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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Don’t Hang Onto Your Junk

You can tell a lot about our lives by what we throw away. Archeologists have made a career out of sorting through ancient trash heaps to find out how we used to live. Left behind in a dump are all the remnants of food, clothing, tools and other articles of life that really do indicate a sense of society and culture.


Of course, most of us won’t have to worry about having an archeologist dig around our homes but we should be concerned about the amount of junk we are actually hanging onto. This could be the stuff that is crammed under beds, into closets or even in spare rooms that is causing our homes overflow with debris. The only reason to hang onto that stuff is because you don’t have a way of getting rid of it. At least, you didn’t until Junk King Palm Beach set up operation.

Junk King Palm Beach is a local based junk hauling franchise that specializes in the removal of all kinds of junk. We’re talking any shape or size. There will be nothing too big or bulky that a Junk King crew won’t be able to haul away.

Because this is a professional operation you know that they are dependable and insured. This matters a lot especially for any workers you’re bringing in your home.

The first step with working with Junk King is to set up your appointment. You pick the day that works best for you. That’s much better than waiting for the city to haul away something from your property. Plus, with Junk King you won’t have to do any actual lifting or loading. Leave it all for the Junk King crew. This is really the only civilized way of handling your garbage.

Once you’ve let go of all that junk you’ll be amazed at how your home has opened up. Even the simple act of finding an outfit to wear to work won’t be stressful because your closet is going to have a lot more room. There is no reason to hold onto your junk as long as Junk King Palm Beach is standing by for a fast removal session.


Decorating On A Budget Tips

All throughout Palm Beach, there are furniture showrooms set up to offer a wide assortment of sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and other furnishings. No doubt every one of those high end show rooms also has a few decorators on staff, standing by to offer help. There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional decorator but ultimately, you’ll be paying them to present you with selections. You have the final say in what you want to put in your home. Do you really need someone for that? There are plenty of great decorating ideas that can spruce up your home and without breaking the budget. Here are a few:


Shop Craigslist

Craigslist is the great online classified site. At any given time there are hundreds of items being offered for sale or for free on Craigslist. Often, people just want to get rid of something and if you pick it up, it can be yours. These aren’t just “yard sale” discards but actually a lot of high end items. You can shop on Craigslist for something specific or be inspired by the photos of what is being offered.

Customize What You Have

If you’re not afraid of working with a clue gun, then you can customize a lot of what you already have in your home to give it a fresh look. There are iron-on trim that you can apply to curtain panels. A black table can have gold edges with a simple brush stroke. You can wallpaper the back of a bookcase. A terrific resource for inspiration is Pinterest. Just type in the search of what you’re looking for and you’ll see all kinds of variations.

Get Eclectic

A lot of decorating is anchored by consistency. A white sofa means a white rug, white end tables and white lamps. That look can be appealing but so can an eclectic approach. Not everything in a room has to match in color and style. You can have different colored end tables and mixture of accent pieces. It all spins back to your personal tastes.

Before you undertake any decorating, you should get rid of the clutter. It’s not just about cleaning up a room but clearing out the stuff that isn’t working. Ratty furniture, and outdated electronics have no place in your home. They certainly don’t have a place out in the garage or up in the attic. To get all that junk removed, hire Junk King Palm Beach. They’ll be able to quickly sweep through your home to pick up whatever needs to be disposed of. Quick and efficient. Home decorating needs to start in a home free of junk. Junk King Palm Beach can help with that in a big way.

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