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Make Junk King Your Spring Cleaning Helper

Do you have any spring cleaning traditions? These would be the projects that you take on at this time of year that fall outside of what you consider to be “regular” cleaning.  A sprinkling tradition can often involve outside help. This is the time of year where you might take your comforters to the dry cleaner or bring in professional carpet cleaners for deep steam cleaning of your rugs and upholstery. Those would all be fantastic ways to boost your spring cleaning. You might also consider hiring Junk King Orlando as part of a new spring cleaning tradition. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you clear out any amount of unwanted stuff from your home. Just think of what kind of positive impact that will have the house!

Discovering the Rubbish

As you go through each room for your spring cleaning, you may start building a list of all the newly designated rubbish items that you would like the team from junk King to get rid of.  Because you will have two strong movers assigned to your session there won’t be any limitation on what you can get rid of. Any piece of furniture regardless of size or weight can be. That includes any piece of furniture that might be on a second floor. If it took two movers to bring that item into the house, then it will take two movers to carry it out again.

Junk King can also help clear out a lot of little things. Your spring cleaning might yield several boxes worth of items that you can discard. They may not look like a lot separately but when you put them all together it could take up a significant portion of the Junk King truck. All of that would mean that you are creating more storage space. Every home could use more of that!

You can set up your Junk King appointment on the day that works best for your schedule. If you are doing your spring cleaning over the weekend, then you might want junk King to come by first thing on Monday morning. Junk King is determined to make this entire process hassle free.

When you make Junk King Orlando your spring cleaning helper you are sure to create a home that is 100% rubbish free.

How To Get Rid Of An Old Lawnmower

A homeowner with a nice lawn faces two challenges on a regular basis: Keeping the lawn cut and keeping the weeds away. On some level, both of those goals are accomplished with a proper lawn mowing. The weed battle might require some focused attention with pulling them or treating them with safe pesticides. As for the mowing, you need a lawnmower that is easy to operate and has strong and sharp blades. Unfortunately, with years of use, that lawnmower can simply wear down. When that happens, you don’t want to fall behind with your lawn care. That will mean getting a new mower ASAP. Part of that plan also has to includes getting rid of the old lawnmower. This is where Junk King Orlando can step in and make it happen.

No Doubles

With limited storage space in your garage, you don’t have room for lawnmower “doubles.” The moment you go shopping for your new lawnmower you have to arrange with Junk King for the removal of your old lawnmower. As with any type of Junk King appointment, you’ll be assigned two strong movers with a big truck. That is more than enough to handle your lawnmower removal. But as long as you’re going to get all of that help as part of the standard session, then you should take full advantage of it. That means designating all the other things that you want to get rid of. This can be a thorough decluttering from all areas in your home and not just the garage.

As you put together your list of items to be removed, you don’t have to consider size or weight of the object. The Junk King crew will find an effective way to get all of those items safely out of your home. With regard to the pricing, you will be charged a flat rate that will be based on how much space the Junk King team will use to pack up all the things that you want to have removed. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paying. That is the Junk King way.

How to get rid of an old lawnmower is easy. Just give that job to Junk King Orlando today.

Hire Junk King To Remove Old Family Room Furniture

Next to your kitchen, the family room is the big gathering space in your home. This is where everyone gets together to watch their favorite television program or to play games on game night. It might also be where the kids do their homework or where you hang out with company. All of that “traffic” through your family room can contribute to the sofas and chairs being worn out. That will happen over time and it simply means that sooner or later that old family room furniture needs to be replaced. If you have reached that point, then you might need to hire Junk King Orlando. They won’t be able to help you get new furniture but they will make quick work out of removing the old family room furniture.

It Goes Fast

A typical Junk King team is comprised of two very capable movers. This is the squad who will be helping you with your old family room furniture. Once they have plotted out a clear path between the family room and the front door it won’t take the team from junking long to get all of that furniture cleared out. In fact, that entire process could take less than 15 minutes. That will give the Junk King team plenty of time to go into any other room your home that you want items removed from. They can even go out into the backyard for some debris pickup work. Their goal is to get everything that you want removed loaded as quickly as possible so that you get back to your day. Your time is valuable even if that is just time off relaxing.

Before the crew starts this work, they want to lockdown the sea with you. That will always be determined by how they will pack up the truck with all your old family room furniture. There will probably be a lot of stacking about because the Junk King crew wants to make sure they can get a lot into his little space as possible. That will have you paying the low-end price scale.

Swapping out your old family room furniture for new pieces begins with a call to Junk King Orlando. They are standing by to help today.

Junk King Orlando Earns More Great Reviews

Online research has become a quick and effective tool to use when making the decision to hire any type of service professional. There should always be ratings and reviews for that company online. Any company that doesn’t have reviews  should make you feel cautious. In the realm of junk hauling, Junk King Orlando is always getting great reviews from its customers. This is a terrific way to gauge how they are doing with this type of service. Consider some of these recent postings by some very satisfied Junk King customers:

“They gave me the price first, told them there was discount on internet good until 12/31. That worked. Very professional, polite and careful of walls carrying furniture down. On time and verify when coming to pick up my junk. Good company.” – Patricia J., Orlando

You will always be assigned at least two capable movers from Junk King. This is the team that’s going to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Because of their vast amount of experience carrying out all kinds of furniture and appliances they know the best approach for this type of work. Their goal is to get it all safely loaded onto the truck without causing any damage to your home. They treat your property with the same amount of respect that they treat their own but.

“They were actually early, which helped me a lot. They called before to say they were on their way. Very professional, quick, honest!” – Raf C., Orlando

Junk King ask you to set aside a two-hour window on the day of your choosing. That two-hour allows them to get across town. They will always keep you informed about the progress throughout the day. Because they move fast, they often finish jobs quicker than anticipated. That can always work in your favor.

“Very professional. Arrived on time and loaded items quickly. I definitely recommend them!” Jennie H., Orlando

“Very professional. The Guys were fantastic and right on time. I would recommend Junk king to anyone.” – Mark C., Orlando

“On time. Good service. Fair price. Professional.” – Angel O., Lake Mary

You will be ready to add your own positive review after just one junk hauling sessions from Junk King Orlando.

Junk King’s Full-Service Rubbish Removal Gets The Job Done

Every business should be a full-service business. You certainly don’t want to take your car to one mechanic who will take off the tires and then to another mechanic to put new tires on. Full-service means handling the job from start to finish. When it comes to full-service rubbish removal, the best company to handle that kind of work from start to finish is Junk King Orlando. Hiring them is easy. The big issue then becomes, “What do you want to get rid of?”

Factor in the Crew

When deciding what you want to get rid of from your home, you need to factor in the Junk King crew. This is a competent moving team who can lift and load any object in your home. That would be any object regardless of size, weight or location. That is not to say that certain pieces won’t present a challenge for the Junk King crew. After all, loading up a box of old sweaters is a lot easier than loading up a ping-pong table. However, with the Junk King team on the job, you can be assured that they will find the safest and most efficient way of getting those items out of your home and onto their truck.

Sometimes the “path” to the Junk King truck requires dismantling an object. The Junk King squad has experience taking apart swing sets, entertainment centers and even hot tubs. Whatever you need taken apart will be broken down in a very efficient manner.

Set Up Time

Setting up your time with Junk King can happen online or over the phone. If you do book online, then you’ll start with a $20 discount on the final fee. When the Junk King rep calls to confirm the time, you might be asked if you can benefit from a same day pickup. If they have the time and you have an open schedule, then you could just be a few hours away from getting all of your junk gone.

Full-service rubbish removal is what Junk King Orlando is all about. Put them to the task today.

Kickoff The Holidays With A Rubbish Removal Session

When do you officially start listening to holiday music? Some folks set the kickoff day for the holidays as Thanksgiving. Once those leftovers are done then the Christmas decorations come out and the music stations are turned to around the clock holiday music. This means you are just a few weeks away from the big day and that means the pressure is on to make sure everything is ready. One of the ways to create a festive atmosphere around your house is to put up all those wonderful decorations. But before that can happen you might want to consider setting up a fast rubbish removal session with Junk King Orlando. This will make sure that there is no unwanted clutter anywhere in your house.

Old Rubbish

It is safe bet to state that most of what you would be turning over to junk would be old rubbish. Unlike the food in your refrigerator, everything else in your house doesn’t come with an expiration date. However, if something has been kept in a closet or out in the garage for several months and maybe several years without it being used then chances are it is not going to get used again. Do you need to hold onto something like that?

Old rubbish can also come in the form of a piece of furniture that you want to replace. Maybe there are some electronics that you are thinking about upgrading the next couple weeks including a television set or gaming console. When you aren’t going to use those anymore because they are outdated, they also become a kind of rubbish. All of that rubbish can be collected by the team from Junk King and disposed of in a very responsible manner. That responsible manner could include dropping off those useful items at a nearby charity. That is certainly a nice way to get rid of old clothing at this time of year.

The best way to kick off your holiday season is with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Orlando. Book that appointment today.

Turn Your Old Washing Machine Over To Junk King

Have you noticed that your water bill has gone up over the years? When that happens, it is time to start thinking about your water usage. You can certainly cut back by taking shorter showers and not turning on the lawn sprinklers as long as you were before. It would also help to replace an old washing machine with a more energy efficient model. Your current washing machine might be close to 10 years old. That is usually how long most of those machines were built to last.

In the last 10 years, there have been significant improvements made on washing machines that provide a much more energy efficient approach for doing laundry. That can make a big difference especially if you are doing several loads a week. This is also the time of year where a great deal can be found on those types of appliances. As you go shopping for your new washing machine just make sure to schedule a session with Junk King Orlando. That is the company you should hire to remove your old washing machine. They will make sure that job gets done right.

Plenty of Experience

The Junk King crew who will be assigned to your session will be showing up with a lot of experience for a variety of removal tasks. That includes taking care of an old washing machine. This is an appliance that has to be unhooked from plumbing lines. If you are getting rid of a dryer at the same time, then that machine might need to be unhooked from gas lines and vents. All of this can be taken care of by the junk crew. Once the machine has been safely unhooked they will proceed to remove it from your home without causing any damage to your walls and floors. The reason you hire a professional company like Junk King is because of the great care that they take with your property.

A wash machine is certainly considered to be a heavy appliance. But you won’t be charge by the pound for the removal of that device. Junk King’s price will be based on how much space that machine will take up on the back of the truck. If all you were getting rid of was the old washer, then you would pay the low end of the price scale. Even if you were to add a few pieces of furniture or boxes of clothing you would still be paying the low-end of the price structure.

When it is time to get rid of your old washing machine, it is time to bring in the crew from Junk King Orlando.

Get Rid Of Old Furniture With Help From Junk King

Back in Medieval times, the way that folks got rid of trash was to literally open a window and toss it out of the window. If they were lucky, then someone would come by in a cart and pick up the trash to feed to hogs but that was only if they are lucky. Times have changed (thankfully!). Today, we enjoy regular garbage pick ups from the city. As convenient as that is, those pickups can’t handle every item that you’d like to get rid of in the home. What happens when you want to get rid of a sofa or bedroom dressed? That is a job for Junk King Orlando. One session with these junk hauling pros and you can get rid of all the old furniture you need to.

No Matter Where It Is

Do you have a particular piece of old furniture in mind that is at the top of your “get rid of” list? The location of that particular piece shouldn’t be a factor. The crew from Junk King will just as easily go upstairs in your home to bring down a piece of furniture as they would haul it out of your garage. They will approach every removal with the same level of professionalism that makes protecting your walls and floors a priority. That can only happen when you work with experienced movers and that is just what you’ll be getting with Junk King.

More Than Furniture

Getting rid of old furniture might be your priority but your cleanup doesn’t have to stop there. After the Junk King team has loaded up a sofa or recliner, there will still be plenty of room on the Junk King truck for the rest of your unwanted items. This is a perfect opportunity to clear out your closets and get your garage organized. Just think of what a difference that can make around the house.

If you know what you want removed, then you should call up Junk King to set your appointment. They might even be able to provide a same day pickup which would mean you’re just hours away from getting the unwanted stuff clear from your home.

Old furniture removal and junk clearing is what Junk King Orlando is all about. Put them to work today.

Junk King Can Handle Your Kitchen Appliance Removal

Families have discovered that a second refrigerator/freezer can be a big benefit. This is a kitchen appliance that doesn’t have to actually be in the kitchen. You could put that unit out in the garage or down in a basement. It allows the main refrigerator in the kitchen never to feel overstocked. Plus, if you buy food in bulk then freezing it can help keep your grocery bills down. On the other hand, you might have a second refrigerator only because you replaced it with a new fridge. That second refrigerator can also end up in the garage but it is not being used and only taking up space. That is probably something you don’t want to keep around especially if there are kids in the household. That is a type of kitchen appliance that can easily be removed with one call to Junk King Orlando.

Very Fast

When you put Junk King in charge of your kitchen appliance or you are setting up a very fast operation. It will only take the Junk King team a few moments to determine the best course of action for removing that item. They might opt for putting it on a dolly or utilizing moving straps. It could also be that the two-man moving crew will just lift and load it using their very capable moving skills. Their goal is to get that piece swiftly out of the house without causing any damage to walls or floors. They have a terrific track record for this type of work so you can put them on the job with confidence.

Once that kitchen appliance is loaded up on to the truck that can be the end of the job. But since you have that truck and those movers you might want to extend the removal request by having the team take away all the other unwanted items from your home. Whatever you turn over to Junk King will often be dropped off at a charity or recycling center. That includes your kitchen appliance. This is how Junk King disposes of all the things that they collect. They were a green company long before it was popular to be green!

Kitchen appliance removal doesn’t have to be a challenge when you give that job to Junk King Orlando.

Hire Junk King To Clear Out Your Spare Room

The last room that you probably furnished and/or decorated in your house was your spare room. When you first moved in, you knew exactly what was going to happen in the master bedroom and the kid’s bedroom as well as the family room. The spare room might have been planned for a guestroom for visiting family or a home office. Until those plans were put into effect, it was easy to use the spare room for extra storage. If the rest of the house is in order and you want to finally upgrade that spare room, then you need to move out all of the accumulated storage. Some of those items might be worth holding onto but a lot could just be rubbish. That is where Junk King Orlando can be of assistance. It won’t take them long to clear all the rubbish out of that spare room.

Empty or Not

There might be some items in your spare room that you will use for whatever you are converting it into. It could also be that you want to empty the room totally in order to provide a “fresh start.” It doesn’t matter to Junk King how many things you want to get rid of. There only focus is to make sure they get those items out of the house without damaging your floors and walls. This is where professional experience with this kind of work is vital. The Junk King crews have all been trained to perform these kinds of lifting and loading tasks in all types of environments. They would much rather take the extra time to dismantle something rather than risking damage to a home. The good news is if they do take that extra time you won’t be charge for it.

Junk King’s pricing policy is always based on how everything will fit onto the truck. The Junk King crew knows exactly how to pack up furniture and boxes to maximize that space. The less room they take up, the less you will be paying. It is this fair approach for junk hauling that has made junk King the leading service provider in the area.

You can clear out your spare room with one call to junk King Orlando. Are you ready to book that session?