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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Best Advice On How To Resolve Roommate Conflict

No matter who your living with, there will come a time when you’re going to have a conflict. That holds true for sibling, a best friend or someone you just met to become your new roommate. Creating a harmonious living environment means finding ways to resolve roommate conflict. Here is some of the best advice to make help you resolve conflict with your roommate:


Engage in Honest and Polite Communication

You are well within your right to be annoyed by anything. Of course, just because you find something annoying doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. If there is some minor annoyance that you find your roommate making, then let them know it makes you feel uncomfortable. Put in the same category as “fingernails on a chalkboard.” You might even ask them if there’s anything that you do that annoys them. This is a great opportunity to air some grievances and get them cleared up right away.

It is important that you don’t blow anything out of proportion. Remember, you need to live with this person and don’t want to create animosity. Don’t get into the habit of complaining to your friends about your roommate when you should be talking to them directly.

Look For Compromise

Even though your roommate moved into your living space that doesn’t mean you can control everything they do. After all, they are now paying for half the rent and utilities. That allows them certain privileges. They may be the type of person who likes to stay up late watching television. If the noise is bothering you, then perhaps a compromise could be reached with headphones or asking for a cutoff time. If there were an issue with leaving a messy kitchen or bathroom, then perhaps they would be willing to pay towards a cleaning service. For every situation and conflict, there is a compromise to be had.

Make Them Feel Welcome

You’ll discover that a roommate moving into your apartment will respect your space a lot more when they feel like they are welcomed. Perhaps there are some family photos or a piece of artwork that they would like to put on display in the living room. Maybe they have some kitchen gadgets they’d like on the counter space.

It would also help to make sure they feel welcome by moving into a space that’s already free of clutter. Their designated room and closet should be totally empty. That’s where Junk King Palm Beach comes in the play. These professional junk haulers can quickly clear out a room full of furniture and other unwanted items. They can also help you clear out space in your garage or storage unit. That will certainly make your roommate feel welcome.

Save Your Next Trip To The Beach With These Great Hacks

There’s no escaping the simple fact that Palm Beach is a beach town. It’s right there in the name! But that doesn’t mean everyone who lives here is a beach expert. Yes, you could have spent many weekends at the beach but once you start using these great hacks nothing will ever be the same.


Drop Your Smartphone In A Plastic Bag

Sand, water and oily sunscreen are the enemies of your Smartphone. That doesn’t mean you have to go off the grid when you go to the beach. Instead, drop your phone into a plastic sandwich bag to keep it safe. You’ll still be able to use the touchscreen and see all the texts coming in. In the worst-case scenario, if you’re phone falls into water fill that bag up with rice to dry it out.

Use a Fitted Sheet Instead Of a Blanket

If laying out on the sun is on your agenda, then a fitted sheet will work a lot better than an old blanket. All you have to do is brace the corners of the sheet with your bags or cooler to create a kind of sandbox. But in this case, the sand will be kept out.

Keep Your Valuables Safe Inside a Diaper

Keeping valuables safe is important when you go to the beach especially if you want to wander into the water. You might try rolling them up in a diaper. Not many people will go poking around in there! You could also use an empty lotion bottle for the same purpose.

Use Baby Powder for Sand Removal

It’s a never-ending battle to remove wet sand from your feet. A little baby powder will do the trick. It removes moisture from the skin immediately and allows the sand to fall right off.

Turn Your Steering Wheel Around

As you bake in the sun on the beach, your car will be baking in the parking lot. A good idea is to turn your steering wheel completely around so that the bottom is facing up. That way you could drive off with a cool wheel.

Replace Your Old Beach Gear

Before heading down to the beach, you want to make sure your beach gear is in good order. That means checking any beach umbrella, folding chairs or pop-ups. If they become damaged in the last couple of months, then you definitely want to get them replaced. Getting rid of them might be a challenge unless you bring in help from Junk King Palm Beach. These are the junk removal pros who can easily remove all kinds of oversize clutter that wouldn’t fit into your trashcan. While there,  they can get rid of all the other unwanted junk you’ve accumulated in your garage and closets. You will feel better coming back from the beach to a clutter free home thanks to Junk King Palm Beach.

Are you ready to put these beach hacks to work?

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