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Let Junk King Orlando Help With A Backyard Makeover

In the last year, folks around the country have taken to their backyards for some impressive builds. There have been many coffeehouses, roller coasters and ice rinks put up in backyards. There’s also plenty of newly constructed treehouses and she sheds. Any project like that takes careful planning. It also requires making room first by clearing away unwanted debris and dilapidated structures. If you are thinking about a backyard makeover for your home, then you need to partner up with Junk King Orlando. These are the junk hauling pros that can provide a lot of help with clearing out all kinds of rubbish from your backyard.

A Wide Variety

There might be a wide variety of items that you would like cleared from your yard. The junk King team that will be assigned to your session will be showing up with plenty of experience for this exact type of work. There probably isn’t anything that you would ask the crew to get rid of that they haven’t already done for some other  homeowner. This is your chance to get rid of an old hot tub, above ground swimming pool, toolshed or even demolition from an entire patio deck. Junk King will find a way to break up and dismantle anything in order for it to fit on to the back of the truck.

Before any of that debris gets loaded you will want to work out what the final price will be. This cost is determined by the amount of space that everything will take up on the back of the truck. Since the Junk King crews also have a lot of experience with packing up the truck, they know how to get a lot of items into a very tight space. That will result in you paying the low end of the price. This is an approach to pricing that has made Junk King the leading junk hauler in the Orlando area.

Your backyard makeover project should begin with a debris removal session from Junk King Orlando. Book your session today.

Use Junk King For Box Removal In Your Home

Anytime you put a box into storage, it should have a label on it. The idea is that label will make it easy for you to pull down the box when you need it. No doubt, you have several boxes labeled “holiday decorations.” You can even have them split into categories between Halloween and Christmas! The only problem comes when you start to deal with a “box overflow” situation. You might even have boxes labeled “random stuff.” Is that stuff worth holding on to? The only way to determine that is to open up the boxes and go through the contents. That time devoted to sorting might reveal several boxes that can be cleared out altogether. That is when want to bring in Junk King Orlando. These are the professional junk haulers that can help you clear out all the boxes of unwanted stuff in a single session.

Left Over

Just how many boxes are you keeping in storage? You might have a few boxes left over from the last move that you haven’t even unpacked. It is clear that the contents of those boxes probably on something that you need. One of the reasons you might hesitate getting rid of the stuff is that you don’t want to see it go to waste. That would certainly be true if you have boxes of clothing or old toys. When you hire Junk King you are hiring a company that is dedicated to make sure nothing goes to waste. That means making additional drop-offs at charity organizations of all those things that can be put to use again. This is something Junk King offers as part of their complete removal service. That is what makes them Orlando’s leading junk hauler.

How heavy a particular boxes won’t be an issue for the Junk King team. They know how to lift and load any size object. But junk King never charges by the pound either. There flat rate is based on how everything fits on the truck. This is a price you will know before any work begins.

When you have boxes of unwanted stuff that need to be removed from your home, you can always count on Junk King Orlando to get it done.

Hire Junk King For Your Mattress Removal Needs

How long has it been since you had a good night’s sleep? One of the contributing factors for preventing you from getting a good night sleep could be your mattress. If you bought your mattress at the early part of the last decade, then it is clearly time to replace it. A mattress should always be replaced after 10 years at least. A firm mattress will go a long way towards creating the perfect sleep environment. That will mean less tossing and turning. After you have devoted time to finding the perfect fit for your mattress, you need to get rid of the old mattress. That is a task that the crew from Junk King Orlando can handle from start to finish.

More Than Enough Room

Every Junk King session is staffed by a pair of movers and a big truck. They will be more than enough room on the truck to fit your old mattress. If that is all you are getting rid of, then the job can literally be over in less than 10 minutes. It would also mean that you are going to pay the low end of the price scale. Junk King bases its pricing on volume and not weight. It all comes down to how much space your stuff will fill on the back of the truck. The less amount of space, the less you will be paid. With mattress removal there is an opportunity to also clear out a lot of other unwanted items from your home. All you need to do is point to what you want taken away in the Junk King crew will remove everything right from the spot. It doesn’t get any easier!

When you need to set up your mattress removal appointment you can call into Junk King or book online. You will always get a prompt response. That could also mean a same day pickup. Just want to coordinate the removal of the old mattress with the delivery of your new mattress.

Taking care of mattress removal is a job well-suited for the team from Junk King Orlando. Book your session today.

Put A Junk King Dumpster Rental To Use

How fast do you think you could fill up a dumpster with all of the rubbish and clutter that you would like to get rid of from your home? You can put your answer to the test when you rent a dumpster from Junk King Orlando. This is a terrific cleanup option that many folks are taking advantage of. What do you need to get rid of?

Drop Off And Pick Up

When you set up a dumpster rental with Junk King, you can lockdown the day that you want that unit dropped off at your home. It will be securely put into place and ready for loading in just a matter of minutes. The standard rental agreement will allow you to have access to that dumpster for a minimum of three days. If your cleanup project takes longer, then you can always call Junk King to extend the rental.

Once the rental is in place, you can begin to fill it up with all of the debris that you want to clear out. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get those objects “packed up.” The cost for your dumpster rental will be determined by just how much space is used in the container. If you pack in everything tight and only take up half the space, then your fee will reflect that. You will have an estimate of those costs before the work begins so that you know exactly what to expect when the crew picks up the dumpster.

Of course, if you would prefer not to do any of the loading, then you can always rely on Junk King to provide full-service junk removal. That is where you just point to something that you want taken away and the Junk King crew lifts it from the spot and loaded onto the truck. Easy!

If you need to put a dumpster to use around your house, then you need to book the rental with Junk King Orlando.

Use Junk King For Reliable Stove Removal

The reason that you buy any type of kitchen appliance is to have it last for a very long time. It would be practical for kitchen appliance to wear out after one or two years. Take for instance your stove. There is a good chance that it was designed to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. After that time, you might start to notice little things going wrong. We could be that the burner isn’t firing way it used to. It might also mean that the oven is taking a lot longer to heat up. These are the kinds of things that can get in the way of you cooking. It is also a good indication that it might be time to finally replace that stove.

If it has been 15 years since you bought the stove, then you can imagine how the design of stoves have improved. There will be a lot more features on your new stove that makes cooking fun again! First, you need to get that old stove removed. That is a task that is well-suited for the team from Junk King Orlando.

Always Careful Removal

When the Junk King crew arrives at your home for your scheduled appointment, they need to assess the situation before them. The first concern is to find that a safe path between your kitchen and the front door. That will be the route that your old stove will be taking. It is vitally important to the Junk King team that they don’t scratch up your floors or cause any damage to the house. Based on all the positive reviews they receive it is clear they accomplish that goal on every mission.

The next assessment has to do with how the stove will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. Obviously, one single clients like that isn’t going to take up a lot of space. That means if that is all you are getting rid of, then you would be paying the low end of the price scale. Of course, knowing that you have a pair of movers and all the truck space you might want to look at any other item in your home that you want to get rid of. This is a perfect opportunity to take care of all of that.

Reliable stove removal starts with a call to Junk King Orlando. Put the crew to work today.

Get Help From Junk King For A Hoarder Level Cleanup

Have you ever been accused of being a “hoarder?” Everyone has some level of hoarding tendencies. Look no further than the average bedroom closet! What separates most folks from a clinical hoarder and just someone with a lot of stuff is the ability to throw out the rubbish. A hoarder has a big problem with that. Someone with a lot of stuff might just not have the means to get rid of that junk. That can all change with one call to Junk King Orlando. These are the junk hauling pros that can clear out any level of rubbish.

Whatever It Takes

The standard session with Junk King is staffed by two experienced movers. This is the friendly team who can handle just about any removal task that you throw at them. They have the skills and the truck need to get rid of a lot of stuff. What if you have reached a “hoarder level cleanup” situation? That is when Junk King can offer additional crews and their trucks. They want to make sure that you get everything cleared away in a single session. Whether you are using two Junk King team members or six, you won’t be paying any extra. You also won’t be paying by the hour. Everything is covered by a flat rate. That rate is based on packing.

When the Junk King team shows up at your home, you’ll show them what you want removed. It could be an entire garage or shed full of junk. After looking over everything, the crew will be able to present you with a price based on how they think everything will fit on the truck. It might look like a lot but they’ll try to get everything packed into a small space so you can pay the low end of the price scale. That is the Junk King way!

When you need a hoarder level cleanup to happen, you need to put Junk King Orlando on the job. Call to make an appointment today.

Create More Storage Area In Your Home

How many things do you have around your house that are waiting to be put away? This might not be because certain family members aren’t doing their part to pick up their things. Instead, it could be that you have simply run out of storage space. That can happen out in the garage, up in the attic or in any closet. You can tell this is an issue anytime you try to access those storage areas and become instantly frustrated. Instead of “fighting” those areas you might want to bring in the team from Junk King Orlando. These are the junk hauling professionals that can help you create more storage area in your home with one dedicated rubbish removal session.

Pick and Choose

In order to create that storage area with the help of Junk King, you first have to pick and choose what you want hauled away. That will mean going to every designated storage area in your home and pulling out all the things that you no longer have any use for. By doing so, you might actually come across a few things that you forgot that you put into storage. Chances are, you also find plenty of things that you can get rid of. All of the items that you want to get rid of can be put in a general pile right by that storage area. When the Junk King team shows up for your appointment, they can swoop in and remove those items right from the spot. You don’t have to lift a thing when Junk King is on the job!

Before anything can get loaded into the truck, you will want to work out what the final price will be. That price will always be determined by how everything will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. The less space that the Junk King team uses up, the less you will be paid. It is just that easy.

It will only take one rubbish removal session with Junk King Orlando to open up more storage space in your home. Set up that session today.

Junk King Helps Get The Rubbish Cleared From The Office

If all goes according to plan, then there will probably be a wave of workers returning to their offices in the new year. That means it will be incumbent upon office managers to get those workspaces ready. Given the “new normal” conditions, getting an office ready could mean actually opening up the space and installing more dividers. It will also mean scheduling regular deep disinfecting cleanings. Before any of that can happen, it will help to have a “blank slate.” That means getting rid of the rubbish from that office space and that means bringing in Junk King Orlando.


All office managers are going through a reevaluation of their communal workspaces. This is the time to designate exactly what should stay and what needs to go. When you hire junk King for this type of work, you are getting a company that has proven itself time and again to be an exceptional junk hauling service. All you have to do is point to the items that you want removed from the office. You don’t have to give a second thought as to whether or not something is too heavy to navigate out of the building. The team from Junk King will always find a way.

You also don’t have to be concerned about the proper disposal of those items. If Your company considers itself to be a “green” type of business, then junk King is the perfect disposal partner. Junk King has been utilizing and environmentally friendly disposal policy since they began collecting junk over 15 years ago. That policy is all about making drop-offs at recycling centers and charities of any item that can be repurposed. By using Junk King to remove your unwanted rubbish you can maintain your green status!

You can schedule your session with Junk King at a time that works best for your business hours. That could even mean bringing in the crew on the weekend. Junk King wants to make this entire process go smoothly as possible.

When rubbish needs to be cleared out of the office, Junk King Orlando needs to be on the job. Book your session today.

Get The Clutter Out Of Your Guestroom Today

How many members of your family live outside of state? Chances are that sooner or later those folks will be paying you a visit. That is actually a terrific thing especially during the holidays. It is also the reason why you the guest room in your home. You want to make sure you have a place that is comfortable for your family. Of course, that guestroom might only get used once a year for the holidays. That could mean that in between holidays the room gets filled up with things that you are trying to move out of the house. It’s easy to put an old piece of furniture or some boxes of clothing into the guestroom just to get out the way. But now is the time when those things need to be permanently removed. Once you have made the designation that the clutter you have in your guestroom is not anything you want to hold onto, it is time to set up an appointment with Junk King Orlando.

Pick and Choose

Before locking down your appointment with Junk King you will want to spend some time in the guestroom to pick and choose through all the items that you have in storage. This isn’t just the items that you might have stacked up on the bed but also in the closet and dresser. After all, if company is coming over, then you want to make sure they have room for their clothing.

I’ll keep in mind that when you hire Junk King you are hiring a hard-working crew and a large truck. Those are the two elements that you need to get rid of anything regardless of size or weight. If you need to clear out the entire guestroom, then there will be space for on the back of the Junk King truck.

How everything gets packed on the truck will determine what your final fee will be. You will know that estimate is before the work begins. And it will always be fair and competitive for this type of professional service.

Getting the unwanted clutter out of your guestroom doesn’t have to be a chore. Just give that task to Junk King Orlando today.

Utilize Junk King For Your Refrigerator Disposal

And let us your kitchen is especially large you have room for just one refrigerator. You might have space out in the garage for a freezer but in the kitchen is just one refrigerator per room. That means when you replace that old refrigerator you can’t just pushed it aside to get it out of the way. It has to be moved completely. And an old refrigerator is certainly not something you want to be kept around especially if there are children in the house. It becomes attempting hideaway spot that could be very dangerous. Fortunately, there is a fast, efficient and affordable way to get rid of an old refrigerator. All you have to do is call up Junk King Orlando to get it done.

Food Inventory

Replacing an old refrigerator means you need to clear it out of every item. This is a terrific opportunity to take a “food inventory.” No doubt, you have plenty of condiments and other perishable food items in the refrigerator. They could also be some forgot leftovers tucked away in the back. You don’t have to clean out the refrigerator as much as just cleared out for its removal.

Where that refrigerator ends up will depend on what kind of shape it is in. one place where you don’t want to go is into a landfill. With Junk King on the job you won’t ever have to worry about that. Avoiding landfills are a “mission priority” for Junk King!

A single refrigerator would take up a lot of space on the back of the Junk King truck. After all, this is a truck that can hold the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth of rubbish. If you were just getting rid of that one refrigerator, then you would probably be paying the low end of the price scale. Junk King bases its pricing policy on how much space is used up by the stuff that you are getting rid of. You’ll know that prices before the work begins and you will find that it covers everything from the crew to the transportation to the disposal. It’s also a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

Getting rid of an old refrigerator is easy to handle when you put Junk King Orlando on that job. Set up your removal session today.

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