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Best Beach Safety Tips For Safe Summer

As more people head to the beach is this summer, the chances increase for accidents. This is not something that should keep you away from the beach but instead make you aware that there are precautions that should be taken even on a bright sunny day. The following are some important beach safety tips to remember for your next trip to the ocean:


Swim Near Lifeguards

According to surveys conducted by the United States Lifesaving Association, the chance of drowning in the ocean is less than one and 18 million provided you are swimming near a lifeguard. As long as you can see the lifeguard, they can see you. It’s also a good idea to check in with the lifeguard before you go swimming to get their assessment of current water conditions.

Stay Within Swimming Zones

Occasionally, you may come upon areas marked off by ropes and buoys. These should be considered the safe swimming zones. Traveling outside those zones could find you in rocky terrain or overwhelmed by seaweed. Staying within those swimming zones will keep you safe.

Beware Of Rip Currents

A rip current is a powerful flow of water that pulls away from the shore. It can occur at any beach that has breaking waves. That includes a lake. Rip currents are actually mapped out. It helps to check your beach before heading out.

Don’t Swim In Polluted Water

The chances increase of swimming in polluted water after a severe storm. That’s because there’s usually runoff from municipal water systems that should be avoided. As long as you’re going to a beach with a lifeguard, they will post warning flags about contaminated water. You don’t want to take a chance swimming in polluted water.

Recognize Your Swimming Abilities

Just because you can go for several laps in your backyard swimming pool doesn’t mean you can do the same in the ocean. Colder water, currents and other dangerous conditions can prove to be an obstacle for even the strongest swimmers. You really don’t need to go far from sure to enjoy yourself in the ocean.

Keep Your Beach Umbrella Secure

Not all of the potential accidents that happen on the beach happen in the water. When winning kicks up along the coastline it can pull up beach umbrellas sending them hurtling. You want to make sure your beach umbrella is secured at least a foot into the sand. Before going to the beach you should inspect your umbrella to make sure it is working properly. If there’s any trouble with your beach gear, then you should consider replacing it. To make room in your garage bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando. You’ll be working with a team of expert movers to clear out all your old Beach gear and any other unwanted clutter. That’s a great way to start the summer.

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