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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cellar Decluttering In Bucks County, PA

With the kids in school and the holidays still a few months away, this is the perfect time to tackle some major cellar decluttering and home junk removal. To do the job right, you’ll need some movers, a truck and the time to drive around looking for the right dumpsites. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Actually, it is if you were to take it on for yourself. Instead, give Junk King a call and they’ll get that work done for you in a snap.

Junk King has specialized in junk removal for over ten years. They know the key to successful junk removal is to provide a qualify team to handle all the work. The crews hired by Junk King are all licensed, bonded and insured. Those are the only types of workers you should bring onto your property. The Junk King crew is also very handy when it comes to dismantling things. If you’ve got a pool table or swing set you want to get rid of, then tell the Junk King crew and they’ll take care of it. In fact, they can also be called on to pull down drywall, take up carpet and remove any demolition debris.

When you’ve got a team from Junk King on the job, there is no limit to what you can get rid of. This includes any e-waste that you’ve got stored in your home. These items can’t be tossed out in the trash. They have to be properly disposed of. Junk King will make sure those things will get to the right recycling centers. It’s all part of the complete junk removal packaged offered by Junk King.

In addition to your cellar decluttering, you can tap Junk King to help with yard waste removal. Whether it is something you brought into the yard or was dumped there by Mother Nature, you’re sure to get it cleaned up with Junk King on the job.

With regard to pricing, all of the labor, transportation and dumping fees are included in a single flat rate. That estimate will be presented to you before the work begins and will be based strictly on volume. You’ll never be charged by the pound when Junk King is on the job. To get your cellar decluttering done right, call Junk King today. Your junk free home awaits!

Garbage Removal Bucks County, PA

Among the hardest workers around Buck County are the garbage collectors. Whether it is raining, snowing, freezing or boiling, they’re still going to make their rounds. Let’s be honest, this is not a job that smells great all of the time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to know your garbage collectors. This relationship can be helpful when you’ve got a bit more trash than usual or if something falls out of the trashcan when loading up. However, there is just so much that they can do. For instance, just because you drag a sofa out to the curb, doesn’t mean they’ll be able to put it on the back of their truck. The same can be said for things like old televisions and computers. When you’ve got items that can be picked up by the county, you need to give Junk King a call. These are the garbage removal experts who can clear your home of rubbish in no time!

While it is true that you have to drag your garbage to the curb for pickup, you won’t have to lift a finger when Junk King is on the job. They’ll be sending over a fully insured and bonded moving crew to handle the job. When the team shows up, you’ll take them on a quick tour of all the places where your junk is being stored. That includes anything you want taken from the basement to the attic. Junk King isn’t bothered by stairs!

After the tour, the crew is going to present you with an estimate based on how much space your junk will need to take up on the back of the truck. This flat fee covers all the labor, transportation and dumping fees. Depending on the circumstances, the Junk King crew might have to stay at your home for a few hours. That is usually what happens for a hoarder type of cleanup. But again, it’s all about volume and not weight with Junk King.

The Junk King garbage removal help extends beyond the inside of your home. The crews will be happy to go around your yard and remove any unwanted debris from there. That includes bagged leaves, grass clippings, stones or pavers. When you add it all up, it’s clear to see what Junk King is the best choice for overflow garbage removal.

How To Give Your Basement A Makeover In Bucks County, PA

Are you getting the most out of your basement space? Many homes in the Philly area have finished basements that are the perfect place for a kid zone or man cave. Moms can also set up their crafting corner there, too. Basements work for home offices, spare bedrooms and screening rooms. Obviously, they also can work as storage areas. Next to the garage, the basement is the most popular place for all the “overflow” from a home. If you would rather put your basement to a better use than a storage locker, then it’s time to give Junk King a call for a total basement makeover.


Junk King will be sending over a pair of capable movers to help with all your junk removal needs. This is the team who will make as many climbs up and down those basement stairs as needed. Remember how you got all that stuff down there in the first place? Well, it can all be gone in a flash with Junk King on the job.

Beyond the basement cleanup, Junk King can also help remove the rest of your unwanted clutter. As long as you’re filling up the truck, you can get rid of old clothing, appliances, household goods and e-waste.

Keep in mind that when you hire Junk King, nothing will be going to waste. That is because the Junk King crews are trained to spot any item that can be put to use by a charity. Even if something needs a bit more fixing up, those charities will be happy to take it on and Junk King knows exactly what they are looking for. As for everything else, it could end up at a recycling center. That is especially true for the e-waste. Things like old computers, televisions, monitors and printers have to be carefully dismantled to be disposed of. Again, Junk King knows exactly where to make those drops offs.

All that lifting, loading and dropping off is included in Junk King’s flat rate. This is a price that is based exclusively on volume. It will be an estimate of how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. You won’t be charged by the pound! Clearing out your basement and removing the junk from your home is easy when Junk King is on the job.

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