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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Hoarder Cleanup Help In Phoenix

Despite what they think about their “collection,” it is very rare that a clinically diagnosed hoarder has anything of value in their home. Most of the mounds of rubbish are just that, rubbish. There are reality television shows dedicated to the plight of the hoarder. When things have reached a kind of critical mass, family and trained counselors step in to offer help with their loved one. Standing by is a company like Junk King who can provide all levels of hoarder cleanup help.


In extreme cases, a hoarder can’t even make it through their home without stumbling over piles of garbage. When that happens, a Junk King crew can sweep in a start shoveling out all the trash for a total cleanup. Before that can happen, the hoarder has to agree to let go of their trash. That might seem odd, but for these folks it is a very difficult process. You might have your own mounds of clutter that need to be tossed out. If you’re willing to let it go, then you’re probably not a hoarder. You just need the kind of help that is provided by Junk King.

Whether they are helping you clear out your closet or engaged in a full-blown hoarder cleanup, Junk King will provide you with a two-man cleanup crew. These hard workers have seen all kinds of junk piles and nothing will keep them from getting the job done. You don’t have to feel embarrassed by the amount of stuff you’re throwing out. It will all be quickly loaded onto the Junk King truck and taken away once and for all.

Naturally, you don’t have to be an extreme hoarder to call on Junk King. There are many folks who simply want to get rid of a few bulky items. Tossing out an old sofa or mattress can certainly make a lot of room in the garage. Even throwing out your outdated e-waste can open up some valuable shelf space.

When it comes to pricing, you’re going to discover that Junk King offers the fairest fees in Phoenix. You’re going to be charged a flat fee based on the volume that your junk will occupy in the back of the Junk King truck. There are no weights involved. If you’re satisfied with that estimate then the junk removal can begin. Whether you’re dealing with an extreme hoarder cleanup or just a few pieces, Junk King is the only call to make.

Phoenix Junk Removal Prices

Everybody likes to find a bargain whether their shopping for a car or scheduling junk removal services. As for picking out your car, you should arm yourself with extensive internet research to insure that you won’t be ripped off. With regard to professional junk removal services, you only need to call Junk King to make sure the job is handled right and for the right price.

Since its inception, Junk King has adopted a fair pricing policy that leaves all other so-called professional junk haulers in the dust. When you set up an appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked about what you’re throwing out. You don’t have to get into an item by item list but just a general amount. It could be anywhere between a “few items” to “an entire household.” That will tell the Junk King scheduler how many crewmembers you’ll need and the size of truck. At the very least, you’ll be working with a two-man team who will be very cable with regard to lifting bulky objects and carrying them outside of your home. The goal is to get your junk removal project handled in a single trip. If you need more crew, that can be provided.

When the Junk King crew arrives for your appointment, you’ll point out those items you want taken away. Remember, you don’t have to move anything. Just leave it all where it is. At that time, the Junk King crew will present you with an estimate for the service. They’ll be determining that estimate based on how much space they think you’re junk is going to occupy on the back of the truck. This could be anywhere from one third to a full-size load. You need to be happy with that price or else the work won’t be completed.

The Junk King estimate is locked down. That means there won’t be any surprise charges. The only time it might change would be if the crew under estimated the amount of space. In that case, you would be entitled to a discount. If your junk goes over the estimated amount, you’re not going to be charged anything additional.

If you were to add up the cost of renting a truck, hiring movers and the dumping fees it could cost you a big amount. Working with Junk King for your junk removal needs isn’t going to put a dent in your wallet. It’s only going to leave you with a clutter free home.