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Monthly Archives: April 2018

How To Motivate Your Staff

As a manager or business owner, you will be sharing the success of your company with your staff but ultimately, it will all come back to you. Even if you hire terrific workers, you still need to keep them motivated to do their best to achieve the goals of the business. Here are some ways you can motivate your staff.



A small token of appreciation goes a long way towards motivating your staff. There could be some built in rewards for hitting sales targets but beyond that, you might be able to add a vacation day for a job well done throughout the year. Even bringing in doughnuts or a coffee cart for the day as a “thank you” can be a big motivational boost for your staff.

Remind Them of Their Value

It helps to remind your staff how valuable they are to the big picture. Although everyone has their separate assignments, when taken as a whole, they all are working towards the same goal. Remove one member of the team and everyone will feel the impact. This is more than saying, “Keep up the good work.” Instead, it’s about expressing the feeling that the company couldn’t succeed without them.

Host Team-Building Activities

Occasionally your staff will “hit the wall” in terms of their productivity. This is when you’ve got to stop and find a way to escape the monotony of work. Maybe you can take the staff to lunch together as a team but don’t talk about business. Maybe get a box at a sporting event. There are also team-building exercises you can use as a way of getting everyone to bond and excited about the tasks ahead. A good old-fashioned company picnic works, too.

Keep a Clean Work Environment

You probably employ a janitorial staff that comes in every night to empty trash baskets, vacuum and clean up the restrooms. That is very crucial but you might have a lot more cleaning to do in order to provide a nice work environment. That’s when a call to Junk King Orange County can be a big help. One junk removal session with these pros can have your office clear of all the old furniture, equipment and files that is taking up valuable space. Using Junk King Orange County to remove the rubbish from your office is going to be a terrific way to motivate your staff.

Junk King Orange County Makes Customers Very Happy

Every company is designed to make it’s customers happy. Some businesses struggle with that concept and too often take advantage of their clients. Usually, those businesses don’t stay around very long. For those business who are delivering on what they promise, you’ll find many happy customers. Junk King Orange County is a perfect example. Just take a look at what some of their customers recently had to say about their services.


“I had a sofa sectional picked up from inside my home. The workers were quick to remove it and they were very careful to not bump or damage anything while doing their work. They called me in advance to my appointment and they arrived on time.” – L.L., Cypress

“Kevin communicated well, and kept me posted on his arrival time. He and his crew – Kenny and Charles – worked steadily. All were friendly, and did a great job for my wife and me.” – J.G.A., Costa Mesa

“The guys were just awesome. They arrived on time and removed the refrigerator quickly. They were very professional. Setting up the appointment was super easy and the office replied to my online inquiry and provided a quote right away. Five Stars!” – Diana Wooden, Costa Mesa

“Nice people. The two gentlemen who came to give me a quote were very nice. I okayed the cost and it took them only a few minutes to complete the job. Many thanks.” – G.T., La Habra

“You did a great job hauling away our pile of construction junk! Our city has difficult requirements and you helped us through it. Your customer service from beginning to end is amazing! Thank you!” – T.P., La Habra

“The men were fast, friendly and came within the time scheduled. This is the second time I have used them and will be using them more in the future. My daughter has used them twice and has been very happy both times. She is how I heard about Junk King.” – Charlene Pike, Seal Beach

Those are the kinds of reviews that should make you feel confident about hiring Junk King. To get rid of your rubbish and junk, you don’t have to look far: Just give the job to Junk King Orange County today.

Dependable Junk Hauling Service In San Clemente

Have you ever volunteered for the annual Coastal Cleanup Day in San Clemente? It is an annual event that attracts close to 60,000 volunteers at 53 beach sites up and down Orange County. Last year, the volunteer squads picked up a whopping 57,085 pounds of trash. That is way too much trash to be left at our beaches but it is nice to know folks are pitching in to keep the shores clean.


If you were to get rid of all the unwanted rubbish in your home, what do you think it would tip the scales at? You might be surprised at how close you can come to tossing out a literal ton of trash. That is only 2,000 pounds. A sectional sofa can weight up to 1,200 hundred pounds. That’s half a ton right there. Throw in a few recliners and futons and you’ll hit that ton easily. And all the little things you want to get rid of can add up to the a lot of weight, too. This might be why you’ve found it so challenging to get rid of all that unwanted junk. But it is no longer a challenge thanks to Junk King Orange County.

When you set up an appointment with Junk King to get your junk hauled away, you’ll never be asked how much something weighs. It doesn’t matter to Junk King. They’re going to load up an object regardless of weight or size. Yes, they might have to factor weight to determine the best approach for moving the thing out of your home but it won’t be a factor when it is time to determine the cost.

Junk King’s price policy is based on volume. That is the amount of space your stuff will fill up on the back of their truck. The trained crew can size up any pile of junk and know right away if it will use up half, a third, a quarter or the whole truck. This is really the fairest approach to this type of service. You shouldn’t be penalized for getting rid of heavy objects. If you’re looking for dependable and affordable junk hauling in San Clemente, then you’ve found it with Junk King Orange County.

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