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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Business Cleanup Starts With A Junk King Session

As you were preparing your business plan for your startup you probably factored in a lot of contingencies with regard to hiring, sales and projections for success. A business plan doesn’t need to include all the details of your day-to-day operation but it should provide a kind of “roadmap” that investors can see you have thought out a lot of those details. Of course, once you get your business up and running there will be a lot of things that you need to contend with that you probably didn’t even think of when putting your plan together. That would certainly include cleaning up the alley behind your business.

Yes, you may arrange for a weekly dumpster pickup but that doesn’t mean that covers all the trash that ends up in your alley. After major delivery you could be stuck with a lot of empty shipping materials and wooden pallets. Those are your responsibility to clean up as well. Thankfully, there is a terrific vendor you can put on the task of keeping your business clean from of rubbish overflow. That would be Junk King Palm Beach.

Smart Scheduling

A business that takes regular inventory shipments knows when to expect those deliveries. On those days you might need to have additional staff members come in to accommodate receiving those goods. That’s all smart scheduling. You can extend that smart scheduling by setting a regular appointment junk King for that rubbish cleanup issue.

Junk King crews are working all through the week and if you needed to lockdown a specific day on a recurring basis, then Junk King would make that appointment a priority for their schedule. That means you won’t have to think twice about making sure access rubbish is clear from your business. You can also set up that appointment for first thing in the day so that your customers will be any of that trash.

Keeping your business clean sometimes requires a little outside help. Junk King Palm Beach is standing by to provide that help today.

Swap Out A Damaged Fence With Help From Junk King

Not a week goes by in Florida when there isn’t some story about an alligator wandering into a backyard or swimming pool. If your home is anywhere near a waterway, then you might be at risk for a gator visitor. This is why sturdy fences are so important. Perhaps you have a fence that can hold up against a “nudge” from a wandering alligator. But if your fence is showing signs of deterioration, then you need to think about replacing it. That holds true whether you’re close to gators or not. Before that new fence goes up, the old fence has to come down and that is something that Junk King Palm Beach can be a big help with.

Friendly Work Crew

When you set up your appointment with Junk King you will be assigned a friendly work crew to handle the fence removal task. This is a team that has a lot of experience with this type of removal job. It may look like a daunting task to you but to the Junk King crew it is something they do in a regular basis. The first thing they will determine is just how easy this fence will come down. If you reach the point where it has been dilapidated by weather, then you may find that it actually is easy to bring down. That doesn’t mean it is safe to do on your own. You want to leave this job to the crews that know how to handle all types of material.

Estimate First

Once the fence has been brought down, all those pieces will be loaded onto the truck. Before that happens, you will be presented with a written estimate based on how much space all that debris will fill up on the truck. The Junk King crews have a lot of experience with packing the trucks and they know exactly how everything will fit in regardless of what their packing. That estimate is going to cover the entire job from start to finish. That includes any extra crew that might be called in and all the time it would take. Junk King never charges by the hour or by the pound.

Getting rid of a damaged fence can be handled swiftly with help from Junk King Palm Beach. Put them on the task today.

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