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Monthly Archives: July 2021

The Best Approach For Disposing Of Computers

Upgrading to a new computer will often include transferring data and software programs. What should be left on your old computer is nothing of value. Unfortunately, that old computer will be of any value from a hardware standpoint either. That is because if you are upgrading it is reasonable to assume that your computer has become obsolete. That doesn’t mean it can be thrown out into the trash. Quite the opposite! What happens is you get stuck with that old computer and it just takes up valuable storage space in your home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One call to Junk King North Texas will get those old computers out of your home once and for all.

The Right Drop Off

Junk King is a company that is dedicated to an environmentally friendly approach to disposal. That boils down to the idea of avoiding a trip to a landfill whenever possible. That is especially true when old computers are involved. Junk King has identified those recycling facilities that can take in old computers and other e-waste items. Those are the places that junk King will always strive to drop those items off as part of their complete removal package. It is just the way the Junk King operates.

It certainly doesn’t take two movers to carry out an old computer. However, you will always be assigned to movers with any session with Junk King. That might just inspire you to take advantage of those movers and have other items cleared out of your home. This is the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of any random pieces of furniture and other boxes of clutter that you would like to see gone. It can all be cleared out in a single session.

When you need to get rid of old computers and the rest of your unwanted junk, you need to put the team from Junk King North Texas on the job. Call to set up your session today.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire Junk King North Texas Professionals for Hot Tub Disposal

Hot tub removal and disposal is not for the faint of heart. The average hot tub weighs in at over 500 pounds, which carries some significant health and safety risks. You’ll have to assemble a team of heavy lifters to get started on a task of this size.

Even with a small group of friends, hot tub removal is no easy feat. Why don’t you save yourself the time and hassle of hot tub removal with Junk King North Texas hot tub disposal services?


The Junk King Hot Tub Disposal Process

So, your at-home spa or hot tub has finally let out its last bubble. Many homeowners underestimate the process of dismantling and removing an old hot tub. While it’s possible to DIY hot tub removal and disposal, the bigger question is: “Should you?”

To remove the hot tub on your own, you’ll need to gather safety equipment, remove the tub skirt and disassemble the tub. Not to mention, hot tub disposal is not as easy as leaving it on the curbside for your regular garbage disposal services.

Usually, the best thing to do with large junk items is to have them professionally removed and disposed of. Not only will this get the hot tub off your property, you can be assured that it won’t end up in a landfill, since our professional junk hauling company has landfill diversion policies in place.

The Junk King hot tub disposal process is designed with our clients in mind. Simply sit back and relax. Let us handle all the heavy lifting for you. When you schedule a hot tub disposal appointment with Junk King North Texas, our junk removal specialists will arrive at the agreed-upon time to handle the hot tub removal and disposal.

Junk King North Texas offers efficient and safe hot tub disposal services, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We do it all – simply point to where the hot tub is, and our removal pros will dismantle it and carry it off your property in our specialized trucks.


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Make Hot Tub Disposal Easy with Junk King Experts

If dismantling, cutting, and hauling isn’t quite your specialty, you might want to have a professional take care of the hot tub disposal process for you. Here are three reasons why Junk King North Texas is the best option for hot tub disposal.

1. Convenience and Efficiency

We mean it when we say that you don’t have to lift a finger. We’re junk removal experts; handling junk and heavy lifting are right up our alley. When you hire Junk King North Texas for hot tub removal and disposal, all you have to do is call! We have the tools, expertise, and equipment necessary to safely dismantle the hot tub and get it off your property.

Think of the convenience. No tools required. No rental truck. No need to worry about proper disposal laws and procedures. And no risk of damage to your deck or patio.

2. Safety First

Hot tubs are heavy, bulky, and quite a challenge to dismantle and carry. Freeing yourself from that old hot tub is a labor-intensive process. It can involve carrying heavy parts down staircases and through narrow hallways, which can compromise your safety if you don’t have the training and experience.

There’s no need to put your health and safety at risk. Not with Junk King North Texas around. We’re experienced and knowledgeable about the work we do. As a professionally licensed, bonded, and insured firm, we do not take safety risks lightly. Our trained team will take care of everything for you, ensure you remain safe and your property undamaged.

3. Eco-friendly junk removal

If you need to get rid of your old hot tub, recycling its components is a great disposal option. At Junk King, recycling isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s a priority for us. Sustainability is embedded within our goals and values. Our definitive recycling process will keep your old hot tub from ending up in a landfill.

Our junk removal specialists have a thorough understanding of waste disposal laws and guidelines. And we’ve partnered with recycling centers and scrap yards all through North Texas to ensure we recycle up to 60% of what we haul.

We can help you get rid of your old hot tub and other junk material, so they don’t end up polluting local rivers and water supplies.

Junk King North Texas – For All Your Junk Removal Needs

Junk King is proud to be North America’s greenest hot tub disposal service. We sort each and every haul for metals, e-waste, plastics, and any recyclable materials. If you’re decluttering your home, we can dispose of all your junk and clutter in a clean, eco-friendly manner.  We donate, repurpose and reuse everything from furniture and appliances, to old toys and baby cribs.

Ready to remove that old hot tub? Just call us up. Our junk removal professionals will show up at your home and get that old tub off your property.

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Organize Your Home With Help From Junk King

Home organizing has become a very popular Internet attraction. There are literally hundreds of sites and TikTok users dedicated to showing the world how to get organized. For some folks, organization comes easy. Once they have established a “destination” for every item that they bring into the house, it is easy to get organized. It is only when “extra” things coming to the home that don’t have a place where things become a problem.

There could also be a lot of random items in cabinets and closets that are taking up space and might never be used by anyone in your household again. That is the very definition of clutter. Add to that those furniture pieces and electronics that you’re keeping in storage and it is easy to see that a lot of things in your house can be designated as clutter. The best way to combat that clutter and get organized is to set up a session with Junk King North Texas. These are the junk hauling pros who will make quick work out of decluttering your home from top to bottom.

You Point, It Goes

Working with Junk King is not complicated. They will dispatch a team of movers to your home to take care of all the lifting and loading work for you. This is a crew that shows up with a friendly attitude. They are also great problem solvers. If you have an especially challenging object that needs to be removed from your home, then the Junk King crew will find a way to make it happen safety. Sometimes that might mean taking that object apart. That won’t be a problem for the Junk King squad. All you have to do is point to what you want removed and you can consider it as good as gone.

The cost for Junk King’s service will always be based on volume and not weight. You never get charge by the pound with Junk King on the job. Your fee will always be determined by how everything will fit onto the truck. The less space that your junk takes up, the less you will be paying.

The best approach for getting your home organized is to get rid of the clutter first. Let the team from Junk King North Texas help with that task.