on-site as soon as your project begins producing debris. Wait too long, and you’ll have a mess at your feet! On the other hand, you might save a few dollars on daily service fees by minimizing the length of your dumpster rental. Most of our customers use their MINI dumpster for a period of 3 to 7 days.

Small Clean-Up? Pay for the Space You Need

The best way to get the most out of your dumpster rental experience is to avoid overpaying. Junk King offers the first dumpster rental in San Diego with an option to pay only for the space you use. Only need to fill half the MINI? You’ll pay less! Check out our dumpster rental pricing and ask us any questions you may have about what to expect.

Our award-winning customer service can help you along the way so you enjoy a safe and easy dumpster rental in the San Diego area. Call us at 619-376-2477 or book online now!

Junk Removal San Diego – The Useless Junk We Haul Away

Our junk removal San Diego team has the muscle and vehicles necessary to transport whatever kind of useless junk you have. We’re an eco-friendly business that was founded in California, and we’re proud to be the junk removal San Diego homes and businesses enjoy using.

With the sunny weather and beautiful beaches beckoning outside, and a constant parade of festivals and nightlife to enjoy in the city, it’s easy to let your San Diego home get cluttered with unnecessary stuff. Procrastinate on spring cleaning so you can head down to Imperial Beach, and the next minute you have a few rooms filled with useless junk. We’re so laid back in San Diego, sometimes we need help to jumpstart our cleaning and decluttering.

Junk Removal San DiegoKeeping San Diego Beautiful

A lot of hard work goes into keeping San Diego so green and beautiful. Miramar Landfill outside the city take almost 1 million tons of solid waste each year. And even though San Diegans recycle quite a bit, they’re still building new landfills to plan for the future.

With junk removal San Diego can recycle, reuse, or donate even more. Especially when it comes to bulky, recyclable materials like construction lumber waste, couches, mattresses, old siding and roofing, and other trash that doesn’t fit in residential garbage cans.

San Diego produces more trash than any other county in California — and the total has actually risen 3% annually in recent years. Junk King can help reverse that trend!

5 Times When You Should Call Junk King

Some people have one big piece of junk that they cannot lift or fit into their car, like a sofa. Others have a room full of stacked papers and office supplies. Junk King sees it all, and we haul away just about everything (only hazardous waste is excluded).

The five most popular items for junk removal San Diego customers call us about:

  1. Furniture removal (old tables, chairs, couches, broken items)

  2. Appliance removal (unused refrigerators, old washers and dryers)

  3. Estate and foreclosure cleanouts (including house flipping, rental property cleanouts, etc.)

  4. Home improvement waste (renovation and remodeling trash, yard waste, construction debris)

  5. Electronics recycling (old televisions, computers, and other e-waste that needs special disposal)

Donation, Recycling, & Junk Removal San Diego Options

You can get rid of junk while being environmentally friendly and socially conscious at the same time. Junk King sends gently used clothing, furniture, and appliances to San Diego area charities to help those in need, and we make sure even more gets reused by separating materials at our facilities and directing them to local recycling.

In fact, Junk King recycles or repurposes more than half of what we take.

Remember that Junk King is the greenest junk removal San Diego has, and please consider these other resources for smaller donation drop-offs:

Why Choose Junk King for San Diego Junk Removal Services?

Read our customer reviews and you’ll notice a recurring theme — people love Junk King because we are fast and efficient, very professional, on time, and a great value.

As a Junk King franchise, our local junk removal San Diego team has access to the best technology and resources to make the process very quick and easy. From real-time scheduling to specialized biodiesel trucks that haul your junk away to sorting and recycling centers, Junk King gets the job done cleanly and smoothly.

When you choose us for junk removal San Diego customers can enjoy the #1 rated service in North America along with great peace of mind — because we’re the greenest, friendliest junk removal with the guaranteed lowest written prices!

How Much Does it Cost for Junk Removal San Diego?

Pricing matters just as much as high-quality service. That’s why Junk King San Diego makes it easy to find out what junk removal San Diego costs.

Click here to use our online price estimator and get a quote based on specific items or the total volume of junk. No hidden fees, no surprises. We’ll provide a final written estimate at your location before you agree to anything.

You might think that the best service would cost a little bit more, but that’s not the case with Junk King. Because we work quickly and efficiently, we can guarantee the lowest prices for a professional junk removal service.

Call Now for Junk Removal San Diego!

Get the best service at the best price — book online and save $30, or call us at 619.376.2477 to ask for more info and schedule an on-location estimate for our fast, easy, and eco-friendly junk removal San Diego services.

Junk Removal FAQs In San Diego

Want to get rid of all your unwanted junk? One call or one mouse click to Junk King can get the job done. Here are some FAQs and answers to help you decide:

Will I have to pull all my junk into a pile?

Not unless you want to! Your junk removal appointment with Junk King will be staffed by two strong movers who know how to lift and load. They’ll be putting everything you want tossed out onto the back of a big Junk King truck. You don’t have to move anything. The Junk King crew will go through your home, garage and attic to get at what you want hauled away. That same crew will also go around your yard to remove any eyesore items from there. All you have to do is point and say, “Take it away!”


What is this going to cost?

In your research for professional junk removal services, you might come across a company that charges by the pound. You should avoid them! Junk King’s pricing policy is based on volume not weight. You’ll be charged a set amount determined by how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the Junk King truck. This estimated will be provided to you once the Junk King crew has been able to take a look at all your junk. Keep in mind, that just because they are coming out to your property to provide an estimate doesn’t mean you have to use our service. We’re happy to give you a free estimate and take it from there. One thing is for sure… that estimate is not going to change after the work is done!

Can you recycle?

We can recycle and we do recycle! In fact, the majority of everything we collect ends up getting recycled. That includes when we drop things off at a charity that specializes in refurbishing furniture or appliances. Junk King would love to keep everything they collect out of local landfill. So far, we’ve done a pretty good job at that!

When can I schedule an appointment?

Our crews hit the streets early in the morning Monday through Saturday. We like to work around your schedule and only ask that you set aside two-hours for the appointment. Of course, it will only take a few minutes to remove what you’re tossing out, but the two-hour window gives us the time to get from customer to customers?

Don’t let another day go by surrounded by clutter. Hire Junk King for complete junk removal.

What Is A Great San Diego Clean Out Service?

The competition for your business is fierce. That holds true for dry cleaners, pizza deliver and junk clean out services. You might already have your favorite cleaner and pizza place, but what about a professional junk removal? For that type of service, you don’t have to look any further than Junk King. These are the junk removal experts who quickly became San Diego’s leading junk hauler. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it when you can read these Facebook reviews that have been posted in the last couple of days.


“The Junk King folks were great in every way. They were prompt, calling before they came to let us know they were coming. They were cheerful the whole time. We had all different types of junk, in all types of places around the house, garage and yard; and they were very patient with the moving boxes and mess that surrounded everything, as well as with the way we needed to keep checking in with each other in order to make sure everything got on the truck. We were also impressed at how they got everything in one load. The price, for the amount was also fantastic. We highly recommend them any time!”

Unlike other clean out service companies, Junk King isn’t going to let you lift a finger. That want to do all the work. You just have to point them in the right direction and they’ll take it from there, literally and figuratively. Here are some more positive things customers had to say about Junk King.

“Easy to schedule, arrived on time (even called ahead to let me know they were on the way), we’re friendly/courteous/efficient, and got the job done at a fair price.”

“Friendly customer service. The two gentlemen that came were on time and professional.”

“Your truck showed up the men gave me an estimate loaded up and were done all in 15 minutes.”

Those comments point out the other benefit of hiring Junk King: time management. Your time is precious and Junk King isn’t going to waste that. That’s why they’ll strive to get in an out with very little fuss. You’ll also be able to schedule your junk removal appointment at a time that works best for you. Often that could mean same-day pickup. When it comes to a professional clean out service, it doesn’t get any better than Junk King.

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