How To Make A Deal On A New Car

Is your current ride starting to give you trouble? Maybe you’ve hit your target mileage goal. Or it could be that you just want to experience a new car. Considering it might be a least six years (or more) since you bought you last car, you’re going to discover a lot has changed with car design and it is all good. Before you head to the showroom, you’ll want to do a lot of research to not only narrow down your choices but also to lock onto a price range. Once you get to the dealership, here’s what you need to do to make a deal on a new car:


Talk With Managers

Remember the last time you bought a car? How many times did your salesperson have to say the need to “Run this by the manager?” Apparently, the manager is the one who has the final say, so why not cut out the middle person and go right to the manager? It is probably best to shop at the end of the month because managers need to hit their quotas and will probably be more opening to closing fast deals.

Get Pre-Approved

You’re not only negotiating the price for the vehicle but also the financing. Often, those financing fees can be out of your control especially if you are going through a dealer for your loan. Instead, you should consider getting pre-approved for your car loan. That allows you to know your budget and save time. It also gives you the upper hand on the deal making. If you know the rate you’re getting from the outside, then you could ask the dealer for a lower rate. Just don’t fib because it is all easily checked.

Ask for Rebates

Every television commercial for a car usually includes a special rebate offer. It looks like a good deal if you qualify but the advertised rebates aren’t the only game in town. There are often discounts offered for military personnel, senior citizens, college students and first-time buyers. There might even be a reduction for brand loyalty. Those don’t come from the dealer but the automaker itself. You might need to ask the dealer because they won’t automatically give up that saving information.

Get Your Garage Ready

A lot of thought will go into picking the perfect car but just as much thought should go into where it will be parked at your home. The best spot is in the garage but only if there is room in the garage. If you’re garage is currently occupied with rubbish, then it is time to bring in Junk King Orlando. Let Junk King Orlando help get your garage ready for a new car. One junk removal session is all it is going to take.

Don’t Forget These Spring Cleaning Tasks

A smart way to approach your spring cleaning project is to have a list. You should break down all the things you want done in every room. That list can help you stay organized and help your family helpers stay on track. Plus, being able to check things off as you go provides a great sense of accomplishment. As you put together that list, there are a few tasks you’ll want to include that often get overlook. Here’s what to consider:


Clean Ceiling Fan

Look up. How much dust has built up on your ceiling fans. These are often neglected just because they’re so hard to get out. A neat trick for cleaning ceiling fan blades is to spray with a cleaner and then insert into a pillow case. Use that to wipe off the dust and it won’t fall on the floor or table. Once the ceiling fan has been totally clean, you should invest in a duster with an extended handle for a “once a week” dust off.

Clean Your Light Fixtures

Have things been looking a bit “dim” around the house? It could be that your light fixtures are in need of cleaning. If you have sconces, then a vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment can help suck up the dust. All the rest can be wiped down with a sponge and polish cloth. Before you start, make sure the lights have been off for awhile so you want get singed by the lightbulb.

Check Your Refrigerator Coils

When was the last time you pull out your fridge from the wall? There are condenser coils back there that could stand with some dusting. Leaving those coils uncheck can cause the fridge to overheat. Again, the vacuum attachment is the fastest and most efficient way to get those things clean. While you’re at it, you can also mop the floor which will no doubt have a lot of grime and fallen food items.

Remove Bulky Rubbish

One of the biggest tasks on your spring cleaning to do list could be getting rid of bulky rubbish. These are all the things you can toss out in the trash. To do this properly, you’ll need some lifting help and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King Orlando is going to provide to you. Think about how much better your home will look after all the old furniture, electronics, appliances and other household goods are removed. It will be just like you when you moved in. Add a junk removal session with Junk King Orlando to your spring cleaning check list. Smart move!

Motivate Your Family To Help With Cleaning

Every family has a “boss.” That is the person that keeps things running and makes sure everyone gets what they need to make it through the day. The boss is also in charge of restocking and cleaning. Unfortunately, the boss can often feel like they’re doing everything by themselves without any help. Does that sound familiar? As boss of your family, it is time to get them to pitch in and that begins with motivation. Here’s how to pull it off.


Don’t Micromanage

The task is to clean the tub. You assign that task to your partner or a teen. If the result is a clean tub, then you’ve succeeded. It doesn’t matter how they get there as long as they do. In other words, your family doesn’t need to clean with the same method as you clean as long as the cleaning gets done. You only need to step in if the result isn’t achieved. Before that, let them succeed or fail on their own.

Provide Details

This might seem counterintuitive to avoiding micromanaging but providing details of a task isn’t the same as looking over someone’s shoulder and correcting them at every turn. Consider doing the laundry. This is a task you’ve got down but it might be a first for your teen. Inform them the basics of separating colors and what settings to put the washer/dryer on. It might help to have a laminated checklist posted by the washer.

Have Consequences

If you allow someone to keep stuff in your garage for free, then you can change the terms six months later and start charging storage fees. The same principle applies with motivating your family to help clean. They have to be made aware of the consequences. If it means no TV until the job is done, then state that up front. Remember that not every consequence has to be tied to a punishment. It can also be a reward. A clean house means a trip to the mall.

Get Help When Needed

There are some cleanup tasks that might be out of reach for the family. That’s when you want to bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando. When you are ready to get rid of big stuff like desks, shelves, mattresses, bedroom sets or boxes of clothing, then you’re ready for Junk King. They’ll send over a team of movers and truck to get the job done. Make your family happy by getting rid of rubbish with help from Junk King Orlando.

Great Junk Removal Service For Gotha

A lot of homes and businesses around Gotha were hard hit in the wake of Hurricane Irma. It has taken months to get things back to normal. In some cases, the cleanup effort continues. Once folks took care of their own property, they began to reach out to help neighbors and businesses. That’s what happened at the Nehrling Gardens. They sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Irma. According to supervisors of the garden, they “lost four major oak trees, one huge magnolia tree, several historic palms and up to a dozen other important trees. Half of the bamboo trees snapped off, and many of the new plantings were crushed by falling limbs.” Surprisingly the original home built in the 1880s withstood the storm with minimal damage. The call went out for help and Gotha residents responded.


Volunteer crews descended on the Nehrling Gardens for a special cleanup and replanting session. Their efforts help rejuvenate the property and bring it back to its original luster.

How big was your cleanup effort? Do you still have rubbish in the yard that needs to be hauled away? That’s a perfect job for Junk King Orlando. The Irma cleanup certainly kept the Junk King crews busy. The primary goal was to get rid of all the water-soaked items before mold started to grow. Then there were all the fallen palm fronds and other debris that got scattered in yard all across Gotha and the rest of Orlando. It was a massive cleanup effort on everyone’s part.

You can put Junk King Orlando to work this weekend for any remaining debris removal you might need tended to. Of course, you can always call on Junk King for any type of general junk hauling. They’ll send over a pair of movers who will be doing all the hard work for you. That means there won’t be any limit with regard to size or weight on all the things you want to get rid of. The Junk King crews also move very fast. You can get your entire property clear of unwanted rubbish in less time than it takes to enjoy a breakfast burrito. For dependable junk hauling in Gotha, Junk King Orlando is the only call to make.

Tips For Making the Switch To A Toddler Bed

Toddlers are always up for any adventure. You could ask them to come with you to the dry cleaner and it would become the highlight of their day. Even though there are willing to explore and play around the clock, they don’t automatically embrace big change. You might have struggled getting them used to the idea of going to school. If you have moved recently, then they might have a hard time understanding what it means to be in a new home. Those feelings of anxiousness could also creep up when you make the switch to a toddler bed. All they’ve known is the safety of the crib. Now you’re asking them to make a major move. Here’s how to make that switch go smooth.


Introduce the Concept Slowly

You don’t just want to swap out the crib for a toddler bed while your little one is at school. Instead, you’ll want to get them invested by idea by introducing the concept in new books that you read together. You might also ask them about what they think of seeing a toddler bed in a friend’s house. If you can get to the point where they tell you that they’re ready for the big bed, then that’s half the battle.

Set New Rules

With a toddler bed comes the concept of “freedom. Your little one can see this as an opportunity to get up and out as they please. You need to let them know that once they go into bed, they can’t get out of bed without permission. Same concept as eating dinner at the dinner table. This might take some reinforcement but it will help in the long run.

Reinforce Safety

Even with the new rules, you’ll still want to reinforce any safety measures you already have in place. This means making sure the windows and doors are locked at night and the cabinets under the sink and bathrooms are also secure. It might help to get a safety hook for their door to minimize the exploring at night.

Once you’ve put those tips into action, it will be time to make the actual switch from crib to toddle bed. This is where Junk King Orlando can be a big help. You can set up an appointment with the Junk King team to remove the old baby furniture on the same day as delivery of the new toddler bed. That same crew can also cart off the rest of your unwanted clutter. A decluttering session with Junk King Orlando will help you make the switch to a toddler bed go a lot smoother.

Take Care Of Junk Removal The Right Way

There is no such thing as a “free” service from the city. Everything comes at a cost. Consider the weekly garbage pickup. There is a charge for that even though it is minimal but it comes from taxes that the local government collects and fees that are tacked onto utility bills. Sadly, just because you’re paying for that pickup doesn’t mean the garbage collectors can help when you want to get rid of all your unwanted garbage. You’ll find them not to be accommodating with anything that doesn’t fit into the trashcan. Even other things like old computers or DVD players that fit into the can might end up being rejected and left back on your curb. When you need to take care of big junk removal the right way, you need to call in Junk King Orlando.


What could you get rid of if you have two movers doing all the work? That is exactly what Junk King will provide for you during your session. Those moves will happily go up to the second floor to bring down a mattress or bedroom set. They’ll even climb up into the attic to bring down boxes of old clothes and other furniture. All you have to do is decide exactly what you want taken away and Junk King will handle it from there.

Junk King Orlando works around your schedule. You won’t have to wait for weeks to get an appointment. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of the first contact with the company. Because the crews are always out on the job, you might even be able to score a same-day pickup.

The cost for Junk King’s service is a lot more affordable than it would be if you priced out all those items yourself as DIY job. Do you really think you should hire day laborers to help with the loading? How much of a hassle is that? Same for renting a big truck that you might not even be able to drive! Leave all that to Junk King. Your junk removal needs just became uncomplicated thank to Junk King Orlando. One call gets it done.

Good Advice For Starting A Home Business

Will 2018 be the year you finally start your home business? If you’ve come up with a good idea for a product or service, then it is time to put that idea into action. That begins with accepting the fact that a home business is every bit as important as a job where you go to work. It’s all about setting priorities. Here are some things to consider:


Get Organized

According to surveys, the average person spends around three hours each week just looking for things. Imagine what you could do with three extra hours for your home business. That is why you want to get organized from the jump. Not only organizing your hardcopy files with color coded folders but also your computer files. Don’t have everything scattered across your desktop. Get those files into folders with proper names.

Plan On Marketing

A successful home business is all about marketing. It all comes down to customer acquisition. If you can sign up five new clients each day, you’ll be doing great. That is going to mean devoting time to marketing. Today, a lot of that marketing is done right at your computer through social media networking. Make it part of your daily work routines.

Define Boundaries

A home business can be a challenge especially with a family still living at home. It is important that you set up boundaries with your family. Those boundaries mean establishing work hours that can’t be interrupted with minor things. It also means keeping your office infrastructure distinct from your family members. Translation: You can’t share your work computer. Too much is at stake.

It might help to set those boundaries by making a distinct office zone in your home. Your family won’t really take your business seriously if you’re working off the kitchen counter. Clearing out space in your garage or basement might require some outside help in the form of a junk removal session with Junk King Orlando. These could be the first official vendors you hire for your home business and it will be a very smart move. The crew from Junk King can quickly and efficiently remove any old furniture, appliances, boxes of rubbish or other bulk items from any place on your property. Your home business will get off to a positive start with a junk clearing appointment from Junk King Orlando.

Good Advice For A Home Appraisal

Without an updated appraisal, you wouldn’t be able to put your home up for sale or refinance your loan. An appraisal has to be conducted by a certified professional. Yes, you can disagree with the appraisal and have a second one conducted but ultimately, it will be the appraisal that is provided that matters. To get your home ready, you might consider putting some of this advice into action:


Catch Up On Home Maintenance

How many minor repairs are on your “to do” list? Before the appraise shows up, you’ll want to take care of as many of those as possible. You don’t ever want to defend a repair by saying, “I’m going to get that fixed.” As far as the appraiser is concerned, it is broken and it will stay that way. That is going to impact that value.

Keep in mind, that these should be minor repairs. A week before the appraiser is coming over is not the time to start the kitchen remodel that you’ve been eager to take on.

Write Out a List of Upgrades

Beyond the minor repairs, what major improvements have you made to your home since moving in? Everything counts whether you made this improvement last year or ten years ago. Write out a list of all those renovations especially those that involved structural fixes like a new roof or deck.

Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

A lot of what the appraiser takes into account will be what is considered as cosmetic. Planting new flowers counts. So does thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom. It is a good time to pull out everything from the cabinets and closets that you’re no longer using. Clearing out that clutter will free up a lot of storage space. That will prove to be a very valuable asset. It will be hard for the appraiser to asses just how much space is in your home with all that clutter.

This is one of those tasks you don’t have to take on by yourself. Junk King Orlando is the perfect junk hauling partner to turn this chore over to. They’ll provide the work force and the truck you’ll need to haul away all your unwanted clutter. Best of all, it’s not going to take a lot of time. Maximize your home appraisal by bringing in Junk King Orlando to haul away the junk today.

Awesome Recycling Facts

You probably know the basics about recycling at least when it comes to recycling around the house. Soda cans, water bottles and newspapers are the most popular things you can recycle from your home. It’s easy to toss those things into the recycling bin for pickup. What you might not know is exactly how much recycling matters and just what are the benefits. That can all change when you read these awesome recycling facts.


How many soda cans do you recycle in a day? Any can that’s made from recycled aluminum uses only eight BTUs. That equals a 95% energy savings. Cans that are made from recycled aluminum release 40% less carbon emissions. Most aluminum cans are already made from 50% of recycled aluminum. That’s not only good for the environment but it also saves up to 50% in energy use for those companies making the cans. Soda cans are the number one recycled material with a 68% recycling rate. Imagine if that number can get 100%!

What about the paper? Any paper that is made from recycled paper results in 64% of energy savings. Recycled paper uses 80% less water to make. And just 1 ton of recycled paper is enough to save 17 trees from being cut down. Trees we can keep around the better off we’ll all be

Recycling is all about reduction. For instance, if everyone in the country was able to reduce just 10 pieces of junk mail they get each week, then we could save up to 100 million trees a year. How can you do that? There are sites online that can remove you from junk mail lists. If everyone swapped out non-recycle paper towels for 100% recycled paper towels, then we could save 864,000 trees a year. But the benefits don’t stop there.

If just 10,000 people switched to 100% recycled office paper just for one year, then the collective annual impact would be almost the same as taking 230 cars off the road. Multiply those numbers and you can see how big an impact recycled products can make.

You can actually improve your recycling around the house when you hire a company like Junk King Orlando to get rid of your unwanted rubbish. That’s because junk King Orlando is dedicated to keeping as much of what they collect out of a landfill as possible. They would much rather make a drop off at a charity or recycling center to get rid of that junk. When it comes to expanding your home recycling Junk King Orlando is the perfect partner.

Get Rid Of Heavy Yard Debris The Right Way

It is hard to imagine anyone getting through life without a few bouts of back pain. Most of these are little twinges of pain that can be taken care of with over the counter painkillers. A more severe back pain would be when you “throw out your back.” When that happens, it becomes difficult to move without sharp pain. The only way to recover from that is prolonged rest and perhaps a heating pad. Back pain happens when you over exert yourself. This can happen by picking up heavy objects with your back as opposed to your legs. All of this points out the importance of getting help when you need to get rid of heavy objects like furniture or yard debris. The right way for that kind of hauling would be to bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando.


Heavy yard debris can come in many forms from old patio furniture to debris from a torn down deck. You could also have unused pavers, bricks and chunks of concrete. That is a lot of heavy lifting. Instead of putting your back at risk, let Junk King do all the lifting and loading. You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew who has a lot of experience with this kind of work. They know the proper moving techniques. They use them every day.

You might also have some heavy yard debris that is leftover from the last major storm. Junk King can also clear away tree branches, palm fronds and any other natural waste. This is a team that is also able to handle dismantling things in your backyard like a tool shed or swing set. If you want to get rid of something, then just tell Junk King.

Weight is a factor with some junk haulers. They like charging by the pound but that’s not going to happen with Junk King. The Junk King pricing policy is based on volume and not weight. How much room your stuff will fill on the back of the truck is how you’ll be charged. That is a very fair and affordable way to handle this type of removal. When you need to get rid of heavy yard debris and the rest of your unwanted rubbish, you can always count on Junk King Orlando to get the job done fast.

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