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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Start Your Backyard She Shed Prep Today

The springtime is always a good time for renovation projects. Those projects can take place inside or outside of the home. Are you thinking about any backyard renovations? Those renovations could involve the installation of a she shed. This is a structure that is just a little bit bigger than your typical garden shed. It is a place that can have many purposes depending upon the needs of the family. As she shed is terrific for an art studio or workout space. It is also great for having just a quiet place to read or meditate. Putting up a she shed is not as complicated as you might think. The kids that are available for sell online have been designed for easy installation. If you have put together furniture like an entertainment center a bookshelf, then you can probably manage putting up a she shed. Before you can start your build, you will need to get your backyard prepped. That can involve a session with Junk King Phoenix.

More than Furniture

Your first thought when hearing about Junk King Phoenix might have you conjuring up images of a truck full of old sofas and recliners. The bulk of what Junk King collects is furniture and appliances but they can provide a lot more assistance when it comes to clearing out any part of your property. That include your backyard. There may be existing structures in your backyard that need to be removed in order to make room for that she shed. The team from Junk King can take away planters, birdbaths and even in above ground pool. If there is an old toolshed or swing set that needs to be dismantled, then you can count on the Junk King team to take care of that as well.

All those pieces of lumber and other yard debris will be swiftly loaded onto the back of the Junk King truck. Before any of that work begins the team from Junk King will set you up with an estimate based on how they pack up the truck. The less room to use up, the less you will be paying. It is a very fair and competitive price for this level of work.

Getting your backyard ready for a she shed should begin with a clearing session from Junk King Phoenix.

Put A Home Office Together With Help From Junk King

Do you enjoy shopping and an office supply store? Many folks find it to be an extremely pleasurable experience to shop for pens, envelopes, Post-Its and everything else that belongs in an office. It always seems that whenever you go shopping and office supply store you come home with more than what you originally intended to buy. If you are setting up a home office, then you will definitely be making a few trips to your nearest office supply store. This might also be where you purchase your desk and shelves. Before that big furniture can be brought in you want to make sure that the room you have designated for your home office is cleared out of any unnecessary objects. That includes the big and the small stuff. The best company to help with that goal is Junk King Phoenix.

A Practical Use

Think back to when you were shopping for a home. You probably went through every room in the homes that you looked at and imagined how you would use them. Obviously, everyone in the family needs a bedroom and there also has to be a living room for TV watching. But what about a spare room? Did you have a purpose for the spare room in your home? That might have initially been a guest bedroom. But unless you have guests coming every month it is not a practical use of that space. That is especially true when you could benefit more from having a home office set up.

All of the furniture and other items that you put into your spare room can be moved out by the Junk King team. These should be things that you know you have no further use for. When you turn something over to Junk King that item has the opportunity to be put back into circulation in some form. The Junk King teams always strive to make a donation drop-off to charities for items like furniture and household goods. That way nothing has to go to waste. By doing that, you can probably proclaim right from the start that your home office business is a green one!

Putting together your home office should start with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Phoenix. Book that time today.