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How To Take Care Of Heavy Junk Removal

Although it is not the easiest thing to do, you can move an entire house. A lot depends on the original structure and whether it can sustain being “lifted” but there are plenty of instances when it makes sense to keep a home in tack and move it to another location as opposed to tearing it down. Of course, this type of project takes a massive amount of coordination and dozens of crewmembers all working together. On a much smaller scale, you might need to contend with some heavy junk removal around your own home. That also requires coordination and hardworking crews. That is what Junk King Orlando is all about.


The coordination begins when you set up your appointment. What day works best for your schedule? Whether it is early in the morning, on the weekend or in the evening, Junk King will strive to be accommodating. Most sessions are handled within a day of you making that first contact. There are even some pickups complete on the same day. All of this points out how fast Junk King can work.

As for the crew, you’ll be assigned at least two movers to handle the heavy junk removal. This is a team who has a lot of experience with this kind of operation. They know what it means to carry something down a hallway without scratching the floor. If they can’t make that happen with the object in one piece, then they’ll break it down to several little pieces.

Everything that is collected by Junk King has a shot at getting recycled and that includes the heavy junk items. A sofa or futon could be dropped off at a charity where it can be refurbished and put to use again. Big appliances that are beyond repair can go to the recycling centers for proper disposal. This is all part of Junk King’s removal service. They’re objective is to keep as much out of a landfill as possible.

Getting rid of all that heavy junk is going to free up a lot of space around your house. When you’re ready to make that happen, Junk King Orlando will be ready to spring into action.