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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Take Down Your Old Fence With Help From Junk King Phoenix

If you are a parent, then you are in many ways a “supervisor.” Just like a supervisor at a place of business you have to delegate the chores to your kids and follow-up to make sure they accomplish those tasks. Often you will be conducting inspections of their rooms and follow up with suggestions for how they can improve those living conditions. You also have to supervise what they wear, what they eat and making sure they get their homework done. Those supervising skills can actually translate to your job.

They can also help when you hire a work crew for a project around the house. For instance, if you need to take down your old fence, then hiring Junk King Phoenix is a smart approach for getting the job done. You will be supervising the two-man crew assigned to the task. Of course, that supervision might just consist of the instruction to “take it all down.” The team from Junk King will do the rest!

Easy Operation

Whenever you hire Junk King for any type of removal project you can be assured of an easy operation from start to finish. The first thing the junk King team will do is assess the situation. They will need to determine the best approach for removing that fence and loading it onto the truck to cause the minimum disruption to your property. That might involve some digging and pulling up of shrubbery and other plant life. It also might require going to the other side of the fence on the neighbor’s property. All of that will be taken care of by the Junk King team.

They will efficiently load up all the debris that’s created from the demolition of the fence. How the debris gets back on the truck will also determine how much you will be paying for the service. The less amount of space used up by your debris, the less you will be pain. The Junk King teams always want to pack things tightly. You might be surprised at how little room your old fence will take up on the back the truck. That leaves plenty of space for anything else you want to get in the same session.

When you hire Junk King Phoenix to take down your old fence, the job gets done and you won’t have to lift a finger. Book a session today.

Hire Junk King Phoenix For Your Business Cleanup

Every business utilizes supply chain logistics to some degree. Most businesses are on the receiving end of inventory that is delivered because of those logistics. That inventory is then stocked on shelves to be sold. On delivery day, a lot of boxes and pallets can be brought into a business almost to the point of overwhelming the space especially if there’s already an overflow of inventory. It helps to make sure all the rubbish that’s generated from those deliveries is cleaned up in a timely manner. A lot of that can be taken care of with the dumpster in a back alley. But too often there is an overflow situation that has the area behind the business cluttered with wooden pallets, cardboard boxes and other discarded shipping materials. That’s not the kind stuff that you want to keep out at your business. One call to Junk King Phoenix can take care of all of that business cleanup in a very timely fashion.

Put the Crew to Work

Anytime a Junk King truck is dispatched to a business or residence it will be manned by two capable workers. This will be the crew that you will supervise for the duration of your cleanup. Of course, if the cleanup directions are “take it all away,” then you won’t have to worry about too much of that supervision! The Junk King crews are very thorough with their cleanup efforts. Not only will they load up all the things that you want to get rid of very quickly but they also sweep up the area that they just cleared away. You might have some objects that need to be broken down or taken apart before they can go on to the truck. The Junk King squad can help with that also.

Designated Drop-offs

All the things that are collected by Junk King will be dropped off at three potential sites. It can either be a recycling center, a charity or a landfill. Junk King will always pick the first two over the landfill. This is how they’ve been getting rid of collecting rubbish since they began operations over 14 years ago. It also means you’ll be able to extend your company’s own “green” philosophy.

When you need a business cleanup, Junk King Phoenix will be standing by to land a hand. Call today and your rubbish can be gone by tomorrow.

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