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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Fun Hobbies To Start Today

What were your favorite hobbies you had as a kid? Do you remember how you could get lost for hours with model building or playing house? It might be time to go back to those hobbies. No matter how old you are, hobbies are a great way to keep the mind sharp. They’re also very relaxing. Even if you can only spend an hour a week on your hobby, it will still be beneficial. Here are some fun hobbies to start today:


Upcycle Stuff

If you like crafting, then you should be upcycling. This is where you take something you’re not using and repurpose into a different use. Add some decorations and it becomes something practical and fun. If you need some ideas, then head over to Pinterest and type in “upcycle projects.” You’ll amazed at what people have created.

Cook More

The more you enjoy cooking, the better your food will be. It is easy to fall into cooking routines. We all have our “go to” meals that we are constantly making over and over. It’s time to switch things up and cook recipes you’ve never tried before. You can start with some of those meals in a box services that give you everything you need to whip up a gourmet dinner. Or you can spend time on one of the many cooking websites scattered across the Internet. Allow yourself time to cook things from scratch. Turn up the music, pour some wine and make it a fun afternoon.


You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to paint. Not every picture has to be the Mona Lisa. You could paint a mug, a chair or even your bedroom. There are all kinds of stencils that can be used in this process or you can go freeform and see where the paint takes you. When you feel confident, go ahead and get the canvas from an art store to express yourself. There’s always paint by numbers, too.

When starting a hobby, you’ll want to dedicate a corner in your house where you can keep your materials. It might also become a place for a workbench. If clearing clutter is on the agenda to make that space, then Junk King Phoenix is standing by to lend a hand. You decide what furniture, appliance or electronic gear you want hauled away and Junk King does the rest. Let Junk King Phoenix help you get your hobbies off to a good start with a junk free workspace all your own.

Safe Junk Removal In Gilbert

We all depend on the garbage collectors to show up once a week and remove our trash. It is the type of municipal service that improves our standard of living. What you would never expect is a garbage truck to plow into your home. That’s what happened last summer to a local Gilbert family. The impact of the garbage truck tore out stucco, ripped open the garage door and left debris scattered around the yard. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the accident.


Homeowner Tiffany Knox described the crash to a local news station: “It was quite a noise,” she said. “It was just, boom. And I looked out the other window and saw a truck…like, in my house.”

Thankfully, most of use never experience that level of destruction around our homes. Still, there are the occasional cleanup jobs that require outside help. This is especially true when you want to get rid of bigger items like furniture or appliances. The garbage collectors might not be a big help with that but you can count on Junk King Phoenix to get the job done.

The crews working for Junk King are all licensed, bonded and insured. That makes them extremely trustworthy. They also have a lot of experience lifting objects of all shapes and sizes. They know how to get things safely down stairs or narrow hallways. They move fast but not careless. Their goal is to get everything onto their truck that you want gone in a timely manner. Judging by the rave reviews, it is clear Junk King is getting the job done.

You only part in this prosses is designating what you want removed. You’ll show the crew all your stuff when they arrive for the appointment. They’ll be able to size up those items and know how they’ll fit on the truck. That will allow them to lock a final fee. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paying. If your stuff takes up more room, then you’ll still be charged that original price. Get your junk removed in Gilbert won’t be complicated as long as Junk King Phoenix is doing the work.