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Save On Your First Junk Haul

There is a first time for everything and that includes getting rid of your junk. This might be all the rubbish that you’ve been collecting over the years. Of course, it didn’t start out as junk. Everything that you bring into your home or backyard once had a use. Over time, every object can be worn out or broke. That is true as much for a piece of furniture as it would be for a kitchen appliance. Sooner or later most of what we bring into the house needs to be replaced. That is why setting up an appointment with Junk King Philadelphia can make a big difference. It can also be a big benefit financially. That’s because your first junk all starts with 10% off the price! That’s a great way to start any service!

The Pricing Policy

Junk King has been utilizing the same flat rate pricing policy since they began collecting junk back in 2005. That policy is always based on how the crew packs up the truck. Their goal is to make as many stops as they can before they have to unload the truck. That means packing a lot of junk into as little space as possible. When that happens, you will be paying the low end of the price scale. All of this will be worked out in advance of the actual lifting and loading. Not only will Junk King present your estimate in writing but they will also match or make a better deal for any other written estimate you might have for the same service. Of course, getting that 10% off bonus won’t hurt!

You can set of your Junk King appointment online or over the phone. All you need to do is pick a two-hour window on a specific day that works best for your calendar. When the crew arrives, they will look over all the things that you want to get rid of and present you with an estimate. This remains the fairest and most affordable approach for this type of work in the Philadelphia area.

When you need junk hauled from your home for the first time, you can count on Junk King Philadelphia to get the job done.

Junk King Can Help With Bulk Pickups

Staying at home has provide many homeowners with the opportunity to “catch up” on all those projects they’ve been putting off. Even with remote work and home schooling, there is still time to tackle minor repairs and get the home organized. To accomplish the organizing, a lot of sorting takes place. The best approach is to removed everything from a cabinet or closet and go through it one item at a time. That way you can make the decision what goes back into the cabinet or closet and what can be tossed out. Of course, this means you could be creating piles of bulk rubbish that now need to be cleared out. It doesn’t make sense to decide you don’t want something and then keep it! That is where Junk King Philadelphia can be a big help. We are standing by to provide a safe, touchless pickup for all your bulk items.

The Touchless Way

When Junk King refers to new pickup protocols as “touchless” it means maintaining that six-foot safe social distance barrier between the crews and customers. The best way to achieve that is to have your bulk items brought out of the house. They can be placed in the driveway, porch or curb. That allows the Junk King team to make the pickup and avoid coming into your home. Along with the social distancing, the Junk King squad will be wearing gloves and masks. We also disinfect our trucks after every pickup and drop off. Junk King is dedicated to keeping our crews and customers safe and a little effort goes a long way towards accomplishing that goal.

Virtual Pricing

Junk King also has made virtual pricing part of our new policies. All you have to do is snap a picture of all the items you want us to pick up and text that to us. We can then provide you with an estimate based on how those items will fit onto the truck. One fee covers everything from start to finish.

When you need help with bulk rubbish removal, you can always count on Junk King Philadelphia to get the job done.

Make The Most Of Your Sheltering In Place

As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is.” That has taken on a whole new meaning in these days of sheltering in place. The home is still filled with heart but it’s also filled with the whole family who isn’t going anywhere. That can actually be a good thing when you consider that staying at home is keeping your family safe and keeping everyone else safe. It is also time to savor all these special moments. That might mean doing some new activities. Here’s how you can make the most of your sheltering in place:

Have a BBQ

Everyone will be down for a BBQ. Firing up the grill and eating outside is always a treat for the family. This might be a good time to try out some new rubs and marinades. You can also grill peaches and other things that you haven’t tried before. There will be no shortage of BBQ recipes to find online!

Invent Your Own Board Game

You are probably running through all your board games. Why not come up with your own board game? You can do something simple like a new version of Candyland or go even bigger with an epic Dungeons and Dragons kind of game. Everyone can contribute to the rules and play. Once you’ve locked down the rules, you could film them and post online to share with everyone else.

Make a Family Scrapbook

You probably have dozens if not hundreds of photos stored in all the phones in your house. Why not print out a bunch of those photos and make a scrapbook together? This is one of those projects that you can keep coming back to and work a little bit at a time. It’s a great way to memorialize your family story!

Make More Room

This is less of an activity for fun and more of an activity just to make a cozier home. Take the time to head out to the garage or down in the basement and sort through all the stuff you have in storage. You might uncover some other games or costumes to play with. You will probably discover a lot of things to get rid of. That is where Junk King Philadelphia can help. We created some new rubbish removal policies that are meant to keep our workers and your family safe. Junk King Philadelphia wants to make getting rid of your rubbish easy while you focus on having fun at home.

The Best Approach For She Shed Installation

Have you ever considered adding a she shed to your backyard? This can be a terrific space with a long list of practical uses. As she shed can become an area for crafting or exercise. It can be set up as a place to do some reading or writing. It can also be a quiet zone that’s perfect for meditating. She sheds have become so popular that many manufacturers have made it easy to install a shed with a prefabricated kit. This is not unlike building a dollhouse but just on a much bigger scale! You can order a kit online and have it delivered to your backyard. It will have all the parts necessary to install your shed. Once that shed is up you can paint it and furnish it however you like. Before that installation get started, you will need to do some prep work in the yard. This is where Junk King Philadelphia can be of great assistance.

Say Goodbye to The Old Shed

You might already have an old shed in your backyard. This could be a wooden or plastic structure that you are using to store gardening tools. Finding a new home for those tools and clearing out the shed will allow you to have it dismantled and removed. That is a task that the team from Junk King can take care of in a very efficient manner. The Junk King crews all have experience taking apart structures like a tool shed. That experience also extends to taking down things like a kid’s swing set or an above ground pool. Those are the kinds of things that can be crowding out the spot where you want to put your she shed. It will only take a single session for Junk King to clear that ground for your shed installation.

Along with the big structures that Junk King will be taking down they can also load up any other yard debris item. This is your chance to get rid of any old patio furniture that you want to replace or objects that use cleared away for landscaping like rocks or side. Yes, Junk King can even haul away dirt!

The best approach for your she shed installation is to start with a session from Junk King Philadelphia. They will help get your yard ready.

Hire Junk King For Fast Lawnmower Removal

When it comes to mowing the lawn, do you ride or push? The bigger the lawn, the more likely that you have a rider mower. Although mowing the lawn is considered a “chore” you have to admit that operating a riding mower is kind of fun. If you’ve been at this for a few years, then you’ve got the routine down. You know what areas of your lawn require the “sharp curves” and which parts let you open up the mower for smooth cutting. You also know when that mower is working as it should. Just as with a car, your riding mower might eventually breakdown. When that happens, you’ll need to replace the mower before the grass becomes unmanageable. This is the time of year when all those new model mowers are being offered for sale. After picking out your next mower, you have to arrange for the removal of your old mower. That is where Junk King Philadelphia is going to be a big help.

Heavy Lifting

Picking up a rider lawnmower would definitely be considered as “heavy lifting.” You’ve probably never had to contend with something like that since your mower was likely delivered by the place where you bought it and unloaded for you. For the removal, the Junk King team will spring into action. They will do all the heavy lifting for this operation. All you need to do is open the garage door for them!

Along with your old lawnmower, you will have the opportunity to get rid of a lot of other bulky items from your home and not just the things in the garage. You can point out all kinds of furniture, appliances and electronics for the Junk King team to get rid of. Everything will be loaded onto the truck and that is how your final fee will be determined.

Included in that final fee will be the responsible disposal of all the things that you’re turning over to Junk King. Junk King is dedicated to an eco-friendly approach to this phase of the operation and that means donating or recycling those items. That is the Junk King way!

Before grass cutting seasons begins, hire Junk King Philadelphia to help you get rid of that old lawnmower today.

Junk King Makes Mattress Removal An Easy Task

Moving a mattress can be cumbersome. Even if you just wanted to “flip” it for cleaning purposes, it still takes two people to do it effectively. What happens when you are replacing that mattress all together? That is definitely a task that needs to be completed by two people and those two people should know how to navigate heavy objects down a flight of stairs (at least!). To find those capable movers, you won’t have to look any further than Junk King Philadelphia. These are the junk hauling experts who have been moving mattresses, furniture and all kinds of bulky items for a long time.

Session Time

The timing of your mattress removal session depends on your schedule. You might want to have Junk King remove your old mattress on the same day that your new mattresses be delivered. That would mean there would be no disruption at bedtime. It could be also that you’ve already managed to move the mattress out of the bedroom and into the garage or down in the basement just to have it out of the way. But that is taking up valuable storage space. The Junk King team can load that mattress onto their truck for responsible disposal. That disposal might involve dropping it off at a recycling center. Yes, even mattresses can be recycled!

When your mattress does go on to the back of the Junk King truck you can stop right there with your session. You don’t need to fill up the truck in order to hire junk King. They are happy to help you remove just one bulky item like an old mattresses. But as long as you have those movers and that truck you can put them to a lot of use around the house. Is there anything else that is oversized and especially heavy that you would like to get rid of? Maybe you’d like to get rid of a lot of little things like boxes of old clothing and other household goods. This is a chance for a major junk clearing of your home and that can always be a benefit.

Junk King Philadelphia makes mattress removal easy. Give them a call today to find out how easy.

Utilize Junk King For A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Have you worked out what your Valentine’s Day present will be this year? If you have been in a long relationship, then chances are you have given dozens of roses and boxes of chocolates over the years for Valentine’s Day. Those gifts are always appreciated but they certainly don’t last long. This year, you might want to think about a gift that has a bit more longevity. That would be setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia. It may not seem romantic at first but it is the kind of gesture that will be greatly appreciated for a very long time.

The Ready List

There is probably a list ready that has all the bulky items that your partner once removed from the house. These could be things that have been “stuck” in your home for a long time simply because you never have the means to get rid of them. That kind of justification is understandable but now it can be taking care of with one junk King session. Junk King are professional junk haulers that make quick work out of the removal of any rubbish item from a home. It doesn’t matter if that object is especially heavy or it is located in an upstairs bedroom. The focus for Junk King is always to get that piece out of the house as quickly as possible without causing any damage to your property. This is a goal that is accomplished day in and day out with great success by the Junk King Philadelphia teams.

Imagine how happy your partner will be when you tell them that all the junk they want to get rid of will finally be taken away. Junk King can make that happen in a session that will probably last for less than 30 minutes. You don’t really need a lot of time to remove items from a home. The removal sessions that take up more time are the ones that involve dismantling items or a large-scale cleanup. Even in those scenarios the team from Junk King moves very fast. When you see how quickly they can take away all your rubbish, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to call them!

Setting up a junk removal session with Junk King Philadelphia will show that you care. That is always the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Start The New Year Off With A Junk King Session

When all the New Year’s Eve ready has been swept up and the Mummers Parade outfits have been put back in storage you know it is time to start the new year. What goals have you set for yourself 2020? Whatever achievements you are setting out to make happen it is not a bad idea to get the home front organized. The less you have to do around the house the more time you will have to focus on those new year goals. This is why a session with Junk King Philadelphia is in order. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you get rid of all the unwanted clutter that is accumulated around your home. Just think of what a difference it will make when all of that rubbish can be carted away.

Your Work Crew

Junk King is going to provide you with your old work. Don’t worry if you have never supervised. The Junk King team needs very little instruction. All you have to do is literally point to the things that you want to get rid of and they will remove everything right spot. That includes anything that you have down the basement that needs to be brought up and out of the house. Because there will be at least to Junk King movers you can always depend on heavy pieces of furniture and appliances being carefully removed without causing damage to your walls and floors. In extreme cases, the Junk King team might decide to take something apart to prevent potential damage. That is all part of the removal package.

How the team from Junk King disposes of what they are collecting is also part of that package. Junk King is dedicated to an eco-friendly disposal philosophy that keeps the bulk of what they collect out of local landfills. You don’t have to make the determination as to what could be recycled or donated. All of that will be handled automatically by your Junk King crew.

The best way to start off the new year is without any rubbish in the house. One call to Junk King Philadelphia can that happen.

Call On Junk King For Your Post-Holiday Clean Up

There are a lot of tasks that are put off until after the holiday and for good reason. Getting the shopping done, planning the dinners and making guests feel welcome should be a priority. But after the gifts are unwrapped and the last holiday cookie has been eaten it is time to take care of those put off tasks. This is where Junk King Philadelphia can come into play. One post-holiday clean up session with these reliable junk haulers will go a long way towards getting all the clutter and rubbish cleared out for good.

The Overflow

The day after Christmas is always cause for a trash overflow. You can see it out on the curb on trash pickup day. There will always be an excess number of cardboard boxes and wrappings. What might not be able to be tossed out are all the things that got “upgraded” on Christmas morning like televisions, game consoles and laptops. Those are all officially categorized as e-waste items and have to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. Junk King can strive to get those items dropped off at those facilities.

There could also be a lot of other things you want to clear out of the house after the holiday. It can all find its way onto the back of the Junk King truck thanks to the efforts of the capable moving crew who will be assigned to your session. This is the team who can easily handle carrying all kinds of items up and down stairs. That means anything you want removed from the basement can finally “vanish” thanks to Junk King.

Make It Happen

You can set up your appointment with Junk King online or over the phone. They will ask for a two-hour window for the appointment but it won’t take them two hours to clear out your stuff. They just need that extra buffer time to get across town. You’ll be kept informed of the progress of the Junk King team as they get closer to your appointment time. Even after the holidays, Junk King doesn’t want to waste your time!

The best way to handle your post-holiday clean up is with a call to Junk King Philadelphia. Book your session today.

Make This A Holiday Without Junk

Every family has a list of holiday traditions that they enjoy each year. There could be a favorite spot around Philadelphia that they like to visit to check out holiday displays. It might also be a visit to a special restaurant. Of course, there are also all of the traditions around the house that involve decorating and family gatherings. A great new tradition to start this year would be to kick off the holiday without any junk in the house. It might not seem very festive to think about getting rid of an old sofa or clearing out clutter from the garage or closets. But that is the kind of helpful work that is provided by Junk King Philadelphia and it can go a long way towards making your home even cozier for the holiday.

Hidden and In Plain Sight

Everything that you would be hiring Junk King to all away from your house would fall into two basic categories: hidden and in plain sight. The “hidden” objects would be those things that you have tucked away in closets or out in the garage. Chances are your holiday guests won’t see any of that clutter but it is still very much a problem. Especially when you need to find something in those storage areas. Everything slows down you have to rifle through all of that clutter. Would it be nicer to get it all removed and create more open storage space?

As for the items you have in plain sight, those might be things like an old recliner for futon that you want to get rid of once and for all. In might be that you are replacing some furniture items throughout the house in the coming weeks. Having Junk King remove those bulky items can help clear the way for the new things.

Once you know what you are sure you want to get rid of you can set up your session with Junk King. They might also have a same day pickup available when call in.

If you want to make this a holiday without junk in your house, then you want to make a call to Junk King Philadelphia today.

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