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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Philadelphia Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

This notice popped up for a search about Philadelphia e-waste recycling: “A university group will host an e-waste recycling day Saturday so residents can safely dispose of old electronic items and devices. A 2010 state law mandates that devices such as TVs, laptop computers, and tablets cannot be disposed of with the normal trash load, as they may contain toxic elements such as lead, silicon, or mercury that can harm landfills. Old devices can, however, be recycled at events like the one scheduled for Saturday.” Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, this was for an event held last November. Does that mean you’re not stuck with your old computer monitor or printer? Absolutely not! Just call Junk King and schedule a pickup.


Junk King has been taking care of e-waste recycling since they started business over ten years ago. Technically, they don’t handle the actual recycling business. They just make sure your e-waste gets to the proper facility. In fact, they make sure the bulk of what they collect from every home can be dropped off at a recycling center. That also includes making drop offs to local charities.

In addition to collecting your old computer equipment, televisions and other electronic gear, you can use that same appointment to have Junk King pick up all the rest of your unwanted items. Take a moment to go through each room in your house and decide what can stay and what should go. You don’t have to move anything; just make a note of what you want gone. When the Junk King crew shows up for your junk removal appointment, just show them everything you want removed and they’ll handle it from there.

Before they start the loading, the crew will present you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. This is a flat rate that covers all the work including all that recycling drop off. It’s all part of the complete Junk King service.

Remember, that you can use the Junk King crew to also help clear out the debris from your yards. That includes any organic waste like lawn clippings or tree branches and all the stuff you’ve brought in. Things like old tires, auto parts, grills and rusty patio furniture can all be loaded up. To handle computer monitor disposal and complete junk removal, Junk King is the best deal in Philly.

Take Back Your Weekend With Philadelphia Junk Removal

Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend? You might start thinking about those plans starting on Monday and by Friday you can’t wait for quitting time. Then on Saturday you’re slapped with the harsh reality of having to do all those tasks you’ve been putting off. The choice is let them go for another week and face the wrath of your living partner or get the job done once and for all. If one of those jobs is junk removal, then you’re in luck. Hiring a company like Junk King will get that task done in plenty of time for you to enjoy your weekend.


When you set up a junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked to set aside a two-hour window. That is a lot better than waiting all day for the phone company to show up! Usually, the Junk King crew will show up with plenty of time to spare in that two hours. Once they roll up, you’ll show the crew what you want removed. They’ll size it all up and then present you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It all comes down to volume and that is a very fair approach to pricing. When you agree to the estimate, the Junk King crew will spring into action. They’ll be working for as long as it takes to load up your stuff. That could literally be under ten minutes.

Before leaving, the Junk King crew will sweep up the area that just cleared. They’ll head off and you can get back to your weekend. Of course, for Junk King the work is far from over. They still have to sort through all the collected material back at the depot. They do this to pull out any item that might be worthy of recycling or donating. That is extra time that you don’t have to worry about paying for.

The only time that Junk King might stay longer is if they need to take on a bigger job like dismantling something. Even with that, you won’t be paying extra. Everything is covered in that original estimate. If you want to get your junk removal taken care of and still have the weekend to enjoy, then Junk King is the only way to go.

Improve Your Philadelphia Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Not all great curb appeal can be seen during the day. You have a chance to boost the look of your home even after the sun goes down. If you have any light fixtures adorning the outside of your home, you might consider giving them an upgrade. It will be easy to adapt new fixtures to the old ones because the installation is uniform. In other words, if you’ve got power running to your outside, you can make it work. Beyond fresh lighting, you can also improve your curb appeal by simply removing the clutter. This is where a company like Junk King can lend a hand or two.


Suppose you have some old planters or crumbling bricks filling up your front yard garden. Are they helping or hindering the look of your home? Maybe you want to replace the path to your front door with smooth pavers instead of the cracked cement that is there now. All of those unwanted things can easily be loaded up by the Junk King crew. You won’t have to lift a finger and that will mean a lot especially if you’re getting rid of heavy stones or concrete. The Junk King team assigned to your removal session can also help take down a fence or remove weed overgrowth. When it comes to removing debris, no job is too dirty for the Junk King crew!

Everything Junk King removes from your yard will be loaded onto the back of their truck. This is the same truck that can take away anything else you want to get rid of in the same appointment. Right next to the rocks can go your old sofa and television. You have a wonderful opportunity to transform the inside and outside of your home thanks to Junk King.

Along with all that clearing at your property, Junk King will also be doing their part to maintain our environment. They aren’t going to automatically dump all your junk into a landfill. Instead, it might get recycled or donated to a local charity. That certainly puts your stuff to better use.

As for pricing, Junk King charges by the volume. That makes a huge difference. It’s also a price that includes all the costs. Give your curb appeal a much-needed boost starting with a call to Junk King.

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