Make Your Home Merry And Bright Without Rubbish

All across the country, folks are bringing out their holiday decorations to string up on the outside of the house and put up on the tree on the inside of the house. Usually, we hang up the same decorations each year. However, there is always an opportunity to add to the displays. You might even reach the point where you have so many decorations that they have to be put into rotation! Before you put up any of your decorations you want to make sure there isn’t a speck of rubbish anywhere inside or outside of your home. A session with Junk King Orlando can certainly help with the rubbish removal task.


When the Junk King team arrives for your scheduled appointment, they can start the rubbish removal on the outside. This is a great chance to finally get rid of a lot of things that have been causing an eyesore in your yards. Whether it’s an old bird bath or grimy planters it could be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. That is also where you can put unwanted patio furniture, yard waste and any random construction materials. After all that rubbish and debris has been cleared away you can put up the holiday lights. Things look a lot brighter without that junk everywhere!

After the yards been cleared up, the Junk King team can move to the inside of your home. That’s when you can show them the old futon you want to get cleared out. You could also have piles of clothing and electronics from the closet that can be gotten rid of. Those are the kinds of things that should be donated or recycle. At this time of the year, it will be hard to devote several hours to accomplish that task. But it won’t be for Junk King. They make those kinds of drop-offs as part of their weekly routines.

If you want to get your home ready for the holidays by removing the rubbish, then you want Junk King Orlando helping out. Put them to work today.

Junk Removal Can Be A Great Gift

How would you rate yourself as a “gift giver?” There are some folks who literally agonize over getting the perfect gift for the people in their lives. Others take the nonchalant approach, which often results in gift cards for everyone! Both scenarios are very much appreciated. Then there are those occasions when you can come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind gift idea that can actually last throughout the year. One such gift would be a junk removal session from Junk King Orlando. Do you know someone that could benefit from having all the junk and rubbish cleared from their home? Maybe it’s not just one person!


A junk removal gift starts with determining what needs to be removed. You can tell the recipient of your gift that when Junk King is handling the removal pretty much anything and everything can go. The work is going to be handled by a two-man moving crew. This is the team that has been licensed and insured. And when it comes to lifting and loading heavy objects there is no match to the team from Junk King. No one should feel embarrassed about asking them to get rid of heavy stuff that is upstairs or a bulky item in a spare bedroom. They’ll be able to navigate down any type of hallway or flight of stairs. They also work fast. A typical junk removal session lasts for just about 30 minutes. That is not long at all when you consider the trade-off of all that reclaimed storage space.

Once you coordinated with the gift recipient about what they want to get rid of you can lockdown the appointment time. Junk King can be very accommodating with their schedule whether you want to have a morning, afternoon or weekend take. All they ask is that you set aside a two-hour window that will allow them to get from one appointment to the next.

Once the crew arrives at the location they look over all the items that I can be loaded onto the truck and determine the final price. You are going to like that fee as well. Make a junk removal session with Junk King Orlando the ultimate holiday gift you give this year.

Clean Out Your Attic With One Call To Junk King

What is the longest you have ever been put on hold by a company? The actual record stands at five hours for a customer that was calling to book airline flights. It is also very frustrating to try and have a conversation an automated operator. No matter how sophisticated those robot voices are they never seem to be able to do the simple task of just connecting you to a human being. It is nice when you can actually talk to someone that can solve your problems with a single phone call. That certainly happens anytime you call Junk King Orlando.


Take for instance the problem of cleaning out your attic. This is something that can be a bit labor-intensive especially if it’s going to mean several trips up and down the attic ladder or stairs. it might only be boxes that your removing from the attic but that doesn’t mean you have to make a dozen trips up and down. This is what you’re hiring Junk King for.

If your attic is actually a livable space, then you might already have furniture up there that would like to bring down. Again, this won’t be an issue for the Junk King crews. They will all show up with a great attitude and the skills to remove those heavy objects without damaging your floors or walls.

Even though your primary focus with hiring Junk King might be to clear out your attic the work doesn’t have to stop there. Anywhere that you have an old piece of furniture, a broken appliance or something else that you can’t toss out into the trash is where the Junk King crew will go.

There are some junk haulers that charge by the pound for the service. The reason they do this is because that’s how they get charged a landfill. Junk King bypasses the landfill at any chance they get. That means they will be charge those hefty fees and they are happy to pass the savings that you. Junk King charges a flat rate based upon how the truck will get packed up. You’ll know what that prices before the work begins. And you’ll find that it’s extremely affordable especially if you tried to price it out on your own as a DIY job. One call to junk King Orlando is all it will take to clear out your attic and the rest of your home of all your unwanted rubbish. Are you ready to make that call today?

Fast Cleanup Services For Orlando

Recently, an old water main pipe burst and sent massive amounts of water flooding through an Orlando neighborhood. It got so bad that several vehicles were totally submerged. It’s a reminder that flooding can happen anywhere and not just from a hurricane. Now the homeowners are faced with filing insurance claims and handling the cleanup. Have you ever had a flooding issue with your home? If so, then know that Junk King Orlando is always standing by to provide fast cleanup services.


Junk King is one of those businesses that operate at least six and sometimes seven days a week. They know how important it is to help folks with a cleanup. Sometimes a weekend is the only chance residents have to supervise a Junk King session. Junk King is dedicated to taking the hassle out of junk removal and that begins with accommodating your schedule.

Every session set up by Junk King will be staffed by two movers. This is the crew you’ll be supervising. That supervising will involve you simply showing the crew all the things you want cleaned up. You don’t have to move anything around in anticipation of your session. Just leave everything right where it landed. In the case of a flooding cleanup, it will be obvious what has to get removed: All the things that have been water damaged. You don’t want give mold any chance to spread.

Having those two dedicated workers also means you’ll be able to get rid of objects regardless of their size or weight. This is going to have a major impact around your entire property. Yes, the Junk King cleanup work can even extend to the front and backyard. That will certainly be helpful after any storm.

Before the work begins, the crew will provide you with an estimate for the services. This will be a fee that is based on how they’re going to pack up the truck. When they get a lot into a little space, then you’ll be paying the low end of the scale. It is just that easy.

For any kind of home cleanup services, bring in the helpful crew from Junk King Orlando. They get the job done right every time.

Get Your Old AC Removed Fast

There are a lot of things around the average home that are waiting to be fixed. It could be anything from a toaster to a chair that needs at little repair before it can be used again. Sometimes those broken items are moved out to the garage or spare room while waiting for repair. The problem is that the longer it takes to fix those broken items the more it is proven that you might not need them. Then there are some things that might be beyond repair but are so heavy or bulky that you’re stuck with them. An old AC unit is a perfect example of that. It might stop working but can’t be removed from your window without help. That can all change with one call to Junk King Orlando.


What that call will generate will be a removal session staffed by two strong movers. This is the team that can swiftly unhook and cart off an old AC unit of any size or weight. Having a pair of movers like this is crucial when you’ve got stairs to navigate. It also helps when they have a truck that can hold the unit.

The last part of this procedure is how the old AC unit is disposed of and that might be the most important part of all. You can’t put an air conditioner in a landfill. Instead, it has to be dismantled at a certified recycling center. Junk King has identified the best facilities in the area and will strive to get that unit to those centers. This is all part of the junk removal service offered by Junk King.

The movers, truck and disposal can also be used to get rid of a lot more items from your home. Are there any pieces of furniture or other appliances that you want to get rid of? Do you need room in your closets or garage? Getting rid of the rubbish and clutter can certainly help with that. Just think of what kind of improvement that will make for your home. For fast and dependable old AC and junk removal, you can always count on Junk King Orlando to get the job done.

The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Old Carpets And Junk

The average commute time for most Americans is around thirty minutes. That is only if there is never any traffic. Have you ever gone to work without traffic? Factoring in commute times is part of the daily routine and the hope is that you can make those commutes go faster. That might mean getting to work earlier and leaving earlier to avoid traffic. There might also be public transportation options that are even faster than a highway commute. Ironically, most of use want to make things go faster during the so that when we get home we can slow things down. That is especially true on your days off. And this is where Junk King Orlando can play a role. When you’ve got something like old carpets or junk to get rid of, you can count on Junk King to make it happen fast.


There is very little prep work you have to do for a Junk King junk removal session. Yes, you can roll up those old carpets but you don’t really have to. As long as they’re pulled up from the floor, the crew from Junk King will be happy to do the rolling for you. For the rest of the junk you want to get rid of, it doesn’t have to move from the spot where it is at the moment. The Junk King squad can pick it up right from there. You won’t have to bend over once!

Junk King moves fast once they’ve arrived at your property. The first thing they do is look over all the things you want hauled away. They’ll then provide an estimate based on how much space all that stuff will fill on the truck. And they like to pack things up tight which will always save you on the final fee.

As for scheduling, Junk King moves fast there, too. If you call today, then there is a good chance your job will be completed by tomorrow. Still want it faster? Ask for a same day pick up. If they’ve got time to squeeze you in and the crews are nearby, then Junk King will make it happen. For fast and efficient removal of old carpets and junk, it doesn’t get any better than Junk King Orlando.

Schedule An Inventory Storeroom Cleanout Today

A successful business divides their time between finding ways to attract new customers and helping to support those customers. A lot of attention is given to marketing but it won’t matter if that new acquired customer has a bad experience with the business because they weren’t able to buy what they wanted. Have you ever gone to more than one store to find a particular item? Not only did that first store lose your business but also it runs the risk of you never going back. All of this spins back to property inventory management. Without strong stocking and reordering procedures, business will often find themselves turning customer away due to lack of product. To improve things around your inventory management, you have to start with a clean storeroom and that is where Junk King Orlando can make a huge difference.


Like every home, every business storeroom will have a lot of things to get rid of. There could be boxes of returned merchandise that can’t be sold again. The same can be said for items that were damaged in the shipping process. Then there are all those things that simply aren’t selling at all. All of those items would fall under the “loss” category. They would be recorded accordingly with the bookkeepers but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto these things forever. One session with Junk King can take care of that.

While you’re workers are going about their business, the crew from Junk King can step in and gather up all those items you want to get rid of. They’ll be loaded onto the Junk King truck for disposal. Once those things are gone from your storeroom, you can put that storage space to more practical use.

As for pricing, Junk King charges a flat fee that covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. That flat fee is never based on how heavy a truckload will be but how much space your stuff will fill on that truck. Shop around and you’re sure to see that Junk King’s prices are very fair and affordable for a business. A clearing session with Junk King Orlando is going to have a positive impact on your company’s inventory storeroom. Time to make that happen!

Junk King Helps With Cardboard Box Problems

What is the ratio of filled cardboard boxes vs. empty card cardboard boxes in your home? They’re probably in the same storage spot. A garage is a common area for boxes of stuff like holiday decorations or winter clothing. This is also where the empty boxes go from all of that Amazon shopping. After all, you don’t want to get rid of a cardboard box that you might need some day. The problem becomes when you’ve held onto too much both with empty and full boxes. When you’re feeling overrun by cardboard, then it is time to bring in the pros from Junk King Orlando.


The first thing you should know about hiring Junk King is that you won’t be lifting anything. Clearly, moving around empty cardboard boxes isn’t going to be a problem but you might not want to hire Junk King just for solving that problem. They are going to send over a pair of strong movers who will be doing the lifting work for you. That means you can finally get rid of that old sofa or futon without throwing out your back. The Junk King crew has a lot of experience with moving bulky items so put them to work bringing down all those objects you want gone from your second floor.

Recycling cardboard boxes is a no-brainer. This is something Junk King handles on a regular basis. They also recycle the majority of everything else they collect. This is how they operate and it goes one whether a customer makes the request or not.

As for pricing, your fee will be based on volume and not weight. How will everything fit onto the truck? Will it take up half the space or all of it. You’ll know this after the Junk King team has had a chance to look over everything for themselves. If you were to price out the cost of hiring a crew, renting a truck and giving up time from your day off you would come up with a number that is probably a lot more than what Junk King charges!

Take care of your excess cardboard box and rubbish problem with one call to Junk King Orlando.

Take Care Of Your Junk Trash Removal Today

Are you the type of person who tends to let things “pile up?” You’re certainly not alone. Whether it is a desk at work or dishes in the sink, most people let things pile up until it becomes a genuine issue. One area where you shouldn’t let things pile up is with junk trash. This isn’t the trash you put out every week (which shouldn’t pile up either!) but the big stuff that is clogging your garage, closets and the rest of your home. That is the kind of junk trash that is making your living space close to unbearable. If you’re ready to take care of that junk trash removal today, then you’re ready to hire Junk King Orlando.


When you call Junk King you’ll be putting a plan into action that can result in all you wanted items being hauled away in as little as a few hours. Junk King often can provide a same-day removal session. If you know what you want taken away, then make the call. In most other cases, Junk King can usually complete a session by the following day. Of course, it the weekends work better for your schedule, then Junk King can make that happen, as well.

What exactly can Junk King remove from your property? Actually, it is easier to list the things it can’t take away. That would be propane tanks and any solvents or old paint. Other than that, anything and everything can go. Remember, you’ll be assigned two movers to help you with this task and they’re going to do all the heavy lifting. You shouldn’t feel guilty about asking the crew from Junk King to take away a heavy piece of furniture or to bring something bulky down from upstairs. This is exactly what you’re hiring for them and they enjoy making their customers happy.

Some of the things you’re getting rid of might still be of practical use. Junk King will take every effort for those items to get dropped off at a charity. The rest could end up being recycled. It’s a complete service from start to finish. Junk King Orlando makes getting rid of your junk trash easy. It only takes one call.

Helpful Tips For Antique Furniture Care

Anything that has the word “antique” as part of it’s title has been around for a while. Vintage might cover items made from 1950 on but when you start going beyond 60 or 70 years, then you’re definitely headed into antique territory. If you have some antique furniture pieces, then you’ll want to take care of them. In a way, you’re preserving history for your family’s next generation. Here are some helpful tips on how to care fo antique furniture:


Dust Frequently, Polish Less

Dusting antique furniture should be a weekly habit. The best “tool” would be soft cloth or feather duster. Frequent dusting shouldn’t be confused for polishing. That is when you take a bit more time to “work” the wood of the piece. Those dusting sprays only serve to build up layers of polish that aren’t really doing your furniture any good. Most experts recommend that you only polish your antique furniture once a year. When you do polish, use a high end wax like beeswax. Apply a coat and let it sit overnight. Then buff it out the next day. This will give the wood time to absorb the wax.

Watch the Temperature

A room full of antiques should also have a humidifier that can keep the air regulated. Too much or too little humidity can damage wood over time. You want to keep the pieces from direct heat that would come from a vent or radiator. It’s also a good idea not to have direct sunlight beaming down throughout the day on your antiques. If you’re going out, then close the curtains.

If you’re antiques are ever in repair, then search out a reputable refinisher. You could ask an antique dealer for a recommendation. And make sure they guarantee their work.

As for your overall collection, whether you just holding onto the pieces that have been passed down from your family or are actively acquiring new antiques, it will help to make room for them in your home. This is where a furniture clearing with help from Junk King Orlando can be a big boost. They can quickly take out any old furniture you want to get rid of. They can also clear away any other rubbish items to make room in storage. Let Junk King Orlando help you make room for your antique furniture by clearing out the unwanted stuff from your home.