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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Orange County Old TV Disposal & Recycling

The California Integrated Waste Management Board wants to know what you’re doing with your trash. That doesn’t mean that are being nosey; it’s just their business. According to a recent survey put out by the board, e-waste is one of the fastest growing segments of the total waste disposal system. They estimate that nearly 75% of all our unused or broken electronics are kept in storage. That’s actually a good thing. It means that folks recognize the need to have e-waste properly disposed off but they aren’t sure how to go about that.

Here’s how the board explains it on their website: “As technology quickly evolves and new products are outdated almost as soon as they are available for purchase, the need for proper and safe disposal of e-waste is apparent.  If products are still in working order or need minor repairs, they should be donated to a school, library, charity or church.  If they are broken and need to be disposed of, there are several disposal options in Orange County – do not place e-waste with your household trash. Certain materials, particularly metals, in electronic devices can be salvaged and recycled, and proper handling of e-waste ensures that no harmful materials such as lead will contaminate our landfills or water supply.”

To be clear they put together a list of all the items that would fit under the e-waste category. These include: cell phones, PDAs, pagers, computer monitors, computer software disks, computers/CPUs, laptop computers, photocopiers, printers/scanners/fax machines, stereos/radios/MP3 players or iPods, telephones/answering machines, televisions (including plasma and LCD), VCRs/DVD players and video game consoles. That’s a pretty long list no matter how you measure it.

Among the most popular items to get rid of are old television sets. Today, flat screens HDTVs are all the rage. Thanks to advances in technology, we can bring the total home movie theater experience right into our living rooms. To do that you’ve got to start with a high quality TV. It’s hard to go back to watching programs or movies on an old box once you’ve had the taste of high definition. This is when those old TVs get stuffed into the garage or up in the attic. In some cases, they could merely end up in the corner of a room collecting dust. The better course of action would be to get those old TVs out of your home once and for all. You can accomplish that task the right way by calling Junk King Orange County to handle the assignment.

A Junk King OC pro hauling crew crew is dispatched from the company headquarters to your location and then to the recycling center. It’s a perfect three-point plan that gets you free of clutter and has your e-waste handled the right way. Junk King Orange County can also get rid of any furniture, yard waste or other debris you want cleared out. Put them to work today and get a junk free home ASAP!

Orange County Appliance Disposal

What kind of shopper are you: researcher or impulse? An impulse shopper is someone who knows they need a “thing” and then just heads out to the closest store that sells the thing they’re looking for. When they find it on the shelf, the impulse shopper scoops it up and heads to the check-out counter without a second thought. In many ways the internet has made impulse shoppers of us all. We see something and with a single click of the mouse that item can be whizzing its way to our doorstep. Actually, that’s a great way to get all your Christmas shopping done in a couple of minutes!

The research shopper is a different breed. They are going to take their time. First, they’ll take to the internet but not to shop. Instead they’ll be reading reviews, comparing prices and looking for the best deal they can find. Sure they might do that one-click purchasing but not before they find the website which offers free shipping.

Now consider shopping for a major kitchen appliance. No matter what your impulses are this is really a purchase that should be made with a little research. Before clicking around on the web, do a little measuring. Whether you’re shopping for a new fridge, stove or washing machine you should measure the space where that new appliance will live. These measurements will come in handy when you find that perfect new model. If it’s too big and won’t fit through your front door then it’s back to the drawing board.

Next, you’ll want to check energy ratings. Narrowing your search to appliances that carry the EnergyStar label is a good place to start. In some cases it might seem that you’re paying a bit more for an energy efficient model but you have to think of the long game of monthly savings on your energy bill. This is especially true of refrigerators which are the biggest energy drains in a home.

You should also be looking into warranties. On the big ticket items you’ll want to get as much life out of the appliance as possible. A couple of years from now that might mean a maintenance check-up or replacement part. You’ll feel a lot better if it’s still covered by a warranty.

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ve got to make room for the new model. Here’s where a quick call to Junk King Orange County will take all the hassles out of appliance disposal. Junk King OC is a team of professional junk haulers who have been helping Orange County residents get rid of all kinds of clutter. Not only will that have the right size truck and work crew but they’ll also dispose of your appliance in a responsible manner. Often this will mean recycling the item and you’ll get the “reduced carbon footprint” credit! Do your research and then call Junk King Orange County at 1-800-995-JUNK and you’re sure to get a good deal on both ends.

Orange County Refrigerator Disposal

There is a surprisingly long list of reasons why you should consider getting rid of your old refrigerator. Top of that list would be the savings. When you switch over to a new, energy efficient model you could end up saving over $180 dollars each year on your energy bill. In the grand scheme of your household budget, that might seem like a drop in the bucket but think about how far that kind of cash can be spread around paying bills or going out for an anniversary night on the town.

Getting rid of that old fridge could be a challenge. It’s actually illegal to dump a fridge or freezer at any California landfill. That means if you happen to rent a truck, load it up and drive it out to the dump you would be turned right back around. The big reasons are all the CFCs. That would be the Chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants, mercury and polyurethane foam insulation with CFC 11. When not properly disposed of those ingredients are actually deemed hazardous materials. Add to that list glass, oil, metals and plastics and you can see why your fridge is a huge pile of recyclable material waiting to be properly handled. The best handlers for that kind of job? That would be Junk King OC.

Junk King just set up shop in the Orange County area and already they’re taking the place by storm. That’s because they’ve dedicated themselves to the proper way of junk removal. Hiring some guy with a beat-up pickup driving around your neighborhood is not the way to go. You have no clue where that fellow is going to dump you junk. For all you know, he’s driving around the corner and tossing it out in the closest ally. With a job as important and delicate as refrigerator disposal you need someone you can count on and that’s going to be Junk King.

The Junk King crews are all fully trained and licensed. That counts especially when you’re asking someone to pick up a heavy, bulky object. Keep in mind that you don’t have to just hire Junk King OC to take away a single item. You can make the most of their appointment by loading up their big truck with as much stuff as you want to get rid of. What could fit alongside your old fridge? That lump mattress? The ratty sofa? The kayak nobody uses? The busted ping pong table? Imagine what you can do with all that open space. Yes, your new fridge will go in the hole left behind by the old model but all that extra space? They sky is the limit. Call Junk King Orange County today and let them handle all your big disposal needs.

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