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Need Office Furniture Removal In North San Diego?

office furniture removal in north san diego

It’s not uncommon for businesses in the North San Diego area to replace or upgrade their offices. Along with some nicer desks and chairs, this also means needing to get rid of some large office furniture items and that may or may not be reusable. 

Regardless of why they need to go or if they can be reused, office furniture pieces can be hard to dispose of. 

The really poor pieces like broken chairs and dinged up file cabinets from 1987 might be better off in a dumpster. Unless you don’t have access to one, or if yours is too small. And, come to think of it, throwing old furniture into a dumpster really isn’t such a great idea anyway because there’s a very good chance it will be left out.

The city of San Diego does have bulk pickup services for oversize items such as old furniture, but you have to schedule the pickup by calling the city’s Waste Management department. While this might seem easy enough, there is a limit to how many pieces they will pick up in one trip and how frequently you can request this service. 

You could load up all your old office furniture into a truck, haul it to the nearest landfill or waste transfer station and dump it all yourself. 

But, really, don’t you have better things to be doing, like running a business?

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A Few Good Reasons NOT to Do Your Own Office Furniture Removal

Think about it: before you can even worry about how you’re going to get it all somewhere, and where that “somewhere” is, you have to get it all out of your building. This can be a challenge in itself. 

Just getting large furniture items out of an office or conference room, down some halls, and out the front or back doors might be a backbreaker. And if you have to go down stairs with anything large, bulky, and heavy… 

But let’s assume you do manage to get all your old office furniture out of the premises and staged somewhere out of the way of foot traffic and cars – what are you going to do with it?

Most people don’t have a vehicle large enough for one piece of furniture, let alone multiple items. So, you will have to get a truck.

And, once you have a truck, keep in mind that San Diego County only has four active landfills available and eight waste transfer stations. That seems like plenty of options, but any one of these is still a bit of a drive. And there are costs.

When you add your fuel, landfill fees, and any items you need to have like tarps and tie-downs, not to mention possible truck rental, really the best alternative is outsourcing it to a professional firm like Junk King North San Diego.

Keep in mind, too, that this means that you or your employees are taking time away from your work to load, haul, and unload furniture – which is hard work, possibly dangerous, and not very cost-effective. 

And taking your old office furniture to a landfill isn’t your only or even best option. So, Junk King North San Diego just wants to remind you that you have a better option!.

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Junk Removal Services for All of North San Diego

Business owners in San Diego understand that outsourcing a job requires budgeting. Whether that’s hauling off office furniture or even old office equipment, outsourcing removal and disposal involves an expense.

This is why some owners or managers start to think that doing it themselves will be a less expensive option.

The reality is, however, that outsourcing this type of work to a local professional firm, like Junk King North San Diego, is often far more cost-effective and efficient. Whether you pay your own employees to do it, or you do it yourself, that’s time taken away from what should be getting done. This means you have your labor costs for junk hauling plus your opportunity costs of work not done.

Hiring Junk King to pick up old office furniture makes great sense because there’s often no easy way to get rid of it yourself. However, Junk King North San Diego can provide you with our efficient, safe, and eco-friendly office furniture removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of those old items.

commercial junk removal services

Green Office Furniture Removal – Only with Junk King North San Diego

Junk King North San Diego is dedicated to keeping as much junk and debris out of our local landfills as possible. We do so because being green is an integral part of the Junk King corporate mission and we are wholly on board with operating an environmentally friendly business.

Recycling-based junk removal was pioneered when Junk King started back in 2005 and we are proud to be the greenest junk removal service in North America.

So, what does that look like?

By taking every junk removal job to our recycling warehouses and sorting through the materials to separate metals, plastics, wood, glass, textiles, and other reusable materials and items.

This process includes old office furniture because our green mission is to ensure that as much junk as possible gets recycled, reused, or donated. In fact, Junk King is proud to be the only national company to operate with the goal of recycling 60 percent or more of every job using local sorting facilities.

So, what does all this mean for you?

Simply this: when you call on Junk King North San Diego for office furniture removal, you will know that most of your old, unwanted items will be recycled or reused.

junk removal service recycling

[h3] Junk King North San Diego: Affordable Office Furniture Removal Service

We strive to serve our fellow, local businesses in the North San Diego region, and one of the ways we do this is with our affordable pricing.

In addition to being the Number One junk removal service in the industry and the most environmentally friendly, one of the other hallmarks of our company is that we work to keep our pricing the lowest in our service area.

That’s because we really do believe in providing fair and transparent pricing

Our customer-focused pricing process also means that we give you free estimates and provide four different ways to get them: 

  1. ONLINE PRICING ESTIMATE: For an online pricing estimate, simply click “Pricing” in the navigation above, scroll to the pricing estimator, enter a zip code, and choose estimate By List Item or By Truckload.
  2. CALL OUR TRAINED STAFF: You can also call or live chat with our customer service representatives.
  3. TEXT A PHOTO: If you can take a photo of your items, text us at 737-888-5865, and we will text you back an estimate.
  4. ON-SITE PRICING: The best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price is a free, no-obligation on-site estimate.

And best of all, when our office furniture removal team shows up at your business, you’ll receive a firm, no-obligation price on-site.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Your Office Furniture Removal Experts in the North San Diego Area

If you have a large number of old office furniture items, office equipment, and other materials that you need to dispose of from your place of business, then give us a call. 

Junk King North San Diego always delivers efficient, safe, and eco-friendly junk removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of your old, unwanted items or piles of junk. And our experienced team will carefully remove and haul away all types of junk items without damaging the walls or doorways in your facility. 

Ready to clean out your old furniture?

Our professional and insured junk removal team will come to your workplace, and we call 15 to 30 minutes before we get there. Once we arrive, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

You simply point and we load it all into our junk removal trucks and haul it away – all without any hidden fees.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just make an appointment with us by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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Remove Construction Debris With The Help Of Commercial Junk Removal Services

Home remodeling is a time-consuming task and involves a lot of equipment, materials and getting rid of old items. Once you have given a fresh new look to your home, the effect will not show till you clean up the place really well. A lot of junk tends to get accumulated during the demolition and re-construction process, gives nightmares to homeowners even after the work is completed.

Giving a grand look to the house is only possible when the trash removed from construction sites. If you want to wipe out the debris from your home but cannot find the right person to help you with that, you can simply come over to Junk King.

The professionals at Junk King have earned a good reputation within a very short span of time because they are able to handle all types of construction wastes, remove them from your plot and dispose them in the right manner. If you spend a few minutes in checking their reviews in this field, you will understand that they are among the best commercial junk removal North San Diego companies.

Junk King charges an affordable rate for construction waste removal, even if it includes hazardous materials or items that are difficult to dispose.

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