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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Phoenix Mattress Disposal

Phoenix mattress removalThe next time you wander past a mattress showroom, take a peek at the folks shopping for a new bed. If you see someone hop on a mattress then hop right back up, then they are doing it all wrong. Despite how silly it might look, you should spend at least five to ten minutes recycling on any mattress you’re considering. That should also be ten minutes of comfortable clothes. If you’ve bundled up against the cold, you’re not going to get an accurate sense of what that mattress should feel like. Does this mean you should go shopping for a mattress in your pajamas? That depends on store policy, but it would be the best way to pick out a new mattress!

Even after you’ve taken the mattress for a “test drive” in the showroom, there is still a period of adjustment. Things are going to feel a lot different especially if you’ve been on a saggy mattress. It might take a couple of weeks for your body to make the switch. However, if you’re approaching week three and that mattress isn’t feeling right, then trade it in for a new model. When you add up all the hours you’re going to spend on that mattress you shouldn’t settle for something that doesn’t feel right. Of course, you need to make sure the store you’re buying your mattress from has a solid return policy as in “no questions asked, 30 day guarantee.”

There are some mattress stores that offer mattress removal but you might find that they will tack on a charge. What they won’t do is take out the rest of your junk. If you want your mattress and other bulky items removed in a single trip then the only call to make is to Junk King Phoenix. These are the junk removal specialists who have carried out hundreds of mattresses from all over Phoenix.

Along with getting rid of your mattress, your Junk King appointment can also be used to clean out your garage or basements from all the stuff you’re not using anymore. That includes pool tables, sofas, loveseats, washing machines, and refrigerators. Sounds like you would need a moving truck for all of that? With Junk King, that’s just what you’ll be getting. Along with the two-man crew, every Junk King appointment comes with a huge moving truck capable of holding an entire house worth of stuff. Call Junk King Phoenix today to make room for your new mattress and to start the New Year junk free!

Phoenix Hot Tub Removal

hot tub disposalIf you want proof of how popular hot tubs are here in Phoenix, look no further than the expansion of Desert Hot Tubs. This is the leading hot tub dealer in the Phoenix area that has just opened a third showroom. One of the sales incentives at this new location is a private room where customers can take a “test soak” in a variety of tubs. The mood room also simulates nighttime so you can get the total hot tub experience. That is one shop that is sure to be busy this holiday season!

Perhaps this is the year when you install a hot in your backyard. If you have a nice corner on the grass or patio you can easily have a tub installed. Of course, if you have an old tub it shouldn’t be a problem to move out that unit to make room for a new model. That’s where Junk King Phoenix will be a great asset.

Junk King are the professional junk haulers who have been helping Phoenix residents clear out all kind of rubbish from their property. That especially includes a hot tub that has seen better days. Often these are the units that were left behind by the previous owner. It is understandable why you might not want to reclaim a unit that has suffered from years of neglect. An old hot tub is not something you can merely throw out with the rest of your weekly garbage pickup. Instead, turn it over to the Junk King crew. They are experienced with dismantling these kinds of bulky objects. After breaking down the tub, all the pieces will be loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. That includes the huge fiberglass inner shell. Try putting that out on the curb for pickup!

As soon as your old hot tub is loaded, you can get the Junk King crew to load up even more junk. Why not let them help you clear at the clutter from your closets, from under the bed, from the back room and from the garage? With a two-man crew at your disposal, there is no end to what you can finally toss out.

Although it might take a little time to breakdown the hot tub, you’re not going to be charged for labor costs. All the work that the Junk King crew does is part of the flat fee you’ll pay. When it comes to junk hauling, Junk King can’t be beat! Make room for your new hot tub by calling Junk King today for Hot Tub Removal & Disposal services.


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