Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal Basement Cleanout Tips You Can Use

Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal covers all the rooms in your house. We look after all the items that you want to be removed. It doesn’t matter where they are. If you’ve got junk in the garage we can help.

Of course, we are always happy to make sure to be part of your basement cleanout with our professional services. Here are a few tips on cleaning out that part of your house that can make everything go more smoothly.

Break the Project Down
There is no need to let a basement cleanout become an overwhelming chore. Lots of us use our basements as a storage area for unfinished renovation projects and objects that we are emotionally attached to.

We’ve seen basements where there is an old sofa that’s sitting in a corner. It’s been there for years. Some of the homes we’ve been in have debris from remodeling projects stored in other spots.

If you’ve been using your basement as a storage area, the chances are there’s quite a bit of junk down there. That’s why we suggest that you break this type of project down into smaller parts.

Here’s how to get that done.
Basically, the advice here from our Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal experts is the same for every room including the basement. It’s important to put everything you are throwing out into three different piles. One pile is the things you will keep. Another one is for items that you can sell or giveaway.

The final pile is for our experts here at Junk King because it’s the stuff you don’t want anymore.

Enough Time
The second thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you put aside enough time. Lots of people that we’ve come across think that they can finish up a complete basement cleanout in an hour or an afternoon.

If you want to do a project like this properly, you should spread it out. One entire weekend or a number of days is a better timeframe.

If you can schedule a half an hour three times a week, you’ll be able to get a lot done. Of course, hiring our services brings everything together. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see all the different types of furniture that we can remove.
Getting in touch with our Junk King Philadelphia – Junk Removal services is the first step.

Junk King Gets Rid Of Clutter Fast

Not everyone has antiques in the home but that doesn’t mean they don’t own furniture and appliances that have been around for several years. Most people keep mattresses for up to eight years and couches for closer to 15 years. As long as something is still functioning and comfortable then why not keep it around? There might be some other items in your home that you been holding onto for several years for no other reason than you don’t have the means to get rid of them. What is the clutter item in your house that is been around the longest? Are you finally ready to get rid of it? Then you are ready to call in Junk King Philadelphia. One session with these professional junk haulers will help you get rid of all your unwanted clutter fast.

Two Strong Movers

Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of strong movers to do all the work of your clutter removal. It might be that the items you are getting rid of aren’t especially heavy. Maybe you can even carry them out yourself. You won’t have to do that with Junk King on the job. It doesn’t matter how heavy the items are that you want to get rid of. You will still be assigned at least two movers for the job. Junk King is found this is the most efficient way to handle their appointments. Of course, if you need something hauled up from the basement or down from the attic, then you really will benefit from having the team from Junk King at your home.

Estimate Before the Work

When the Junk King team shows up at the scheduled appointment, you’ll show them all the things that you want to get rid of. You can have clutter literally scattered throughout your home and yards.  As you show the team from Junk King all the things that you want to get rid of, they will be making a mental note of how it will pack up on the truck. Their goal is to load up the truck using a minimum amount of space as possible. They want to do that so that you can pay the low end of the price scale with every job. Junk King wants to be fair and efficient so that you will remain a loyal customer.

Are you ready to say goodbye to all the clutter in your home that belongs on the truck? Junk King Philadelphia can make that happen today.

Remove Your Old Grill With Help From Junk King

Things are warming up around Philadelphia. That is welcome news to every owner of a barbecue grill who is eager to start the grilling season. As you head out to your grill for the first batch of steaks and burgers you might discover that the harsh winter has taken its toll. It could be that your one sparkling grill is now a bit rusty and crusty. Maybe that grill is in up to the challenge of your upcoming grilling season. Replacing the grill is easy. This is the time a year when all great grills are on sale. The challenge is what to do with the old grill. This is not something that can be crammed into a trashcan or put out onto the curb for pickup. Instead, one call to Junk King Philadelphia can make sure that old grill is gone in no time at all.

The primary reason for hiring Junk King is their truck. This is an open moving truck that can hold the equivalent of six full pickup trucks full of rubbish. It’s the perfect space for your old grill. It might take two movers to lift and load that grill onto the junk King truck. That is exactly what Junk King will be providing. That grill will look a bit lonely if it is the only thing on the truck. That’s why you should take full advantage of all that empty space and that moving crew to get rid of the rest of your unwanted backyard rubbish.

Do you have any old furniture or planters you’d like to get rid of? What about a swing set or playground equipment? Maybe there’s an old trampoline that needs to come down. All of those things can be dismantled and loaded onto the Junk King truck along with the old grill. This is work that Junk King team is happy to accomplish. It might take a bit longer to dismantle those structures but you will be charge for any extra work. You’ll only ever be charged by how the stuff fits onto the truck. You’ll know what that prices before the work begins and it will be very fair considering what’s involved.

Let Junk King Philadelphia help you get rid of your old grill and the rest of your backyard debris just in time for grilling season.

Get Help With A Hoarding Cleanup

Every home has some level of hoarding situation going on. There might be an abundance of clothing in the closet that is never to get want to get. They could be all kinds of broken appliances out in the garage that are never going to get prepared. They can also just be a random amount of unused furniture and other household goods scattered about the house. That would make a home an official hoarder type of house. But it doesn’t mean that junk should be cleared away. Freeing up storage space and getting rid of clutter is something every homeowner can benefit from. Whether you have a big or small hoarding cleanup issue you can always count on Junk King Philadelphia to help make it all go away.

Fast Work

Junking prides itself on its level of promptness for their appointments. When you schedule a session with Junk King you will be asked to set aside a two-hour window to wait for the crew. This provides ample time for those teams to get from one location to the next. Most often, it takes them less than 30 minutes to do the actual clearing. The only time things slow down a bit is if the crew has to take something apart or there is a massive amount of stuff to get loaded onto the truck. With those extreme hoarding cleanup situations Junk King will often bring in additional crews and trucks to make sure everything can be cleared out in that single appointment. Yes, Junk King likes to work fast and you will always benefit from their efficiency.

Fair Pricing

Aside from the fact that the Junk King crews are going to do all the lifting and loading work for you the other reason to hire them is because of their fair pricing. Junk King does charge by the truck load but not how you might think. First of all, it is never about weight. It is about how your stuff will fit onto the truck. Will it be one quarter, one third, one half or the whole truck? The Junk King crew will know the answer to that question after they’ve had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of. Because they make several appointments in the day they also pack up the truck very tightly. That means you can have the low end of the price scale because they’re going to use up as little room as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are throwing out a little or a lot, you can always count on Junk King Philadelphia to take care of your hoarding cleanup the right way.

Take Care Of An Estate Clean Out The Right Way

Being put in charge of an estate comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to decide if the property is can be put up the sale or kept in the family. There also all the furnishings, appliances and other items in the home that need to be handled. Some will stay in the family while others can be sold through an estate sale. What is left behind after all that will be part of the estate clean out. This might be a very big challenge if you were to do this on your own. Thankfully, Junk King Philadelphia is standing by to offer experienced help with this type of clean out.

Room to Room

All the items left over in an estate that you’re going to have Junk King pick up could literally be scattered throughout the entire house. There might be a bedroom set in an upstairs room and an old washer and dryer down the basement. The team from Junk King won’t have any problems going from room to room clearing out whatever is left behind. You may feel inclined to gather everything into a single pile but it is not necessary when you hire Junk King to do the work. They will climb any set of stairs to get to the rubbish!

Nothing Goes to Waste

Just because you weren’t able to sell something from the estate doesn’t mean it has to go to waste. Junk King prides itself on its responsible disposal policies. That will often include dropping usable items off at local charities. Junk King has set up great relationships with these organizations and it knows any given time what they are looking for. There is also a lot of things that you might be cleaning out that could be recycled. Junk King can make those drop-offs also. It’s all part of their junk removal package.

Schedule Today

When you call to set up your appointment with Junk King, let them know a general sense of just how much you’re getting rid of. They want to make sure you have the right amount of crew and trucks to take care of that. Working with Junk King Philadelphia means that your estate clean out can go off without any hassle. Set that up today.

Take Care Of Your Business Cleanup With Help From Junk King

Do you know how great it feels to come home after the house has been cleaned? That is the kind of feeling you should give your employees every time they show up for work. Studies have proven that a clean workspace is a much more productive workspace. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to do the cleaning. That’s what janitorial services are all about. But there might be some bigger items that need to be clean from your business that your cleaning service can handle. That’s when it’s time to bring in Junk King Philadelphia. One session with these professional junk haulers in your business cleanup will be taken care of from top to bottom.

What in your office isn’t being used? There might be all kinds of broken office furniture that has been tucked into a corner or a storage room. You might have configured the workspace so that all those old cubicle walls are now stacked up down in the parking garage. It could also be all manner of outdated office equipment like old fax machines, monitors and computers. If you were going to make money for them, then you probably would have already. Chances are if they been updated then they don’t have any value for any other company. All of those items can be picked up by Junk King in one quick session.

A business cleanup with Junk King operates the same way a home cleanup wood. You’ll be assigned to movers who will be doing all the work. Typically, Junk King asked that you pick a date and two-hour window for the session. If you are flexible during work hours, then Junk King can come by at the most convenient time. They might even be able to provide the same day pickup. However, if the words better for an early morning related night pickup, then Junk King can make that happen as well.

Everything that you give to Junk King will have the opportunity to be recycled or repurposed. This allows you to continue to promote your company as a green business. It also should make you feel good about getting rid of that unwanted rubbish. Taking care of your business cleanup is easy when you bring Junk King Philadelphia in on the action. Make that happen today.

Get Rid Of Your Junk Without Hurting Your Back

In the last couple of weeks, there has certainly been a lot of opportunity to engage in a cardio workout without going to the gym. That’s because of all the snow shoveling that is going on in the area. Did you know that one square foot of wet, heavy snow ways up to 21 pounds? If you had to shovel your driveway, then you are essentially moving several hundred pounds of snow. Even moving that snow a little distance can put a big strain on your back. This is why snowblowers are in great demand at this time of year! Knowing how hard it is to shovel snow and what is strain that can be might put you off the task of getting rid of junk around your house. This is probably why you still have an old futon down the basement or a busted refrigerator out in the garage. There is simply no easy way to get rid of that on your own. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. One call to Junk King Philadelphia can get the job done without any risk to your back.

Moving heavy objects from your home is definitely a two-man operation. That is exactly what Junk King is going to provide. The two men crews who will be assigned to your junk removal appointment have been fully vetted. There also licensed and insured. This is exactly the kind of professional service person you want working in your home. You might be able to move a refrigerator or sofa a few inches but you certainly couldn’t get it down the front steps on your own. The Junk King teams have plenty of experience lifting all kinds of heavy objects and loading them onto the truck.

The weight doesn’t matter to the Junk King team. What matters is how it will fit on to truck. They like to get a lot into as little space as possible. That will allow them to make several pickups throughout the day. It also will provide you with the low end of the price scale. You know what the prices before the work begins. You’ll find the Junk King’s prices are competitive and affordable for this type of service. Avoid hurting your back safe and getting rid of all of your junk is a win-win! Junk King Philadelphia can make that happen.

How To Make More Storage Space In Your Bensalem Home

When buying a home, they really aren’t any surprises in terms of the number of rooms. You know exactly how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll be living with. You also know exactly how big the closets are. You might be fortunate enough to enjoy a home with a walk-in closet. Remember what it looked like when everything was empty? Those days are long gone! In no time at all the rooms were filled with furniture and the closets were filled with clothing and other stored items. Then it’s the garage, basement and attic that starts to fill up with all the stored items like holiday decorations and unused furniture. That’s when storage space starts to become scarce. Fortunately, there is a solution on how to make more storage space in your Bensalem home. It involves sorting and a call to Junk King Philadelphia.

The sorting will be the most time-consuming aspect of making more storage space. You need to take the time to go through all your closets and all the boxes you have in storage to determine exactly what is worth keeping. You might make these decisions quickly or it could take a lot of time depending upon how many things you sort. You could also already know about some big stuff that you want to get cleared out. When all the sorting is done, the Junk King crew can roll in and handle the rest.

When you hire Junk King, you’re hiring a pair of movers who were going to do all the work. That work not only includes lifting heavy stuff but also carrying those items up and down stairs if need be. You should not feel obligated to “make things easy” for the Junk King crew by carrying your own heavy things. This is what you’re hiring them for an they’re happy to do it!

Everything that’s collected by Junk King doesn’t have to go to waste. You should feel good about getting rid of clothing and other household goods knowing that Junk King will do everything in their power to make sure those things are dropped off at a charity. That’s really the best way to handle this type of decluttering.

Making more room in your Bensalem home doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to help provided by Junk King Philadelphia.

How Property Managers Can Benefit From Junk King

The spread of online sites like AirBnB and VRBO have made it easier for property owners to rent out their homes. Given the right location, a rental property can generate a decent amount of revenue; enough that would pay for the mortgage. What makes those investments ever more feasible are property managers. These are the professional who handle all the day-to-day aspects of keeping a property well maintained, finding renters and acting as the intermediary between those renters and the owner. Smart property managers have their own list of reliable vendors to help with everything from a leaky faucet to a busted washing machine. One vendor that should be part of every property manager’s file is Junk King Philadelphia. These are professional junk haulers who make cleaning up a property a breeze.

The most common time for property managers to “activate” Junk King is after a tenant has moved out. Some are very good about leaving the place in the exact same condition as when they moved in. That will mean they will be able to get their security deposit back. On the other hand, there are tenants who either leave in a hurry or underestimated their move truck and leave things behind like old furniture, rugs, appliances and assorted rubbish. That is when Junk King can sweep in and sweep up all those items for a quick cleanup.

Junk King will dispatch two capable movers and a big truck for the task. When you get right down to it, that is all you need to get the job done. The items that are collected by Junk King will have an opportunity to be recycled or donated. That keeps those things out of area landfills which is the best way to protect the environment.

As for the cost, Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on volume and not weight. That can make a huge difference when you’re hauling away heavy pieces of furniture. Junk King also likes to move fast, which is important when you need to get a rental property back on the market. With Junk King Philadelphia on the job, property managers won’t have to wait long to get a thorough cleanout.


What Do Junk King Customers Have To Say?

How many gifts did you order online this past holiday without reading the reviews? Certainly, anything you order on Amazon will most likely have a rating. You feel confident ordering something that has a five star rating as opposed to something that just got one star. That same approached is often taken when hiring a service professional. You will want to know what their past customers had to say about the business. When it comes to professional junk hauling, Junk King Philadelphia customers have plenty to say and it’s all good! Check it out:

Pricing - Junk Removal and Hauling Services   Junk King

“Tony and George were professional, neat, quick and very kind. The price I thought was excellent and the whole experience was easy and enjoyable! I can’t wait to have them come back after my spring cleaning. Thank you, guys, you were great!” – Andrea K., New Hope

The vast majority of first-time customers with Junk King will always come back for another session at some point. That’s because we always seem to accumulate more stuff over the years. But it’s not just getting rid of rubbish that Junk King can help with but also cleaning up after a remodeling project and clearing out yard debris.

“George and Tony were punctual, professional and fast. They hauled very, very heavy items to the truck while it was raining. I would definitely call Junk King in the future, and hopefully get these 2 gentlemen again!” – Kathy D., Feasterville-Trevose

It might seem like an arduous task to lift and load heavy objects but is something that to Junk King crews do every day. Don’t hesitate put them to the test!

“The Junk King team arrived at my house and removed a very heavy treadmill from my basement without damaging any walls or my staircase. The team members were very polite. I would definitely recommend using them to remove large, bulky items from your basement or home.” – R.W., Newtown

“Tony and George were AWESOME! They worked tirelessly throughout the project of removing my hot tub that was built into the floor. They were on time and did everything they said they were going to do. They were super courteous and professional with a work ethic you seldom come by. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!” – Pam R., Morrisville

Believe it or not, getting rid of a treadmill from a basement and a built-in hot tub are not extraordinary challenges for Junk King. This is what they do all the time! When you need to get rid of something heavy or bulky your home, then you need to hire Junk King Philadelphia ASAP!