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Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Best Eco-Friendly Junk Hauler

If ever there were a company on the front line of protecting the environment, it would be Junk King Palm Beach. They are literally given tons of unwanted items every day. Their mission is to make their customers happy by removing all that clutter but the work doesn’t stop there. Junk King Palm Beach is dedicated to an eco-friendly disposal policy that makes the environment around Palm Beach a priority. This is why you should always think about turning your junk over to Junk King Palm Beach especially if reducing your carbon footprint is important. Best of all you can do that without lifting a finger!


There are a handful of recycling drop off centers just outside of Palm Beach. You may not be aware is places but they are part of Junk King’s route. There may be one facility that handles metal and another one for plastics. There is definitely a separate facility for the e-waste. There is even one for foam and mattresses. That could mean that a single truckload might require three or four drop offs. That won’t be a problem for Junk King Palm Beach.

Another part of their eco-friendly disposal policy is all the drop offs they make to various charitable organizations throughout the area. Junk King Palm Beach has identified the groups that can refurbish furniture. They might also have a thrift store for clothing and household goods. It’s a great way to give the stuff you’re tossing out a new lease on life. You should feel good about giving your junk to Junk King Palm Beach!

The cost for all those potential drop offs is included in the low price policy established by Junk King Palm Beach. These rates are based upon how tightly the crew is going to pack up their truck with all your stuff. Since they like to make several pickups in the course of a day you can count on that truck being extremely full. The less amount of space they squeeze your stuff into will equal a low rate. That’s what the Junk King crews shoot for every time. You’ll know that price before the work starts. And it won’t change once the job is done. If you want to make sure your junk is handled in an eco-friendly way, then Junk King Palm Beach is the company to call.

Take Care of Your Junk Removal Job Today

What was your last DIY project? Did it involve work around the garden? Was there a plumbing fixture that had to be installed? Did you get truly ambitious and replace your kitchen flooring? Those are all the kinds of jobs that you could take great pride in accomplishing them on your own. Then there are those chores that could be handled as a DIY project but aren’t the least bit fun. Taking care of junk removal certainly falls into that category. When you break down how to handle is type of task you might find yourself not being overwhelmed but also sacrificing a precious day off. Before you go down that road, you might want to consider bringing in Junk King Palm Beach.


The two essentials for taking care of junk are manpower and truck space. Even if you manage to coerce a friend into helping you carry out all the heavy stuff you want to get rid of you could put your back at risk. Your friend might even get injured. With Junk King Palm Beach on the job won’t have to lift a single box. A two-man moving crew will be assigned to your junk task and they will be in charge of all the lifting and loading. The only thing you have to do is show them all the things you want taken away and they’ll handle the rest.

DIY junk removal also involves renting a truck. That would mean you need someone to drive you to the truck place, fill out all the paperwork, take out insurance, use the truck and then return it at the end of the day. With Junk King Palm Beach on the job, the crew will be rolling up in their own truck. This is a vehicle that will be enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. Doesn’t that sound a lot simpler?

There won’t be any limit to what you can get rid of with Junk King Palm Beach. That’s because weight should never be an issue. Junk King Palm Beach never charges by the pound. Instead, their prices are based upon how tightly the crew can pack up the truck with your stuff. That is a very fair way of pricing out this type of work. Take care of the small DIY projects yourself but leave the big junk removal job to Junk King Palm Beach.

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