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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Bring More Customers Into Your Restaurant With These Terrific Ideas

At some point today, every single person in Palm Beach will be asking, “What’s for dinner?” Your hope is that the answer will be a trip to your restaurant. It’s a very competitive marketplace with regards to eateries here in Palm Beach. That’s why you need to go above and beyond to attract those customers. Here are some terrific ideas to make that happen:


Add Live Music

If your restaurant has the space, then you should consider adding live music for some special services. Jazz for Sunday brunch or blues for Friday night are great way to bring in customers. It’s also a great excuse to promote your restaurant.

Stay Active on Social Media

Along with asking what’s for dinner all those same residents will probably be checking in on their social media accounts at some point during the day. A lot of folks keep Facebook open at their office desk throughout the workday. That’s why you want to stay active on your social media platforms enticing viewers with great food photos and other engaging content. It shouldn’t just be about your restaurant but engaging people in discussions about nostalgia and other things related to food.

Use Email Marketing

A database of your customers email addresses can be a very valuable marketing tool. Those addresses can be obtained any time someone visits your website. You can also entice viewers on your Facebook page to sign up for special announcements about discounts and other promotions. Just be sure every time you send out an email blast that is not just news but instead some form of enticement to bring customers in like a drink coupons or free dessert coupon.

Offer Birthday Gifts

You can reward your customers with special birthday promotions. A free appetizer or dessert for their birthday is a great way to bring them in. Of course, they won’t be coming in alone! You’re just looking for added incentives to make them pick your eatery.

Host Wine Tastings

If you have a liquor license, then wine is probably a big feature. You can host Wine tastings for your customers that introduce new winds to your restaurant. It is a nice evening that your guests will appreciate and put them in a good mood to either stick around for dinner or come back another night.

Make sure with all these terrific marketing ideas that your establishment will be ready for the wave of new customers. Your servers should be able to handle crowds and your kitchen staff needs to keep up with the orders. You also have to make sure everything is clean. Although you might have a dedicated cleaning staff that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to remove all the big bulky objects like furniture or appliances. That is a job best left for a company like Junk King Palm Beach. One call to these junk removal pros will have a team of expert movers sent to your location within 24 hours. Working with Junk King Palm Beach is the best way to make sure your restaurant is always clear of rubbish.

Best Advice For Buying A Vacant Lot

The ultimate goal of owning your dream home ould be to build it from the ground up. That way you can design a house to all your specific needs. That type of project starts with a vacant lot. There is certainly a lot of property that can be developed around Palm Beach but buying the best lot for your dream home will take a little effort. Consider these elements before signing on the dotted line:


Spend Time at the Lot

Suppose you’ve run across a terrific corner lot. Before you commit to buying, you should spend time studying the traffic at that corner. That means coming back later in the evening. It could turn out to be very busy which might go against your idea of a quiet home. The same can be said for any lot that backs up to a busy road.

Be Leery About Double Vacant Lots

You might have found the perfect vacant lot with a terrific view of the ocean that is across the road. However, if there is another vacant lot in your line of sight then is a good chance it could be developed as well. If the view matters to you, then try to gauge if it’s going to stay unobstructed.

Research What Was Built On the Grounds Before

It’s hard to imagine any vacant lot that has stood vacant for the entire history of Palm Beach. Typically, there was something that stood there before. You need to find out what that was especially when it comes to clearing the land. There might even be a huge fuel tank buried in the ground that would become a giant headache.

Consider Which Way the Sun Travels

The direction of the sun matters a lot when it comes to billing your dream home. Although you want to embrace the natural sunlight, you don’t want to be blasted with it throughout the day. Adjustments could be made with where your front of the house is facing but you can’t hide from a barren area without shady trees.

Once you selected the perfect vacant lot you’ll want to get it cleared. That’s where junk King Palm Beach can be a huge asset. These professional junk that was will dispatch a team of capable movers to your property. You’ll be amazed at how quickly junk King Palm Beach can clear of vacant lot of all kinds of unwanted rubbish.

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